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"Blues Views" DVD

Johnnie Taylor, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Denise LaSalle, Shirley Brown

Various Artists "Blues Mix 17: Dirty Soul Blues"

1 Big Daddy Don't You Come
by Ms. Jody
2 I'm a Horny Woman
by Val McKnight
3 Let Me Knock the Dust Off
by O. B. Buchana
4 Big Hand Man
by Sheba Potts-Wright
5 I'm a Booty Freak
by Jaye Hammer
6 If You Can't Cut the Mustard
by Barbara Carr
7 Snap, Crackle and Pop
by Denise LaSalle
8 Let's Get a Quickie
by Dr. Feelgood Potts
9 Head Bitch in Charge
by Val McKnight
10 You've Got to Play with It Before You Lay with It
by Ms. Jody
11 Freak Cowboy
by Rick Lawson
12 Put Your Mouth in the South
by O. B. Buchana

Various Artists "Blues Mix 16: Grown Up Soul"

1 Is She Waiting on You? by Jaye Hammer
2 I Need It by Jaye Hammer
3 Watch That Booty Do by Val McKnight
4 You Might Have to Hurt by O. B. Buchana
5 Happy Tears (Radio Version) by Sheba Potts-Wright
6 The Love You Threw Away by Denise LaSalle
7 What Cha Wanna Do with Me Tonight by John Cummings
8 Something I Want by David Brinston
9 The First Time by Ms. Jody
10 She's Still Got It by Jaye Hammer
11 A Piece on the Side by Ms Jody
12 Meat and Potatoes Man by Earl Gaines


1. Be There - Floyd Taylor/Big Poppa G
2. The - Sheba Potts-Wright Right Stuff
3. I'd Rather Wait Till He's Hittin' It - Mz. B
4. You Got a Booger Bear Under There - Ollie Nightingale
5. You Got To Be a Freaker - Mz. B
6. Take My Wife Back - O.B. Buchana
7. I Can't Take Your Wife Back - Donnie Ray
8. My Cat Smells a Rat - Ms. Jody
9. Southern Soul Party - Bertha Payne
10. Juke Joint Slide [Club Mix] - Lee "Shot" Williams
11. You Doin' The Same Thing - Art Benton
12. Who Doo Woman - Vivacious Val McKnight

Various Artists "Blues Mix 14: Total Soul Blues"

Ecko Records presents the fourteenth album of the successful Blues Mix series that contains current hits as well as 7 brand new releases. 


1 Any Kind of Party-Jaye Hammer
2 O. B. Shuffle (Remix)-OB Buchana
3 It's so Good-John Cummings
4 It Ain't What's in Your Pocket-Sonny Mack
5 Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide (Remix)-Ms. Jody
6 She's a Real Hot Lady-Donnie Ray
7 I'm a Booty Freak-Jaye Hammer
8 If the Lord Keeps the Thought of You out of My Bed-Barbara Carr
9 Southern Soul Blues Fest-John Cummings
10 Dig a Little Deeper-Sonny Mack
11 Private Party-O. B. Buchana
12 I'm Your Man in the Streets-Rick Lawson

Various Artists "Top Of The Stax 20 Greatest Hits"

 1. Hold On, I'm Comin' - Sam And Dave
2. Knock On Wood - Eddie Floyd
3. Respect Yourself - The Staple Singers
4. B-A-B-Y - Carla Thomas
5. Woman To Woman - Shirley Brown
6. I'll Be The Other Woman - The Soul Children
7. Cheaper To Keep Her - Johnnie Taylor
8. That's What Love Will Make You Do - Little Milton
9. I Forgot To Be YOur Lover - William Bell
10. Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight
11. (Do The) Push And Pull, Part I - Rufus Thomas
12. Green Onions - Booker T & The MGs
13. Starting All Over Again - Mel And Tim
14. In The Rain - The Dramatics
15. So I Can Love You - The Emotions
16. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding
17. I'll Take You There - The Staple Singers
18. Who's Making Love - Johnnie Taylor
19. I've Been Lonely For So Long - Frederick Knight
20. Theme From 'Shaft' - Isaac Hayes 
Various Artists "Line Dance Party Mix CD"  
 1. Booty Scoot Chuck Roberson
2. Ms. Jody's Thang Ms. Jody
3. Juke Joint Slide Lee Shot Williams
4. Making That Booty Roll Jaye Hammer
5. Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide Ms. Jody
6. Hip Slide Donnie Ray
7. Hoochie Dance Barbara Carr
8. Just Let Me Ride Ms. Jody
9. Baby Whip Quinn Golden
10. Juke Joint Jumpin Barbara Carr
11. Booty Bounce Chuck Roberson
12. Juke Joint Slide (Remix) Lee Shot Williams

"Bruce Billups Presents: Southern Soul Mix RE-Loaded"

with Lebrado "Fire", Lacee "Lacee's Groove", Theodis Ealey "Francine (club mix)" & 16 more!

1 Interlude
2 Francine (Theodis Ealey)
3 Fire (Lebrado)
4 Groove (Lacee)
5 Dancin' Remix (Lebrado)
6 Hear You Knockin (Rasheeda)
7 Swing Around The Roses (Cupid)
8 Beautiful (Lebrado)
9 Kiss It (Rasheeda)
10 I Never Thought (Ba Tina)
11 He's Never Gonna Change (Tamara)
12 Groove Remix (Lacee)
13 Women (Nicole, Brittney, Adria)
14 Why (Corey)
15 Turn You Out (Adria & Candis)
16 I Love You (Habida)
17 Fire Cloud Mix (Lebrado)
18 Francine Club Mix (Theodis Ealey)
19 Groove House Mix (Lacee)


1 Sexy (Remix) Ricky White
2 I Like the Way (Remix) Floyd Taylor
3 Still Pretty Gregg A. Smith
4 Old School Girl Blind Ricky McCants
5 After Your Man Is Gone Patrick Henry
6 Get Yo' Dance On Uvee Hayes
7 A Woman's Needs Earl Duke
8 Meat on Them Bones Sir Jonathan Burton
9 She's Got That Ooo Wee Jerry L
10 I Dance Better Charles Wilson
11 Lockdown Stan Mosley
12 Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It Jim Bennett
13 When I'm Gone Luther Lackey

Various Artists "Blues Mix 13: Grown Folks Soul"  
1 Turn It Up O. B. Buchana
2 That's My Song O. B. Buchana
3 Bobby's Gone John Cummings
4 Stay with Your Wife Sheba Potts-Wright
5 If You Can't Help Me (Remix) Carl Sims
6 Same Woman Donnie Ray
7 Energizer Bunny Ms. Jody
8 Mr. Do Right John Cummings
9 That Black Magic Donnie Ray
10 Weekend Lovin' Ms. Jody
11 What Goes Around Comes Around Sonny Mack
12 Private Fishing Hole Sheba Potts-Wright
Various Artists "Blues Mix 12: Classic Soul"  
 The 12th edition in the successful Blues Mix series from Ecko Records titled, Blues Mix 12: Classic Soul Blues. Collection contains 12 tracks including both current hits and 8 brand new releases from Ms. Jody, Donnie Ray, Jaye Hammer and many more.

   1. Bust A Move - Mr. Sam
2. previously unreleased) I'm Rowdy Rowdy [Remix] - O.B. Buchana (remix
3. Every Woman For Herself - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
4. I'm A Dreamer - Rick Lawson (previously unreleased)
5. Here In The South - Big John Cummings
6. Dig A Little Deeper - Jaye Hammer
7. Tonight's Another Night - Mixx Genii (previously unreleased)
8. I Need It - Gerod Rayborn (previously unreleased)
9. Here I Come Ready Or Not - Rick Lawson (previously unreleased)
10. How Can Real Love Die? - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
11. Put Your Hands Up - Sheba Potts-Wright
12. I'm Just A Lucky Guy - Quinn Golden

Various Artists "Sex Rated Blues, Vol. 2"

   1. Snap, Crackle and Pop (X-Rated) [Explicit] Denise LaSalle
2. Ease on Down in the Bed Lee Shot Williams
3. Your Dog's About to Kill My Cat Ms. Jody
4. Sexaholic Bill Coday
5. I Need a Cowboy to Ride My Pony Sheba Potts-Wright
6. I'll Even Blow Down There Chuck Roberson
7. Pay Before You Pump Denise LaSalle
8. Love Seat Charles Wilson
9. Lick If You Can't Stick Ms. Jody
10. You Better Know Your Hole from Mine Earl Gaines
11. I'm a Nibble Man Lee Shot Williams
12. Lollipop Man (X-Rated) Chuck Roberson
13. Slow Lick It O. B. Buchana
14. The Viagra Song Charles Wilson

Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 2"


1. The Party Don't Start Until I Get There Sir Jonathan Burton
2. The PH Bounce Patrick Henry
3. Bounce Bounce Bounce (with Simeo) (Remix) Earl Duke
4. If You Make the Money I'll Pay the Bills The Real Brown Sugar
5. I Was Trying to Get My Groove On (with G'sta) Carl Marshall
6. Blues Festival TJ Hooker-Taylor
7. I Love Songs Johnnie Taylor Jr.
8. I'm Takin' My Man Back (Club Remix) Stephanie Pickett
9. Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It (Remix) Jim Bennett
10. Foot Stompin' Mister Zay
11. Family Reunion Stan Mosley
12. The Big Charles Swing Big Charles Young


Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 1"


1. Sir Jonathan Burton "Too Much Booty Shakin'"
2.The Real Brown Sugar"Jimmy"
3.Larry Shannon Hargrove "I Need A Bailout"
4.William Calhoun "Old Folks Party"
5.Uvee Hayes "Maintenance Man"
6.Lee Shot Williams "I'm The Man For The Job"
7.Will Easley "Back In The Mood"
8.Larry Love Hamilton "Rub It Again (Remix)"
9.Robert Hill "Don't Put Me Down"
10.Chuck Roberson "Show Me What You Working With"
11.Stephanie Pickett "Family Man"
12.Bobby Stringer "Over In The Woods"


Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 3"


 1. Can't Touch This Sir Jonathan Burton
2. Let's Step Carl Marshall/Rue Davis
3. Let's Do This Again Simeo
4. We're Gonna Swing Out Stephanie Pickett
5. Grown Folks Party (Remix) Charlie Brown
6. Grown Folks Little Phil
7. Work with It Will Easley
8. Mississippi Hideaway Bobbye Doll Johnson
9. I'm 'Bout It 'Bout It Floyd Taylor
10. I Make It Do What It Do Earl Duke
11. The Body Roll Jim Bennett
12. Make It Move Jody Sticker
13. Satisfied Cicero Blake

Various Artists "Blues Mix 4: Soul Blues Party"

 1. previously unreleased) Ms. Jody's Thang [Zydeco Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix
2. You Bring Out The Best In Me - Sheba Potts-Wright (previously unreleased)
3. If We Ain't Gonna Break Up - Luther Lackey
4. It's BYOB - Donnie Ray
5. Bang That Thang - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
6. Let's Dance - O.B. Buchana
7. Dance Party - Quinn Golden
8. Juke Joint Slide - Lee "Shot" Williams (remix)
9. I Never Take A Day Off - Ms. Jody
10. Locatd - David Brinston
11. This Is The Party - Rick Lawson
12. A - Chuck Roberson (remix, previously unreleased) Woman Wants A Freak


Various Artists "Blues Mix 3: Chitlin Circuit Soul"


 1. Bump and Grind With Me - Mystery Man
2. Rebound Affair - Luther Lackey (previously unreleased)
3. I'm Mack the Blues Man - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
4. Bitchy Mama - Mystery Man
5. Feels Like Prison On My Job - Gerod Rayborn
6. Married Lyin' Cheatin' Man - Luther Lackey (previously unreleased)
7. The - Ms. Jody Jody Juke
8. Lowdown Kind of Love - Barbara Carr (previously unreleased) Slow Down
9. Her Heart Belongs To You - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
10. Private Fishing Hole - Barbara Carr (previously unreleased)
11. Cheaters Paradise - Charles Wilson (remix)
12. Let's Dance - Mystery Man

 1. Can't Get You off of My Mind O. B. Buchana
2. Just Like Dat (Remix) Mr. Sam
3. I've Done All I Can Do (Remix) Sheba Potts-Wright
4. Stop It Sir Ced
5. You Didn't Appreciate What You Had When You Had It Ms. Jody
6. All I Need Mr. Sam
7. One Stop Lover Jaye Hammer
8. You're Just Playin' with It (Remix) O. B. Buchana
9. Sit Her on the Table Sonny Mack
10. Joy David Brinston
11. Who's Knockin the Boots Lee Shot Williams
12. Pay Before You Pump (Remix) Denise LaSalle


Various Artists "Blues Mix 9: Southern Soul Blues"


 1. Still Strokin' - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
2. Just Like Dat - Mr. Sam (previously unreleased)
3. Let's Call a Truce - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
4. I Want Some - Brenda Yancey (previously unreleased)
5. You Keep Taking My Love Away - Donnie Ray (previously unreleased)
6. Old School Music Mood - Rick Lawson
7. Body Drain - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
8. Try My Love At Your Own Risk - Sheba Potts-Wright (previously unreleased)
9. Mr. Telephone Man - O.B. Buchana
10. I'll Take the Risk [Remix] - Lee "Shot" Williams (remix)
11. When It All Boils Down - David Brinston (previously unreleased)
12. Southern Soul Blues Slide - Donny Ray


Various Artists "Blues Mix 8: Juke Joint Soul"


 1. I'm In Love - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
2. It's a Reunion - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
3. Clean Up Man - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
4. Just Let Me Ride - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
5. I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home - Donny Ray (remix)
6. I Just Can't Let Go - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
7. My Kind of Man - Sheba Potts-Wright
8. Cheatin' Ain't No Fun - Sonny Mack (previously unreleased)
9. Get Drunk Party - Ms. Jody
10. I Can't Choose - O.B. Buchana
11. That Old Booty Green - Barbara Carr
12. Something About the Music - Donny Ray

Various Artists "Blues is Alright For Partyin"  
1. I'm In The Mood - Ernie Johnson
2. Hole In The Wall - Mel Waiters
3. Down Home Blues - Z. Z. Hill
4. Good Time - Beat Daddys
5. Wall To Wall - Johnnie Taylor
6. Juke Joint In My House - Little Milton
7. Rock Me - Stan Mosley
8. Let It Roll - Poonanny
9. Smaller The Club - Mel Waiters
10. Southern Soul Party - Floyd Taylor
11. Party Like We Use To Do - Willie Clayton

Various Artists "Blues is Alright For Hurtin"  
1. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal - Bobby Bland
2. All Night Blue - Dorothy Moore
3. We Don't Make Love Anymore - Latimore
4. Makes You Wanna Cry - Stan Mosley
5. I Was Tryin Not To Break Down - Little Milton
6. Who Is Betty - Shirley Brown
7. What I Had In You - Mel Waiters
8. A Night Like This In Georgia - G.C. Cameron
9. There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye - Queen Emily
10. What Am I Gonna Tell Her - Z.Z. Hill
11. With Pen In Hand - Dorothy Moore
12. My Dog And Me - Little Milton

Various Artists "Blues Mix 7: Ultimate Party Blues"

 1. Party On the Weekend - Quinn Golden
2. Dance Party [Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix)
3. Pt. 2 - Donnie Ray Hip Slide
4. Ms. Jody's Thang [Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix)
5. Let's Get Drunk - O.B. Buchana
6. Making That Booty Roll - Jaye Hammer
7. It Started At the Party - Quinn Golden
8. Shake Your Booty [Remix] - Ms. Jody (remix)
9. Back It Up and Put It Here - David Brinston
10. Nothin' But Party Blues - Lee "Shot" Williams
11. I Cann Bagg It Up [Remix] - Sheba Potts-Wright (remix)
12. Party For Two - Quinn Golden


Various Artists "Blues Mix 6: Super Southern Soul"


   1. She Was at the Hideaway - Donnie Ray (previously unreleased)
2. Put Your Mouth in the South - O.B. Buchana (previously unreleased)
3. Spare Me - Sheba Potts-Wright
4. Go Ahead On - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
5. I Only Get Laid When I Get Paid - Sonny Mack
6. 24 Hours - Denise LaSalle (previously unreleased)
7. You're Leaving Me - Donnie Ray
8. That's My Shugga Daddy - Jewel J.
9. Get Up and Move On - Ms. Jody
10. Call Before You Come - Gerod Rayborn
11. It's Just a Party - Carl Sims (remix)
12. Face It - David Brinston

Various Artists "Blues Mix 5: Blues Party Time"

   1. Bang That Thang - O.B. Buchana (previously unreleased)
2. Southern Soul Dip - Ms. Jody (previously unreleased)
3. Hurry - Donnie Ray (previously unreleased)
4. Soul Train Dancer - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
5. Let Your Mind Go [Crunk Remix] - Sheba Potts-Wright (remix)
6. Rooster Rooster Guinea Guines - Rick Lawson (previously unreleased)
7. Blues Party Time - Lee "Shot" Williams
8. Lovers Paradise - Donnie Ray
9. I Can Love You Like That - Jaye Hammer (previously unreleased)
10. Booty Scoot - O.B. Buchana (remix)
11. I'm Gonna Open Up And Let You In - Lorraine Turner (previously unreleased)
12. After Party - David Brinston

Various Artists "Soul Blues Kings"

 1. Hole in the Wall Quinn Golden
2. Sho' Wasn't Me Chuck Roberson
3. Dirty Woman David Brinston, J. Blackfoot
4. Back Up Lover O. B. Buchana
5. Juke Joint Slide Lee Shot Williams
6. It Ain't a Juke Joint Without the Blues Carl Sims
7. Who's Rockin' You Donnie Ray
8. I'm Gonna Turn This Bed Over Ollie Nightingale
9. It's a Blues Thing Bill Coday
10. Back Up and Try Again Donnie Ray
11. I'm Goin' Back Home O. B. Buchana
12. Cheatin' Fever Lee Shot Williams
13. Player Haters Carl Sims
14. You've Been Good to Me Earl Gaines

Various Artists "Soul Blues Queens"

 1. Bone Me Like You Own Me Barbara Carr
2. I'm Still the Queen Denise LaSalle
3. Lipstick On His Pants Sheba Potts-Wright
4. It's the Weekend Ms. Jody
5. Pay Before You Pump Denise LaSalle
6. Private Fishing Hole Sheba Potts-Wright
7. Hoochie Dance Barbara Carr
8. Your Dog's About to Kill My Cat Ms. Jody
9. Snap, Crackle and Pop Denise LaSalle
10. You Lost a Fortune Lorraine Turner
11. If the Lord Keeps the Thought of You Out of My Bed Barbara Carr
12. Ms. Jody's in the Streets Again Ms. Jody
13. Big Hand Man Sheba Potts-Wright
14. It Was a House Until You Made It a Home Denise LaSalle

 Various Artists "Hot New Southern Soul Hits 2"


1. Short Skirts - The Love Doctor
2. For Better or for Worse - George Jones
3. Get a Maid - Monique Ford
4. Anytime Man - Terry Wright
5. 2 Much - Big Ike
6. Morning Rain - La'Keisha
7. Stop Chasing What You Want - Tonya
8. Swaying to the Beat - Sorrento Ussery
9. Naughty Thing - Monique Ford
10. I'm Down for You - Earl Duke
11. I'd Like to Know - Wilton Lombard
12. Make Sweet Love - Sorrento Ussery
13. Ooh Wee - Terry Wright
14. Know What? - X-Man
15. Green Onions - Eric Perkins

 Various Artists "Ultimate Southern Soul"


1. Slow Roll It - The Love Doctor
2. Friday - Sir Charles Jones
3. Already Gone - Keisha/La'Keisha
4. She Only Wants to See Me on Friday - Mr. Zay
5. 2 Birds - X-Man
6. Teddy Bear - Big Ike
7. Is Anybody Lonely? - Sir Charles Jones
8. Just Another Love Song - Keisha/La'Keisha/Sir Charles Jones
9. Pony Ride - Andre Lee
10. Rockin' Slide - Stan Mosley
11. Waiting on You - Cicero Blake
12. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due - Tonya
13. You Said It, No I Didn't (Lies) - The Love Doctor/Thomisene Anderson/The Love Doctor/Thomisene Anderson
14. Hood Rat - Eric Perkins

Various Artists "Sex Rated Blues"

   1. Bone It Like You Own It - Denise LaSalle
2. A - Chuck Roberson Whiskey Glass and a Woman's Ass
3. Meat Man - Lee Shot Willams
4. Bo Hawg Grind - Barbara Carr
5. Let's Get a Quicky - Dr. Feelgood Potts
6. Dirty Freaky Man - Denise LaSalle
7. The - Ollie Nightingale Bull Shit Song
8. Candy Man - Chuck Roberson
9. Private Fishing Hole - Sheba Potts-Wright
10. Everything I Like to Eat Starts with a P - Lee Shot Willams
11. If You Can't Cut the Mustard - Barbara Carr
12. She Made a Freak out of Me - Lee Shot Willams
13. I'm Ready to Get Nude - O.B. Buchana
14. I'm Gonna Turn This Bed Over - Ollie Nightingale

 Various Artists "Down South Party Mix"


1 Five Minutes 3:29
2 Step Wit U 4:38
3 I Came To Party 4:01
4 Da Dogg 4:56
5 Southern Slide (Getcha Roll On) 4:00
6 Pop That Trunk 4:00
7 I Been Partying All Night 4:15
8 Same Mama 4:09
9 Ain't Nothing Wrong 4:13
10 Jody Took My Baby Away 4:13
11 I'm a Girl Watcher 4:52
12 Alfie's Jam (Cocky Girls) 6:34

Various Artists "Southern Soul Radio"

1. We're Going Out On The Town Floyd Taylor
2. Friday Night Fish Fry Mel Waiters
3. Shake & Shimmey Larome Powers
4. Po House Tyrone Davis
5. Sending You A Kiss Johnnie Taylor
6. Sit Down On It Marvin Sease
7. Rock That Man In The Boat Chuck Strong
8. I've Got To - Sleep With One Eye Open Shirley Brown
9. There's A Rat Loose Billy Ray Charles
10. Creeping Ain't Easy Vick Allen
11. Scat Cat Billy "Soul" Bonds
12. Going Crazy Willie Clayton


"Slide On"

Best Slide songs from Malaco artists like Johnnie Taylor, Mel Waiters and others...

 * 1. Got My Whiskey (Remix) - Mel Waiters
* 2. Slide On - Johnnie Taylor
* 3. Bus Stop (Electric Slide) - World Class Wreckin' Crew
* 4. The Slide Remix - The Barkays
* 5. Step & Slide - Project 314
* 6. Bounce & Slide - Project 314
* 7. Bigg Robb's House Party - Bigg Robb
* 8. Bigg Robb's House Party (Part 3) - Bigg Robb
* 9. Electric Boogie - Marcia Griffiths
* 10. Majestic Slide - Pete Frazier


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