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1 In the Club
2 Make'em Mad
3 Beautiful
4 Check Now
5 Get'cha Head Right
6 That's What We Gone Do
7 Staying in Love Ain't Easy
8 Still Learning Bout Love
9 Can We Just Talk
10 Missing U
11 Love Directions
12 Cadillac Willy

1. Intro
2. Celabrate Cho-Day
3. We Stepping Out Ta Night
4. When It Don't Make Sense
5. Cough Up in Depression
6. Unforgettable Girl
7. This Ones for You
8. I Just Wonna Love You
9. Made for Me
10. Good Man
11. Get to Kno Me
12. Do Me Like That
13. It Was Good
14. Work
15. Outro
1 Don't End Up Like Me
2 Everything Gon' Be Alright
3 Mississippi Girl
4 I Can Deal With the Leaks
5 I'm Stayin'
6 The Best Time I Ever Had In My Life
7 Workin' On the Building
8 Put'em Down On the Table
9 When I Did What I Did
10 Superlady Superman

Wendell B "Time To Relax...Love, Life & Relationships"

 1. Intro
2. It's On
3. Judy Jones
4. Bounce
5. She Didn't Have to Hurt Ya Boy Like That
6. T-Bone
7. Somebody Loves Me True
8. Dj Tp-Man
9. Get Up Early in the Morning
10. Loretta
11. This Ain't Livin'
12. A Tribute to Our Past Balladeers
13. I'm Leavin'...
14. Big T
15. Is It Over/Is It Over Not
16. Keep It Real
17. Ben
18. Step
19. Back Ta That
20. The Interview With Cathy B (On Air-Personality Wdlt 98.3)
21. Judy On Wen's Back
22. Nick At Cd Baby
23. Q From Down South

Wendell B "Good Times"


1. Intro
2. Ya'll Ain't Ready
3. Good Times
4. No Doubt
5. STL Thang
6. Anything
7. Can't Get Enough of Your Love
8. Definition of a Real Man
9. Heaven Sent Me Angel
10. I Ain't Never Been Down Like That
11. Just Don't Understand You
12. Inside My Mind
13. Should We Break-Up
14. What Would You Do
15. Outro
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1 Willing & Able 4:25
2 Pregnant Again 3:46
3 Don't Blame It On Jody 3:45
4 That Don't Mean 3:02
5 Took It All Away 3:03
6 Take Care Of You 4:55
7 Let's Make Love 3:17
8 End It All 4:12
9 Not My Woman No More 3:53
10 Stop Telling Your Business 4:15
11 Dirty 2:38


1. Show Me
2. Watcha Working With
3. Get Outcha Feelings
4. Damned If I Do
5. Slow Dance
6. Rock It Out
7. Whicha Bad Self
8. Family Reunion
9. Your Love is My Weakness
10. Love Of My Life


1 Talk in Your Sleep (Radio)
2 What I Want
3 Drop Off
4 Saddle Up
5 Don't Give Me No Lip
6 Honey Hole
7 Southern Girl (feat. Luster Baker)
8 Talk in Your Sleep

1 Cotton Candy
2 Can I Get Some
3 Go Get A Room
4 Love Ingredients
5 I'll Pay The Shipping Cost
6 Confessing My Love Pains
7 Love U Better
8 Good Woman
9 Home With Me Tonight
10 Pretty Lady
11 Thinkin' Bout
12 Make It Right
13 Bouji Booty

 1. I Still Go To Parties
2. I Will Remember Tonight
3. In A Moment Of Weakness
4. Brag About You
5. Human Touch
6. I've Got Feet
7. Let's Make Loving Great Again
8. We Can Never Go Back
9. One Day Closer To Home
10. When I Stop Loving You
11. Ain't Gon' Let It Bother Me
12. Georgia Peach
William Bell "The Very Best Of"  
1. You Don't Miss Water
2. Any Other Way
3. Share What You Got (But Keep What You Need)
4. Never Like This Before
5. Everybody Loves a Winner
6. Eloise (Hang on in There)
7. Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday
8. Tribute to a King, A
9. Every Man Oughta Have a Woman
10. Private Number
11. I Forgot to Be Your Lover
12. My Baby Specializes
13. My Whole World Is Falling Down
14. Happy
15. Born Under a Bad Sign
16. All For the Love of a Woman
17. Save Us
18. Lovin' on Borrowed Time
19. I've Got to Go on Without You
20. Getting What You Want (Losin' What You Got)

William Bell "Greatest Hits"


 1. Tryin' to Love Two
2. You Don't Miss Your Water
3. Private Number
4. Everybody Loves a Winner
5. I Forgot to Be Your Lover
6. Happy
7. Eloise (Hang on in There)
8. Tribute to a King
9. Any Other Way
10. Lovin' on Borrowed Time
11. Easy Comin' Out (Hard Goin' In)
12. I Don't Wanna Wake Up (Feelin' Guilty)
13. Everybody Loves a Winner
14. Born Under a Bad Sign

1. Happy Hour
2. Let's Party
3. Backyard (Funky Remix)
4. Sipping And Thinking
5. Black Woman Magic
6. Vintage
7. Keep Shining
8. Belly On Ya/Big Poppa
9. The Liquor House
10.Get Lucky
11.Smiling And Crying
12.Thanks To You
13.Get My Groove On Ft. Charlie Wilson
14.Too Old For The B.S.
15.Bring Back The Love
16.25 Again New Jack Swing
17.Brand New Me
18.Backyard (Southern Soul Mix)
19.Belly On Ya
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1 Come and Get It (feat. J Wonn)
2 Cowgirl (feat. J Wonn & T Baby)
3 Booty Talkin' (feat. Dave Mack)
4 4 Play
5 Lay Around (feat. Dave Mack)
6 Allright
7 Just Like Heaven (feat. Napoleon)
8 I Look Good on You
9 Stepping Out
10 The Remix
11 Ride (feat. Coco & Suga Kee)

1 On the Track (Intro) 0:51
2 Get It 4:07
3 Cake 3:10
4 The Boots on Song 4:00
5 I'm Your Man 4:30
6 New 2 Someone Else 3:12
7 Grown Man Business 4:03
8 A Little Freaky 4:34
9 Bedroom Rodeo 2:53
10 I Need a Freak 3:17
11 Don't Whip It 3:18
12 She Wants a Man 3:23
13 No Getting over Me 3:23

J. Blackfoot "The Very Best Of"

1. Taxi (Live in Selma, Alabama)
2. I'm Just a Fool for You (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
3. Mr. Bus Driver
4. Meow
5. More Than a Woman
6. Two Different People (feat. Queen Ann Hines)
7. I'm Just a Fool for You (feat. Lenny Williams)
8. Picking Up Pieces
9. Put a Little Something Down on It
10. The Sweeter He Is (feat. Soul Children)
11. L.O.V.E.
12. Long Ride Home (feat. Soul Children)
13. I'll Understand

Cicero Blake "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. Dip My Dipper
2. Ain't Nothing Wrong
3. Into Something
4. Wives Night Out
5. I Can't Go Onn Mrs Jones
6. If It Wasn't For The Woman
7. Damn Fool
8. Stand By Me
9. Telling Her All About You
10. Give Me Something
11. Waiting On You
12. Getting The Best Of Nothing
13. It's You I Need
14. Just One Of Those Things

Bobby Blue Bland "Unmatched: The Very Best Of"

 1. I Just Tripped On A Piece Of Your Heart
2. I'm A Blues Man
3. I Need Your Love So Bad
4. Tonight's The Night
5. Ain't No Sunshine
6. If I Don't Get Involved
7. Members Only
8. I Just Won't Be Your Fool Anymore
9. The Truth Will Set You Free
10.Get Your Money Where You Spend Your Time
11. Second Hand Heart
12. Sad Street
13. When Hearts Grow Cold
14. There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
15. After All
16. Heart Open Up Again

Bobby Blue Bland "Come Fly With Me / I Feel Good, I Feel Fine / Sweet Vibrations / Try Me, I'm Real [Import]"

4 out-of-print albums FIRST TIME ON  2 CD

 Disc 1 -
1 Come Fly with Me
2 Lady Lonely
3 Night Games
4 To Be Friends
5 I'm Just Your Man
6 Love to See You Smile
7 You Can Count on Me
8 This Bitter Earth
9 Ain't God Something
10 I Feel Good, I Feel Fine
11 I Can't Take No Mo'
12 Little Mama
13 Tit for Tat
14 Someone to Belong to
15 Soon As the Weather Breaks
16 In His Eyes
17 Red Sails in the Sunset
- Disc 2 -
1 Sweet Vibrator
2 You'd Be a Millionaire
3 Soul with a Flavor
4 Special Kind of Fool
5 Over the Rainbow
6 Hollywood Woman
7 A Real Woman Is What It Takes
8 Just Because I Leave, That Don't Mean I'm Gone (Suspicious) New Merry Christmas Baby
9 Try Me, I'm Real
10 But I Do
11 What a Difference a Day Makes
12 That's How I Feel About You
13 Givin' Up the Streets for Love
14 Just You, Just Me
15 A Song for You, My Son
16 I Cover the Waterfront
17 Love Is Where It's at

Bobby 'Blue" Bland "Live On Beale Street" DVD

with Johnnie Taylor & Bobby Rush


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Mary J. Blige "Good Morning Gorgeous"



1 No Idea
2 Love Will Never
3 Here With Me (feat. Anderson .Paak)
4 Rent Money (feat. Dave East)
5 Amazing (feat. DJ Khaled)
6 GMG Interlude
7 Good Morning Gorgeous
8 Come See About Me
9 On Top (feat. Fivio Foreign) - By Mary J. Blige & Cool & Dre
10 Love Without The Heartbreak
11 Failing In Love
12 Enough
13 Need Love (feat. Usher)

Billy Soul Bonds "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


Includes "Scat Cat (Here Kitty Kitty)", "Baby I've Been Missing You", "Tell It To The Judge", "Reverend Joe", "Going Public With Our Love", "Cat Daddy", "Love Injection", "Movin' On", and more


Billy Soul Bonds "Cat Daddy"



Much Right Man
Cat Daddy
Get Her With My Twitter
Every Time My Neighbor Walks His Dog
Here Puppy Puppy
He Went To Bed With A Woman (But Woke Up With A Man)
She's The Woman I Love (This Is It)
I Owe You One
Whose Foolin' Who
Use It (While You Got It)


Billy 'Soul' Bonds "Here Kitty Kitty"


 1. Scat Cat, Here Kitty, Kitty
2. Movin' on Again
3. Bedroom Workout
4. It Took Someone Like You
5. Give Them Their Flowers
6. Wedding Song
7. I'm Gonna Do Betta, Baby
8. I Ain't No Gopher Rat
9. I Failed
10. Bedroom (remix)
1 Kitty Whipped
2 Nothing Like Good Sex
3 Club Booty
4 I'll Do Me a Big Girl
5 I'm Taking a Stand
6 Daisy Dukes with Thigh High Boots
7 Sexy and You Know It
8 Gonna Have a Good Time [Clean]
9 Buckle Up
10 I Want to Show You Girl
11 Club Booty (Zydeco Remix)
1  I'm Hot in Mississippi
2 Can You Do It Again
3 You're Making Me Want Some
4 This is the Real Blues
5 I'm Getting You Ready
6 I Didn't Know You Was a Freak Like That
7 I Got Love
8 I'm An O.G.
9 Diamond In The Middle
10 Come Back To Me
11. I Didn't Know You Was A Freak Like That (Club Mix)
David Brinston "Two Way Love Affair & Other Hits"

Best Of On Ecko Records

1 Two Way Love Affair
2 You've Got Something I Want (Remix)
3 Dirty Woman
4 Booty Humpin' Grind
5 Pay the Cost
6 Here I Go Again
7 You Caught Me with My Drawers Off
8 I'll Be There
9 Beat It Up
10 I Came to Party
11 Back It up and Put It Here
12 After Party
david brinston somebody's cuttin my cake Looking For David Brinston CDs? DAVID BRINSTON

Pat Brown "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. Equal Opportunity
2. 2 Week Notice
3. Don't Be His Fool
4. New Tricks
5. If It's Good For You
6. I'm Taking Out The Trash
7. Love On Loan
8. This Girl Needs A Tune Up
9. Two Steps From The Blues
10. My Old Man & The Blues
11. Thinking Of You
12. Don't Get Off On Me
13. I Got Something To Hold Him
14. Dreams To Remember

Shirley Brown "Woman To Woman: Deluxe"

Deluxe remaster with bonus tracks


1. It Ain't No Fun
2. Long As You Love Me
3. Stay With Me Baby
4. I've Got To Go On Without You
5. Woman To Woman
6. So Glad To Have You
7. Passion
8. I Can't Give You Up
9. I Need You Tonight
10. Between You And Me
11. Yes Sir Brother
12. Ain't No Way
13. Respect
14. Rock Steady
15. Sealed, Delivered Signed

Shirley Brown "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. Woman To Woman
2. It Ain't No Fun
3. Poon Tang Man
4. Clean House
5. After A Night Like This
6. Blessed is The Woman
7. I've Got To Sleep With One Eye Open
This Used To Be Your House
9. Three Way Love Affair
10. You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
11. Sweet Lips Big Hips
12. The Best Woman
13. I Need Somebody To Love Me
14. You're Never Gonna Find Another Love Like Mine
15. Stuck On Stupid

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1. I Wanna Get With You
2. Parking Lot Love Affair
3. Teach Me How To Swing
4. Goody Good Good Stuff
5. Jam On With Me
6. Get On Up
7. Keep On Rollin'
8. Teach Me How To Swing (remix)
9. Las Vegas Mississippi
10.The Mule

O.B. Buchana "The Best Of"

 You're Just Playin' With It
Back Up Lover
She's Got The Best Lovin That Ever Put On A Pair Of Drawers
I'm Goin' Back Home
Let's Get Drunk
Booty Scoot
Come And Get It While He's Gone
Just Because He's Good To You
Let Me Knock The Dust Off
Just Go Dancin'
I Can't Stop Drinkin'
You Might Have To Hurt [Previously Unreleased]
Did You Put Your Foot In It
I Was Searching

 Ecko Records is proud to present Southern Soul Brother from Soul Blues artist, O.B. Buchana. This album is Buchana's 16th release on this label and it features a guest appearance by sensational Soul artist Lacee in a duet titled, "Two Different People."
Looking For More O.B. Buchana CDs? O.B. BUCHANA

Bishop Bullwinkle "The Da Vinci Code"

Bullwinkle's only official album release features "Some Preachers", "Is It Real", "No Woman No Cry". "Hell Naw" and others


 1 Down in the Kuntry
2 Roll & Stick
3 Going to the Trailride
4 My Deaf Brother
5 Blackberry Taste so Sweet
6 Start Eating
7 Preacher Was a Homewrecker
8 Shake It Baby
9 My Down Syndrome Sister
10 Made Me Leave
11 Third Leg
12 Mėghty Good Woman
13 Wrong Hole
14 Cowboy Ride

1 Tennessee Whiskey
2 Thank God It's 2021
3 Booty Shakin' Resurrection
4 Somebody Stole My Honey (RNB Version)
5 Sprinkle My Love
6 I Can't Breathe
7 Drivving Me To Drink
8 Pouring Water (w/ Bishop Bullwinkle)
9 I'll Be Broke This Christmas
10 Somebody Stole MY Honey (SS Version)
11 Thank God It's 2021 (Instrumental Version 2)
12 Tennesse Whiskey (Instrumental Sax Version)
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