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Various "Southern Soul Mixtape 3"


1 What's That Dance - Rhomey
2 When You're In Love - Nikita
3 Girls From Louisiana - O Flava Psi
4 I Want To Hold My Baby - TK Soul
5 OVA - Nikita
6 Butterflies - Mr Juicy
7 Too Old For This- Tha Don
8 Lovin For The Both Of Us - Magic One
9 Single Woman Remix - TK Soul/Lacee
10 Don't Wanna Lose MY Baby - Coup DeVille
11 Losing My Mind - Mr Juicy
12 Sexy Things You Do - Coup DeVille


1 CDs Left



Ricky White, Royal D, Bill Avery, Ghetto Cowboy, Jerry L

Various "Platinum R&B Party"


1 Celebration - Kool & The Gang
2 Word Up! - Cameo
3 Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
4 Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
5 That Lady, Pts. 1 & 2 - The Isley Brothers
6 Dance to the Music - Sly & The Family Stone
7 The Love I Lost - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes feat. Teddy Pendergrass
8 I Love Music - The O'Jays
9 Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & Fire, The Emotions
10 Best of My Love - The Emotions
11 Got to Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
12 It Only Takes A Minute - Tavares
13 Boogie Oogie Oogie - A Taste of Honey
14 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe - Barry White
15 T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia) - MFSB feat. The Three Degrees
16 Never Too Much - Luther Vandross
17 Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
18 Disco Lady - Johnnie Taylor


20 Southern Soul Hits by Ghetto Cowboy, Nellie Tiger Travis, Floyd Taylor, Ricky White, Carl Sims, Jody Sticker, Billy Soul Bonds, Uvee Hayes, Donnie Ray, Carl Marshall & More.

Blues Mix, Vol. 33: Party Mood Music features some of the biggest party music hits by Ecko Records. Includes Jaye Hammer's biggest hit, "Party Mood" as well as new tracks by Ms. Jody, Ben Ether, Brenda Yancy, Ju Evans, and also featuring O. B. Buchana and David Brinston.


 14 tracks from 12 "Queens" from Nellie Tiger Travis, Judi Brown Eyes, Adrena, Uvee Hayes, Stephanie Pickett, Kimberly Adams, Big Cynthia & more


14 tracks from 12 "kings". New songs by Jerry L ("Don't Want No Sidepiece"), Ricky White ("14 Days"), William Calhoun ("Don't Get It Twisted") and more from Floyd Taylor, Avail Hollywood, Donnie Ray, TK Soul, Carl Marshall, Charles Wilson, more


"Blues Mix 32: Southern Soul Gold"



 features some of the biggest hits as well as 6 brand new songs from some of the biggest names in Soul Blues. Featured artists are Ms. Jody, O.B. Buchana, Jaye Hammer, David Brinston and newcomer Brenda Yancy.




14 Songs by 12 Southern Soul Queens


14 Songs by 12 Southern Soul Kings

 1 Turn It Up
by Ms. Jody
2 Party Mood (Live Club Mix)
by Jaye Hammer
3 You Can Ride
by Ms. Jody
4 She Don't Love Me
by Rick Lawson
5 Somebody's Gettin' It
by Mose Stovall
6 Night Time Lovers
by Gerod Rayborn
7 Party at Home
by Jaye Hammer
8 I'm Drowning in My Own Tears
by Donnie Ray
9 Don't Tease Me with It
by David Brinston
10 Boo Thang Man
by Val McKnight
11 I'll Be Your Shugga Daddy
by O. B. Buchana
12 Memphis Blues Brothers
by John Cummings

 14 songs by Avail Hollywood, Chick Willis, Charles Wilson, Nellie Travis, Jody Sticker, Stephanie Pickett, Mister Zay, Ricky White, El' Willie, Larry Milton & More

 1. Travis Haddix "Dick For Dinner"
2. Billy Cole "Let Me Stick It"
3. Blind Ricky McCants "Caught You With Your Drawers Down"
4. Chick Willis "I Like It Like That"
5. Stan Mosley "Backbone (Extended)"
6. Jody Sticker "Mr. Telephone Man"
7. Ricky White "Stacked In the Back"
8. Ghetto Cowboy "She Put That Thang On Me"
9. Corey Rudolph "Sexy Bady"
10.Dicky Williams "Sex, Likes & Alibis"
11.Chuck Roberson "The Lollypop Man Can"
12.Charles Wilson "That Bed Ain't Big Enough"
13.Jim Bennett "She Laid A Freak On Me"
14. Jody Sticker "Don't Make No Noise"

1. Koree' Rudolph-Taste Like Candy
2. Jody Sticker-Mr Booty Do Right
3. Ricky White-Ride My Pony (Club Sex Mix)
4. Keri-All In The Mood
5. Charles Wilson-You're The SHHH
6. Travis Haddix-Two Heads Are Better Than One
7. DeCarlos Bonds-I Miss My Ex And Her Sex
8. Chick Willis-I Did It All
9. Big Cynthia-Nookie Thang
10.Lee Shot Williams-Baby By An Outside Woman
11.The Love Doctor-Pop That Coochie
12. William Calhoun-Room 229 (We Did The 69)
13. Willie B.-Larry Licker
14. Jody Sticker & Sir Charles Jones-It's Good On The Top

1 Put Your Hands On It
by Carl Marshall
2 Pull Up From Behind
by Bobbye Doll Johnson
3 Sit on My Face
by Nathaniel Kimble
4 Sweet Lick
by Willie B.
5 Taste Your Love
by Ricky White
6 Eating Still Ain't Cheating
by Big Cynthia
7 Mother Fuyer
8 Put Your Finger in It
by Travis Haddix
9 Ride Your Body Tonight
by Charles Wilson
10 Put a Liplock On That Thang
by Blind Ricky McCants
11 Hit It Again
by Stevie J.
12 Roll It Baby (Long Version)
by Jody Sticker & Sir Charles Jones

Ronald "Slack" Johnson presents...

Lady Q, Crystal Thomas, Vickie Baker, Monro Brown, Itz Karma, Annie B & many more


1 Just Like A Woman
by Lady Q, Sweet T, Crystal Thomas, Tanji Emmeni, Annie B, It'z Karma & Nikita Randle (feat. Ron Johnson)
2 On A Mission
by Tanji Emmeni
3 Do What I Want
by Vickie Baker
4 Don't Want To Be Lonely
by Ci Kelly
5 Paradise
by Ci Kelly
6 Teach You How To Love Me
by Crystal Thomas
7 Don't It Make You Feel Good
by Sympli Lovely
8 You Got Me
by Tanji Emmeni (feat. Amos Winnbush)
9 Don't Be Fooled
by Annie B
10 Hi Five
by Monro Brown
11 Enough Is Enough
by Lady Q
12 For My Hittaz
by It'z Karma

1 Don't Touch-Erin Stevenson
2 Slow Down-Curtis Lema
3 I Will Always Be Missing You Judith Hill
4 Lose Control-Xavier Keyz
5 Beautiful to Me-OG BLACK
6 Smile-Het Dutchess
7 For Ever & Ever-EJ Pullen
8 Don't Hide the Sun-Cecily
9 You're All I Need-Rai
10 You and I-Ty Hannah
11 As I Am-Kay Soul
12 Homewrecker-Michael Rivers
13 Gambling Man-Mahogany Raye
14 Love is Like-Yves
15 Yin & Yang-Danielle Carr
16 Grown Folks Party (Hey Mr. DJ)-Nelson Curry
17 Loving You-TANI
18 Blaque Coffee-Stone Paxton
19 Choose to Love-Lady Saundra
20 Friction-Gab.E

1 I Love It
by A Haygan
2 A Thang
by H'Atina
3 Stay
by OG black 9
4 Love's on the Way
by Rai
5 Rose Colored Glasses
by Het Dutchess
6 Breath I Breathe
by Xavier Keyz
7 Kissin' Touchin' Holdin'
by Kenny Crawford
8 Real
by Kym Branch
9 Tryin' to Work It Out
by Michael Rivers
10 With All This Love
by Mahogany Raye
11 Girl You're Killin' Me
by Klyntel
12 I Got You
by Shawn Atkins
13 Suddenly
by Gore Melian
14 I Got the Love
by stone paxton
15 Whatever You Want
by K’Dancz
16 My Kinda Lover
by Marva King
17 How Can U
by Nelson Curry
18 Make Me Say Ohh
by EJ Pullen
19 2020 Hindsight
by Ron Parks
20 Pretty Girl
by Drey Rob


Various "Got Soul! New Soul Power Vol. 1"


1 All I Ever Wanted
by Robert Gee
2 If You Say So
by Marva King
3 Love Revolution
by Jason Taylor
4 Take Our Time
by H'Atina
5 She's Calling
by Kenny Crawford
6 Kickin' It with My Dogs
by OG black 9
7 Broken Soul
by Het Dutchess
8 Livin' out My Fantasy
by Ron Parks
9 One Step at a Time
by Cheryl Hodge
10 Say It Again
by The Messenger
11 I'm Nothin Without You
by Shawn Atkins
12 Soul
by Kim Tibbs
13 Get out the Door
by Nelson Curry
14 Don't Lie
by Curt Quinn & On-Key
15 Gone
by Chef Sean
16 Souls Embrace
by Iris Camaa
17 O Baby
by stone paxton
18 Relax Rewind
by Geoff Green
19 fficial
by Taliah Gipson
20 True
by Jessie Turner

16 more sizzlin' slow jams

1 WILL EASLEY Can’t Stop The Feeling
2 DONNIE RAY You’re My Lady
3 PAT BROWN My Man Is A Good Man
4 MISTER ZAY Overtime
5 CHARLES WILSON Broke Into My Heart
7 MICHELLE MILLER Good Loving Made Me Cry
9 BOBBY CONERLY Wonderful Love
11 JERRY L./RICKY WHITE We Cried Together
12 LONNIE ROBINSON Make Sweet Love
13 WILLIE B. Same Thang
14 JODY STICKER Makes Me Wanna Make Love
15 DANNY REED Keep On Loving Me

16 sizzlin' slow jams

Don’t Ya’ Like It (Mellow Mix) Will Easley
I Wanna Make Love Ricky White
Let’s Make Love Floyd Taylor
I Need A Man Bobbye Doll Johnson
Looking For A Lady TK Soul
Sacrifice Of Love Sir Charles Jones
Love Me Right Stephanie Pickett
Give Me Your Love Vel Omarr
Mr. DJ Stan Mosley
Let’s Chill Jerry L.
Smooth And Gentle Uvee Hayes
Don’t Make No Noise Jody Sticker
Another Love Song Anthony Watson
Gregg A. Smith Still Pretty
Lovemaking On My Mind Charles Wilson
Good Lovin’ Will Make You Cry Carl Marshall


Various "Down Home Blues" 2 CD Set


1 Disc 1
1 –Johnnie Taylor Who's Makin' Love 2:34
2 –Z.Z. Hill Down Home Blues 5:10
3 –Denise LaSalle Your Husband Is Cheatin' On Us 4:33
4 –Latimore (2) Let's Straighten It Out 5:32
5 –Bobby Bland Two Steps From The Blues 3:18
6 –Bobby Bland Members Only 4:20
7 –Little Richard Send Me Some Lovin' 2:17
8 –Little Milton Walkin' The Backstreets And Cryin' 6:18
9 –Z.Z. Hill Bump And Grind 3:25
10 –Ko Ko Taylor* Wang Dang Doodle 6:331
11 –Luther Ingram (If Lovin' You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right 3:23
12 –McKinley Mitchell End Of The Rainbow 3:33
Disc 2
1 –B.B. King Sweet Sixteen 6:08
2 –Robert Cray I'm In A Phone Booth Baby 3:29
3 –Denise LaSalle Lady In The Street 3:40
4 –Johnnie Taylor Still Called The Blues 3:33
5 –J. Blackfoot Taxi 4:57
6 –Johnny Winter Master Mechanic 3:37
7 –Shirley Brown Woman To Woman 3:53
8 –Albert King I'll Play The Blues For You 7:17
9 –Jimmy Reed Baby, What You Want Me To Do 2:24
10 –Slim Harpo Scratch My Back 2:50
11 –Little Milton The Blues Is Alright 4:12
12 –Latimore (2) Bad Risk 4:46


Various "Juke Joint Saturday Night" 2 CD Set



Disk 1
1. Hole In The Wall- Mel Waiters
2. Rock Me- Stan Mosley
3. Strokin- Clarence Carter
4. Candy Licker- Marvin Sease
5. Bad Risk- Latimore
6. I Can Do Bad By Myself- Jessie James
7. You Ain't Got To Hide Your Man- Shirley Brown
8. Chokin' Kind- Joe Simon
9. Room 244- Little Milton
10. Bill- Peggy Scott Adams
11. Drop That Zero- Denise LaSalle
12. Try Me- James Brown
13. Hurts So Good- Millie Jackson
14. Just One Lifetime- J. Blackfoot
15. Mom's Apple Pie- Tyrone Davis
Disk 2
1. Let It Roll- Poonanny
2. Annie Mae's Cafe- Little Milton
3. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal- Bobby "Blue" Bland
4. Hoochie Mama- Bobby Rush
5. Tie Me Up- Carl Sims
6. How Long- Artie White
7. Bump And Grind- Z. Z. Hill
8. Cheatin In The Next Room- Lynn White
9. Trouble Blues- McKinley Mitchell
10. I'm In The Mood For The Blues- Ernie Johnson
11. Down Home Blues- Z. Z. Hill
12. Walkin & Talkin And Singin The Blues- Bobby "Blue" Bland
13. Last Two Dollars- Johnnie Taylor
14. Skinny Legs And All- Joe Tex
15. Three People- Willie Clayton

1. I'm Whipped Again
OB Buchana & Pokey
2. Blues Heaven
Jaye Hammer
3. Go Ahead On
Jaye Hammer
4. Down Low Brother
Val McKnight
5. Where I Come From (Country Soul Version)
Ms. Jody
6. I've Got A Schedule To Keep
Quinn Golden
7. Goody Good Good Stuff
Sonny Mack
8. Southern Soul Country Boy
OB Buchana
9. If You Hit It
Rick Lawson
10. Bouquet Of Roses
Randolph Walker
11. Back Up Man
David Brinston
12. Big Boy Stuff
Sheba Potts-Wright


Various "21st Century Blues"

1 What the Blues Is All About
Ronnie Lovejoy
2 Funky Blues Kind of Mood
Denise LaSalle
3 Knock the Dust Off
Luther Lackey
4 Good Old Blues
Kenne' Wayne
5 It Ain't a Juke Joint Without the Blues
Carl Sims
6 Just Ain't Workin' Out
Toni Green
7 Nothin' Bother Me
Ronnie Lovejoy
8 Lonely Housewife
Ms. Jody
9 It Ain't Rainin' on Nobody's House But Mine
O.B. Bryant
10 Ain't Nothin' in the Streets That You Can't Get at Home
Barbara Carr
11 You're Slackin' Up in the Bedroom
Lee "Shot" Williams
12 The New Orleans Blues
Luther Lackey
13 You Better Know Your Hole from Mine
Sterling Williams
14 Why Should I Get Married When My Neighbors Got a Wife
Charles Wilson

1 Get on up!
by O. B. Buchana
2 Like a Cowboy
by Ms. Geini
3 Dance Party (Remix)
by Quinn Golden
4 It's Party Time
by Val McKnight & Ms. Jody
5 I Wanna Hit It
by PCB Band & Chilly B
6 Be Careful What You Ask For
by Ms. Geini
7 Hoochie Dance
by Bill Coday
8 Back It up Slow Roll It
by Sweet Angel
9 It's Just a Party Thing
by Donnie Ray
10 Mississippi Slide
by Jaye Hammer
11 Y'all Know How to Party
by Barbara Carr
12 Southern Soul Blues Slide
by Donnie Ray

1 Cookie Thang
by Ricky White
2 Leave That Man's Wife Alone
by Carl Marshall
3 Same First Name
by Patrick Henry, Patrick Green
4 Dog House
by Donnie Ray
5 Plumber Man (Extended Version)
by Charles Wilson
6 If You Don't Want Me
by Ricky White
7 Wanna Make Love
by Floyd Taylor
8 Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse
by Barbara Carr
9 Clean It Up
by Nellie Tiger Travis
10 Two Way Love Affair
by Donnie Ray
11 Hell on My Hands
by Carl Sims
12 I'm Ready to Party
by Jim Bennett
13 If You Ain't Got a Good Woman
by Carl Marshall


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