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Tyrone Davis "Greatest Hits1996-2003" Limited Edition


Includes "Sugar Daddy", "Kiss You Where I Miss You", "Bangin' The Headboard", "Black Magic", "Call Tyrone", "Tip Toe Through The Bedroom", "Leavin' Me", "U Should Be My Girl" and  more

Reggie P "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. I've Got That Feeling
2. Why Me
3. Droppin' Salt
4. Soul Steppin'
5. Ps & Qs
6. Your Love Is A Bad Habit
7. Preacher Man
8. Drop That Thing
9. Damned If I Do
10. Dream Weaver
11. Whip That Thing
12. Witness
13. Motel 2
14. Hold On

Jackie Neal "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


Includes "The Way We Roll", "Nooky Thang", "SGood Thang", "In Love With Yo Stuff", "Juke Joint", "Down In The Club", "The Blues Won't Let Me Go", "Twurk It" and  more

Ronnie Lovejoy "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. What The Blues Is All About
2. Sho' Wasn't Me
3. Nothin' Bother Me
4. Until You Get Enough Of Me
5. Cheating On Me
6. This Bed Ain't Big Enough
7. Party All Night
8. I Still Love You
9. Still Wasn't Me
10. Suddenly
11. In Need Of A Good Woman
12. APB Out On Me
13. Rock And A Hard Place
14. Keep On Singing The Blues

Shirley Brown "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. Woman To Woman
2. It Ain't No Fun
3. Poon Tang Man
4. Clean House
5. After A Night Like This
6. Blessed is The Woman
7. I've Got To Sleep With One Eye Open
8. This Used To Be Your House
9. Three Way Love Affair
10. You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
11. Sweet Lips Big Hips
12. The Best Woman
13. I Need Somebody To Love Me
14. You're Never Gonna Find Another Love Like Mine
15. Stuck On Stupid

Mel Waiters "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


Includes "Suki Suki Man", "Hole In The Wall", "Smaller the Club", "Got No Curfew", "Friday Night Fish Fry", "Stick With Your Drnk", "Ice Chest", "I'm Serious" and  more

Pat Brown "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. Equal Opportunity
2. 2 Week Notice
3. Don't Be His Fool
4. New Tricks
5. If It's Good For You
6. I'm Taking Out The Trash
7. Love On Loan
8. This Girl Needs A Tune Up
9. Two Steps From The Blues
10. My Old Man & The Blues
11. Thinking Of You
12. Don't Get Off On Me
13. I Got Something To Hold Him
14. Dreams To Remember

Billy Soul Bonds "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


Includes "Scat Cat (Here Kitty Kitty)", "Baby I've Been Missing You", "Tell It To The Judge", "Reverend Joe", "Going Public With Our Love", "Cat Daddy", "Love Injection", "Movin' On", and more


William Bell "Greatest Hits"


 1. Tryin' to Love Two
2. You Don't Miss Your Water
3. Private Number
4. Everybody Loves a Winner
5. I Forgot to Be Your Lover
6. Happy
7. Eloise (Hang on in There)
8. Tribute to a King
9. Any Other Way
10. Lovin' on Borrowed Time
11. Easy Comin' Out (Hard Goin' In)
12. I Don't Wanna Wake Up (Feelin' Guilty)
13. Everybody Loves a Winner
14. Born Under a Bad Sign

O.B. Buchana "The Best Of"

 You're Just Playin' With It
Back Up Lover
She's Got The Best Lovin That Ever Put On A Pair Of Drawers
I'm Goin' Back Home
Let's Get Drunk
Booty Scoot
Come And Get It While He's Gone
Just Because He's Good To You
Let Me Knock The Dust Off
Just Go Dancin'
I Can't Stop Drinkin'
You Might Have To Hurt [Previously Unreleased]
Did You Put Your Foot In It
I Was Searching

Bobby Blue Bland "Unmatched: The Very Best Of"

 1. I Just Tripped On A Piece Of Your Heart
2. I'm A Blues Man
3. I Need Your Love So Bad
4. Tonight's The Night
5. Ain't No Sunshine
6. If I Don't Get Involved
7. Members Only
8. I Just Won't Be Your Fool Anymore
9. The Truth Will Set You Free
10.Get Your Money Where You Spend Your Time
11. Second Hand Heart
12. Sad Street
13. When Hearts Grow Cold
14. There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
15. After All
16. Heart Open Up Again

J. Blackfoot "The Very Best Of"

1. Taxi (Live in Selma, Alabama)
2. I'm Just a Fool for You (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
3. Mr. Bus Driver
4. Meow
5. More Than a Woman
6. Two Different People (feat. Queen Ann Hines)
7. I'm Just a Fool for You (feat. Lenny Williams)
8. Picking Up Pieces
9. Put a Little Something Down on It
10. The Sweeter He Is (feat. Soul Children)
11. L.O.V.E.
12. Long Ride Home (feat. Soul Children)
13. I'll Understand

Cicero Blake "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. Dip My Dipper
2. Ain't Nothing Wrong
3. Into Something
4. Wives Night Out
5. I Can't Go Onn Mrs Jones
6. If It Wasn't For The Woman
7. Damn Fool
8. Stand By Me
9. Telling Her All About You
10. Give Me Something
11. Waiting On You
12. Getting The Best Of Nothing
13. It's You I Need
14. Just One Of Those Things

   1. I Had a Good Time
2. Poor Boy
3. Nine Pound Steel
4. My Mind Is Too Strong
5. When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
6. Pop That Koochie
7. Slippin' on My Love
8. Whole World's Got the Blues, The
9. Mr. Telephone Man
10. Shake N' Bump
11. Don't Cry
12. Hey Girl
13. Don't Make Me Cross Over
14. Chokin' Kind
15. If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Right)
16. I Found a Love

Jaye Hammer "The Best Of"


1 Give It to Me
2 Party Mood
3 She's My Baby Forever
4 I Ain't Leaving Mississippi
5 Making That Booty Roll
6 Party at Home
7 I'm Gonna Hit That Thang
8 I'm in Love
9 Dig a Little Deeper
10 I Just Can't Let It Go
11 Party Mood (Club Mix)
12 Good Old Country Boy
13 Soul Train Dancer
14 I'm Leaving You

  Denise LaSalle "Greatest Hits"  
1. Wet Match
2. Your Husband Is Cheating On Us
3. Someone Else Is Steppin' In
4. Why Am I Missing You
5. Lady In The Street
6. Down Home Blues
7. Bump And Grind
8. Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey
9. Don't Mess With My Man
10. Drop That Zero
11. My Tu-Tu
12. Trapped...1990


Carl Marshall "Good Loving Will Make You Cry: Greatest Hits"

First full career best of! The ULTIMATE Carl Marshall CD!


1. Ain't No Party Like A Grown Folks Party
2. This Is For Grown Folks
3. Good Loving Will Make You Cry
4. Looking For A Real Woman
5. Look Good For you
6. From The Church To The Motel
7. Jus' Blues (with Bobby Rush & Lucky Peterson)
8. You Can't Stop A Woman
9. Let's Step (Laughing & Stepping) with Rue Davis
10. Show Some Sign
11. Good Loving Will Make You Cry Pt. 2 (I Cried)
12. Alberta
13. I Want Some More
14. A Woman Want A Man She's Don't Want No Punk
15. I Lived It All
16. Make A Joyful Noise
17. 21st Century Grown Folks Party (with Mel Waiters, Garland Green, Patrick Green & more)
Little Milton "Greatest Hits"  
1. The Blues Is Alright
2. Room 244
3. Annie Mae's Cafe
4. Nothin' to Write Home About
5. My Dog and Me
6. Strugglin' Lady
7. I Was Tryin' Not to Break Down
8. Little Bluebird
9. Walking the Back Streets and Crying
10. Catch You on Your Way Down
11. Possum in My Tree, A
12. Murder on Your Hands
13. Comeback Kind of Love
14. Going, Going, Gone

Donnie Ray "The Best Of"


Who's Rockin' You?
Letter To My Baby (Part 2)
Something About The Music
I'm Gonna Try Again (Southern Soul Shag Mix)
Hip Slide (Part 2)
You're Leaving
Don't Stop My Party
I'm Goin' Back
This Time The Dog Got Caught By The Cat
It's Just A Party Thing
Sensual To Me
I'll Be Good To You
I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home (remix)

Marvin Sease "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


 All the hits like "Candy Licker", "Motel Lover", "Sit Down On It", "The Bitch Git It All", "Gone On", "Ghetto Man", "Do You Qualify", and more

1 It's Just a Party
2 Player Haters
3 I Needed a Woman
4 If You Can't Help Me (Remix)
5 It Ain't a Juke Joint Without the Blues
6 You've Been Lyin'
7 I Like This Place
8 Let's Do It Together
9 Step to the Left
10 I Wanna Do Wrong With You
11 I've Been Cheatin'
12 It's Just a Party (Remix)
13 If You Can't Help Me
14 I Like This Place (Remix)

T.K. Soul "Hits Reloaded"

all the best from T.K.!

1. Cheap Ass Man
2. Somebody Loves You
3. A Good Man
4. I Wonna Hold My Baby
5. If U Sexy Clap Ya Hands
6. Caught Up
7. Merry Go Round
8. If U Don't Want Me
9. Single Woman
10.Looking For A Lady
11.Cheating And Lying
13.Zydeco Bounce
14.It Ain't Cheating 'Til You Get Caugh
15.Party Like Back In The Day
16.Try Me

Floyd Taylor "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. I Like The Way
2. We're Going Out On The Town
3. Baby I've Changed
4. I'm Hooked On The Blues
5. It's On Me
6. I'm Crazy About That Lady In Red
7. My Bad
8. Southern Soul Party
9. All Of You All Of Me
10. You Still Got It
11. Old School Style
12. Fantasy Lady
13. I'm Bout It Bout It
14. What If He Knew
15. What About My Love

Johnnie Taylor "Greatest Hits" 2 CD Set  

1. Who's Making Love
2. Drown In My Own Tears
3. Too Late To Try To Do Right
4. When She Stops Asking
5. Stop Doggin' Me
6. Everything's Out In The Open
7. You Knocked My Heart Out Of Line
8. Still Crazy
9. Cheaper To Keep Her
10. Just Because
11. Walk Away With Me
12. We're Getting Careless With Our Love
Disc 2
1. Wall To Wall
2. Disco Lady
3. I Found A Love
4. I Believe In You
5. Sending You A Kiss
6. Lady, My Whole World Is You
7. Big Head Hundreds
8. Still Called The Blues
9. Slide On
10. Good Love
11. Nothing As Beautiful As You
12. Soul Heaven

Artie "Blues Boy" White "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


1. Leaning Tree
2. Jimmie
3. Your Man is Home Tonight
4. Nite Before Payday
5. I've Been Shackin'
6. I'm Gonna Marry My Mother-In-Law
7. Hattie Mae
8. God Blessed Our Love
9. I can't Afford To be Broke
10. When You Leave Don't Take Nothin'
11. First Thing Tuesday Morning
12. Thangs Got To Change
13. Black Cat Scratchin'
14. Nothin' But The Blues
15. Can We Get Together

Roy C "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


Best of with "Saved By The Bell (Infidelity, Ga)", "I See Angels", "Rock Me All Night", "Living For The Weekend", "Slipin' & Slidin'", "Peepin' In The Window", "Hey Mista", and more

  Denise LaSalle "Making A Good Thing Better: Complete Westbound Singles 1970-1976"  

1. Strung Out Hung Up
2. Heartbreaker of the Year
3. Trapped By a Thing Called Love
4. Keep It Coming
5. Now Run and Tell That
6. The (The Better It Gets) Deeper I Go
7. A Man Size Job
8. I'm Over You
9. Making a Good Thing Better
10. What It Takes To Get a Good Woman (That's What It Takes To Keep Her)
11. Do Me Right
12. Your Man and Your Best Friend
13. What Am I Doing Wrong
14. Don't Nobody Live Here (By the Name of Fool)
15. Good Goody Getter
16. Get Up Off My Mind
17. The Best Thing I Ever Had
18. Trying To Forget
19. We've Got Love (the Good Part About It)
20. My Brand On You
21. Any Time is the Right Time
22. Here I Am Again
23. Married But Not To Each Other
24. Who's the Fool
25. Radio Ad For "Trapped By a Thing Called Love"
26. Radio Ad For "On the Loose"

1 Three People (Sleeping in My Bed) 3:46 NEW VERSION
2 Equal Opportunity 4:06 NEW VERSION
3 I Love Me Some You 5:13
4 Love Don't Hurt Me  4:34 NEW
5 Mr Postman 3:59 NEW
6 Sidepiece on the Side 3:51
7 Drop Pop and Roll 4:32
8 Rocking Chair 4:06
9 Sho Wasn't Me 5:21
10 Drunk on Your Love 4:12
11 We Belong Together 4:29
12 Love Doctor 3:40
13 Can We Slip Away 4:38
14 Hole in the Wall 4:04
15 I'd Rather Go Blind 3:47
16 Love Games 4:08

Big Cynthia "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


Includes ""Eating Ain't Cheating", "Ain't Nothin' Like A Big Woman", "I Didn't Lie I Just Didn't Tell It All", "If You Want To get It", "She Working That Nookie Thang", "I'm Here For You", "Big Cynthia Gonna Break It Up", and more

Vernon Garrett "Greatest Hits" Limited Edition


2-Lonely Lonely Nights
3-You Don't Know Nothin' About Love
4-If You Can't Help Me Baby
5-Blues In Your Town
6-Love Me Right
7-Caught In The Crossfire
8-Dill Pickle And A Peppermint Stick
9-Somebody Done Messed Up
10-Don't Look Any Further
11-Too Hip To Be Happy
12-My Trial Of Love
13-You Just Call Me
14-Welfare Blues
15-I've Got To Get Over My Baby's Place

Quinn Golden "The Best Of"  
1. I'm Gonna Be a Man About It
2. It's Saturday
3. Bottom's Up!
4. I Was Cheatin' on You
5. What's the Name of That Thang?
6. Party on the Weekend
7. You're Every Woman
8. Little Sumpin' Sumpin', A
9. Dance Party
10. Wake Up Call
11. It Started at the Party
12. Call Me
13. Can You Pop That Trunk?
14. Party for Two

Ms. Jody "The Best Of"

1 Ms. Jody's Thang (Remix)
2 The Bop
3 Still Strokin'
4 Your Dog's About to Kill My Cat
5 It's the Weekend
6 Energizer Bunny
7 Sugar Daddy
8 The Rock
9 Just Let Me Ride
10 When Your Give a Damn Just Don't Give a Damn Anymore
11 Big Daddy Don't You Come
12 The First Time
13 I Did It
14 Shake Your Booty
15 Weekend Lovin'


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