southern soul blues

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16 New Southern Soul Songs









Alicia Keys "Santa Baby"


1 Santa Baby
2 Christmas Time Is Here
3 Favorite Things
4 December Back 2 June
5 Please Come Home for Christmas
6 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
7 You Don't Have to Be Alone
8 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)
9 Old Memories on Christmas
10 Not Even the King
11 Ave Maria


LIMITED EDITION CD. 10 tracks. 5 Christmas. 1 Gospel. 4 Southern Soul. with guests Tucka & Cupid!

1. Christmas In The City
2. All I Need For Christmas
3. All I Need 2
4. A Lonely Christmas
5. Please Come Home For Christmas
6. That Other Shore
7. Legends
8. You Got What I Want
9. Drop, Pop & Roll REMIX (with Cupid)
10. I'm Looking For A Woman REMIX (with Tucka)


1 Love's Disease (Just Can't Get Enough)
2 Biggest Mistake
3 Please Don't Walk Away
4 Watch the Sun (Feat. Chronixx)
5 My Peace (Feat. Jojo & Mr. Talkbox)
6 Be Like Water (Feat. Stevie Wonder & Nas)
7 So Lonely (Feat. Wale)
8 Still Believe (Feat. Jill Scott & Alex Isley)
9 Lil' Too Heavy
10 On My Way (Feat. El Debarge)
11 The Better Benediction

Michael Jackson "Thriller 40"

40th Anniversary 2 CD Set contains 10 unreleased tracks!!

Disc: 1
1 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
2 Baby Be Mine
3 The Girl Is Mine - Michael Jackson with Paul McCartney
4 Thriller
5 Beat It
6 Billie Jean
7 Human Nature
8 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
9 The Lady in My Life
Disc: 2
1 Starlight
2 Got the Hots
3 Who Do You Know
4 Carousel
5 Behind The Mask
6 Can't Get Outta The Rain
7 The Toy
8 Sunset Driver
9 What A Lovely Way To Go
10 She's Trouble


1 Stay Funkin'
2 Baddest Girl in the Room
3 Use to Be the Playa - Feat. Snoop Dogg
4 In My Ride - Feat. Jazze Pha, E-40
5 Nekked Club - Feat. Tech N9Ne
6 Smellz Like Money
7 Too Much Girl 4 Me - Feat. Billy Gibbons
8 So Sexy - Feat. Flo Rida
9 Grown Man - Feat. Big Daddy Kane
10 Head Rush - Feat. Trinidad Jame$
11 Last Night - Feat. Daddy O
12 Last Call



16 New Southern Soul Songs


1 Forever
2 I Should Have Let You Be
3 Sentimental Fool
4 Two Jobs
5 Just Give Me Your Time
6 Save Your Tears for Someone New
7 The Door
8 What Did I Do
9 Without a Heart
10 Ordinary Lives
11 Your Face Before My Eyes
12 Extraordinary Man



Buddy Guy "The Blues Don't Lie"

16 Songs with Bobby Rush, Mavis Staples, more

1 I Let My Guitar Do the Talking
2 Blues Don't Lie
3 The World Needs Love
4 We Go Back (Featuring Mavis Staples)
5 Symptoms of Love (Featuring Elvis Costello)
6 Follow the Money (Featuring James Taylor)
7 Well Enough Alone
8 What's Wrong with That (Featuring Bobby Rush)
9 Gunsmoke Blues (Featuring Jason Isbell)
10 House Party (Featuring Wendy Moten)
11 Sweet Thing
12 Backdoor Scratchin
13 I've Got a Feeling
14 Rabbit Blood
15 Last Call
16 King Bee


1. It's Friday
2. Bag It Up
3. Boots And Dukes
4. Can't Be No Fool
5. Catfishing
6. Country Man
7. Just Another Friday
8. This Time It Was Me
9. Chocolate Swirl
10. Mr. Bartender



first new album in years

1 Let It Reign
2 When We Were Kings
3 Is It Gonna Be Yes or No (feat Smokey Robinson)
4 Time For The People
5 Elevator Eyes
6 My Whole World
7 You Don't Know Your Woman (Like I Do)
8 How Do You Spell Love
9 Calling Out Your Name
10 I Want It Right Now
11 Breaking My Back
12 Come On


1 Everything and More
2 Spend Some Time
3 My Lucky Day
4 Honey Love
5 Its Crazy
6 Mr Do Right (Remix)
7 Never Fall in Love Again
8 Love on the Beach (Remix)
9 Party by Ourselves
10 Thinking About You (Remix)
11 What a Fool





Swamp Dogg "I Need A Job...."  
1 I Need a Job
2 Cheating in the Daylight
3 Soul to Blessed Soul
4 She Got That Fire
5 I Need Your Body
6 Darlin' Darlin' Darlin'
7 Full-Time Woman
8 Cheating All Over Again
9 Show Me

1 Cleaning House
2 I Put That Smile on You
3 Big Ol Kitty
4 When We’re Making Love
5 All for You
6 Good Good Lovin'
7 Too Little, Too Late
8 Lets Give 'Em the Blues
9 Hospital and Legs



1. Mr. Right Now
2. Thrill Is Gone
3. Wantin More
4. Move On
5. It's You Baby
6. 1,000 Lies
7. Meet Me
8. Girl In The Mirror
9. Temporary Love
10. I'm Impressed
11. This Ain't That


10 tracks including "Middle Of The Night", "I'm With It", "I'm Curious", "Hang Out Tonight" and more


20 Southern Soul Hits by Ghetto Cowboy, Nellie Tiger Travis, Floyd Taylor, Ricky White, Carl Sims, Jody Sticker, Billy Soul Bonds, Uvee Hayes, Donnie Ray, Carl Marshall & More.

16 Brand New Tracks


1. Kang Intro
2. No Worries
3. Bit By A Cougar
4. Good For The Gander
5. Saddle Up
6. Saddle Up Remix
7. Flashlight
8. Trailride Certified Remix
9. Ain't No Stopping Us
10. I Ride
11. Good Inside
12. Simple Kinda Lady
13. Don't Stop
14. My Ghetto Woman
15. Keep Your Dress On
16. Rachet Trailride


1. Let's Party
2. Ain't Nothing Like A Country Boy
3. Shake Something (Southern Soul Slide)
4. I'm In Love With My Husband And My Sidepiece
5. Take It Easy
6. You Want Your Cake And Eat It Too
7. It's Booty Shaking Time
8. Let's Do Some Freaky Stuff
9. Take My Husband Back From Me
10. I'm A Do It All Woman
11. Can You Ride This Pony
12. Ain't Nothing Like A Country Boy (Club Mix)


7 songs includes the smash hits "Keep On Rollin'", "Leave & Party" & more.


17 songs by King George (different from his own album), Colddrank, P2k Dadiddy, Hoptown, Shay, etc..


01. Don't Play With Love
02. Right Way
03. Just For Me
04. Fell In Love ft. Anthony Hamilton
05. Go To Bed
06. Hooked
07. Karma
08. Incredible Woman
09. One Time
10. Do It
11. So Much
12. Why
13. Just Me
14. Fell In Love (Remix) ft. Anthony Hamilton

Marvin Sapp "Substance"


1. Your Way is Better
2. Relax
3. Serve the Lord (intro)
4. Serve the Lord
5. All in Your Hands
6. Rearrange
7. You Kept Me
8. Guarantee
9. Where You Lead
10. Medley: Not the Time Not the Place/Wait on Jesus
11. Grace and Mercy (25th Anniversary Mix)


1. Show Me
2. Watcha Working With
3. Get Outcha Feelings
4. Damned If I Do
5. Slow Dance
6. Rock It Out
7. Whicha Bad Self
8. Family Reunion
9. Your Love is My Weakness
10. Love Of My Life


1 You Can't Have Your Cake
2 I Don't Want To Lose Your Love
3 I Just Want To Be With You
4 I'm Truely Going To Miss You
5 Let Me Ride That Pony
6 She's Just My Girlfriend
7 I Want To Make Love To You
8 Girl You Got The Right Stuff
9 I'm Just The Man For You
10 We've Got Problems
11 Troubles Don't Last Always (Bonus Gospel Track)


1. Shorty Wanna Hear
2. We Gettin' It In
3. The Same Woman
4. Teasing Me
5. Got Me Drinking
6. Shake That Booty
7. Lying Again
8. Can't Leave This Club
9. Can't Help Myself
10. Run Me My Money
11. Closer I Get To You
12. Just Like Marvin
13. Should've Been At Home
14. Tell Me Who's Loving You
15. She Said She Got A Man
16. You Gone Get Ne In Trouble
17. Don't Leave
18. Call On My Jesus


Betty Padgett "Riding With The Blues"


1 Old School Blues
2 I Don't Want Nobody
3 Call Me
4 Cross Roads
5 He's My Man
6 Everybody Wanna Dance
7 Looking for a Good Man
8 All My Sick Days
9 Let Me Come Back Home
10 Chess Records

With Wendell B

1  You Aint Gotta Cry No More
2 I'll Be Down in a Minute
3 On the Avene
4 You Don't Wont a Good Woman
5 Decency
6 I Aint No Side Piece Lover
7 You Bout to Make a Girl Work
8 Aint Nobody
9 I Dont Ever Wanna Break Up (with Wendell B)
10 I Just Wontna Thank You

1 Knee Deep Part II
2 My Baby Don't Love Me No More
3 It Sounds Like I'm Lying
4 Give Me Some Credit
5 How Can You Love Me
6 At the Club Tonight
7 Grown Woman Love
8 Send Me That Cashapp
9 Still Pay Bills
10 Southern Soul Party (feat. Jeter Jones)


  1 Fantastic
2 Evidence
3 He Cant Do It
4 Good One
5 Ready Ready
6 Country as Hell (feat. Ryan Roth)
7 Toot It Up
8 Grown Man Shhhh
9 I Appreciate You
10 Bang Bang Bang
11 Catfish and Bbq (feat. Theodis Ealey)
12 Solid
13 Lets Party 808 Mix
14 Beautiful (Reggae) [feat. Oui-Wey Collins]
15 Cuttin' Up (Roller Skating Remix) [feat. O.B. Buchana]
16 America (Remix)
17 Country as Hell (Radio Edit) [feat. Ryan Roth]

1 Bring the Freak Out
2 We Ready to Party (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
3 You Need A Good Man
4 Back Yard Party
5 I Need a New Boo
6 Domino Effect
7 Cutie Pie
8 I'm Gonna Win
9 Play Some Old School
10 Stranger Danger

1 Sippin and Trippin 4:09
2 They Just Wonna 3:37
3 Bout to Go Stepping 3:16
4 Put It on Replay 3:03
5 Viral 3:43
6 What Cha Drinking 3:59
7 Thats Life 3:42
8 Hey We Wonna Party 3:49
9 Love My Fans 4 Life 2:49
10 I Got That Feeling 3:57

1. The Chosen One
2. Eternity
3. Midwest Party
4. Cherish The Love
5. I'm All I Got, I'm All I Need
6. Heaven
7. Forever
8. Morning Rain
9. Wings
10.Somebody For Everybody



Rue Davis "Back In The Day"

second collection of out-of print hits


1 Im So Glad
2 Just Ask Me
3 24 Hour Love
4 We Were Taylor Made
5 Johnny You Were Our Friend
6 Let Me Lay You Down
7 Set You Free
8 Special
9 Midnight Snack
10 Can I Sing You a Love Song
11 Take Me Back to Farish St.
12 Prefect Combination


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