southern soul blues

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Son Seals "Chicago Fire"


1 Buzzard Luck 5:08
2 I'm Not Tired 3:39
3 Leaving Home 6:42
4 Landlord At My Door 4:25
5 Gentleman From The Windy City 4:08
6 Goodbye Little Girl 3:53
7 Watching Every Move You Make 3:42
8 Crying Time Again 4:37
9 Nobody Wants A Loser 4:22


R. Kelly "Love Letters"


Love Letter (Prelude) 0:49
Love Letter 4:49
Number One Hit 4:24
Not Feelin’ The Love 3:34
Lost In Your Love 4:34
Just Can’t Get Enough 3:10
Taxi Cab 4:00
Radio Message 3:50
When A Woman Loves 5:10
Love Is 3:24
Just Like That 3:19
Music Must Be A Lady 4:35
A Love Letter Christmas 5:44
How Do I Tell Her? 4:20
You Are Not Alone 4:29


R. Kelly "The R In R&B Collection"


Bump N' Grind
Your Body's Callin'
Sex Me (Part 1)
You Remind Me Of Something
Ignition (Remix)
Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)
When A Woman's Fed Up
Step In The Name Of Love (Remix)
Thoia Thoing
Touched A Dream
Fiesta (Remix)
I Wish
Ghetto Religion
Honey Love
She's Got That Vibe
The World's Greatest
I'm Your Angel
I Believe I Can Fly


Otis Rush "Cold Day In Hell"


1 Cut You A Loose 3:40
2 You're Breaking My Heart 8:01
3 Midnight Special 4:52
4 Society Woman 6:32
5 Mean Old World 6:26
6 All Your Love 6:32
7 Cold Day In Hell 6:19
8 Part Time Love 6:06
9 You're Breaking My Heart - Alternate Take 6:52
10 Motoring Along 3:08


Michael Jackson "Thriller" CD + DVD

25th Anniversary digitally remastered version. Includes bonus DVD with music videos


1 Michael Jackson– Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 6:02
CD-2 Michael Jackson– Baby Be Mine 4:20
CD-3 Michael Jackson With Paul McCartney– The Girl Is Mine
Vocals – Paul McCartney
CD-4 Michael Jackson– Thriller
Rap [Featuring] – Vincent Price (2)
CD-5 Michael Jackson– Beat It 4:18
CD-6 Michael Jackson– Billie Jean
Guitar [Featuring] – Eddie Van Halen
CD-7 Michael Jackson– Human Nature 4:05
CD-8 Michael Jackson– P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 3:58
CD-9 Michael Jackson– The Lady In My Life 4:58
CD-10 Vincent Price (2)– Excerpt From "Thriller" Voice-Over Session 0:24
Previously Unreleased Tracks For 25th Anniversary Edition
CD-11 Michael Jackson With*– The Girl Is Mine 2008
Vocals – Will.I.Am*
CD-12 Michael Jackson With*– P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 2008
Vocals – Will.I.Am*
CD-13 Michael Jackson With Akon– Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008
Vocals – Akon
CD-14 Michael Jackson With Fergie (2)– Beat It 2008
Vocals – Fergie (2)
CD-15 Michael Jackson– Billie Jean 2008 (Kanye West Mix)
Remix – Kanye West
CD-16 Michael Jackson– For All Time 4:03
The Short Films
DVD-1 Michael Jackson– Billie Jean
DVD-2 Michael Jackson– Beat It
DVD-3 Michael Jackson– Thriller
DVD-4 Michael Jackson– Billie Jean (The Legendary Performance From Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, And Forever)


Prince "Sign O The Times" 2 CD

2022 digitally remastered version.


Disc 1 -
1 Sign O' the Times
2 Play in the Sunshine
3 Housequake
4 The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
5 It
6 Starfish and Coffee
7 Slow Love
8 Hot Thing
9 Forever in My Life
- Disc 2 -
1 U Got the Look
2 If I Was Your Girlfriend
3 Strange Relationship
4 I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
5 The Cross
6 It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night
7 Adore


Marvin Gaye "You're The Man"


 You're The Man 5:45
The World Is Rated X 3:50
Piece Of Clay 5:10
Where Are We Going 3:53
I’m Gonna Give You Respect 2:55
Try It, You'll Like It 3:55
You Are That Special One 3:35
We Can Make It Baby 3:20
My Last Chance 3:40
Symphony 2:52
I'd Give My Life For You 3:31
Woman Of The World 3:30
Christmas In The City (Instrumental) 3:48
You're The Man (Version 2) 4:40
I Want To Come Home For Christmas 4:48
I'm Going Home (Move) 4:38
Checking Out (Double Clutch) 4:50


Ray Charles "Would You Believe?"


1 I'll Take Care Of You
2 Your Love Keeps Me Satisfied
3 Ellie, My Love
4 I Can't Get Enough
5 Let's Get Back To Where We Left Off (with Peggy Scott-Adams)
6 Child Support, Alimony
7 Fresh Out Of Tears
8 Living Without You
9 Where're The Stairs?
10 Leave Him!


Lucky Peterson "Double Dealin'"


Double Dealing
It Ain't Safe
When My Blood Runs Cold
Smooth Sailing
Don't Try To Explain
Mercenary Baby
Ain't Doin' Too Bad
Where Can A Man Go
3 Handed Woman
Doin' Bad, Feelin' Good
4 Little Boys
Remember The Day


Lucky Peterson "Black Midnight Sun"


01 Herbert Harper's Free Press News 5:20
02 Lucky In Love 5:15
03 Is It Because I'm Black 4:50
04 Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone 3:53
05 Smokestack Lightning 5:07
06 Black Midnight Sun 4:58
07 She's A Burglar 4:39
08 Truly Your Friend 5:19
09 Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothing 4:12
10 Changes Your Ways 5:29
11 Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa 5:59


Lil Dave Thomson "Deep In The Night"


1 Deep in the Night
2 You're Gonna Need Me
3 I'm Here
4 No Good Woman
5 Standing at the Bus Station
6 The Feeling Is Gone
7 I Need Your Love
8 A Woman Like You
9 She Didn't Say Goodbye
10 Dave's Groove


Albert Collins " Live at Montreux 1992" (DVD)


Honey Hush
Lights Are On (But Nobody's Home)
If You Love Me Like You Say
Too Many Dirty Dishes
Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
Listen Here
Snatchin' It Back
Cold Cold Feeling


Rick James "Wonderful"


1 Wonderful
2 Judy
3 Loosey's Rap
4 So Tight
5 Sexual Luv Affair
6 Love's Fire
7 I Believe in It
8 In the Girls' Room
9 Hypnotize
10 Sherry Baby


Sharnette Hyter "Grown Folks Talkin'"



1 I've Got a Love
2 I'm Not Her
3 Put It on Paper (feat. Patrick Henry)
4 Hold on (feat. Joe Tex II)
5 Need a Mr. Do Right (feat. Big Cynthia)
6 So Much Better (feat. Jeter Jones)
7 Stilettos and Jeans (feat. JJ. Callier)
8 I'm Classy [Explicit]
9 Got Me Going in Circles
10 Still Don't Pay My Bills
11 Hit My Spot Right [Explicit]
12 You Ain't Getting It [Explicit]

  Denise LaSalle "2 Albums On 1 CD: Trapped By A Thing Called Love + On The Loose"  

1 Man Size Job
2 What It Takes to Get a Good Woman
3 Harper Valley Pta
4 What Am I Doing Wrong
5 Breaking Up Somebody's Home
6 There Ain't Enough Hate Around (To Make Me Turn Around)
7 Your Man and Your Best Friend
8 Lean on Me
9 Making a Good Thing Better
10 I'm Over You
11 I'm Satisfied
12 Trapped By a Thing Called Love
13 Now Run and Tell That
14 Heartbreaker of the Year
15 Goody Goody Getter
16 Catch Me If You Can
17 Hung Up Strung Out
18 Do Me Right
19 Deeper I Go
20 You'll Lose a Good Thing
21 Keep It Coming
22 It's Too Late

   1. You're Like Sugar
2. Your Babies Need A Daddy
3. In Them Jeans
4. Gonna Give You Good Lovin'
5. The Greatest Song I Ever Sang
6. I Stopped Drinking (When I Met My Baby)
7. Got To Get My Money Right
8. I Won't Start A New Relationship (Until I Get Over You)
9. You Can Call Me TJ
10. MOMA
11.Blues Festival
12.Don't Treat Me Like A Stepchild
13.I Promise
14.Jody Be Hittin' It
15.Ready For The Rain
16.I Don't Wanna Prove Nothin'
17.Missing Johnnie Taylor
18.Ladies Night
19.Just Because
10.You Can Love Anything


1 Disco Lady
2 I Wanna Make Love
3 I'm Looking for a Country Girl
4 W.O.T.Y. (What's Old to You, Is New to Someone Else)
5 I Would Be a Fool (To Let You Back into My Life)
6 I Got My Eyes on You
7 You Didn't Have to Treat Me so Bad (Interlude)
8 You Didn't Have to Treat Me so Bad
9 Juke Joint
10 All I Want Is You Tonight
11 Phenix City Bluez


LeVelle "My Journey Continues"


1.Don't Play With Love 03:38
2.Right Way 03:29
3.Just For Me 03:20
4.Fell In Love featuring Anthony Hamilton 03:55
5.Go To Bed 05:05
6.Hooked 03:36
7.Karma 03:44
8.Incredible Woman 03:52
9.One Time 03:39
10.Do It 03:58
11.So Much 03:20
12.Why 04:04
13.Just Me 01:31
14.Fell In Love (remix) featuring Anthony Hamilton 04:03

Prince Ronnie Love "Back 2 Love"

former member and musical director for Oli Woodson's Temptin' Temptations has released his debut CD!

1 Daylight With a Flashlight
2 Turn That Thang Around
3 I Want To Love You
4 Strange Love
5 My Love Bone
6 Your Troubling Mind
7 Everytime I Turn Around
8 The Next Time [Duet With Roy Roberts]
9 Wait For Me
10 I Truly Love You

 1. Annie Mae's Caf?e
2. I Took Another Woman's Problem
3. Taking Care of Business
4. It's a Party At the Trail Ride
5. I'm Leaving You
6. Nothing Like a House Party
7. Running In and Out (of My Life)
8. You Make Me Cry
9. We Make the Struggle Look Good
10. Ghetto Child
11. Southern Soul Party
12. Do What You Wanna To Me
13. We Make the Struggle Look Good [Remix]

1. Everybody's Dancin'
2. Still My Love Grows
3. Happy People
4. I'll Be There For Ya
5. The Greatest Song I Ever Sang
6. I Love You
7. Don't Give More Than You Feel
8. Give Me Your Love
9. Joanna
10.Lonesome Joe
11.A Woman's Love Is Greater
12.Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime

1 Dog House
2 Two Way Love Affair
3 Pop It Baby (Pop That Thang)
4 It's Friday
5 It's Time for Love
6 Take Care of Your Business
7 Outside Love Affair
8 I Wanna Be Your Man
9 Who's Loving You?
10 Don't Want to Be Lonely

 1 She's Got That Ooh Wee
2 Grown Folks Spot
3 Still Called The Blues
4 You're So Beautiful
5 On That Gin Ad Juice
6 It's Ladies Night
7 Room 115
8 She Got It Like That
9 You're My Lady
10 Dog House (Extended Club Version)
11 She's Got That Ooh Wee (Extended Club Version)

Donnie Ray "The Best Of"


Who's Rockin' You?
Letter To My Baby (Part 2)
Something About The Music
I'm Gonna Try Again (Southern Soul Shag Mix)
Hip Slide (Part 2)
You're Leaving
Don't Stop My Party
I'm Goin' Back
This Time The Dog Got Caught By The Cat
It's Just A Party Thing
Sensual To Me
I'll Be Good To You
I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home (remix)

1. I'm Tired of Being the Woman on the Side
2. If You Make the Money I'll Pay the Bills
3. You Don't Know How To Feel Love
4. Jimmy
5. Somebody Gotta Have Good Sense around a Fool
6. Leave the Past Behind
7. Your Attitude
8. Brown Sugar
9. I'm Tired of Being the Woman on the Side (Extended)
10. If You Make the Money I'll Pay the Bills (Extended)

1 Get Back
2 Who’s Gonna Love You Now?
3 Let Me Be Your Pacifier
4 Too Bad
5 Wonderful Lover
6 Outside Woman
7 2 Women
8 C’mon Let’s Party
9 I Miss You Most
10 I Can Be Your Part Time Lover
11 Make Sweet Love

   1. Booty Do Right
2. I Can't Show My Hand
3. Roll That Thang (with Sir Charles Jones)
4. Kitty Missing, Kitty Loose
5. Sugar Daddy, Love Daddy
6. Sex Release
7. I'm Movin' in (with Mel Waiters)
8. Mama's Love
9. Party Starter
10. Sacrifice for Love (with Sir Charles Jones)
11. Where I Come From
12. Make It Move
13 You Make My House A Home
14 Cheating Game
15 The Little Things
16 I Know How To Treat My Lady
17 Step On My Own Heart
18 Give That Money Up
19 Brother Buck Naked
20 Place Taker
21 Blues Southern Soul Haunted House
22 Scoop It (bonus track)

 1. I Got to Win
2. Love
3. For a Lifetime
4. I Didn't Ask for This
5. Sleepless Nights
6. I Love Songs
7. I Don't Wanna Work No More
8. Family
9. I Got to Win (Extended)
10. I Love Songs (Extended)



first new album in years

1 Let It Reign
2 When We Were Kings
3 Is It Gonna Be Yes or No (feat Smokey Robinson)
4 Time For The People
5 Elevator Eyes
6 My Whole World
7 You Don't Know Your Woman (Like I Do)
8 How Do You Spell Love
9 Calling Out Your Name
10 I Want It Right Now
11 Breaking My Back
12 Come On


Bobbye Doll Johnson "When A Woman's Had Enough"


1.Cheaters Never Win (But They Enjoy the Game a Whole Lot More)
2. Mississippi Hideaway
3. Bye Bye Baby
4. So Good
5. If You Don't Try to Change Me
6. All the Woman You'll Ever Need
7. I'd Rather Be Alone with Nobody
8. True to You
9. Baby Daddy
10. Meet Me on the Dancefloor
11. I Ain't Havin' It
12. Pull Up From Behind
13. I Need A Man
14. When A Woman's Had Enough
15. My Woman's Fed Up (with Ricky White)

Jerry L "A Million Women"

1. She's Got That Ooo Wee (feat. Ricky White)
2. Girls in the Hood
3. A Million Women
4. That Nookie Stuff
5. Get Busy Loving You
6. Your Girlfriend
7. Make a Choice
8. When the Ladies Are Happy
9. It's Gonna Be Good to See You Again
10. Don't Turn on Me
11. I Like Being with You
12. Oops That's My Bad
13. The End of the Rainbow

Big G "Special Delivery"

1. Pop That Thang
2. The Hands of Time
3. We Can't Stay Together
4. Never Found Me a Girl
5. If I Could Live My Life Again
6. My Cute Little Thang
7. In Your Loving Arms
8. Give It to Me
9. The Only Fool
10. Misunderstood
11. Pop That Thang (Instrumental)

William Calhoun "Walk That Walk"


Dicky Williams "I'm Back Again"

1. I'm Back Again
2. Dog Kinda Love
3. Lovin' One Woman At A Time
4. Sugar Daddy's Back
5. Pain In The Gas Lane
6. Did The Dog Get It All?
7. It Ain't Over 'Til I Win
8. Treat Me Like A Dog
9. Somebody's Teaching My Woman How To Cheat
10. Makin' Love And Makin' A Mess
11. Love & Sex Is Not The Same
12. Dog Kinda Love (Simeo's Remix)

Mister Zay "Zay's Way"

1. Get The Hell On
2. Up In This Club
3. Tender Love
4. Hard Times
5. Grown Folks
6. Bring It On
7. Trippin'
8. 2 Sides Of Love
9. Overtime
10. Thang Played With
11. Crazy About Your Love
12. Liar, Cheater
13. Back Door Jody

Roy Roberts "Daylight With A Flashlight"

1. Touched by an Angel
2. Just One More Blues Song
3. I Want to Love You
4. Daylight With a Flashlight
5. Sometimes You Love Me
6. Everytime I Turn Around
7. Your Troubling Mind
8. I Slipped
9. No More Tears
10. Anniebell
11. Raise a Little Hell

Roy Roberts "It's Only You"

1 Got To Watch My Step
2 Going Out Tonight
3 It's Only You
4 Looking Bad Situation
5 Singing Another Blues Song
6 Cheerwine
7 The Rain Was Falling
8 Step Out Of My Dreams
9 Picture Of Beauty
10 Motherless Child

Roy Roberts "Sicily Moon"

1. Sicily Moon
2. If You Can't Put It Out
3. Turn That Thang Around
4. Tonight Your Love Belongs to Me
5. I'm Gonna Love You
6. You Better Pack Up
7. Soul On Fire
8. Let Our Love Last Forever
9. Baby
10. Show Me What You Got

Roy Roberts "Burnin' Love"

1. Burnin Love
2. Couldn't See the Tears for the Rain
3. Next Time, The
4. Leave My Woman Alone
5. Dirty Old Man
6. Can't Have It Your Way
7. I've Got Troubles
8. Let's Straighten It Out
9. I'm in Love
10. That's Alright

Roy Roberts "Strange Love"


1. My Love Bone
2. I Truly Love You
3. Hey Baby
4. Strange Love
5. I'm Never Gonna Stop
6. Wait for Me
7. A Woman Needs Love
8. We Still Together
9. The Next Time
10. I Can't Wait


Roy Roberts "Back In Love"

1 Back In Love
2 Rock and A Hard Place
3 You're My Lady
4 I'll Be Your Plumber Man
5 Should Have Been Over
6 Let It Be Me
7 I've Got The Blues
8 She Didn't Know
9 I'm A Real Blues Man
10 We Still Together

Presssha (Me David) "Don't Get It Twisted"

11. Intro
2. Don't Get It Twisted
3. Down Under
4. Make You Dance
5. My Angel
6. Splackavellie
7. Do Boy (Interlude)
8. Shake It Down
9. I Love You
10. Shawty
11. Let Me Go
12. Do Boy
13. No Way To Win
14. Splackavellie (Red Zone Remix)

Lady Di "Love Don't Owe Me Nothing"


Tamara McClain "Bringing Love Back"


William Bell "New Lease On Life"


1. New Lease on Life
2. Playaz Only Love You (When They're Playing)
3. Part Time Lover (Full Time Friend)
4. My Body Don't Know
5. Honey from the Bee
6. You Got a Hold on Me
7. Keep a Light in the Window
8. Got an Island Feelin'
9. Treat Her Right (Like a Lady)
10. Up Close and Personal
11. Save Us
12. Every Sunday Morning

William Bell "Greatest Hits"


 1. Tryin' to Love Two
2. You Don't Miss Your Water
3. Private Number
4. Everybody Loves a Winner
5. I Forgot to Be Your Lover
6. Happy
7. Eloise (Hang on in There)
8. Tribute to a King
9. Any Other Way
10. Lovin' on Borrowed Time
11. Easy Comin' Out (Hard Goin' In)
12. I Don't Wanna Wake Up (Feelin' Guilty)
13. Everybody Loves a Winner
14. Born Under a Bad Sign

 14 songs by Avail Hollywood, Chick Willis, Charles Wilson, Nellie Travis, Jody Sticker, Stephanie Pickett, Mister Zay, Ricky White, El' Willie, Larry Milton & More

 1. Travis Haddix "Dick For Dinner"
2. Billy Cole "Let Me Stick It"
3. Blind Ricky McCants "Caught You With Your Drawers Down"
4. Chick Willis "I Like It Like That"
5. Stan Mosley "Backbone (Extended)"
6. Jody Sticker "Mr. Telephone Man"
7. Ricky White "Stacked In the Back"
8. Ghetto Cowboy "She Put That Thang On Me"
9. Corey Rudolph "Sexy Bady"
10.Dicky Williams "Sex, Likes & Alibis"
11.Chuck Roberson "The Lollypop Man Can"
12.Charles Wilson "That Bed Ain't Big Enough"
13.Jim Bennett "She Laid A Freak On Me"
14. Jody Sticker "Don't Make No Noise"


1. Got to Get My Party Right
2. No Bones About It
3. Juke Box Party
4. Somebody Like You
5. Can't Touch This
6. The Other Woman
7. Don't Start the Fire
8. If This Is the Last Song I Ever Write
9. Better off Now
10. The Party Don't Start 'Til I Get There (Remix) [feat. Black Zack]
11. Shout Outs 3


1. Born To Sing Southern Soul Blues
2. Beach Music Lover
3. Willing To Try
4. Dynamite
5. Bull City Funk
6. Second Time Around
7. Anything Goes
8. The Party Don't Start REMIX 2
9. Shout Outs 4
10. Too Much Booty Shakin' 11 Minute REMIX
11.Already Missin'You
12. A Very Special Christmas

Newly Remastered sound with 5 Bonus Tracks (3 previously unreleased)!

1 It’s Only You
2 Number 2
3 Savvy Woman
4 After She’s Gone
5 Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse
6 Don’t Let Our Love Slip Away
7 How Long
8 The Heart You Break
9 No Getting Over Me
10 Tonight My Love Belongs To You
11 Shaggin’ Down In Carolina
12 Blue Collar Man
13 A Woman Can Feel
14 Relight The Fire
15 Cuttin’ Up Sideways


 Larry Dodson also known as Larry D. was the lead singer of one of the most influential funk and R&B bands, The Bar-Kays.

  1 My Love Is Powerful
2 Try Me
3 Too Late to Cry
4 This Ain't Burger King
5 We Got to Hold On
6 One More Time
7 So Blessed
8 Your Hooks Are in Too Deep
9 Comin' Thru the Back Door
10 You're My Lady
11 Take Care of Your Woman
12 Caught in the Red
13 It's All Over 

16 more sizzlin' slow jams

1 WILL EASLEY Can’t Stop The Feeling
2 DONNIE RAY You’re My Lady
3 PAT BROWN My Man Is A Good Man
4 MISTER ZAY Overtime
5 CHARLES WILSON Broke Into My Heart
7 MICHELLE MILLER Good Loving Made Me Cry
9 BOBBY CONERLY Wonderful Love
11 JERRY L./RICKY WHITE We Cried Together
12 LONNIE ROBINSON Make Sweet Love
13 WILLIE B. Same Thang
14 JODY STICKER Makes Me Wanna Make Love
15 DANNY REED Keep On Loving Me

16 sizzlin' slow jams

Don’t Ya’ Like It (Mellow Mix) Will Easley
I Wanna Make Love Ricky White
Let’s Make Love Floyd Taylor
I Need A Man Bobbye Doll Johnson
Looking For A Lady TK Soul
Sacrifice Of Love Sir Charles Jones
Love Me Right Stephanie Pickett
Give Me Your Love Vel Omarr
Mr. DJ Stan Mosley
Let’s Chill Jerry L.
Smooth And Gentle Uvee Hayes
Don’t Make No Noise Jody Sticker
Another Love Song Anthony Watson
Gregg A. Smith Still Pretty
Lovemaking On My Mind Charles Wilson
Good Lovin’ Will Make You Cry Carl Marshall


Joe "Greatest Hits"


 1 Beautiful
2 Don't Wanna Be a Player
3 All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)
4 I Wanna Know
5 Good Girls
6 Ride wit U - Joe feat. G-Unit
7 Still Not a Player - Big Pun feat. Joe
8 Stutter - Joe feat. Mystikal
9 The Love Scene
10 All That I Am
11 More & More
12 Priceless
13 If I Was Your Man
14 Let's Stay Home Tonight


Gregg A. Smith "Wanted One Soul Man"


 1. Can You Still Drop It?(4:49)
2. Still Pretty(4:56)
3. Over My Head(3:52)
4. Time to Go to Work [Remix](4:07)
5. Ms. Katie(4:15)
6. Leave Well Enough Alone(3:46)
7. If I Have to Buy Your Friendship...(3:20)
8. I Don't Like Some Things that You Like(4:12)
9. Take Care of You for Me(3:43)
10. Precious Lord(3:47)
1. I Can't Go on Mrs. Jones
2. Dip My Dipper (What U Say)
3. I'm Satisfied
4. She Works the Night Shift
5. I Want Some More of Your Love
6. Into Something
7. It's the Blues Uprising
8. You're No Good
9. Here Comes the Heartaches
10.Let Jesus Lead You
11.Be Careful With my Heart
12.Damn Fool
13.We're Gonna Have A Party
14.Yes I Do
15.It's You I Need
16.Get The Hell On

Lee Shot Williams "Greatest Hits"

1 Sleeping in the Wrong Bed
2 753 L.O.V.E.
3 Sexy November
4 It's Friday (Time to Get Paid)
5 Shaking Your Tree
6 First Rule of Cheating
7 Are You Leaving Me?
8 You Fooled Me
9 Yesterday I Fell in Love
10 I Hurt Myself
11 Catch You in the Truth
12 Dirt Road to Your Heart

Ricky White "At His Best Vol 1"

1.Booty Clap
2.Shake (Remix)
3.I'll Still Love You
4.The Weekend (with Carl Marshall)
5.Do The Ladies Run This Mutha?
6.Casino Blues
7.Pop It, Then Drop It
9.Stacked In The Back
10.Ride My Pony
11.Da Butt
12.Ricky White Shuffle
13.Just Ain't Christmas Without My Baby (with TK Soul)

Nellie Tiger Travis "I'm A Woman"

1. Don't Know Where You're Going (Intro)
2. I'm a Woman
3. Slap Yo' Weave Off
4. Don't Talk to Me
5. M.O.D.
6. Rock With You
7. I Saw It On Oprah
8. Who Knows You (Feat. Stan Mosley)
9. Candy Girl
10. Mama Didn't Raise No Punks
11. Running On Empty
BONUS 12.Amnesia 13.Slap Yo Weave Off (Remix) 14. I'm A Woman (Remix)

Gregg A. Smith "The Real Deal"

1 Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)]
2 Jumpin At The Juke Joint
3 Living On The Dark Side of Love
4 Home To You
5 Don’t Cry No More
6 I Still Love You
7 Quiet As It’s Kept
8 Party Warrior
9 Having A Party
10 Teasin Woman
11 Cadillac Problems
12 Everybody Ought To Praise His Name
13 Don’t Cry No More (Party Remix)


Priscilla Price "I'm Not For Sale"


  1 I'm Not For Sale
2 Crazy To Care
3 Out of My Heart
4 Twisting The Knife
5 Empty Zone
6 Breaking Up With You (Don't Make it With Me)
7 She Set You Free
8 Love Keeps On Workin'
9 Make Me or Break Me
10 Mighty Big Shoes to Fill
11 The Tail is Waggin' the Dog
12 Hold Me


Priscilla Price "You Better Watch Yourself"


  1 You Better Watch Yourself
2 Give Me A Chance
3 Gonna Put My Foot Down
4 This Thing Has Got to End
5 I Really Want To Love You
6 Lonely For You Tonight
7 You Let The Fire Go Out
8 The Other Side of Town
9 We're Gonna Work It On Out=
10 I Worship The Ground You Walk On


Skeeter Brandon "It's Good To Go"


  1 It's Good To Go
2 The Way Love Grows
3 Me and My Baby
4 You Never Want To Love Me
5 You Can't Have It Your Way=
6 Why Not Tonight
7 Blues Hangover
8 Silent Treatment
9 I Truly Love You
10 Special Kind Of Woman


Whitney Houston "I'll Always Love You: The Best Of"



1 You Give Good Love
2 Saving All My Love for You
3 How Will I Know
4 Greatest Love of All
5 I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
6 Didn't We Almost Have It All
7 So Emotional
8 Where Do Broken Hearts Go
9 I'm Your Baby Tonight
10 All The Man That I Need
11 I Will Always Love You
12 I'm Every Woman
13 I Have Nothing
14 Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
15 I Believe in You and Me
16 My Love Is Your Love
17 I Look to You - Whitney Houston & R. Kelly
18 Never Give Up

Koko Taylor "Jump For Joy"

1 Can't Let Go
2 Stop Watching Your Enemies
3 Hey Baby
4 Tired of That
5 It's a Dirty Job
6 Jump for Joy
7 Time Will Tell
8 The Eyes Don't Lie
9 Fishing Trip
10 I Don't Want No Leftovers

Al Lindsey "Versatility"

1 Cotton Candy
2 Versatility (Monologue)
3 Versatility
4 Heavenly Thoughts
5 Don't Worry About Me
6 Midsummer Dream
7 The Blues Is Alright with Me
8 Changed
9 Exponentially
10 Home


Jerry L "Let's Do It All Over"


1. When The Ladies Are Happy
2. I Still Love You
3. I'm Gonna Do Something About You
4. She Got Papers On Me
5. Do Me
6. Backstreet Love Affair
7. It Is What It Is
8. It's Good To See You Again
9. I'm Gucchi
10. I Can't Let Go
11. Do It All Over
12. She Lied On Me
13. You Chose Me
14. Give Me Some More

Ellis Blake "Trouble Waters"






Tina Turner "Simply The Best"


1 The Best
2 Better Be Good To Me
3 I Can't Stand The Rain 3:42
4 What's Love Got To Do With It 3:48
5 I Don't Wanna Lose You
6 Nutbush City Limits (The 90's Version)
7 What You Get Is What You See 4:26
8 Let's Stay Together
9 Steamy Windows 4:03
10 Typical Male 4:15
11 We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) 4:14
12 Private Dancer
13 Look Me In The Heart 3:39
14 It Takes Two
15 I Want You Near Me 3:52
16 Way Of The World
17 Love Thing

Commodores "Ultimate Collection"


1 Machine Gun
2 Slippery When Wet
3 Sweet Love
4 Just To Be Close To You
5 Fancy Dancer
6 Girl, I Think The World About Y0u
7 Easy
8 Zoom
9 Brick House
10 Too Hot Ta Trot
11 Three Times A Lady
12 Still
13 Old-Fashion Love
14 Lady (You Bring Me Up)
15 Nightshift

Barry White "All Time Greatest Hits"  


1 1 Love's Theme
2 I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby
3 I've Got So Much to Give
4 Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
5 Honey Please, Can't Ya See
6 Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
7 You're the First, the Last, My Everything
8 What Am I Gonna Do with You
9 I'll Do for You Anything You Want Me to
10 Let the Music Play
11 You See the Trouble with Me
12 Baby, We Better Try to Get It Together
13 Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
14 I'm Qualified to Satisfy You
15 It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me
16 Playing Your Game, Baby
17 Oh, What a Night for Dancing
18 Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
19 Just the Way You Are
20 Satin Soul


Isaac J "Can I Sing To You?"



TK Soul Presents "Southern Soul Mixtape 2"



Vernon Garrett "Too Hip To Be Happy"


1. Are You The One
2. You Just Call Me
3. You Don't Know Nothin' About Love
4. Too Hip To Be Happy
5. Doors Of My Heart
6. Special Kind Of Lady
7. She's A Burglar
8. I'll Be Doggone
9. Gonna Have To Use My Head
10. Lil' Black Woman

Rick Lawson "Ladies Night"


1. This Is the Party
2. I'm in a Steppin' Mood
3. I Found Me a Sure Thing
4. Juke Joint Party
5. Too Tight, Too Close
6. All Night Party Mood
7. It's Ladies Night
8. Mind, Body & Soul
9. Bottoms Up, Again!
10. I'm in a Steppin' Mood

Rude "Rude Awakening"



Jesse James "Get In Touch With Me"


1. If He Can't Hold His Pants Up How Can He Hold You Up
2. Get In Touch With Me
3. Hoochie Mama
4. Hoochie Mama - (remix)
5. I Can't Help But Smile
6. Ghetto Booty
7. It's Time For a Change
8. It's Time For a Change - (remix)
9. It Doesn't Seem Like Christmas To Me
10. Share Your Love (With Someone Else)
11. Smoke and Fire
12. Visiting Rights
13. If He Can't Hold His Pants Up How Can He Hold You Up - (remix)


Chuck Roberson "Over In The Woods"


1 Disco Lady
2 Over in the Woods
3 You Been Cheatin' on Me
4 Let Your Love Fall Down
5 She Was Your Wife, but I'm Her Man
6 Do It All Over
7 We're Gonna Have a Party
8 It's Not over Till You Say We're Through
9 Tired of Waiting on You
10 When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
11 Back Stabbing Friend
12 Words

Featuring "Black Lives Matter", "Bump And Roll", "JB's Groove" and more..

1 Bounce (Radio Version)
2 She Got It Like That
3 Chillin' with My Baby
4 Grown & Sexy
5 Cookie Thang
6 Body Callin'
7 Booty Clap
8 Baby You're Ready
9 Sexy (Remix)
10 Stay Out of My Business
11 Shake (Remix)
12 I'll Still Love You
13 Bounce (Full Club Version)

  1 Sexy (4:54)
2 Ride Your Body (4:13)
3 Ricky White (Shuffle) (4:43)
4 If You Don't Want Me (4:52)
5 Casino Blues (4:50)
6 Bagg It Up (4:30)
7 Freaky Lover (4:54)
8 Blues Is All Good (4:36)
9 Shake (4:50)
10 Jook Joint (4:31)

New tracks by Billy Soul Bonds, Ghetto Cowboy, Ricky White, William Calhoun, Magic One, etc..

 1 She Put That Thang on Me (Radio Version)
by ghetto cowboy
2 Take Care of Your Woman (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
3 This Time
by Billy Soul Bonds
4 Tighten Up
by William Calhoun
5 I'm Just a Fool
by Magic One & Ricky White
6 She Got It Like That (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
7 Grown Folks Spot
by Donnie Ray
8 Back Door Lover
by Stephanie Pickett
9 Let's Party (Alternate Version)
by ghetto cowboy
10 I Want Me a Mirror (Radio Version)
by William Calhoun
11 I Can Still Roll It
by The Love Doctor
12 Bounce (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
13 Redbone (feat. T.K. Soul)
by Ricky White

1 Party
2 Show Me How to Zydeco
3 I'll Be Right Here
4 Hey Baby
5 Drank of My Love
6 Let Him Go
7 Mr. Do Right
8 It's Too Late
9 Every Hour
10 Country Girl


Andrew Booker "I Miss My Mom & Dad"


 1. Bingo Lover
2. I'm About to Get Old, I Got to Slow My Roll
3. 20 Hard Days
4. Don't Tell Me, I Don't Need to Know
5. Policeman Coming 'n' You Going to Jail
6. Oow, Wee
7. I Miss My Mom 'n' Dad
8. Bed Lawyer


Earl Duke "Keep The Faith"


1 Down for You
2 Green Grass
3 Just One Lifetime
4 Faith
5 Mr. Jody
6 Slow Down
7 Im Feeling Myself
8 Twerk Sumpthin
9 A Woman Needs
10 Im Feeling Myself (Remix)


Big G "Nothin' But A Party Vol. 4"


1 Can't Tell Nobody 4:38
2 That Young Thang 3:59
3 Steppin In - Steppin Out 4:10
4 Can You Hear Me 4:18
5 Your Loveliness 4:06
6 Lets Party 3:51
7 Get with It 3:53
8 Freaky Groove Remix 3:52
9 Being with You Remix 4:02
10 Last Pay Check 4:20
11 Last Pay Check the Comeback 4:22


Big G "Midnight Love Vol. 3"


1 Stay with Me
2 Down on My Knees
3 Tear Drops
4 Don't Leave Me Girl (Remix)
5 Just Say the Word (Remix)
6 Darkest Hour
7 Every Day Girl
8 Somebody Loves You Back
9 Tell Me Can You Feel It
10 Can't Stop Thinking About You (Remix)

1. Steppin
2. Can You Hear Me
3. Down on My Knees
4. Wanna Go Dancing
5. Ladies Man
6. Darkest Hour
7. Backyard Barbecue
8. Shake That Thang
9. Can't Stop Thinking About You (Remix)
10. Two Step in the Name of Love (Remix)
11. Backyard Barbecue (Instrumental)


1 CD Left

Earth Wind & Fire "Playlist Very Best Of"

1. Shining Star
3. Singasong
4. Can't Hide Love
5. Getaway
6. Saturday Nite
7. Serpentine Fire
8. Fantasy
9. Be Ever Wonderful
10. September
11. Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & Fire with The Emotions
12. After the Love Has Gone
13. In the Stone
14. Let's Groove
Ernie Johnson Squeeze It Ernie Johnson "Squeeze It"  

 1. Who Is That Man
2. All American Girl
3. Squeeze It
4. It's Getting Hard
5. It's Party Time Again 2000
6. I've Been Loving You to Long
7. Who Told You
8. Entertainer, The
9. You Made This a Happy Home
10. I Remember J.T.
11. Sexy (Sleeper)

Ernie Johnson "I'm The One You Need"  

 1. Let's get this party on
2. Valley of love
3. Laid around, Played around,too long
4. Good Thang man
5. Pumps and Rumps
6. Let's make love tonight
7. I'm the one you need
8. You're the only one
9. Dance to the music
10. Double Cross
11. Forever just ain't long enough
12. Please don't leave me this way
13. Swing out


Frank-O Johnson "Only Time Will Tell"



1. Only Time Will Tell
2. Crazy About You
3. H-U-R-T
4. She's The Right Girl For Me
5. Leaving You
6. Ruby Red Ring
7. I'm Just Laying Here
8. Let's Do Some Love Talking
9. Sexy Feeling
10. By His Stripes
11. Praise The Lord (Victory)
12. Heavenly Father

Patti Labelle "Playlist: The Very Best Of"


1 –Patti LaBelle Love, Need And Want You 4:59
2 –Patti LaBelle Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?) 4:05
3 –Patti LaBelle If Only You Knew 4:46
4 –Patti LaBelle My Love. Sweet Love 4:19
5 –Patti LaBelle Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is) 4:53
6 –Labelle Come Into My Life 6:43
7 –Labelle Lady Marmalade 3:56
8 –Patti LaBelle Joy To Have Your Love 5:42
9 –Patti LaBelle Music Is The Way Of Life 8:10
10 –Patti LaBelle Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu 4:22
11 –Patti LaBelle Shoot Him On Sight 5:28
12 –Patti LaBelle I Don't Go Shopping 3:53
13 –Patti LaBelle Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) 6:43
14 –Patti LaBelle Teach Me Tonight (Me Gusta Tu Balle) 5:22



Ronnie Lovejoy "Suddenly"

1. Suddenly
2. I Still Love You
3. I Miss Her
4. Giving My Love To The Other Man
5. Miss Rudolph
6. I'm Leaving
7. This Is The Last Time
8. Going Back To My Wife



Carl Sims Brick House


Carl Sims "Brick House"  



1. Brick House
2. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
3. I Never Had a Lover Like You
4. Where Can I Run To
5. Our Love Song
6. Don't Make Me Cry
7. Burning Candles on Both Ends
8. Beggin Baby
9. Everything's Out in the Open
10. House of Love


Sly & The Family Stone "The Very Best Of"


1 Family Affair
2 Stand!
3 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
4 Hot Fun in the Summertime
5 Sing a Simple Song
6 Dance to the Music
7 Everybody Is a Star
8 Everyday People
9 (You Caught Me) Smilin'
10 I Want to Take You Higher
11 M'Lady
12 If You Want Me to Stay
13 You Can Make It If You Try
14 I Get High On You - Sly Stone


Itz Karma "Unleashed"


1 Family Affair
2 Stand!
3 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
4 Hot Fun in the Summertime
5 Sing a Simple Song
6 Dance to the Music
7 Everybody Is a Star
8 Everyday People
9 (You Caught Me) Smilin'
10 I Want to Take You Higher
11 M'Lady
12 If You Want Me to Stay
13 You Can Make It If You Try
14 I Get High On You - Sly Stone

  1 My Love Is Powerful
2 Try Me
3 Too Late to Cry
4 This Ain't Burger King
5 We Got to Hold On
6 One More Time
7 So Blessed
8 Your Hooks Are in Too Deep
9 Comin' Thru the Back Door
10 You're My Lady
11 Take Care of Your Woman
12 Caught in the Red
13 It's All Over 

Charlie Wilson "Playlist: The Very Best Of"

1. Outstanding - The Gap Band
2. There Goes My Baby
3. Supa Sexxy - Charlie Wilson feat. T-Pain & Jamie Foxx
4. You Are
5. Charlie, Last Name Wilson
6. Floatin' - Charlie Wilson feat. Justin Timberlake &
7. Magic
8. No Words
9. My Girl Is A Dime
10. Shawty Come Back
11. Cry No More
12. Lotto
13. Musta Heard
14. Burn Rubber on Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) - The Gap Band

contains 12 tracks from artists like O.B. Buchana, Ms. Jody, Jaye Hammer, David Brinston, Donnie Ray, Sheba Potts-Wright & more.


1 I Tip Toed in It
by Mr. Sam, O. B. Buchana
2 Swing On (Remix)
by O. B. Buchana
3 Stand by Man
by Mr. Sam
4 I Did It (Remix)
by Ms. Jody
5 Carolina Swing
by Donnie Ray
6 Love Talk
by James Payne
7 The Real Deal
by Sheba Potts-Wright
8 That Groove
by Rick Lawson
9 Cheatin' Is the Only Way to Go (Radio Version)
by Sonny Mack
10 Come a Little Closer
by Ms. Jody
11 She Used to Be My Girl
by Donnie Ray
12 I'm a Love Starved Woman
by Val McKnight


Carl Marshall "Songs People Love The Most, Volume 1 RELOADED"



1 Good Loving Will Make You Cry
2 This Is For Grown Folks
3 Ain’t No Party (Like A Grown Folks Party)
4 Reap What You Sow
5 Just Jingle My Bell (Most Loved Vers)
6 You Can’t Stop A Woman
7 A Woman Want A Man (She Don’t Want No Punk)
8 I Want Some More
9 Pray With Me Baby
10 Grown Folks Party With Me
11.After Your Man Is Gone
12.Leave That Man's Wife Alone

Sir Charles Jones & Jeter Jones


 1. 2 Kings
2. Candy
3. Zydeco With Me
4. Trail Ride Version 2.0
5. Party
6. I Don’t Understand
7. Like Voodoo
8. Can I Get Some
9. Moonshine
10. Can't Do It No More

Jeter Jones "Da GQ Country Boy"


Various Artists "Blues Mix 16: Grown Up Soul"

1 Is She Waiting on You? by Jaye Hammer
2 I Need It by Jaye Hammer
3 Watch That Booty Do by Val McKnight
4 You Might Have to Hurt by O. B. Buchana
5 Happy Tears (Radio Version) by Sheba Potts-Wright
6 The Love You Threw Away by Denise LaSalle
7 What Cha Wanna Do with Me Tonight by John Cummings
8 Something I Want by David Brinston
9 The First Time by Ms. Jody
10 She's Still Got It by Jaye Hammer
11 A Piece on the Side by Ms Jody
12 Meat and Potatoes Man by Earl Gaines

Various Artists "Blues Mix 14: Total Soul Blues"

Ecko Records presents the fourteenth album of the successful Blues Mix series that contains current hits as well as 7 brand new releases. 


1 Any Kind of Party-Jaye Hammer
2 O. B. Shuffle (Remix)-OB Buchana
3 It's so Good-John Cummings
4 It Ain't What's in Your Pocket-Sonny Mack
5 Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide (Remix)-Ms. Jody
6 She's a Real Hot Lady-Donnie Ray
7 I'm a Booty Freak-Jaye Hammer
8 If the Lord Keeps the Thought of You out of My Bed-Barbara Carr
9 Southern Soul Blues Fest-John Cummings
10 Dig a Little Deeper-Sonny Mack
11 Private Party-O. B. Buchana
12 I'm Your Man in the Streets-Rick Lawson

Various Artists "Blues Mix 12: Classic Soul"  
 The 12th edition in the successful Blues Mix series from Ecko Records titled, Blues Mix 12: Classic Soul Blues. Collection contains 12 tracks including both current hits and 8 brand new releases from Ms. Jody, Donnie Ray, Jaye Hammer and many more.

Various Artists "Blues Mix 4: Soul Blues Party"

 1. previously unreleased) Ms. Jody's Thang [Zydeco Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix
2. You Bring Out The Best In Me - Sheba Potts-Wright (previously unreleased)
3. If We Ain't Gonna Break Up - Luther Lackey
4. It's BYOB - Donnie Ray
5. Bang That Thang - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
6. Let's Dance - O.B. Buchana
7. Dance Party - Quinn Golden
8. Juke Joint Slide - Lee "Shot" Williams (remix)
9. I Never Take A Day Off - Ms. Jody
10. Locatd - David Brinston
11. This Is The Party - Rick Lawson
12. A - Chuck Roberson (remix, previously unreleased) Woman Wants A Freak


Various Artists "Blues Mix 3: Chitlin Circuit Soul"


 1. Bump and Grind With Me - Mystery Man
2. Rebound Affair - Luther Lackey (previously unreleased)
3. I'm Mack the Blues Man - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
4. Bitchy Mama - Mystery Man
5. Feels Like Prison On My Job - Gerod Rayborn
6. Married Lyin' Cheatin' Man - Luther Lackey (previously unreleased)
7. The - Ms. Jody Jody Juke
8. Lowdown Kind of Love - Barbara Carr (previously unreleased) Slow Down
9. Her Heart Belongs To You - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
10. Private Fishing Hole - Barbara Carr (previously unreleased)
11. Cheaters Paradise - Charles Wilson (remix)
12. Let's Dance - Mystery Man


Various Artists "Blues Mix 9: Southern Soul Blues"


 1. Still Strokin' - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
2. Just Like Dat - Mr. Sam (previously unreleased)
3. Let's Call a Truce - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
4. I Want Some - Brenda Yancey (previously unreleased)
5. You Keep Taking My Love Away - Donnie Ray (previously unreleased)
6. Old School Music Mood - Rick Lawson
7. Body Drain - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
8. Try My Love At Your Own Risk - Sheba Potts-Wright (previously unreleased)
9. Mr. Telephone Man - O.B. Buchana
10. I'll Take the Risk [Remix] - Lee "Shot" Williams (remix)
11. When It All Boils Down - David Brinston (previously unreleased)
12. Southern Soul Blues Slide - Donny Ray


Various Artists "Blues Mix 8: Juke Joint Soul"


 1. I'm In Love - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
2. It's a Reunion - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
3. Clean Up Man - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
4. Just Let Me Ride - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
5. I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home - Donny Ray (remix)
6. I Just Can't Let Go - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
7. My Kind of Man - Sheba Potts-Wright
8. Cheatin' Ain't No Fun - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
9. Get Drunk Party - Ms. Jody
10. I Can't Choose - O.B. Buchana
11. That Old Booty Green - Barbara Carr
12. Something About the Music - Donny Ray

Various Artists "Blues Mix 7: Ultimate Party Blues"

 1. Party On the Weekend - Quinn Golden
2. Dance Party [Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix)
3. Pt. 2 - Donnie Ray Hip Slide
4. Ms. Jody's Thang [Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix)
5. Let's Get Drunk - O.B. Buchana
6. Making That Booty Roll - Jaye Hammer
7. It Started At the Party - Quinn Golden
8. Shake Your Booty [Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix)
9. Back It Up and Put It Here - David Brinston
10. Nothin' But Party Blues - Lee "Shot" Williams
11. I Cann Bagg It Up [Remix] - Sheba Potts-Wright (remix)
12. Party For Two - Quinn Golden


Various Artists "Blues Mix 6: Super Southern Soul"


   1. She Was at the Hideaway - Donnie Ray (previously unreleased)
2. Put Your Mouth in the South - O.B. Buchana (previously unreleased)
3. Spare Me - Sheba Potts-Wright
4. Go Ahead On - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
5. I Only Get Laid When I Get Paid - Sonny Mack
6. 24 Hours - Denise LaSalle (previously unreleased)
7. You're Leaving Me - Donnie Ray
8. That's My Shugga Daddy - Jewel J.
9. Get Up and Move On - Ms. Jody
10. Call Before You Come - Gerod Rayborn
11. It's Just a Party - Carl Sims (remix)
12. Face It - David Brinston

Various Artists "Blues Mix 5: Blues Party Time"

   1. Bang That Thang - O.B. Buchana (previously unreleased)
2. Southern Soul Dip - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
3. Hurry - Donnie Ray (previously unreleased)
4. Soul Train Dancer - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
5. Let Your Mind Go [Crunk Remix] - Sheba Potts-Wright (remix)
6. Rooster Rooster Guinea Guines - Rick Lawson (previously unreleased)
7. Blues Party Time - Lee "Shot" Williams
8. Lovers Paradise - Donnie Ray
9. I Can Love You Like That - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
10. Booty Scoot - O.B. Buchana (remix)
11. I'm Gonna Open Up And Let You In - Lorraine Turner (previously unreleased)
12. After Party - David Brinston




1. Slow The Music Down
2. Changes
3. Sho' Wasn't Me
4. You Are The One
5. Slow Motion
6. When I Go Down
7. If You Let Me Comeback Home
8. Breaking Down Inside
9. Drunk On Your Love
10. Hole In the Wall
11. It's Ladies Night
12. Everlasting Love
13. So Sexy So Fine
14. Can You Back It Up On Me


 1. Hate on Me
2. Walk in My Shoes
3. Can't Say No
4. Quick Man
5. Don't You Hate It
6. Give It to Me
7. Find Somebody
8. Rewind
9. Move Something
10. We're Like Total Strangers


 Produced by Ronald "Slack" Jefferson featuring "Young Thang" and "Slow Motion (with Jeter Jones)"



Chick Willis "Blues Me Before You Lose Me"

Disc 1
1. The Blues Is Gone
2, Mother Fuyer
3. Black Widow Spider
4. Keep Singing The Blues (Shag Mix)
5. Why We Need Obama
6. The Train Is Gone
7. The Gas Is Too High
8. Don't Deceive Me
9. In The Mood We're In
10.Four Wives Too Many
11. What I Say
Disc 2
1. Intro (Let Me Play My Blues)
2. Short-Haired Woman
3. Picture on the Wall
4. Just a Bad Dream
5. On Your Way Fishing
6. Crush on My Next Door Neighbor
7. My Fannie Mae
8. Don't Know What You Got
9. We're Going to Boogie
10. Worried About You
11. Money Is the Name of the Game
12. Since I Fell for You
13. Let Me Play My Blues

Chick Willis "Nuthin' But A Party Live" DVD



Nellie 'Tiger' Travis "Nellie Sings The Blues"

1 Before You Grab This Tiger by the Tail
2 Ain't Gonna Raise No Grown Ass Man
3 I'm with You Baby
4 So What He Didn't Do
5 You Must Be Lovin' Someone Else
6 Born in Mississippi
7 Tornado Wrapped in Fire
8 I'm Going out Tonight
9 Understanding Is Better Than Money
10 Don't Ever Leave Me Again
11 There's a Queen in Me
12 Why Do You Lie Like That?
13 I'm a Tiger
14 Clean It Up
15 Queen of the Blues (Koko)
16 I'm in Love with a Man I Can't Stand
17 I Cry the Blues
18 Before You Grab This Tiger by the Tail (Soul Blues)


Reggie Boone "Made Of Love"


1 Stand
2 It's Your Time
3 Tell Me
4 Gonna Be Alright
5 Made of Love
6 Bless Our Love
7 I'm so Proud
8 I Love the Lord
9 Lord Thank You
10 Trying and Trying
11 Love One Another
12 What Christmas Means to Me
13 He's Coming
14 Me on Me
15 Living Life Ain't Easy
16 When It Comes to You
17 Do It


Toni Braxton "The Very Best Of"


1 He Wasn't Man Enough
2 Hit the Freeway - Toni Braxton feat. Loon
3 You Mean the World to Me
4 Un-Break My Heart
5 How Could an Angel Break My Heart - Kenny G with Toni Braxton
6 Maybe
7 You're Makin' Me High
8 How Many Ways
9 Seven Whole Days
10 A Better Man
11 Breathe Again
12 I Belong to You
13 Let It Flow
14 Spanish Guitar



King Fred "A Taste Of Soul"



1. I'm The One That Should've Been
2. Happy Street
3. Jealous Kind Of Fella
4. Blues Uprising
5. When You Got It At Home
6. Come To Me
7. i Didn't Ask For This
8. See You When I Get There
9. Be Thankful For The Woman That Loves You
11.I Wake Up Crying

Sir Jonathan Burton "In The Zone: Southern Soul Style, Vol. 1"

1 Too Much Booty Shakin'
2 Everybody Step To The Steppin' Song
3 Can't Help The Way I Feel About Cha
4 Chance Of A Lifetime
5 It Took A Woman Like You
6 Not Just Any Old Love Song
7 I Got Soul
8 Booty Shakin' Party
9 Shout Outs
10 Can't Say We Didn't Try
11 Sounds Like Karaoke
12 Everybody Step To The Steppin' Song (Extended)
13 Too Much Booty Shakin' (Extended)


12 tracks including "Facebook", "Southern Soul Nation", "Brown Horse", "Life's Too Short", "Girl Of My Dreams", "Try Me", "Give Me That Nasty", "Make Love All Night Long" & more!


20 Southern Soul Hits by Ghetto Cowboy, Nellie Tiger Travis, Floyd Taylor, Ricky White, Carl Sims, Jody Sticker, Billy Soul Bonds, Uvee Hayes, Donnie Ray, Carl Marshall & More.

 1. Southern Soul Music
2. Wanna Be A Player
3. Sexy Body
4. There She Go
5. Family Reunion
6. Crying
7. Just Take My Hand
8. Go Party Go
9. In The Morning
with Little Kim Sewart
10. Full Time Lover
11. Mama, I Love You
12. That's Why I Praise Him

 1. Hell On My Hands
2. Still The One
3. Trail Ride
4. Thinkin' About You
5. New Address
6. I Choose You
7. Go On
8. Sugar Daddy
9. You Don't Have To Be A Star
10. Just One Night

1 Sippin and Trippin 4:09
2 They Just Wonna 3:37
3 Bout to Go Stepping 3:16
4 Put It on Replay 3:03
5 Viral 3:43
6 What Cha Drinking 3:59
7 Thats Life 3:42
8 Hey We Wonna Party 3:49
9 Love My Fans 4 Life 2:49
10 I Got That Feeling 3:57


1 I'm Bout It Bout (No Doubt Remix)
2 Everyone Celebrate
3 All Of You All Of Me
4 I Like The Way (Remix)
5 Baby I Love You
6 (Time Out) Cut To The Chase
7 Don't Go
8 That's My Lady
9 I'm Bout It Bout It (Original)
10 Wanna Make Love
11 Someone To Love You
12 I Like The Way (Original)
13 Everyone Celebrate (Extended)
14 Don't Go (Alternate Mix)
15 Something About You
16.I'm Bout It Bout It (No Doubt Extended Mix)
17.I'm Bout It Bout It (Remix with Simeo)

Charles Wilson "2 On 1: Pay Myself First & That Girl Belongs To Me"

1. I'm Not Afraid To Love
2. The Woman a Man is Looking For
3. You Got That Sex Appeal
4. I Want To Know What Kind of Love You Got
5. Pay Myself First
6. Give Me Your Love
7. Butts Up!
8. I Guarantee Satisfaction
9. Weight Ain't Nothing But Something To Be Loved
10. I Believe Jesus Loves Me
11. I Don't Want To Be a What You Want Somebody
12. Party Tonight
13. That Girl Belongs To Me - (featuring Willie Clayton)
14. I Can Dance Better
15. Something Different About You - (featuring Mel Waiters)
16. Lovemaking On My Mind
17. Sex Appeal [Mel Waiters Remix] - (remix)
18. Would You Dance With a Man Who Can't Dance
19. Your Man Don't Do That


1. Something Different About You (on "Deluxe" version only)
2. Without That Boom! (on "Deluxe" version only)
3. After Party, The
4. Plumber Man
5. Mississippi Boy
6. Broke into My Heart
7. Candlelight
8. I'll Follow That Thing
9. You're the Shhh
10. Watch It Shake
11. That's the Way We Want It
12. That Boom!
13. Christmas in Memphis


1 Intro Beat Flippa
2 If It Ain't the Blues Pokey & Cupid
3 I'll Be the Other Man Tyree Neal
4 Lets Do It Adrian Bagher, Veronica Ra'elle & Big Cynthia
5 I Want Your Body Mz. Pat
6 If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It Pokey
7 Lets Go Adrian Bagher & Level
8 You Can't Handle This Ms. Portia, Veronica Ra'elle & Rosalyn Candy
9 T.G.I.F. Pokey, Vince Hutchinson & Adrian Bagher
10 Sugar Daddy Veronica Ra'elle
11 I Still Do Her Wrong Pokey
12 The Best You Ever Had Rosalyn Candy & Veronica Ra'elle
13 I'm Here for You Big Cynthia
14 Do Your Diva Dance Rena' The Diva
15 You Chose the Wrong Chick Ms. Portia
16 Please Be My Love Jones Pokey, Lysa & Charlene Neal
17 Pretty Girl Big Isaac J

01. Intro (0:30)
02. Knockout (3:49)
03. Sneaky Woman (4:05)
04. Calling my name (3:14)
05. I got me a woman (3:47)
06. Come party with me (3:11)
07. At the party (2:56)
08. Bounce & Shake (2:49)
09. Friends with Benefits (3:08)
10. Get up in it (3:12)
11. She comes with a fee (3:58)
12. Freak Nasty Remix (3:44)
13. MonkeyStick Reloaded (2:58)
14. Way you move (3:27



 1. You Got to Pay Me (feat. Big Josh)
2. Ain't Nothing Like a Big Woman (feat. Tyree Neal) (Remix)
3. She Working That Nookie Thang (feat. Big Josh)
4. Zydeco Round-Up (feat. Big Josh & Big Jerry)
5. Eating Still Ain't Cheating
6. Sho Wasn't Me
7. Big Leg Woman (feat. Tyree Neal)
8. You Drive Me Crazy (feat. Charlene Neal)
9. I Wanna Thank You
10. Big Woman (Extended Version)
  Frank Lucas "Dirty Old Man"  
1. The Lucas Funky Swing
2. Hot Chocolate Love
3. Hot N' Horny
4. The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling (Song)
5. The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling (Rap)
6. The Original Good Thing Man
7. Hot N' Horny (Rap)
8. The Striptease Song
9. I'm Hooked On A Lullaby
10.Stick N' Git

Betty Padgett "I Didn't Take Your Man"

1. Nobody but You
2. I'm Available
3. Sorry (We Couldn't Make It Work)
4. He Do Things Your Money Can't Do
5. I'm Losing a Good Man
6. Do It in the Name of Love
7. I Didn't Take Your Man
8. Feelin Real Good
9. I'm a Brand New Me
10. Your Time to Cry
11. At the Downbeat


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