southern soul blues

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Mel Waiters "True Love"


1 Disrespect
2 True Love
3 Stick to Your Drink
4 Southern Soul Love
5 Not Suppose to Love You
6 Shake a Plenty
7 Chapter
8 Contact
9 Going out Tonight
10 Love to See You Cha Cha Cha
11 Stick to Your Drink (Mel's Mix)

Music Access 13.99


Mel Waiters "Got No Curfew"


1. Got No Curfew
2. Your Use To Be
3. My Check is Spent
4. I Got It Bad
5. It's Not Yours
6. Being a Fool For You
7. Bag of Ice
8. Match Your Shoes
9. Baby Your Attitude
10. Thanks To My Fans

Brittney 13.99


Mel Waiters "Poor Side Of Town"


 1. Pouring Salt
2. Poor Side of Town
3. Find a Man to Dance
4. Don't Get Your Bread
5. Who Got the Whiskey
6. Hottest Thing
7. Real Simple
8. If It Ain't Broke
9. Best Love Making
10.Get Some Jesus
Brittney 13.99
Mel Waiters Looking For Mel Waiters CDs?  



Walter Waiters "Change It Up"

1. Change It Up
2. Get My Party On
3. Right Things, Wrong Woman
4. Just Want to Party
5. Clean Up Brothers
6. Diva
7. Loving on You
8. Get It
9. Changing
10. Good Music
11. Don't Scratch My Back [*]
12. Stays in the Club [*]
13. Crazy Sexy Smooth [*]
14. Careful Woman [*]
CDS 12.97


Randolph Walker "The Best Of"

1 My Love Is Powerful
2 Try Me
3 Too Late to Cry
4 This Ain't Burger King
5 We Got to Hold On
6 One More Time
7 So Blessed
8 Your Hooks Are in Too Deep
9 Comin' Thru the Back Door
10 You're My Lady
11 Take Care of Your Woman
12 Caught in the Red
13 It's All Over 
Aviara Music



Willie Walker "After Awhile"

 1 Second Chance 4:24
2 After A While 5:32
3 I Don't Want To Take A Chance 3:48
4 Romance In The Dark 4:22
5 Hate Take A Holiday 4:21
6 Thanks For The Dance 4:53
7 If Only 4:07
8 Cannot Be Denied 7:02
9 Look What You've Done To Me 3:43
10 I Don't Want To Know 3:05
11 The Willie Walk 4:05
12 Lovey Dovey 2:43
13 Your Good Thing (Is About To End) 5:52
Blue Dot 11.88


Bobby Warren "I Slipped Up"

  1. I slipped Up
2. You Aint right
3. Sacred Ground
4. Time has come for us to be free
5. Save the last Dance
6. All I ever Need
7. Any Where But here
8. How Much Longer
9. Must Have Been an Angel
10. 3 o'clock in the morning
Kon-Kord 13.99


J. Diamond Washington "Git With It"

Back in stock!! Limited Stock


  1 Git Wit It
2 Dance with Me
3 Pissy Drunk
4 Party Till I Pass Out
5 Catchin' Hell
6 Southern Soul
7 It's My Fault
8 Ten Toes Up, Ten Toes Down
9 Gotta Get the Hell on Outa Here
10 Party Till I Pass Out
11 Ten Toes Up, Ten Toes Down
12 Gotta Get the Hell on Outa Here

JDW 12.99


Anthony Watson "Wonderful"

1. Steppin' Out Tonight
2. Get You Some Business
3. Can't Live Without You (feat. Brian Williams)
4. How You Livin' Your Life?
5. Keep Puttin' It on Ya
6. Another Love Song
7. Kiss You (Where I Miss You)
8. It's All About You
9. That's My Moma
10.A Change Is Gonna Come
11. Keep Puttin' It on Ya (Extended)
12. Get You Some Business (Extended)
13. Wonderful
14. Merry Christmas Jesus (feat. Bethlehem Male Chorus)
Special Soul 12.99


Captain Jack Watson "A Brand New Man"

1 Brand New Man
2 I'm In Love With A Woman Other Women Talk About
3 I'm Glad We Made Up
4 Everytime I Think It's Over Love Brings Me Back
5 The Power Of A Man Is The Strength Of A Woman
6 You're Full Of Temptation
7 The Only Thing I've Ever Done Right Is Love You
8 There's Nothing I Can Do
9 Everytime We Have A Misunderstanding
10 In The Vibe Room/Anytime
CDS 12.99


Kenne' Wayne "The MVP"

01- Intro
02- Dance wit Me
03- Ride It Like a Cowboy
04- Love Is Still Good
05- Good Good Love
06- Wutang
07- Bop
08- Glad
09- Mr. Dil
10- Can I Make Sweet Love 2 U
11- Hold On
12- Sorry (feat. Sonja Williams)
13- Could You Be a Hater
14- Ride It Like a Cowboy (zydeco version) (feat. Leon Chavis)
15- Ride It Like a Cowboy (slide version) (feat. Leon Chavis & Ves G)
G Street 14.99
"The Licka Sticka" (MTE 2001) Kenne' Wayne "The Licka Sticka"  

1. Party Ain't Over, The
2. I Left My Woman
3. Mr. Charlie
4. Same Folks
5. Gonna Miss Me
6. Room 244
7. Operator
8. My Angel
9. Licka Sticka, The
10. Encore (A Tribute to Johnnie Taylor)


MTE 13.99
"Love Down" (MTE 1999)

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Willie West "Can't Help Myself"


1. Ain't Going For That
2. Come On Back To New Orleans
3. Can't Help Myself
4. Waiting On Your Love
5. Not As Sweet As You
6. I'll Live
7. If You Love Me
8. NOLA My Home
9. Long Gone
10. Where Did I Go Wrong
11. NOLA My Home (Acoustic)

Aviara Music 12.99
artie white can we get together Looking For Artie Bluesboy White CDs?   ARTIE BLUESBOY WHITE


Karen Wolfe "No Regrets"

1 B.O.B.
2 Get Your Lie Straight
3 Ain't No Right Way to Do Wrong
4 Southern Soul Party Mood
5 Super Lover
6 You Gonna Want Me Back
7 All Night Ready Man
8 Don't Nothing Here Belong to You
9 Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
10 Get Your Lie Straight (Remix)


Lynn White "At Her Best" 

1. Slow & Easy / Take Me To The Mountain Top (featuring Willie Clayton)
2. You Left Your Homework Undone
3. Home Girl
4. Lonely Woman on the Loose
5. Back in the Streets Again
6. My Sex Machine
7. Cheatin in the Next Room
8. Losing Battle, A
9. In the Wrong
10. May the Best Man Win - (featuring J. Blackfoot)
11. I Didn't Make My Move to Soon
12. Your Time to Cry
13. Blues in My Bedroom
Blues Works


Lynn White "More Of The Best"

1. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed)
2. Good Man, A
3. If I Could Open My Heart
4. Draw the Line
5. I Don't Know Why
6. Everybody Is Somebody's Baby
7. May the Best Man Win - (live)
8. So Good to Be Bad
9. Power of Love
10. Let the Funk Flow
11. Something Else Is Going Down
12. Show Me (How to Love You)
Blues Works


Looking For More Lynn White CDs?   LYNN WHITE


Ricky White "Grown & Sexy" 

1 Bounce (Radio Version)
2 She Got It Like That
3 Chillin' with My Baby
4 Grown & Sexy
5 Cookie Thang
6 Body Callin'
7 Booty Clap
8 Baby You're Ready
9 Sexy (Remix)
10 Stay Out of My Business
11 Shake (Remix)
12 I'll Still Love You
13 Bounce (Full Club Version)
CDS 12.99


Various Artists "Ricky White Presents Combination 4"

New tracks by Billy Soul Bonds, Ghetto Cowboy, Ricky White, William Calhoun, Magic One, etc..

 1 She Put That Thang on Me (Radio Version)
by ghetto cowboy
2 Take Care of Your Woman (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
3 This Time
by Billy Soul Bonds
4 Tighten Up
by William Calhoun
5 I'm Just a Fool
by Magic One & Ricky White
6 She Got It Like That (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
7 Grown Folks Spot
by Donnie Ray
8 Back Door Lover
by Stephanie Pickett
9 Let's Party (Alternate Version)
by ghetto cowboy
10 I Want Me a Mirror (Radio Version)
by William Calhoun
11 I Can Still Roll It
by The Love Doctor
12 Bounce (Radio Version)
by Ricky White
13 Redbone (feat. T.K. Soul)
by Ricky White
CDS 9.88


Ricky White & Friends "Combination 3"

with Vick Allen, Donnie Ray, Nathaniel Kimble, Jerry L, Vickie Baker, Ghetto Cowboy, Stevie J., Adrena, TK Soul & more

1 Pop It Baby
by Donnie Ray
2 Baby You're Ready
by Ricky White
3 Body Roll
by Ricky White & Nathaniel Kimble
4 Sunshine Lady
by Vick Allen & Ricky White
5 My Main Squeeze
by ghetto cowboy
6 Hit It Again
by Stevie J.
7 Sit on My Face
by Nathaniel Kimble
8 Let's Chill
by Jerry L.
9 Good Thang
by adrena
10 Real Woman
by Ricky White
11 Do Me
by Henry Rhoades
12 Let Me Love You
by Candi Man
13 Sneaking & Cheating
by Vickie Baker
14 Redbone
by Ricky White & T.K. Soul



Ricky White "At His Best, Vol 1"

 1.Booty Clap
2.Shake (Remix)
3.I'll Still Love You
4.The Weekend (with Carl Marshall)
5.Do The Ladies Run This Mutha?
6.Casino Blues
7.Pop It, Then Drop It
9.Stacked In The Back
10.Ride My Pony
11.Da Butt
12.Ricky White Shuffle
13.Just Ain't Christmas Without My Baby (with TK Soul)
CDS/Music Access


Ricky White "In The Love Zone"

with TK Soul, Vick Allen, Better Padgett & Jerry L

1 Redbone
by Ricky White & T.K. Soul
2 Angel
3 Taste Your Love
4 Strong Woman
5 Making Love
6 Sunshine Lady
by Ricky White & Vick Allen
7 Always Love You Forever
8 Superwoman
9 Freaky Lover
10 Let Me Ride
11 We Cried Together
by Ricky White & Jerry L.
12 Sexy Lady
13 Come Home
by Ricky White & Betty Padgett
14 Wanna Make Love
15 I'll Still Love You
by Ricky White




"Ricky White Presents Combination 2"

12 with 11 new and found only on this cd! Including TK Soul, Betty Padgett, The Love Doctor, Stephanie Pickett, Nathaniel Kimble and more

1 Bad Mama Jamma - Nathaniel Kimble (4:06)
2 Looking For a Lady - T.K. Soul (4:22)
3 Can't Have Your Cake - Tonya Youngblood (4:52)
4 Room 229 - William Calhoun (5:02)
5 What One Man Won't Do - Stephanie Pickett (4:45)
6 Pop That Coochie - The Love Doctor (4:55)
7 Ladies Got To Get That Money - Gwen White (4:56)
8 I'll Take Care of You - Henry Rhodes (4:45)
9 Can You Handle It? - Betty Padett (4:55)
10 Live My Life Again - Ricky White (5:24)
11 She's Got Papers On Me - Jerry L (4:41)
12 Knockin' the Boots - Larry Milton (4:07)
CDS 9.99

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Williams Brothers "Brother's Keeper lV"  

1. Touch Me
2. Waitin' on Jesus
3. Grateful
4. I Worship You
5. Another Blessing
6. Tell Somebody
7. Living on the Lord's Side
8. Still Here
9. Personally
10. Jesus Will Never Say No
11. God So Loved
12. Living Testimony



Dicky Williams & The Ken Massey Group "I'm Back Again"


Dicky Williams "I'm Back Again"

1. I'm Back Again
2. Dog Kinda Love
3. Lovin' One Woman At A Time
4. Sugar Daddy's Back
5. Pain In The Gas Lane
6. Did The Dog Get It All?
7. It Ain't Over 'Til I Win
8. Treat Me Like A Dog
9. Somebody's Teaching My Woman How To Cheat
10. Makin' Love And Makin' A Mess
11. Love & Sex Is Not The Same
12. Dog Kinda Love (Simeo's Remix)
CDS 9.99


LaMorris Williams "Ladies 1st" (2 CD Set)

2 discs

features a duet with the one and only Al Green! Also Sir Charles Jones & LJ Echols

Disc 1
1. On the Way Home
2. Hold You Now
3. So in Love
4. It's You Baby
5. Hard By Yourself
6. You Make Me Happy (feat. Al Green)
7. Song for the Lonely
8. Baby I'm Crying
9. Get Close to Me (feat. LJ Echols)
10. Clean Up
11. Patron
12. Impala (Remix) (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
Disc 2
1. Intro (Slow Drag)
2. Stroke It With A Motion
3. Impala
4. Make Your Body Roll (Just Roll)
5. Just For A Little While
6. You Made A Way
7. Ring On Your Finger
8. Pretty Lady
9. Impala (Part 2)
10. One Blessing
Rocks Landon 14.99


LaMorris Williams "Mississippi Motown"

1. Looking for Coco
2. Slow Motion
3. Dream Girl
4. Single Too Long
5. Junk in Yo Trunk
6. Elevator Love
7. Guitar Song
8. I Need You
9. It's Whatever
10. Super Man
11. Let Me Know
12. What's Your Favorite?
13. 5 Senses
14. I'm Concerned
15. Show Me How to 2 Step
16. Love Is
17. Fan Base
18. You Bad
Rocks Landon



Lee Shot Williams "2 Albums On 1 CD: Shot From The Soul & I'm The Man For The Job"

2 out-of-print albums on 1 CD! 20 Tracks features the hits "Country Woman", "It's Friday", "Wrong Bed", "753-L.O.V.E", "You Fooled Me This Time" & more

1 Country Woman
2 It's Friday
3 Wrong Bed
4 Leaving You Dinner
5 Sexy November
6 Certified Lover
7 Two Steps Forward
8 Dirt Road To Your Heart
9 Shaking Your Tree
10 Catch You In The Truth
11 I'm the Man For The Job
12 753-L.O.V.E
13 30 Minutes
14 Yesterday I Fell In Love
15 You're Welcome To The Club
16 You Can't Hide From The Blues
17 Got A Good Woman
18 I Hurt Myself
19 You Fooled Me This Time
20 It Don't Take All Night


Lee Shot Williams - Get Down Tonight Lee "Shot" Williams "Get Down Tonight"  
1. Get Down Tonight
2. You Got That Voodoo
3. My Kinda Lady
4. Who's Your Daddy?
5. Somebody's Changin' My Sweet Baby's Mind
6. Caught in the Middle
7. Juke Joint Slide
8. Give Me All Your Love
9. Back Door Lover
10. Cheatin' Is a Risk
11. Juke Joint Slide (remix)
12. [remix]
13. [remix]
Ecko 8.88
Lee Shot Williams The Best Of  
1. She Made A Freak Out Of Me
2. I'll Take The Risk
3. Who's Knockin' The Boots
4. Ease On Down In The Bed
5. I'm A Nibble Man
6. Somebody Blew The Whistle On Me
7. It's Your Party
8. Your Hoochie Boyfriend
9. Juke Joint Slide
10. Lovin' A Different Woman Ain't The Same
11. Down In The Hood
12. Cheatin' Is A Risk
13. Who's Your Daddy?
14. Just Another Hole In The Wall
Ecko 12.99

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Sterling Williams "My Baby's Love"

Limited Stock!


1 Headed to the Casino
2 My Secret Love
3 Wadn't Mine Anyway
4 My Baby's Love
5 Beyond a Shadow of Doubt
6 Second Hand Heart
7 The Man Inside of Me
8 One On One
9 Something's Happening
10 I Don't Wanta Lose You

BGR 13.99


Sterling Williams "Brand New Man"


1. Dirty Woman
2. The Only Habit I Got Is Loving You
3. Brand New Man
4. You Better Know Your Hole from Mine
5. They Don't Know Like I Know
6. I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You
7. You've Got a Booger Bear Under There
8. Heartache Medicine
9. I'm on My Way
10. In the Ghetto

Ecko 13.99


Tre Williams "Chocolate Soul"

formerly lead singer for The Revelations

1 I'm Gon Get over You
2 B.Y.O.B Party
3 Caught in the Middle
4 Ghetto Man
5 So Ready
6 Tell Me Who He Think He Is
7 Put Those Cups Up
8 I'll Be Around
9 Running to You
10 3 Rounds
11 Ya Grand Ma
Advantage 12.99


El' Willie "The Game Changer #2"

1. Give Me Your Love
2. Bye, Bye, Baby
3. I Just Dodged a Bullet
4. The Backstreets
5. El' Willie Slide Song
6. El' 3 Funk
7. Get Down
8. Oop Poop Pee Doo
9. I Love Talking About My Baby
10. I Just Like Chillin' with You
11. I Wish I Had a Girl Like You
12. I Think I Fell in Love
13. Since I Met You Baby
14. Wine & Dine You
15. Reunited (Welcome Home)
16. Slow Songs
Twilight 11.88


El Willie "The Game Changer"

1. Feel Real Good
2. Nobody
3. Come on over to My Place
4. Love Story
5. The Game Changer
6. Dance
7. My Baby
8. Caller I.D.
9. Love Land
10. You Were (Always on My Mind)
11. Sexy Lady (feat. Mr. Clinton Powell)
12. Feel Real Good (Remix )
13. Jesus: The Anointed One, Pt. 1
14. Jesus: The Anointed One, Pt. 2
Twilight 12.97


El' Willie "Relaxing With El' Stress Free"

 1. How I Wish That You Were My Woman
2. Ride with Me
3. Lets Go Somewhere
4. Crazy
5. My Kinda Woman
6. For One Night Only
7. Just in Case You Need to Hear It
8. Blues Raggae Style
9. Jackpot
10. Baby Can You Come Over
11. Raining in My Heart
12. Relax, a Song for a Friend
13. Maybe This Time
14. 3:30 in the Morning
15. Will He Be There ?
16. Love Story
Twilight 11.88

El' Willie "Greatest Hits Vol. 1"  

1 Man On a Mission
2 So Blessed
3 Will You Marry Me ?
4 Mr. DJ
5 Did'nt Your Mama Tell You, Huh ?
6 Situations
7 Shoo-Bee-Doo-Bee Doo
8 I Can't Get Over You
9 The Spot
10 Snap
11 I Don't Wanna Stop Loving You
12 Back in Town
13 El' Over Easy
14 You Got Me Where You Want Me
15 Say You'll Be Mine

Twilight 12.99


Chick Willis "Blues Me Before You Lose Me"  2 CD Set!


Disc 1
1. The Blues Is Gone
2, Mother Fuyer
3. Black Widow Spider
4. Keep Singing The Blues (Shag Mix)
5. Why We Need Obama
6. The Train Is Gone
7. The Gas Is Too High
8. Don't Deceive Me
9. In The Mood We're In
10.Four Wives Too Many
11. What I Say
Disc 2
1. Intro (Let Me Play My Blues)
2. Short-Haired Woman
3. Picture on the Wall
4. Just a Bad Dream
5. On Your Way Fishing
6. Crush on My Next Door Neighbor
7. My Fannie Mae
8. Don't Know What You Got
9. We're Going to Boogie
10. Worried About You
11. Money Is the Name of the Game
12. Since I Fell for You
13. Let Me Play My Blues

CDS 12.99


Chick Willis "Southern Soul Blues Hits"

A perfect companion to Chick's other Best of with only 1 track the same!

 1 Houdini Lover
2 Undercover Hoochie Pt. 1
3 Undercover Hoochie Pt. 2
4 Stoop Down
5 Picture On The Wall
6 Yoí Cat Is Killing My Dog
7 I Did It All (Adult Version)
8 Country Loviní Man
9 On Your Way Fishing
10 Short Haired Woman
11 The Blues Is Gone
12 The Gas Is Too High
13 Obama
Aviara Music 5.88


Chick Willis "Mr. Blues: The Best Of...So Far"

first ever "best of" collection on Blues legend Chick Willis. This 17-track set collects Chick's most popular songs, rarities and 5 unreleased tracks.

1 Stoop Down Baby Let Your Daddy See
2 Do The Hucklebuck (Remix)
3 Ribshack Blues Cafe
4 I Wonít Give Up
5 Mr. Blues
6 1,2,3,4,5 Shots Of Whiskey
7 Hattie
8 I Found The Kinda Love
9 I Want A Big Fat Woman (Live)
10 Iím The Son (I Like It Like That)
11 Jack You Up
12 Bootie Call
13 Old Man With Freaky Ideas
14 I Wanna Funk Wid You
15 Look On Yonderís Wall (Live)
16 Mother Fuyer (Live)
17 I Canít Stop Loving You (Live)
Benevolent Blues 9.99


Chick Willis "Hit & Run Blues"


 1 Houdini Lover
2 Love To See You Smile
3 Stoop Down Low
4 Soul Of A Man
5 1,2,3,4,5 Shots Of Whiskey
6 Millionaire
7 Country Loviní Man
8 Looking For My Baby
9 Recess In Heaven
10 Today I Started Loving You
11 Blues Man (Live)

Benevolent Blues 9.99
Chick Willis "I Won't Give Up" (Deep South Sounds 2002) Looking For More Chick Willis CDs?   CHICK WILLIS


Charles Wilson "Southern Soul Jook Joint"

1 Jook Joint
2 Another Man Will
3 If You Don't Want Me
4 Back It Up
5 Ride Your Body Tonight
6 Outside Love Affair
7 I Dance Better (Extened Version) [feat. Mel Waiters]
8 Plumber Man (Extended Version)
9 Sweet & Sour Loving
10 This Bed Ain't Big Enough (Remix)
11 Think About What You Got (Remix)
Music Access



Charles Wilson "The Best Side Of Me"  


1.Mississippi Boy Pt. 2 (feat. J Wonn)
2.Hold It n da Road
3.Can You Help Me
4.Gitty Yup
5.Untie My Hands
6.Can We Swing Around
7.Just to Be with Her
8.Old Man Wrong
9.Can We Talk About It
10.Gitty Yup (Club Remix)
Music Access


charles wilson mr freak Charles Wilson "Mr Freak"  

1. Mr. Freak
2. Let's Stomp
3. You Can't Lose What You Never Had
4. Why Should I Get Married When My Neighbor's Got a Wife
5. Hoochie Booty
6. I'll Be Your Lover
7. I Love the Love in You
8. I'm So Glad
9. Why Don't We Get Together
10. Leave the Light On

Ecko 8.88


Charles Wilson "Sweet & Sour Blues"  

1 Clean Out of Love
2 Good Ole Monday
3 Sweet & Sour Loving
4 Getting Old, The Alternative
5 Hard to Teach, Hard to Learn
6 Old Fashioned Justice
7 2 Steps from a Lie
8 Dinner With the Devil
9 Six Women in My Life
10 Lump in My Throat
11 Love Coupons



Charles Wilson "2 On 1: Pay Myself First & That Girl Belongs To Me"

2 albums on 1 CD

with Mel Waiters & Willie Clayton

1. I'm Not Afraid To Love
2. The Woman a Man is Looking For
3. You Got That Sex Appeal
4. I Want To Know What Kind of Love You Got
5. Pay Myself First
6. Give Me Your Love
7. Butts Up!
8. I Guarantee Satisfaction
9. Weight Ain't Nothing But Something To Be Loved
10. I Believe Jesus Loves Me
11. I Don't Want To Be a What You Want Somebody
12. Party Tonight
13. That Girl Belongs To Me - (featuring Willie Clayton)
14. I Can Dance Better
15. Something Different About You - (featuring Mel Waiters)
16. Lovemaking On My Mind
17. Sex Appeal [Mel Waiters Remix] - (remix)
18. Would You Dance With a Man Who Can't Dance
19. Your Man Don't Do That
CDS 11.99

Charles Wilson Sexual healing  

Charles Wilson "Sexual Healing"


1 Sexual Healing
2 Check Yourself
3 Mississippi Boy
4 If You Can Do It
5 I Love You Too Much
6 Just Enough Love
7 If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It)
8 Back and Forth
9 All Caught Up

Hitmakers USA 14.99


Charles Wilson "The After Party Deluxe"

"Mississippi Boy", "Plummer Man", "Christmas In Memphis" etc..


1. Something Different About You (on "Deluxe" version only)
2. Without That Boom! (on "Deluxe" version only)
3. After Party, The
4. Plumber Man
5. Mississippi Boy
6. Broke into My Heart
7. Candlelight
8. I'll Follow That Thing
9. You're the Shhh
10. Watch It Shake
11. That's the Way We Want It
12. That Boom!
13. Christmas in Memphis

CDS 12.99
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Charlie Wilson "The Very Best Of"

1. Outstanding - The Gap Band
2. There Goes My Baby
3. Supa Sexxy - Charlie Wilson feat. T-Pain & Jamie Foxx
4. You Are
5. Charlie, Last Name Wilson
6. Floatin' - Charlie Wilson feat. Justin Timberlake &
7. Magic
8. No Words
9. My Girl Is A Dime
10. Shawty Come Back
11. Cry No More
12. Lotto
13. Musta Heard
14. Burn Rubber on Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) - The Gap Band
SBME 8.49


Charlie Wilson "In It To Win It"

1 I'm Blessed
by Charlie Wilson feat. T.I.
2 Chills
by Charlie Wilson
3 Good Time
by Charlie Wilson feat. Pitbull
4 Us Trust
by Charlie Wilson feat. Wiz Khalifa
5 Precious Love
by Charlie Wilson
Smile For Me
by Charlie Wilson feat. Robin Thicke
7 In It To Win It
by Charlie Wilson
8 Dance Tonight
by Charlie Wilson
9 Made For Love
by Charlie Wilson feat. Lalah Hathaway
10 Better
by Charlie Wilson
11 Gold Rush
by Charlie Wilson feat. Snoop Dogg
12 New Addiction
by Charlie Wilson
13 Amazing God
by Charlie Wilson
RCA 13.99


Karen Wolfe "No Regrets"

1 B.O.B.
2 Get Your Lie Straight
3 Ain't No Right Way to Do Wrong
4 Southern Soul Party Mood
5 Super Lover
6 You Gonna Want Me Back
7 All Night Ready Man
8 Don't Nothing Here Belong to You
9 Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
10 Get Your Lie Straight (Remix)


Looking For More Karen Wolfe CDs?   KAREN WOLFE

Big Woo "I Came To Party"

01 I Came To Party
02 Aint Nothing Wrong A Lil Meat On Her Bones
03 Good Loving
04 I Got The Blues
05 Lovers & Friends
06 On A Mission
07 ake It Nasty
08 A Family Reunion
09 I'm Going To The Club
10 Strong Black Woman
11 Keep It One Hundred 100
12 You Did It Mama (I Want To Say Thank You)
13 I Came To Play (Club Mix)
Big Woo



C-Wright "I Bluez Myself"

with Tucka & LaMorris Williams

1 Corner Bluez (Intro) [feat. Rich Wright]
2 Mr. Good Thang
3 Feel Good (feat. La'morris Williams & G'que Mickens) [Explicit]
4 Can I Touch It (feat. G'que Mickens)
5 I'm Sorry
6 Fifty-Fifty (50 / 50)
7 Don't Take Your Luv Away
8 I'm Ready
9 Grown Folks Chemistry
10 Wonderful (feat. G'que Mickens)
11 Love You
12 Ladies Anthem
13 Operator (feat. Tucka)
14 Swing With You (feat. G'que Mickens)
15 Give Me What I Need (feat. Jay Love)
16 U Deserve Better
17 Corner Bluez (Outro) [feat. Rich Wright]
18 Fifty-Fifty 50 / 50 (Remix) [Bonus Track] [feat. Lil Runt]
19 Mr. Good Thang (Remix) [Bonus Track] [feat. J Trax]
Total Impaq 12.97


Terry Wright "You're Just Standing In A Good Man's Way"

1. Make That Body Rock
2. You're Just Standing In A Good Man's Way
3. I Done Lost My Good Thang
4. I Want Me A Country Girl
5. Tonight Is Your Night
6. This Is For Yu Freaky Ladies
7. She Whooped Me Good
8. Anytime Man (New Version)
9. I'm Missing My Baby
10.Your Love Again



Terry Wright "How Sweet Is Your Candy"

Limited Stock. Get It While You Can


 1. On The Backroad
2. Two Women In Love With Your Husband
3. One Way In, One Way Out
4. How Sweet Is Your Candy
5. House Party
6. She Was Playing Too
7. Goody Good Loving
8. Meet Me Tonight
9. Dance The Night Away
10. How Sweet Is Your Candy Remix

TW 14.99
Mr X "The Best Of"  
1. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle
2. Make It Do What It Do
3. Baby Don't Leave Me
4. This Little Place
5. I Was Wrong To You
6. I Wanna See Whatcha Working With
7. Dance To a Slow Song
8. It Takes More Than a Notion
9. She Put That Stroke On Me
10. I'd Rather Be a Fool
11. Louisiana Festivities
12. Another Lonely Night
13. Sit Down On It
14. Slip Away For Christmas
Sound Mindz 13.99
X Man "Next Level"  
1. Lick It Man
2. Gotta Good Woman
3. Two Birds
4. Know What?
5. Fire My Wife
6. Leave Him Alone
7. L-O-V-E
8. Common Ground
9. I'm Searching
10. Stepper's Shuffle
11. Crown Royal - (Reggae Soul Mix)
Mardi Gras 9.88


Big Yayo "Southern Classic"

with J. Wonn, Napoleon Demps, Dave Mack & more

1 Come and Get It (feat. J Wonn)
2 Cowgirl (feat. J Wonn & T Baby)
3 Booty Talkin' (feat. Dave Mack)
4 4 Play
5 Lay Around (feat. Dave Mack)
6 Allright
7 Just Like Heaven (feat. Napoleon)
8 I Look Good on You
9 Stepping Out
10 The Remix
11 Ride (feat. Coco & Suga Kee)



Mister Zay "Zay's Way"

1. Get The Hell On
2. Up In This Club
3. Tender Love
4. Hard Times
5. Grown Folks
6. Bring It On
7. Trippin'
8. 2 Sides Of Love
9. Overtime
10. Thang Played With
11. Crazy About Your Love
12. Liar, Cheater
13. Back Door Jody
CDS 9.99

Mister Zay "Meal Ticket"


1. If You Only Let Me Kick It Witchu (long, laidback version)
2. A Woman's Love Is Real Serious
3. I Wanna Dance
4. Meal Ticket
5. Pretty
6. A High Tech Woman Needs Love Too
7. Foot Stompin'
8. Overtime (R&B Remix)
9. I Thought I Would Fall In Love...
10.Why Do You Think You Deserve A Perfect Person?
11.Baby Wear That Dress
12. If You Only Let Me Kick It Witchu (single version)

CDS 9.99


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