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Jerry L "Let It Ride"

1 Well Conditioned Woman
2. She Ain't Giving Me None
3. She Lied On Me
4. Nasty
5. Make A Choice
6. Don't Turn On Me
7. Freaky Thang
8. Silly
9. You Got Something
10. Dance Party
Brimstone 12.99

Jerry L After The Party

Jerry L "After Tha Party"

1 - After Tha Party (club Mix) (4:46)
2 - Do The Nasty (club Mix) (5:03)
3 - Slow Dance (5:25)
4 - No Matter How High I Get (5:33)
5 - Games People Play (4:20)
6 - Eat Up Your Love (3:40)
7 - Your Lies (3:55)
8 - Work It (4:13)
9 - Just Do It (4:07)
10 - He's Using You (4:41)
11 - After Tha Party (4:46)
12 - Do The Nasty (5:01)
Rude 14.99


Jerry L "A Million Women"

1 She's Got That Oo Wee - Ricky White (4:37)
2 Girls in the Hood (4:34)
3 A Million Women (4:10)
4 That Nookie Stuff (4:04)
5 Get Busy Loving You (3:38)
6 Your Girlfriend (4:18)
7 Make a Choice (4:55)
8 When the Ladies Are Happy (3:49)
9 It's Gonna Be Good to See You Again (4:28)
10 Don't Turn On Me (3:59)
11 I Like Being with You (4:19)
12 Oops That's My Bad (3:54)
13 The End of the Rainbow (4:32
CDS 11.99


Jerry L "Let's Do It All Over"

1. When The Ladies Are Happy
2. I Still Love You
3. I'm Gonna Do Something About You
4. She Got Papers On Me
5. Do Me
6. Backstreet Love Affair
7. It Is What It Is
8. It's Good To See You Again
9. I'm Gucchi
10. I Can't Let Go
11. Do It All Over
12. She Lied On Me
13. You Chose Me
14. Give Me Some More
MiJay 12.97


Lacee' "Mind Gone" LISTEN

 1 Mind Gone
2 Cheating on Your Woman
3 Don't Come for Me
4 Three Way Love Affair
5 No Broke Man
6 Marry Me
7 Who's Is It
8 Don't Let the Clean up Woman
9 Get It Together
10 Away from Him
11 Gotta Leave Gotta Go
12 Ladies Night
Advantage 13.99


Lacee' "Beautiful"

 1 Let the Juke Joint Jump
2 Hoe Digger
3 The Three T's
4 Call Me
5 Oh Well
6 Last Drink
7 The Diva's Ball
8 Mr. Wrong
9 Messy
10 Beautiful
11 Don't Know Where You At
12 I Got Your Back



Lacee' "Soulful"


 1. Hate on Me
2. Walk in My Shoes
3. Can't Say No
4. Quick Man
5. Don't You Hate It
6. Give It to Me
7. Find Somebody
8. Rewind
9. Move Something
10. We're Like Total Strangers

Advantage 11.99


Lacee' "Lacee's Groove"

 1. Nothing but the Blues
2. I Ran a Good Man Away
3. Juicy Lips
4. Why You Want to Make Me Clown
5. Because of You
6. Sex U Up
7. Lacee's Groove
8. I've Been a Fool
9. It Takes More Than That
10. Light My Fire
11. Good Ole Days
12. Reap What You Sow
13. Any Woman's Man
14. Lacee's Groove (Remix)



Luther Lackey "The Preacher's Wife"

1. It Ain't Easy Being The Preacher's Wife
2. Fake It Til You Make It
3. If She's Cheatin' On Me I Don't Wanna Know
4. She's Good To Me
5. I Got Caught Butt Naked
6. What It Takes To Get Her Is What It Takes To Keep Her
7. Your Change Will Come
8. Meat Man
9. Man Up To It
10. Kind Of Love That Lasts, The
11. Mister Can I Shine Your Shoes
12. I Got Caught Butt Naked (Part 2)



Luther Lackey "Jody's Got My Problems"

1. Intro-Mama Southern Soul
2. Jody's Got My Problems
3. Can't Read Your Mind
4. I Can't Get Back into the House
5. Get out of My Bed
6. I Thought the Baby Was Mine
7. Mama at the Drive Through (Skit)
8. Dip and Roll
9. Dirty Heffa
10. Mama Where Are You? (Skit)
11. Let Me Get in It
12. Talking on the Telephone
13. Get out of My Bed [Dance Mix]
14. Mama Southern Soul (Outro)
15. Please Mr. Bootleg




Luther Lackey "The Contender"


1. Blind, Blind Snake
2. We Got To Work It Out
3. I Think She's Cheating
4. Thang (Ain't Everything)"
5. Just Because He's Preaching
6. Cleaning House
7. I Don't Wanna Go Back Home
8. I Got Scared Again
9. Reap What You Sow
10. When I'm Gone
11. Just Because He's Preaching (Extended)
12. Blind, Blind Snake (Long Version)

CDS 12.99

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  Denise LaSalle ""Making A Good Thing Better: The Complete Westbound Singles 1970-1976"  
1. Strung Out Hung Up
2. Heartbreaker of the Year
3. Trapped By a Thing Called Love
4. Keep It Coming
5. Now Run and Tell That
6. The (The Better It Gets) Deeper I Go
7. A Man Size Job
8. I'm Over You
9. Making a Good Thing Better
10. What It Takes To Get a Good Woman (That's What It Takes To Keep Her)
11. Do Me Right
12. Your Man and Your Best Friend
13. What Am I Doing Wrong
14. Don't Nobody Live Here (By the Name of Fool)
15. Good Goody Getter
16. Get Up Off My Mind
17. The Best Thing I Ever Had
18. Trying To Forget
19. We've Got Love (the Good Part About It)
20. My Brand On You
21. Any Time is the Right Time
22. Here I Am Again
23. Married But Not To Each Other
24. Who's the Fool
25. Radio Ad For "Trapped By a Thing Called Love"
26. Radio Ad For "On the Loose"
Westbound 14.99
  Denise LaSalle "24 Hour Woman"  
1. Cheat Receipt
2. Home Wrecker
3. Too Many Women
4. (I'm a) 24-Hour Woman
5. If You Can't Keep It Up
6. Ride On
7. I'll Be Your Kitten, Baby
8. Three is a Crowd
9. Older Woman (Looking For a Younger Man)
10. (You Hit One) Over the Fence
11. Let's Make Love (Like It's the Last Time)
Malaco 13.99
  Denise LaSalle "Greatest Hits"


1. Wet Match
2. Your Husband Is Cheating On Us
3. Someone Else Is Steppin' In
4. Why Am I Missing You
5. Lady In The Street
6. Down Home Blues
7. Bump And Grind
8. Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey
9. Don't Mess With My Man
10. Drop That Zero
11. My Tu-Tu
12. Trapped...1990
Malaco 13.99

Denise LaSalle "At Her Best"

1. Snap, Crackle and Pop
2. Bone Me Like You Own Me
3. You Should Have Kept It in the Bedroom
4. It's Going Down
5. Wanted Man
6. I'm Still the Queen
7. Mississippi Woman
8. It Was a House Until You Made It a Home
9. Pay Before You Pump
10. They Made a Blues Fan Out of Me
11. Dirty Freaky Man
12. 24 Hours
13. I'm Still the Queen (Blues Mix)
Ecko 10.99

Denise LaSalle

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Latimore "A Taste Of Me: Great American Songs"

ALL NEW CD from Latimore.

1 A Taste of Me
2 At Last
3 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
4 Since I Fell for You
5 You Are so Beautiful
6 What a Difference a Day Makes
7 Dig a Little Deeper
8 Let's Straighten It Out
9 The Very Thought of You
10 Cry Me a River
11 Smile
EMG 12.99

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Roger Chopper Law "Introducing"

1. Some About That Woman
2. Boom Shaka Laka
3. Country Girl
4. Get Down On the Floor
5. Stand in Line
6. Doing the Paw Paw
7. Stepping With You
8. Marinate in Your Love
9. My Fault
10. Your Love
11. After Party
12. I'm Crazy About You
13. It's Friday
14. I Fell in Love Wit Yo Cuzzin
1 Stop Graphics 12.99


Joyce Lawson "Chapter 3"

Limited Stock!

 1. Lady Diva
2. Opposites Attract
3. All Because of You
4. I'm the Woman You Need
5. I'll Always Love You
6. It Don't Hurt Like It Used To
7. Valley of Love
8. No Other Woman
9. You Ain't My Daddy
10. I'm Not Coming Back
Phat Sound 12.99


Joyce Lawson "Today I Sing The Blues"

Classic Soul Blues Masterpiece Back In Stock!

1. Going Back to My Husband
2. I Can Do Bad by Myself
3. Time to Move On
4. Love of Mine
5. Your Good Thing (Is About to End)
6. Giving My Love (To the Other Woman)
7. Stop Doggin Me Around
8. Love Chain
9. Today I Sing the Blues
10. I Still Love You
Evejim 12.99
Rick Lawson Ladies Night Rick Lawson "Ladies Night"  
1. This Is the Party
2. I'm in a Steppin' Mood
3. I Found Me a Sure Thing
4. Juke Joint Party
5. Too Tight, Too Close
6. All Night Party Mood
7. It's Ladies Night
8. Mind, Body & Soul
9. Bottoms Up, Again!
10. I'm in a Steppin' Mood


Looking For Rick Lawson CDs?



Lebrado "Try Me"

1. I'm Missin You Babe
2. Coffee
3. Dancin
4. Try Me
5. First Lady
6. Blacksand
7. Meditation
8. Come Back Home
9. Be My Girl
10. Can't Sleep
11. Do You Wanna Be My Baby
12. I'm Missin You Babe [Remix]




Lebrado "Let's Party"


1. Dance
2. There It Goes
3. Make up Your Mind
4. Are You Ready
5. I Can't Live Without You
6. I'm a Good Man
7. Let's Party
8. She Can Get Down on It
9. I Like This
10. Tonight

Make Cents



Lebrado "Fire"

Rare CD Limited Stock


1. Fire (feat. K-CI)
2. Let Me Be Your Daddy
3. Lebrado Like It Like That
4. Keep You Near
5. You're So Sexy
6. Sunshine
7. That's Why
8. Angle
9. Beautiful
10. Tip Toe In It
11. Fire (Remix) (feat. K-CI)
12. Fire ( Club Mix) (feat. K-CI)

Make Cents



Lee Roy "Should Have Called"


1 Should Have Called
2 Made My Move Too Late
3 Anybody Need Love
4 Good Girl
5 Sooner or Later
6 Waitin On the Moon Lite
7 Come Back
8 Whenever You Need Me
9 Im Goin Back to Mommas
10 Keep That Move On
Lee Roy




Andre Lee "The Truth"

1 Let's Go Stepping
2 Right Kind of Woman
3 It's Going Down
4 Tell Me What You Need
5 My Girl
6 I'm Thinking Bout Us
7 You Went and Did It
8 I'm That Man
9 Anytime Anywhere
10 Tell Me What I Gotta Do
11 It's Going Down (Remix)


Andre Lee "Straight From The Heart"

1. Too Late
2. Let's Get Romantic
3. One Night Stand
4. Gonna Go Stepping
5. I Don't Believe A Dam Word
6. Southern Soul Man
7. I'll Do Whatever
8. Love Will Never Change
9. Groove On
10. I Found What I Been Looking For
11. Those Were The Days
Capetown 12.97


Andre Lee "Stories Of Life"

1. Half Loving Me
2. 4 Way Love Affair
3. Never Been Hurt
4. Man in the Drawer
5. Stepping With You
6. Shoes Off First
7. Tell Me What I've Got to Do
8. Back in the Day Cafe
9. I Wanna Be Loved Forever (feat. Miz Goldie)
10. Shake What You Got
Coday 12.97

Eddie Levert "Did I Make You Go Ooh"


11. I Ain t Goin For That
2. Say It Ain t So
3. Never Miss Your Water
4. I Let Go
5. Rand The Walls
6. Did I Make You Go Ooh!
7. My Heart Don t Lie
8. It s Too Late
9. That s The Way Love Is
10. The Big Brother
11. Shit Starter
12. How Much More Love

GBP 10.88

Gerald Levert "The Best Of"


1. Casanova Levert
2. Private Line Gerald Levert
3. Baby Hold On To Me Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert
4. School Me Gerald Levert
5. I'd Give Anything Gerald Levert
6. Answering Service Gerald Levert
7. Already Missing You Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert
8. My Body LSG
9. Thinkin' Bout It Gerald Levert
10. Taking Everything Gerald Levert
11. Made To Love Ya Gerald Levert
12. Funny Gerald Levert
13. U Got That Love (Call It A Night) Gerald Levert
14. In My Songs Gerald Levert
15. DJ Don't Gerald Levert
16. Can It Stay Gerald Levert

Rhino 5.88

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Al Lindsey "Versatility"

1 Cotton Candy
2 Versatility (Monologue)
3 Versatility
4 Heavenly Thoughts
5 Don't Worry About Me
6 Midsummer Dream
7 The Blues Is Alright with Me
8 Changed
9 Exponentially
10 Home
Pulsating Music 9.88

Al Lindsey "Can U Handle This?"


1. Can You Handle This
2. Leaving Me
3. Diamonds And Pearls
4. Let It Go
5. Keep On Gettin It On
6. She's Always Right
7. Tick Tock
8. Nothing Greater Than Love
9. Rainin Down On Me
10. A Simple Little Love Song
11. Keep On Gettin It On (Outro)

Pulsating Music



Al Lindsey "Love You More"

1. Come As You Are
2. I Give Up
3. Misty Blue
4. If This Is Too Fast
5. Shake You Down
6. Make It With You
7. I See Jesus
8. Love U More
9. Luckiest Man
10.That's How Heartaches Are Made
Pulsating Music



Mr. Keith Little "Plum Crazy"

Special Guest Nellie Tiger Travis on the hit title cut

1 I Can Deal With It
2 Plum Crazy (with Nellie Tiger Travis)
3 The Tables Have Turned
4 Letter to My Wife
5 That's a Problem
6 Just Because
7 Two Drink Minimum
8 Don't Leave Your Bed Undone
9 Strange Feelings
10 One Sided Love Affair
11 Guilty
Paes 11.88


LOLA "Cleaning House"

 1. Creepin'
2. The Other Shoe
3. Mind Games
4. Treat Me (Like You Want To be Treated)
5. Leave The Past Behind
6. I Deserve Better
7. Same Ol' Story
8. It Ain't Worth It
9. What Goes Around
10. Still Standing and Walking Proud
11. It's All Good
Wilbe 12.99


Lola "Give Her What She Wants" 

1. Back Door
2. I Can't See Myself
3. The Blues Chose Me
4. I've Got Feet
5. Look My Way
6. The Sweetest Thing
7. Don't Go Away
8. Wash Your Hands
9. Let's Call It A Night
10. Ties That Bind
11. Shake Hands
12. Two Fools In One House




Lomax "Is This What You Want"

1 Get This Party Started
2 Gonna Miss You
3 Watch It Shake
4 Let the Rain Come Down
5 Why You Wanna Do That
6 Don't Leave My Wife Alone
7 Knock Down Inn
8 Can't Help Myself
9 Is This What You Want
10 Please Let Me Come Back Home
11 Caught Up
12 Kiss It Goodbye
K.A.L. Ent



Lomax "Life's Lessons"

1 Baby Its Over
2 I'm in Love
3 Swing It
4 I've Had My Turn
5 Put It All Up In There
6 Satisfy You
7 One More Chance
8 Let Me Work It
9 Second Hand Man
10 If It's Broke
K.A.L. Ent



Louisiana Blues Brothas "Love On The Bayou"

Group featuring Tyree Neal & Pokey!

1 Who You With
2 Devil in My Bedroom (feat. Rena')
3 Pouring Water
4 Cellphone
5 My Sidepiece (feat. Pokey & Major Clark Jr.)
6 The Gingerbread Man
7 Backdoor Lover
8 Pickin These Blues Away (feat. Tyree Neal)
9 Cab On the Outside (feat. Adrian Bagher)
10 Chick On the Side Remix
11 No Matter How Long
12 Is It Love (feat. Jwonn)
13 I'm Still Wearing Your Name (feat. Ms. Portia)
14 They Call Me Pokey Remix (feat. Tucka)
Music Access 12.99

Archie Love "All About Love (Best Of)"

1. Love Is a Wonderful Thing
2. Loving on Borrowed Time
3. My Joy
4. Done All That I Can Do
5. Standing on the Edge
6. I'll Be The One
7. Before a Judge
8. Should've Been There For You
9. Thanks For The Memories
10.One More For the Lonely
11.Off My Mind
12.The Only Girl
13.Let's Get It On
14.Blame It On Me
15.My Baby's Gone
16.When U Go
Loveland 12.99

Prince Ronnie Love "Back 2 Love"

former member and musical director for Oli Woodson's Temptin' Temptations has released his debut CD!

1 Daylight With a Flashlight
2 Turn That Thang Around
3 I Want To Love You
4 Strange Love
5 My Love Bone
6 Your Troubling Mind
7 Everytime I Turn Around
8 The Next Time [Duet With Roy Roberts]
9 Wait For Me
10 I Truly Love You
Ocean Beach 9.99

The Love Doctor "Moaning & Groaning"

 1. Moaning and Groaning
2. I Can Only Get Freaky With You
3. Let's Go All the Way
4. Baby Don't Stop
5. Private Girl
6. You Won't Miss the Love
7. Hit and Run
8. Open Leg Dance
9. Where Are You Lady
10. I Found a Love
11. Slow Down
12. Strength of a Woman, The
13. They Want My Woman
14. Give a Little Love
15. Open Leg Dance - (Club Mix)
Mardi Gras 6.88

The Love Doctor "Lies"

1. Short Skirts, Tight Jeans
2. I'm in Love
3. Good, The Bad, And the Ugly, The
4. Don't Give Up on Love
5. Part Time Love
6. You Said It, No I Didn't (Lies)
7. First Class Love
8. Wife, Woman, Lover, Friend
9. Caught Up
10. Big Blue Diamonds
Mardi Gras 6.88

The Love Doctor "At His Best"

1. Louisiana Festivities
2. You Got Me Yearning for Your Love
3. Roll It Slow
4. Shake It Don't Break It
5. Make It Do What It Do
6. Rump Roast
7. Sweety Pie
8. Can You Slip Away for Christmas
9. Let's Stay Together
10. Three People
Hep Me 8.88

"Stupid" (Hep Me 2007) Looking For The Love Doctor CDs?   THE LOVE DOCTOR

Frank Lucas "My Best To You"

1. The Ninga Ning Song (featuring The Sing Ding-A-Ling) Concert Version
2. Hot Chocolate Love
3. Don't Put Out The Fire
4. Raining In My Eyes
5. I Left My Heart In Louisiana
6. Get Ya Groove On
7. Groove 2
8. Wanna Rock Ya Body
9. Mary Had A Baby
10.Good Thing Man
11.The D.L.B. GT Man
12. Lucas Love Train
13. Hot N' Horny
14. Time To Move Along
Jamstone 13.99


Frank Lucas "Dirty O' Man"

1. The Lucas Funky Swing
2. Hot Chocolate Love
3. Hot N' Horny
4. The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling (Song)
5. The Man With The Singing Ding-A-Ling (Rap)
6. The Original Good Thing Man
7. Hot N' Horny (Rap)
8. The Striptease Song
9. I'm Hooked On A Lullaby
10.Stick N' Git




Walt Luv (Love) "New Millennium Blues"


 1. I Wanna Come Back
2.She Threw a Monkey Wrench in My Game
3.The Rabbitt Got Da-Gun
4.I Can't Winn from Loosing
5.Girl I Really Need You
6.Steppin Out
7.Candy Sweet
8.I Wanna Come Back [Instrumental]
9.Somebody to Call My Own
10.New Milennium Blues
11.I Can't Winn from Loosing [Instrumental]
12.Foot Prints in the Sand

Monkey Wrench 12.99
Looking For Trudy Lynn CDs?   TRUDY LYNN


Lysa "Queen With A Woman's Touch"

with Tucka, Roy Anthony, Tyree Neal & more

1 Sweet Nukie
2 Woman's Touch
3 Queen
4 SuperWoman
5 Good Love
6 Cause You Love Me (feat. Lil Runt)
by LYSA & Roi Anthony
7 Drowning
8 Thats What Your Mouth Say (feat. Tyree Neal)
9 Main Piece
10 ThunderKat
11 Grip It
12 Loving Life
13 Sweet Nukie Remix (feat. Tucka)
14 Turnem (feat. DJ Super Jock)
by LYSA, Mohitz Fam, Roi Anthony, Pallo Da Jiint & Lil Runt
Mohitz Int



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