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FYI: Winners in the annual Blues Critic Awards for Southern Soul are strictly based on a Voting Process. We do not choose the winners. Every year tens of thousands of website visitors choose from an online ballot posted in December. The only awards picked by the Blues Critic staff are "Southern Soul Artist Of The Year" and "Best Record Producer". This year we picked Pokey for Artist and Beat Flippa for producer. God bless...

Best Southern Soul/R & B Album

Louisiana Blues Brothas "Love On The Bayou"

The Pokey-lead Louisiana Blues Brothas enjoyed one of the biggest hits of the year with "My Sidepiece". Obviously voters liked more than just one track and voted "Love On The Bayou" Best Southern Soul/R&B Album". Other strong contenders and vote-earners include Pokey's solo CD "Jospehine Son Pokey" , Donnie Ray's "She's My Honeybee", The late Mel Waiters' "True Love", Beat Flippa's "I Got The Blues Vol. 1", Willie Clayton "Heart And Soul", Ricky White "Love Zone", Karen Wolfe "No Regrets", Ms. Jody "Talking About My Good Thang", Terry Wright "You're Just Standing in A Good Man's Way", O.B. Buchana's "Mississippi Folks" and the runner-up was Bigg Robb with the mega-selling "Showtime".

Best Soul Blues Album

Charles Wilson "Sweet & Sour Blues"

Charles Wilson is one of few that can do Southern Soul and real, "big blues" ala Little Milton. He released two albums last year- one Southern Soul ("The Best Side Of Me") and the winner of "Best Soul Blues Album" entitled "Sweet & Sour Blues". A very close runner-up was Malaco's own Mr. Sipp, a winner of the Mississippi Blues Challenge. His first widely distributed album "Mississippi Blues Child" contains that marvelous Malaco flavor of Soul Blues and Soul we all love. Other notable Soul Blues albums were the duet album by the late Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls appropriately titled "Soul Brothers", Bobby Rush with Blinddog Smokin' "Decisions", Tad Robinsons's "Day Into Night", Slam Allen's "Feel These Blues" and Ecko newcomer Val McKnight with "Independent Woman". Other nominees include Billy Price and Otis Clay "This Time It's For Real" and albums by Lady Di, Laja, Eddie Cotton and Trudy Lynn.

Best Southern Soul/R & B Song

"Hell Naw 2 Da Naw Naw" by Bishop Bull Winkle

Coming out of seemingly the ether was You Tube sensation Bishop Bullwinkle with the giant hit "Hell Naw To Da Naw Naw". Voted "Best Southern Soul/R&B Song" of the year. "Bishop" sang his lines over a sample of Bigg Robb's "Looking For A Country Girl".  In a razor thin margin the song beat out the Louisiana Blues Brotha's "My Sidepiece".  Other nominees: THIS MUST BE A CHEATING TOWN Carl Marshall, SOUTHERN SOUL SHOWDOWN Sir Jonathan Burton, THE GUITAR SONG LaMorris Williams, IS SHE WAITING ON YOU? Donnie Ray & Jaye Hammer, HOE DIGGER Lacee', SOUL SINGER Bobby Conerly, PLUS SIZE WOMAN Booker Brown, BATTERY OPERATED BOYFRIEND Karen Wolfe, GOOD GOOD Big Robb, WASTED Avail Hollywood, MY MAIN SQUEEZE Ghetto Cowboy, SHE'S DRAGGIN' THAT WAGON L.J. Echols, WHAT'S YOUR FLAVOR Tucka, BLUES & BBQ Bigg Robb & Denise LaSalle, T.G.I.F Pokey & Vince Hutchinson & Adrian Bagher, COLD PEPSI Jeter Jones, THE KNOCKDOWN INN Lomax, IF AIN'T THE BLUES Beat Flippa & Pokey

Best Slow Jam

"Redbone" by Ricky White & T.K. Soul

The always consistent Donnie Ray was runner-up this year with "I'm Still Waiting On You", besting "Please Don't Judge Me" from Bigg Robb by a bit. Winner(s) is "Redbone" by Ricky White & T.K. Soul. Other nominations: "You're Just Standing In A Good Man's way by Terry Wright and "Soul Singer" by Bobby Conerly. Other nominees:  REDBONE Ricky White & TK Soul, EVERY TIME MY NEIGHBOR WALKS HIS DOG Billy Soul Bonds, WASTED Avail Hollywood, TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS Stephanie McDee, FROM THE INSIDE Jo Jo Murray, I'M THE RIGHT MAN Jaye Hammer, WHEN WE'RE MAKING LOVE Mr. X, TALKIN' ABOUT MY GOOD THANG Ms. Jody, WE GOT THE RIGHT STUFF Sheba Potts-Wright, MR. RIGHT NOW Mr. David, LET'S CHILL Jerry L., RIDE YOUR BODY TONIGHT Charles Wilson,TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED Andre Lee

Best Dance Or Funk Song

"My Sidepiece" by Louisiana Blues Brothas

Lots of strong competition here. You had jams like "Touch Your Spot" (Tucka), "Draggin' That Wagon" (L.J. Echols), "Humpin'" (Ghetto Cowboy), "If You Sexy Clap Your Hands" (TK Soul & Nathaniel Kimble), "Gettin' It In" (Bigg Robb), "Let's Party" (Lebrado), "Rock Me baby" (Willie Clayton), "Cornbread & Greens" (Cupid & Pokey), "Ghetto Funk" (O.B. Buchana) and others but the Pokey-lead Lousiana Blues Brothas prevail with the second biggest overall song in this genre last year "My Sidepiece". A close runner-up was newcomer Jeter Jones with "Cowboy Up"

Best Down Home Blues Song

"TMBC (The Mississippi Blues Child)" by Mr. Sipp

Newcomer Mr. Sipp, winner of the Mississippi Blues Challenge wins with the title track from his Malaco debut album. Runner-up was "Sweet & Sour Loving" Charles Wilson. Other nominees:  MISSISSIPPI DELTA SONG Theodis Eealey, ANOTHER JODY SONG Sevie B, MISSISSIPPI FOLKS O.B. Buchana, I CAN'T TAKE YOUR WIFE BACK Donnie Ray, YOU BEEN CHEATIN' ON ME Chuck Roberson, VOODOO QUEEN Johnny Rawls & Otis Clay, YOU PUT ONE OVER THE FENCE Val McKnight, I OWE IT ALL TO THE BLUES Carl Marshall, PICKIN' THESE BLUES AWAY Lousiana Blues Brothas & Tyree Neal, CAT DADDY Billy Soul Bonds, IF HE KNEW WHAT I WAS THINKING Ms. Jody, OLDER MAN YOUNG THANG Larome Powers, MISSISSIPPI BOY Pt. 2 Charles Wilson & Big Yayo

Best Vocal Performance FEMALE

Karen Wolfe "B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend)"

Runner-up: Lacee "Hoe Digger". Other nominees: MS JODY Talkin' About My Good Thang, VICKIE BAKER Sneaking & Cheating, BOBBYE DOLL JOHNSON Pull Up From Behind, VAL MCKNIGHT You Put One Over The Fence, MZ PAT I Want Your Body, LADY SOUL Lady Soul Slide, STEPHANIE MCDEE Taking Care Of Business, MIZ B You Got To Be A Freaker, SHEBA POTTS-WRIGHT We Got The Right Stuff, KATRENIA JEFFERSON That Thang, DENISE LASALLE Grown Folks Business, BIG CYNTHIA I'm Here For You, PAT COOLEY Hold Still

Best Vocal Performance MALE

Lamorris Williams "The Guitar Song"

He only released one song in 2015 but it was a hot one. Lamorris Williams earns "Best Vocal Performance MALE" for "The Guitar Song". Runner-up was "Your Man is Home Tonight" from golden-voiced Willie Clayton. Other nominees: BISHOP BULLWINKLE Hell Naw 2 The Naw Naw, CHARLES WILSON Sweet & Sour Loving, RICKY WHITE Strong Woman, T.K. SOUL Watch Them Haters, L.J. ECHOLS Draggin' That Wagon, DONNIE RAY I Can't Take Your Wife Back, AVAIL HOLLYWOOD Wasted, TERRY WRIGHT You're Just Standing In A Good Man's Way,ANDRE LEE Right Kind Of Woman, GHETTO COWBOY My Main Squeeze, JERRY L. Let's Chill, JAYE HAMMER I'm The Right Man, BOOKER BROWN Plus Size Woman

Best Performance By A Duo Or Group


"My Sidepiece" by The Louisiana Blues Brothas

2016 again had many stellar collaborations such as  JAYE HAMMER & DONNIE RAY Is She Waiting On You, BIGG ROBB & DENISE LASALLE Blues & BBQ, BIG YAYO, J WONN, T BABY Cowgirl, POKEY & CUPID If It Ain't The Blues, J WONN & MEL WAITERS Jigga Jigga, ADRIAN BAGHER, POKEY, VINCE HUTCHINSON T.G.I.F (Thank God It's Friday), RICKY WHITE & TK SOUL Redbone, NATHANIEL KIMBLE & TK Soul If You Sexy Clap Your Hands, VERONICA RA'ELLE, LACEE, MS PORTIA MY Sidepiece Reply, G.J.S (GENTRY JONES & MR. SAM) Roll It Roll It and runner-up CUPID & POKEY Cornbread And Greens but Pokey as The lousiana Blues Brothas wins again for the ubiquitous "My Sidepiece".

Best New Artist

Bishop Bull Winkle

"Best New Artist" is always the most hotly-contested race annually with fans of each artist voting incessantly to help the artist get noticed. This year nominees were Runner Up JETER JONES plus  ADRIAN BAGHER, LUSTER BAKER, BIG YAYO,  MR. SIPP, HOLLYWOOD HAYES, LADY SOUL , VAL MCKNIGHT, JR. BLU, VERONICA RA'ELLE, BIG POPPA G, J RED (THE NEPHEW), LADY DI, LAJA

Best Record Producer(s) Of The Year


Beat Flippa

A new name to the game Beat Flippa had a stellar year of success producing artists like Pokey, Big Cynthia, Louisiana Blues Brothas & Adrian Bagher. There is no doubt "Best Record Producer Of The Year" is Beat Flippa. Runner-up is two-time winner RICKY WHITE. Other nominees: JOHN WARD (OB Buchana, Ms. Jody, Donnie Ray), TYREE NEAL (Tyree Neal, Big Cynthia, Lousiana Blues Brothas), TK SOUL (TK Soul, Nathaniel Kimble, Vickie Baker, Lady Soul), OMAR CUNNINGHAM (Omar Cunningham, Karen Wolfe. etc), CHRIS "BIG YAYO" MABRY (Big Yayo, Charles Wilson, others)

The BLUES CRITIC staff picks...


Pokey aka "Pokey Bear"

This very could have been another win for Bigg Robb whose album "Showtime" was hands down the best selling album in this genre in 2015. However, Pokey or Pokey Bear had two hot selling albums in 2015 (his own "Josephine Son Pokey" and with The Louisiana Blues Brothas -"Love On The Bayou") not to mention his many collaborations with other artists like Cupid, Vince Hutchinson, Adrian Bagher and others. He also won Blues Critic Awards as part of The Louisiana Blues Brothas for "Best Southern Soul/R&B Album", "Best Dance or Funk Song" and "Best Collaboration By A Duo or Group". The other members of the "Brothas" are Tyree Neal & Adrian Bagher whom share those awards.