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10 tracks including "Middle Of The Night", "I'm With It", "I'm Curious", "Hang Out Tonight" and more

16 New Southern Soul Songs


Bigg Robb, Margo Thunder, Bird Williams EP


3 Song CD. 1. Bigg Robb "Evidence" 2. Margo Thunder "Paper Or Plastic" 3. Bird Williams "Sometimes Man"

Beyonce "Reannaisance"



Ne-Yo "Self Explanatory"


1 Layin' Low
2 You Got the Body
3 After Party
4 Handle Me Gently
5 Don't Love Me
6 U 2 Luv
7 Push Up
8 Proud of You
9 Call Me Up
10 What If
11 Want It All or Nothing
12 No Loot
13 Stay Down



20 Southern Soul Hits by Ghetto Cowboy, Nellie Tiger Travis, Floyd Taylor, Ricky White, Carl Sims, Jody Sticker, Billy Soul Bonds, Uvee Hayes, Donnie Ray, Carl Marshall & More.



16 Brand New Tracks






16 New Southern Soul Songs


16 New Southern Soul Songs


7 songs includes the smash hits "Keep On Rollin'", "Leave & Party" & more.


17 songs by King George (different from his own album), Colddrank, P2k Dadiddy, Hoptown, Shay, etc..


01. Don't Play With Love
02. Right Way
03. Just For Me
04. Fell In Love ft. Anthony Hamilton
05. Go To Bed
06. Hooked
07. Karma
08. Incredible Woman
09. One Time
10. Do It
11. So Much
12. Why
13. Just Me
14. Fell In Love (Remix) ft. Anthony Hamilton

Marvin Sapp "Substance"


1. Your Way is Better
2. Relax
3. Serve the Lord (intro)
4. Serve the Lord
5. All in Your Hands
6. Rearrange
7. You Kept Me
8. Guarantee
9. Where You Lead
10. Medley: Not the Time Not the Place/Wait on Jesus
11. Grace and Mercy (25th Anniversary Mix)

Various "Soul Blues Uprising"


17 songs from Nellie Tiger Travis, Clarence Dobbins, Barbara Carr, Chick Willis, Garland Green & more


3 CDs Left

16 New Southern Soul Songs


3 CDs Left

16 New Southern Soul Songs

Blues Mix, Vol. 33: Party Mood Music features some of the biggest party music hits by Ecko Records. Includes Jaye Hammer's biggest hit, "Party Mood" as well as new tracks by Ms. Jody, Ben Ether, Brenda Yancy, Ju Evans, and also featuring O. B. Buchana and David Brinston.


1  We Gonna Party
2 I Think You're Ready
3 You Gon Make Me Cheat
4 Single
5 How Does It Feel
6 Whatcha Working Wit (Talk Version)
7 Lay Up
8 I Wanna Slow Dance
9 Whatcha Workin Wit
10 I'm Still Here
11 Next Thang Smokin
12 Parley

Rue Davis "Back In The Day"

second collection of out-of print hits


1 Im So Glad
2 Just Ask Me
3 24 Hour Love
4 We Were Taylor Made
5 Johnny You Were Our Friend
6 Let Me Lay You Down
7 Set You Free
8 Special
9 Midnight Snack
10 Can I Sing You a Love Song
11 Take Me Back to Farish St.
12 Prefect Combination


1 Living on a Fixed Income (feat. Evette Busby)
2 I Want It
3 Together Forever
4 Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You
5 Don't Gamble with My Love
6 I Got to Have You
7 Let's Get This Party Started
8 I'm Gonna Love You


1 Facebook Love
2 Let Me Work It
3 Let's Weather Our Love
4 Southern Soul Party
5 Why Do You Wanna Hurt Me
6 Let Me Love You
7 You Don't Answer My Call
8 I'm Walking out That Door (Remix)
9 Tonight is the Night


1 Talk in Your Sleep (Radio)
2 What I Want
3 Drop Off
4 Saddle Up
5 Don't Give Me No Lip
6 Honey Hole
7 Southern Girl (feat. Luster Baker)
8 Talk in Your Sleep


1. Show Me
2. Watcha Working With
3. Get Outcha Feelings
4. Damned If I Do
5. Slow Dance
6. Rock It Out
7. Whicha Bad Self
8. Family Reunion
9. Your Love is My Weakness
10. Love Of My Life


1 You Can't Have Your Cake
2 I Don't Want To Lose Your Love
3 I Just Want To Be With You
4 I'm Truely Going To Miss You
5 Let Me Ride That Pony
6 She's Just My Girlfriend
7 I Want To Make Love To You
8 Girl You Got The Right Stuff
9 I'm Just The Man For You
10 We've Got Problems
11 Troubles Don't Last Always (Bonus Gospel Track)


1. Push And Pull
2. Putting In Work
3. Boom Shakalaka
4. Too Damn Good
5. Welcome To The Country
6. Mr. Hide And Go Get It
7. Wrong Door 8.
8. I Wanna Be Your Freak
9. Hit It Again
10. Grandmas Draws


1. Shorty Wanna Hear
2. We Gettin' It In
3. The Same Woman
4. Teasing Me
5. Got Me Drinking
6. Shake That Booty
7. Lying Again
8. Can't Leave This Club
9. Can't Help Myself
10. Run Me My Money
11. Closer I Get To You
12. Just Like Marvin
13. Should've Been At Home
14. Tell Me Who's Loving You
15. She Said She Got A Man
16. You Gone Get Ne In Trouble
17. Don't Leave
18. Call On My Jesus


Betty Padgett "Riding With The Blues"


1 Old School Blues
2 I Don't Want Nobody
3 Call Me
4 Cross Roads
5 He's My Man
6 Everybody Wanna Dance
7 Looking for a Good Man
8 All My Sick Days
9 Let Me Come Back Home
10 Chess Records


1 Guitar Man
2 Too Much Booty Shaking RESURRECTION (new version)
3 Stolen Honey Back Porch
4 My Sidepiece Reinfunkkation
5 Who's Making Love
6 Do Right Woman
7 I Say Never
8 Shouts
9 She Believes In Me
10 I Need Your Hot Loving
11 Top Of The World
12 None Of My Business
13 Somebody Stole My Honey (new version)
14 Too Much Booty Extended


3 CDs Left

1. We Rollin
2. I Came 2 Party
3. Dry Hump
4. She's Leavin'
5. Is It Still Good To Ya?
6. Have My Cake
7. I Can't Stop You
8. I Eat The Whole Thang
9. This Love Of Mine
10. Sing My Blues Away


Contains the soon to be smash hits "WWAA (Women With An Attitude)", "Honey I Love You", "Let's Get Married", "Don't Want No Sidepiece", plus a 2022 version of "Pop It Then Drop It" and his own version of the smash "Ooh Wee" (14 tracks total)


With Wendell B

1  You Aint Gotta Cry No More
2 I'll Be Down in a Minute
3 On the Avene
4 You Don't Wont a Good Woman
5 Decency
6 I Aint No Side Piece Lover
7 You Bout to Make a Girl Work
8 Aint Nobody
9 I Dont Ever Wanna Break Up (with Wendell B)
10 I Just Wontna Thank You

1 Knee Deep Part II
2 My Baby Don't Love Me No More
3 It Sounds Like I'm Lying
4 Give Me Some Credit
5 How Can You Love Me
6 At the Club Tonight
7 Grown Woman Love
8 Send Me That Cashapp
9 Still Pay Bills
10 Southern Soul Party (feat. Jeter Jones)

1 Do What You Came to Do
2 I Can't Keep Loving You
3 Two Step
4 Don't Wanna Be Alone
5 I'm Looking for a Woman
6 Get It In
7 It Don't Hurt Now
8 Same Girl
9 I'm Looking for a Woman (Remix)
10 How You Feel
11 Work That Body
12 Coming Back to You


1 I Need It
2 I Love My Blues
3 Take Me Back
4 Sue's Daughter
5 You Didn't Want What You Had
6 Night Time Lovers
7 Show Me Some Love
8 I Still Want You
9 That Groove
10 I'm the Right Age to Sing the Blues
11 I Work Hard for What I Got
12 Finders Keepers
13 Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Mess up My Day
14 Somebody's Been Talking Too Much


  1 Fantastic
2 Evidence
3 He Cant Do It
4 Good One
5 Ready Ready
6 Country as Hell (feat. Ryan Roth)
7 Toot It Up
8 Grown Man Shhhh
9 I Appreciate You
10 Bang Bang Bang
11 Catfish and Bbq (feat. Theodis Ealey)
12 Solid
13 Lets Party 808 Mix
14 Beautiful (Reggae) [feat. Oui-Wey Collins]
15 Cuttin' Up (Roller Skating Remix) [feat. O.B. Buchana]
16 America (Remix)
17 Country as Hell (Radio Edit) [feat. Ryan Roth]


 14 track "DELUXE" version including

1. Dukes And Boots (Trailride Version)
2. Mississippi River
3. Pray For Me (Addicted)
4. I Just Wanna (Freak You)
5. Let's Bar-B-Cue
6. A Lil Bit Of You Is Better Than None
7. God Blessed Our Love
8. Make It Thru This
9. Chocolate Hennessey
10. Da Loving Hit Different
11. When We Make Love
12. Wife U Up
13. Let That Hurt Go
14. Dukes And Boots

1 Holding These Gators Down [feat. Ric Flair]
2 Plain Ole Country Boy
3 Dirt Road Loving
4 Back That Thang Up
5 Black Horse (Remix)
6 My House [feat. Volton Wright]
7 Breaktime: Country Gurl
8 Get My Shine On
9 Boots Knockin [feat. Urban Mystic]
10 Rain (Remix) [feat. Volton Wright & RnB Pooh & David Jones]
11 Put It In My Face [feat. Terry Rogers]
12 I Shoulda Done Better
13 Hold It In The Road
14 Trailride Party [feat. Just-K]
15 On My Way Home
16 Lady In These Streets [feat. Mizzbehave & KyaraBoo]
17 Trailride Blues
18 Somebody Won't Make It
19 What U See [feat. Deshay]
20 Old School Lovin [feat. Monroe Brown]
21 TC2 (Outro) [feat. Julius Walton]

1 Bring the Freak Out
2 We Ready to Party (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
3 You Need A Good Man
4 Back Yard Party
5 I Need a New Boo
6 Domino Effect
7 Cutie Pie
8 I'm Gonna Win
9 Play Some Old School
10 Stranger Danger

1. The Chosen One
2. Eternity
3. Midwest Party
4. Cherish The Love
5. I'm All I Got, I'm All I Need
6. Heaven
7. Forever
8. Morning Rain
9. Wings
10.Somebody For Everybody


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