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Stevie J "Back To Blues"


1 Lil' Mo Love
2 I Aint Gettin' That
3 Craddle Robber
4 Come See Me
5 That Party Song
6 Lights Out
7 Good Good
8 Another Jody Song
9 Son of a Saintifed Preacher
10 Stranger in the City
11 Blues by the Bay
Stevie J Blues



Stevie J " Unstoppable"

 1. What Is Tru Soul Music? (Intro)
2. Come Here Party
3. Old Skool
4. Down Home People
5. Weekend Love
6. I Know That I Love Her
7. Back Away
8. Let Her Ride
9. Good Woman
10. Baby
11. Miss Apple Cheeks
12. Add da Love 
Music Access 13.99


Jabo, Rue Davis "Wanted For Playing "Nothing But The Blues"

1. Club Woman
2. Steal Away
3. The Hurtin Blues
4. You Got All I Need
5. Cheating Blues
6. It's Getting Late
7. You Didn't Hurt Me
8. Please Take Me
9. Home Wrecking Demon
10. My No Good Friend
1 Stop Graphics 13.99


Jabo "Southern Choice"

featuring Rue Davis

1 Going Down Slow
2 Why Did You Lie
3 Zydeco with Rue
4 A Women Needs to Be Loved
5 Get on the Floor (Remix)
6 Should Have Gone Dancing, Pt. 2
7 I Never Knew Good Love, Could Make You Cry
8 Jabo vs Lil Jabb Duel
9 Leave Her Alone
10 I'm Lady Vee
11 Don't Walk out That Door
12 He Won't Leave Me Behind
13 Oh Bye Bye
14 I Had a Dream Last Night
15 Choking Kind
16 Roger Valentine Blues
1 Stop 12.88


Jabo "Zydeco Tramp"

featuring Rue Davis

1 Zydeco Tramp
2 You Didn't Hurt Me Pt 3
3 Houston Zydeco
4 Take Me
5 Home Wrecking Demon Woman
6 I'm Going Home
7 Zydeco Boogie
8 Get on the Floor
9 No Good Friend
10 Why You Watching Me
11 Cheating Is Wrong
12 Stand up in It
13 God Been Good to Me
1 Stop 13.99

Millie Jackson "21 Of Her Best (1971-1983)"

 1. Child of God
2. Ask Me What You Want
3. A Sweet Man My Man
4. Breakaway
5. It Hurts So Good
6. How Do You Feel the Morni
7. (If Loving You Is Wrong)
8. Loving Arms3
9. Bad Risk4
10. You Can't Turn Me Off (In
11. If You're Not Back in Lov
12. All the Way Lover
13. Go Out and Get Some (Get
14. Keep the Home Fire Burnin
15. Never Change Lovers in Th
16. Kiss You All Over
17. This Is It (Part 2)
18. It's Gonna Take Some Time
19. Do You Wanna Make Love
20. Blues Don't Get Tired Of
21. I Feel Like Walking in Th
SBO 13.99

Jacquel "You Gotta Work"

Wilbe 10.99


Jesse James "I Lost My Baby On Facebook"

1. I Lost My Baby On Facebook
2. Can I Still Be Your Friend
3. Sexy Booty
4. Rick & Famous
5. God's Got Your Back
6. Your All In My Dreams
7. Pt. 1 Why Do U Have 2 Lie
8. Pt. 2 Why Do U Have 2 Lie
9. Hate Will Destroy the World (Trayvon Martin Story)
10. How Can He Hold You Up [Remix] - (remix) If He Can't Hold His Pants Up
11. It Doesn't Seem Like Xmas 2 Me
12. featuring Adonai) I Lost My Baby On Facebook [Remix]
Gunsmoke 13.99


Jesse James "Do Not Disturb"

featuring Millie Jackson

1. Let's Get a Room Somewhere - (featuring Millie Jackson)
2. At Last
3. I Can Do Bad By Myself - You Were Doing Bad When I Met You - (featuring Synethia)
4. Are You Gonna Leave Me
5. It Just Don't Feel the Same - (featuring Millie Jackson)
6. God Got Your Back
7. I Never Meant To Love Her
8. Where Do Lonely Lovers Go
9. Can You Picture Me
10. How Can He Hold You Up If He Can't Hold His Pants Up
11. A Change Is Gonna Come
12. Let's Get a Room Somewhere/Live XXXX
13. Jesse James Interview - (featuring Frankie M.)


Looking For More Jesse James CDs?   JESSE JAMES

Falisa Ja'Naye "Sweet Love"

Limited Stock!

 1 U Won't Miss Yo Water
2 Sweet Love
3 Tonight Is the Nite
4 Can't Nobody
5 Whind (Wine)
6 I Will (feat. Mr. Sam)
7 How Do U Do (feat. Crimson)
8 Sweet Love (Lovers Mix)
9 Cowboy
10 Come To Me
HC 12.99


Lil' Jimmie "She Was Twerking"

 1 She Was Twerking
2 I'm The One
3 Whatever It Takes
4 Let's Take It To The Bedroom
5 You Can't Set Down
6 Do Da Dam Thang
7 We're Gonna Make It
8 Bail Me Out
9 Bail Me Out [Remix]
10 I Got Your Back
11 Closin The Door
12 Steppin Out On Faith
13 Jukin
14 I Ain't Going Nowhere
Music Access



Lil Jimmie "I'm Not Going Nowhere"

1. My Baby Be Dropping It Like It's Hot
2. I'm Not Going Nowhere
3. I'm Ready to Party
4. I Ain't Gon Love Nothing
5. I Think I'm Hooked
6. You Never Had Time
7. Southern Soul Slide
8. Stepping Out on Faith
9. Just Lean Back While I Lean on It
10. I'm Ready to Party
Baby Boy



Ms. Jody "I'm Doin' My Thang"

1.I'm Ms. Jody (I'm Doin' My Thang)
2.Curiosity Ain't Gonna Kill This Cat
3.Let's Play Hide and Seek
4.I'm a Cowgirl in the Bedroom
5.Southern Soul Bounce
6.A Kitty Ain't No Match for a Full Grown ...
7.Ms. Jody's Got a Man
8.We Got the Real Thing
9.That's Where the Party's At
10.We've Got to Cheat on Schedule
11.Never Goin' Back
Ecko 12.88

Ms Jody "Keepin' It Real"


1. Take Me
2. The Jody Juke
3. Move On
4. I've Got the Strength to Stay Gone
5. I'm Keepin' it Real
6. I Wanna Rock it In Your Rocking Chair
7. The First Time
8. The Spank
9. I Thank You for a Job Well Done
10. I'm Staying In With My Man Tonight
11. Midnight Lovers
12. I Needed That
Ecko 10.88

MS. Jody "It's All About Me I'm Taking Back My Life (DELUXE Edition)"

1 He's My Candy Man (4:30)
2 The Rock (5:35)
3 I'm Not a Cougar (4:37)
4 It's All About Me (4:46)
5 I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home (4:42)
6 Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide (4:40)
7 Every Woman For Herself (4:23)
8 I'm Gonna Stand By You (4:23)
9 My Cat Smells a Rat (5:14)
10 Another Bad Habit (4:43)
11 One Hour Baby (4:58)
12 You're the Best No-Good Man I Ever Had (4:35)
13 Let Me Ride (4:39)
14 I Apologize (5:31)



Ms. Jody "Still Strokin'"

It's A Reunion
Still Strokin'
Good Love
Just Let Me Ride
Dance Party
Ms. Jody Don't Mind Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
Another Get Drunk Party
Where Can I Find A Good Man
You Didn't Appreciate What You Had When You Had It
Your Man Was Looking For That Good Thang
Shake Yo Booty (remix)


Ms. Jody "The Best Of"

1 Ms. Jody's Thang (Remix)
2 The Bop
3 Still Strokin'
4 Your Dog's About to Kill My Cat
5 It's the Weekend
6 Energizer Bunny
7 Sugar Daddy
8 The Rock
9 Just Let Me Ride
10 When Your Give a Damn Just Don't Give a Damn Anymore
11 Big Daddy Don't You Come
12 The First Time
13 I Did It
14 Shake Your Booty
15 Weekend Lovin'



Ms. Jody "I Got The Feeling"

1 There's a Party Goin' On
2 Come On
3 Zydeco Rodeo
4 Dogettes
5 Don't Back up off It
6 It's Too Late to Do Right Now
7 This Place Is Hot
8 All True Man
9 I Got the Feeling
10 I'm Tired of Being a Secret
11 Makin' Love Is Always Better When the Bills Are Paid
12 You Got to Leave Me Baby



Ms. Jody "Talkin' About My Good Thang"

 1. I Ain't Gonna Lie This Time
2. Just Let Me Ride Again
3. You Got Your Hooks in Me
4. I'm Gonna Take It Laying Down
5. A Piece on the Side
6. Talkin' Bout My Good Thang
7. Doubler Dealer
8. If He Knew What I Was Thinking
9. Shake a Tail Feather
10. Don't Say I Love You
11. I'm Gathering up the Trash
12. When the Show Is All Over



Ms. Jody "Thunder Under Yonder"

1. I'm So Confused (4:49)
2. Power Stroke (4:52)
3. Ms. Jody's Energizer Slide (5:21)
4. Another Other Woman (5:20)
5. Stir It Up (4:46)
6. Booty Strut (6:07)
7. Let It Flow (4:27)
8. Party (4:37)
9. I Got That Thunder Under Yonder (5:02)
10. Where I Come From (5:22)
11. I Had To Lie (4:46)
12. You're Letting A Good Man's Lovin' Go To Waste (4:56)


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Bobbye Doll Johnson "When A Woman's Had Enough"

15 Tracks- All her final recordings together in one album

   1.Cheaters Never Win (But They Enjoy the Game a Whole Lot More)
2. Mississippi Hideaway
3. Bye Bye Baby
4. So Good
5. If You Don't Try to Change Me
6. All the Woman You'll Ever Need
7. I'd Rather Be Alone with Nobody
8. True to You
9. Baby Daddy
10. Meet Me on the Dancefloor
11. I Ain't Havin' It
12. Pull Up From Behind
13. I Need A Man
14. When A Woman's Had Enough
15. My Woman's Fed Up (with Ricky White)
Aviara Music 11.88
It's Party Time Revived: The Best Of Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson "The Best Of"

   1. It's Party Time
2. Dreams to Remember
3. Hard Time
4. Cold Woman
5. Crying out the Blues
6. You're About to Succeed
7. That Thang
8. Broke Man Can't Win
9. Final Notice
10. Just in Time
11. Give Me a Little Bit
12. You Gonna Miss Me
13. In My Dream
14. Big Man Cry
15. Old Man Blues
16. Bring Our Troops Home
17. Party All Night
18. Drowning in Misery
19. Narc Man
Stairway Ent. 13.99

Ernie Johnson "I'm The One You Need"

Limited Stock

 1. Let's get this party on
2. Valley of love
3. Laid around, Played around,too long
4. Good Thang man
5. Pumps and Rumps
6. Let's make love tonight
7. I'm the one you need
8. You're the only one
9. Dance to the music
10. Double Cross
11. Forever just ain't long enough
12. Please don't leave me this way
13. Swing out

Stairway Ent 12.99
Ernie Johnson Hot & Steamy

Ernie Johnson "Hot & Steamy"


1. Kiss It
2. Can't Keep a Good Woman Down
3. I'll Be Gone for Good
4. Made Your Bed Hard
5. Honey Love
6. I'll Choose
7. Hot & Steamy
8. My Lover's Prayer
9. Tonight's the Night
10. E.J. Stomp

Waldoxy 12.99

ernie johnson in the mood

Ernie Johnson "In The Mood"


1. I'm in the Mood for the Blues
2. Loves on the Other Line
3. Cold This Winter
4. Don't Waste My Time
5. I Love You
6. Bouncin' Back
7. Share You With Someone Else
8. Hold On
9. Move Along
10. It's All Over

Waldoxy 12.99

Ernie Johnson Squeeze It Ernie Johnson "Squeeze It"

Limited Stock


 1. Who Is That Man
2. All American Girl
3. Squeeze It
4. It's Getting Hard
5. It's Party Time Again 2000
6. I've Been Loving You to Long
7. Who Told You
8. Entertainer, The
9. You Made This a Happy Home
10. I Remember J.T.
11. Sexy (Sleeper)

Phat Sound 13.99
Ernie Johnson Looking For More Ernie Johnson CDs?   ERNIE JOHNSON


Frank-O Johnson "Only Time Will Tell"


1. Only Time Will Tell
2. Crazy About You
3. H-U-R-T
4. She's The Right Girl For Me
5. Leaving You
6. Ruby Red Ring
7. I'm Just Laying Here
8. Let's Do Some Love Talking
9. Sexy Feeling
10. By His Stripes
11. Praise The Lord (Victory)
12. Heavenly Father

Phat Sound 11.99

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Jeter Jones "Dhis Him"


1. Big Dawgís back intro
2. Black Horse
3. Whatís Happening Naw
4. Duck Tales
5. Get My Groove On
6. Juke Joint ft. P2K
7. Interlude freestyle blues
8. Somebody get this Fool Remix ft. Vick Allen
9. I Needís a Drank
10. I ainít gone cheat No Mo
11. Dance with you ft. Big Ro Williams
12. Watch my Boots pt 2 ft. Deacon Dukes, Big Lee, Pokeybear, Miss Portia
13. She gone with Jody ft. Omar Cunningham
14. My phone bill
15. Still in love ft: Ron Johnson
16. You deserve Better
17. She loves my boots ft: Ron Johnson
18. Get outta these street
19. I drank too much ft. CíLamont

RMG 12.88


Jeter Jones "Trailride Certified"

1 She's Ratchet w/ POKEY
2 Dat Country Boy Lovin'
3 Haters Gone Hate
4 Something About the Rain
5 Trailride Certified
6 Watch My Boots
7 Them Country Girls
8 Single Footin'
9 Ghetto Woman
10 Thank U
11 My Country Girl
12 Cat Killa
13 Come out the Bushes
14 Take One for the Team
Jonez Boys Ent 12.97


Jeter Jones "Da GQ Country Boy"

Jones Boyz Ent



Shirley Jones "My Time To Shine"


1 Glow
2 Tear Our Love Down
3 Independent Ladies
4 Sweet Sweet
5 Nasty
6 So Beautiful
7 Do You Feel (feat. Willie Clayton)
8 Honor
9 I Can't Breathe
10 Sunshine
11 Expire

Team Airplay



Sir Charles Jones "The Masterpiece"

 1 Introduction
2 My Everything
3 Squeeze Me
4 Call on Me (feat. Calvin Richardson & Omar Cunningham)
5 Wherever I Lay My Bone (feat. Pokey Bear)
6 This Is Your Night
7 Destiny
8 Step It Out
9 100 Years
10 Just Let Me Go
11 What Can I Say
12 Hello Mother
13 Fight the Pain
Southern King Ent. 14.88


Sir Charles Jones "My Story"

1. Happy Anniversary
2. Pop That Coochie
3. You're My Latest, My Greatest
4. I Came To Party
5. My Story
6. I Wanna Make Love
7. You Mean the World To Me
8. I Tried - (featuring La'Keisha)
9. My Taboo
10. You Are the Sunshine
Mardi Gras 14.99

Sir Charles Jones "For Your Love: The Best Of"

1. For Your Love
2. Never Let You Go
3. One More Time
4. Is There Anybody Lonely
5. Take Care of Momma
6. Just Can't Let Go
7. For Better or Worse
8. I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much
9. Just Another Love Song
10. Just Like Fire
11. Natural Woman
12. Blues Spell
13. Better Call Jody
14. Friday
Mardi Gras 13.99
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Joy "Gotta Find Good Love"







J-Red "Platinum Soul"



1 I Got to Have Her
2 I Forgot I Was Married
3 Party Hard
4 What's Up for the Night
5 Let's Make Love Tonight
6 Have a Good Time
7 That Thang Was Good
8 Sipping Slow
9 Turn It Out (Remix)
10 Enjoy Yourself

Soul Mop



J. Red The Nephew "J Red & Friends"

1 Turn It Out (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
2 Call Out My Name (feat. Sharnette Hyter)
3 Shake Something (feat. Columbus Toy & Miss Lady Blues) [Remix]
4 I Love You (feat. NaCole)
5 I Will (feat. Bubbie Smooth)
6 Rock with You (feat. Shay Denise)
7 Drop That (feat. David Aaron & Joe Nice)
8 If You Need Some (feat. Miss Mini)
9 What Your Mama Gave You (feat. Willie Hill)
10 My Good Thang (feat. Bubbie Smooth) [Remix]
11 Keep On Dancing (feat. Theodis Ealey)
12 Back to You (feat. Shay Denise)
Soul Mop 12.97


J-Red "Soul Certified"

1 My Good Thang
2 I Will (feat. Black Diamond)
3 Step Out
4 Give It to Me
5 Loving on You
6 Keep on Dancing
7 Forever and Ever
8 Ms. Grown and Sexy Soul
9 Let's Get Away
10 Catch and Throw It Back
11 We'll Be Alright
12 Let's Get Away (Remix)
13.I Will (Remix) [Fea. Bubbie Smooth]
Soul Mop



J Wonn "Making Love To Your Mind"

1. Beyond This Door
2. Will You Be Mine
3. Be Patient
4. Sweet Love
5. Seal the Deal
6. That Way
7. Low Key
8. Your Temptation
9. Fed Up
10. Coming Home
11. Let's Just Get Away
12. Finally
13. Him & Her
I Got This Record 11.88


J Wonn "The Legacy Begins"

1 Daddy's Girl
2 Like or Love
3 I Need a Grown Woman
4 On the Spot
5 24 / 7
6 Left Me Now
7 2 Ways
8 I Got This Record (Live)
9 To My Grave
10 We Gone Party
11 The Night Away
12 Get Funky
I Got This Record



J Wonn "I Got This Record"

1 Intro
2 I Got This Record
3 Sleep in It
4 True Love
5 One Day Left
6 Allright
7 Nighttime Lover
8 Lied to You
9 Deeper
10 You
11 Superstar
12 Vfw
13 One for the Road
14 So Long
15 I Look Good on You
Music Access



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