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Roy-C "Sex And Soul"


1. Got to Get Enough (Of Your Sweet Love Stuff)
2. I'm Falling in Love Again
3. Those Days Are Gone
4. I Wasn't There (But I Can Feel the Pain)
5. I'm Bustin' My Rocks (Working on the Chain Gang)
6. I'm Gonna Love Somebody Else's Woman
7. Don't Blame the Man
8. I Found a Man in My Bed
9. Open Letter to the President
10. I'll Never Leave You Lonely

Roy C In Too Deep

Roy-C "In Too Deep"


1.If I Could Stop Loving You
2.I'm In Too Deep
3.If You Cheat On Him
4.Your Man Hooked On Another Man
5.I Want To Be With You
6.You Are An Angel To Me
7.Want To Be In Your Company
8.Maybe I'm Too Serious
9.If You Don't Want Me (We Can Be Friends)
10.My Woman Won't Be My Woman Long
11.Where Did Our Love Go
12.I Smell A Rat
13.They Call Me A Big Kid
14.I See Angels
15.My Love Is Growing
16.I'm Coming From The Old School

 1 Tighten Up
2 Walk That Walk
3 A Promise
4 Room 229
5 Take This Rose
6 I Want A Mirror
7 I Knew You Was Pretty
8 Old Folks Party
9 No Balls
10 Lovers And Strangers
11 Flossy Glossy
12 Gas Too High
13 How We Love This Land

Newly Remastered sound with 5 Bonus Tracks (3 previously unreleased)!

1 Itís Only You
2 Number 2
3 Savvy Woman
4 After Sheís Gone
5 Donít Put The Cart Before The Horse
6 Donít Let Our Love Slip Away
7 How Long
8 The Heart You Break
9 No Getting Over Me
10 Tonight My Love Belongs To You
11 Shagginí Down In Carolina
12 Blue Collar Man
13 A Woman Can Feel
14 Relight The Fire
15 Cuttiní Up Sideways
Best Of Barbara Carr.jpg

Barbara Carr "The Best Of"

1. Bone Me Like You Own Me
2. If You Can't Cut the Mustard
3. Hoochie Dance
4. Right Kind of Love
5. Bo Hawg Grind
6. I've Been Partying at the Hole in the Wall
7. Let a Real Woman Try
8. Best Woman Won, The
9. Juke Joint Jumpin'
10. Good Looks Can Get Him But It Takes Good Lovin' to Keep Him Home
11. Make Me Feel Like You Feel It Too
12. As Long as You Were Cheating
13. If the Lord Keeps the Thought of You Out of My Head, I'll Keep ...
14. Footprints on the Ceiling

Barbara Carr "Best Of Vol. 2"


1. We're Gonna Boogie
2. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
3. Good Looks Can Get Him But It Takes Good Lovin' To Keep Him Home (remix)
4. Stroke It
5. Slow Down, Lowdown Kind Of Love
6. The Man Knows How To Love
7. I'm Not Going Down Without A Fight
8. Scat Cat Here Kitty Kitty
9. Private Fishing Hole
10. I Love Him With A Feeling
11. Long On Talk Short On Love
12. Anybody's Man Tonight
13. Ya'll Know How To Party
14. Show Me No Mercy

clarence carter one more hit with "are You Ready For The Blues?"


Clarence Carter "One More Hit"



1. Lust in My Mind
2. All Night
3. Are You Ready for the Blues
4. A New Love
5. Forget This
6. Prove Your Love
7. You're Worth the Risk
8. Take It All Off
9. Let's Start Doing

"Snatching It Back: The Best Of" (Rhino 1992)


Clarence Carter "Snatching It Back The Very Best Of"



1. Step by Step
2. I Stayed Away Too Long
3. Tell Daddy
4. Looking For a Fox
5. I Can't See Myself
6. Road of Love, The
7. Slip Away
8. Back Door Santa
9. That Old Time Feeling
10. Too Weak to Fight
11. I'd Rather Go Blind
12. Making Love (At the Dark End of the Street)
13. Snatching It Back
14. Soul Deep
15. I Smell a Rat
16. Doin' Our Thing
17. Feeling Is Right, The
18. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
19. Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love
20. It's All in Your Mind
21. Patches


Grady Champion "Steppin' In"




Otis Clay "Live In Switzerland" 2 CD


Hard Working Woman  7:20
Here I Am (Come and Take Me) 6:42
You're the One I Choose 5:34
I Can Take You to Heaven Tonight 8:59
A Nickel and a Nail 8:33
Sho Wasn't Me 5:11
For the Good Times 8:52
If I Could Reach Out 7:14
When Heart Grow Cold 8:26
Love and Happiness Intro 4:06
Love and Happiness / Soul Man / I Just Wanna Testify / Band Introductions / Respect Yourself 23:36

Otis Clay "Truth Is"


1. Love's After Me
2. Even Now
3. I Thought You Knew
4. All That's Missing is You
5. Walk a Mile In My Shoes
6. Truth is
7. I Know I'm Over You
8. Even When I Win (Seems Like I Lose)
9. Steal Away To the Hide Away
10. I Keep Trying (Not To Break Down)
11. That's What You Ought To Do
12. The Only Way is Up
13. All That's Missing is You (Epilogue)
14. Messing With My Mind

1 Three People (Sleeping in My Bed) 3:46 NEW VERSION
2 Equal Opportunity 4:06 NEW VERSION
3 I Love Me Some You 5:13
4 Love Don't Hurt Me  4:34 NEW
5 Mr Postman 3:59 NEW
6 Sidepiece on the Side 3:51
7 Drop Pop and Roll 4:32
8 Rocking Chair 4:06
9 Sho Wasn't Me 5:21
10 Drunk on Your Love 4:12
11 We Belong Together 4:29
12 Love Doctor 3:40
13 Can We Slip Away 4:38
14 Hole in the Wall 4:04
15 I'd Rather Go Blind 3:47
16 Love Games 4:08


Willie Clayton "Love Romance Respect"


1. Dance The Nite Away
2. I Need To Know
3. We Both Grown Feat. Dave Hollister
4. Good Woman, Good Man
5. Love To You
6. My Everything
7. Put It On Me
8. Special To Me
9. Some Kind Of Wonderful
10. Where Were You
11. We Both Grown Feat. Dave Hollister (Remix)
12. The Best Years Of My Life
13. Dance The Nite Away (Remix)
14. Shake Your Money Maker (Bonus Track)

 1. I Am Rhythm & Blues
2. Smile
3. Mend Your Broken Heart
4. Your Love Is Wonderful
5. She's Your Woman
6. Last One to Know
7. Loose What You Got
8. Last Rendezvous
9. Loving Each Other for Life
10. Twist & Turn


1 Untamable (Intro)
2 All My Loving
3 Missing You
4 Girl I Want Your Body
5 Sweet, Sweet
6 Easy to Love
7 I'm so Blue
8 You Rock My World
9 You Got My Heart
10 Heaven Only Knows
11 Nothing But The Blues
12 Leave My Woman Alone
13 Girl I Love You
14 Let Me Be With You
15 Untamable (outro)


Willie Clayton "Crossroad Of The Blues"


1. Keep On Loving Me
2. Giving Me The Blues
3. We Had A Good Thang
4. Da Juke Joint
5. Crossroad Of The Blues
6. Let Me Be
7. Sneaking & Creeping
8. Backside Of Fifty
9. Bartender Blues
10.Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right
11.Delta Water Blues
12.Purple Rain-Tribute

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 1 So Beautiful
2 Take What's Left of Me
3 Now I Know What
4 Baby Can I Come Back
5 Belly Rubbing Blues
6 Let Me Spend Some Time with You
7 Just How Bad I Feel
8 Never Had It so Good
9 7 Come 11
10 We Got to Make a Change
11 Wonderful Love
12 In Love Again
13 Letter from a Soldier
14 Soul Singer (The Tribute)

1 Stir It Like Coffee
2 Tha Mz Connie Cha
3 Kickin Dirt Up
4 Feel Like a Queen
5 Interlude #1
6 Good Lovin
7 Grown Folk Good Time
8 Why You Gotta Act Like That
9 Interlude #2
10 Late Checkout
11 It Is What It Is & Ain't What It Ain't
12 Interlude #3
13 Neither One of Us
14 What Would I Have Done


1 I'll Kiss Your Feet
2 Dirty 30 Naughty 40
3 Everybody That Says Goodnight
4 You're Stacked Like a Pile of Dirty Clothes
5 A Picture Speaks Louder Than Words
6 Roll It
7 Baby I'm Sorry
8 Girl You Hot
9 Your Babies
10 Work It

1. Hell at the house
2. Baby Don't Leave Me
3. Chech to Check
4. Wastin' My Time
5. 231
6. Older Love
7. Interlude
8. Used and Abused
9. Interlude
10. Half
11. Interlude
12. Hell at the House (Down Home Mix)
13. Interlude
14. What Makes a Man

Omar Cunningham "Time Served"


1. Intro - (featuring Tasha Simone)
2. Thats My Jam
3. My Life
4. By My Side
5. This Old Music
6. Skit
7. Ain't Nothing Changed
8. Saga Continues, The
9. Right Woman, The
10. Same Soap, The
11. Check to Check 2008 - (remix)
12. If You Want Me
13. Could You Be
14. Beauty Shop, The
15. Where Would I Be

1. Let Me See You Shake Your Jelly
2. Find A Good Woman
3. Here I Am
4. If We Can't Get Along
5. I'm Your Maintenance Man
6. That's a Lie
7. What You Want With My Moma
8. Do Right
9. Mr. Lowdown
10. Gotta Keep (Do You Know Him?)

Omar Cunningham ""All My Best The Soul Hits""



All his bit hits like "Check To Check", "I'll Get By", "My Life", "Hell At The House" and more

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with Pokey, Stevie J, Roi Anthony, J-Wonn, Jeter Jones, etc.


1 Body
2 In My Eyes (feat. STEVIE B)
3 Whats Your Flava
4 Swing Out (feat. PARTNERS N CRIME)
5 Take That (feat. POKEY)
6 Woman Like Me (feat. Z-RO)
7 Spoil You (feat. ROI ANTHONY)
8 Feenin
9 A Man That Can Dance (feat. POKEY, J-WONN & JETER JONES)
10 What We Do (feat. ANDREW JACKSON)
11 You Aint Never Gone Find Another Like Me
12 Higher (feat. DONNIE BOLDEN JR)
13 Me and You Against the World

from the Klass Brotherhood Band


 1 It's Time
2 Love On Me
3 My Woman
4 Same Hotel
5 Waiting On A Good Thang
6 Kitty Kandy
7 Wanting You
8 Same Hotel (Yayo Swing Mix)
9 Roll With Me
10 Dance Floor (Remix)

 1 Intro
2 I'm Here for You Baby
3 You Worried About the Wrong Thang
4 Shotgun (Remix)
5 Swinging Down at the Juke Joint (Remix)
6 Let's Do It
7 I Got a Good Man
8 Could It Be I'm Falling in Love
9 She Working That Nookie Thang
10 Step with You
11 Do You Want to Have Fun with a Big Girl?

 1. You Got to Pay Me (feat. Big Josh)
2. Ain't Nothing Like a Big Woman (feat. Tyree Neal) (Remix)
3. She Working That Nookie Thang (feat. Big Josh)
4. Zydeco Round-Up (feat. Big Josh & Big Jerry)
5. Eating Still Ain't Cheating
6. Sho Wasn't Me
7. Big Leg Woman (feat. Tyree Neal)
8. You Drive Me Crazy (feat. Charlene Neal)
9. I Wanna Thank You
10. Big Woman (Extended Version)

Big Cynthia "Don't Hate"

1. Big Cynthia Gonna Break It Up
2. I Came to Party
3. I Didn't Lie, I Just Didn't Tell It All
4. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
5. I'll Be Your Peaches and You Be My Cream
6. I'm a Lonely Woman
7. I'm Gonna Do Me Before I Do You
8. It Don't Hurt Me Like It Use To
9. You Keep Your Nose out of My Business

Big Cynthia "Doing It Big"

1. Intro feat. Tony Mercedes
2. Can't Miss What You Can't Measure
3. Eating Ain't Cheatin' feat. Mr. David
4. Don't Rock The Boat
5. I'm Sorry
6. Down At The Juke Joint
7. Shoe Size Skit feat. Leighala J
8. If You Want To Get It feat. Mr. David
9. Sho U Right
10. Juke Joint Jumping (remix) feat. Marcello Nine
11. Just Wanna Thank You feat. Mr. David


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