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Johnny Rawls "Tiger In A Cage"

1 Tiger in a Cage
2 Born to the Blues
3 Red Cadillac
4 Every Woman Needs a Working Man
5 Reckless Heart
6 Keep It Loose
7 Having a Party
8 Your Love Is Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)
9 Southern Honey
10 Lucy
11 Beast of Burden
12 I Would Be Nothing



Johnny Rawls "Waiting For The Train"  

1. Rain Keep Falling ('til I'm Free)
2. Las Vegas
3. Waiting for the Train
4. I'm in Love
5. California Shake
6. Blackjack Was a Gamble
7. I Shall Be Released
8. Turning Point
9. We Did It
10. Stay with Me



Johnny Rawls "I'm Still Around"

 1 Running Back to You
2 What You Do to Me
3 Darling I Love You
4 Back It up on Me
5 Do-Do-Do-Do
6 I'm Still Around
7 Dancing Tonight
8 Holding On
9 Rock with Me Baby
10 God Been Good to Me
Third Street Cigar 13.99
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Donnie Ray "Two Way Love Affair"


1 Dog House
2 Two Way Love Affair
3 Pop It Baby (Pop That Thang)
4 It's Friday
5 It's Time for Love
6 Take Care of Your Business
7 Outside Love Affair
8 I Wanna Be Your Man
9 Who's Loving You?
10 Don't Want to Be Lonely



Donnie Ray "It's BYOB"

1. It's Byob
2. You've Got It
3. Two Places at the Same Time
4. This Time the Dog Got Caught by the Cat [Remix]
5. Your Love Has Got a Hold on Me
6. It's Love Power
7. I Never Had Nobody to Love Me Like You Do
8. Just One Night
9. Two Can Play That Game
10. I'm Unleveled
11. Come on Let's Dance
Ecko 10.88


Donnie Ray "My Southern Soul"

 1 She's Got That Ooh Wee
2 Grown Folks Spot
3 Still Called The Blues
4 You're So Beautiful
5 On That Gin Ad Juice
6 It's Ladies Night
7 Room 115
8 She Got It Like That
9 You're My Lady
10 Dog House (Extended Club Version)
11 She's Got That Ooh Wee (Extended Club Version)
CDS 12.99


Donnie Ray "She's My Honey Bee"


1 Can We Start Our Love All Over?
2 I Got to Have It
3 Hold It and Roll It
4 She's My Honey Bee
5 I'm Still Waiting on You
6 Stone Cold Party
7 I Knew It Was You
8 Mr. DJ Don't Slow the Party Down
9 I Never Had Nobody Love Me Like You
10I'm Gonna Try Again
11Shake It Baby
12Carolina Swing
13I Can't Take Your Wife Back

Ecko 12.99


Donnie Ray "Drowning In My Own Tears"


  1. Real Good Lover
2. Let's Get This Party Started
3. It's a Groove Party
4. I'm Drowning in My Own Tears
5. Play Something Pretty on My Radio
6. Same Woman
7. What About Me
8. If You're Woman Enough
9. Shakin' It Up
10. You Keep Taking Your Love Away
Ecko 12.99

Donnie Ray "The Best Of"


Who's Rockin' You?
Letter To My Baby (Part 2)
Something About The Music
I'm Gonna Try Again (Southern Soul Shag Mix)
Hip Slide (Part 2)
You're Leaving
Don't Stop My Party
I'm Goin' Back
This Time The Dog Got Caught By The Cat
It's Just A Party Thing
Sensual To Me
I'll Be Good To You
I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home (remix)

Ecko 12.99
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Gerod Rayborn "Call Before You Come"

1. You Been Good To Me
2. I Ain't Going Nowhere
3. You Got To Love Me To Put Up With Me
4. Call Before You Come
5. She Told It
6. Nosey Neighbors
7. Lying Again
8. Tell Them Who I Am
9. I'm A Hustler
10. He Can't Stop You
11. You So Jealous
12. I'll Make It Up To You
13. Loan Me Some Loving
14. Feel Like Prison On My Job
Ecko 12.99


The Real Brown Sugar "I'm Tired Of Being The Woman On The Side"

1. I'm Tired of Being the Woman on the Side
2. If You Make the Money I'll Pay the Bills
3. You Don't Know How To Feel Love
4. Jimmy
5. Somebody Gotta Have Good Sense around a Fool
6. Leave the Past Behind
7. Your Attitude
8. Brown Sugar
9. I'm Tired of Being the Woman on the Side (Extended)
10. If You Make the Money I'll Pay the Bills (Extended)
Aviara Music 12.99


J. Red The Nephew "J Red & Friends"

With Sir Charles Jones, Theodis Ealey, Sharnette Hyter, Columbus Toy, Willie Hill & more

1 Turn It Out (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
2 Call Out My Name (feat. Sharnette Hyter)
3 Shake Something (feat. Columbus Toy & Miss Lady Blues) [Remix]
4 I Love You (feat. NaCole)
5 I Will (feat. Bubbie Smooth)
6 Rock with You (feat. Shay Denise)
7 Drop That (feat. David Aaron & Joe Nice)
8 If You Need Some (feat. Miss Mini)
9 What Your Mama Gave You (feat. Willie Hill)
10 My Good Thang (feat. Bubbie Smooth) [Remix]
11 Keep On Dancing (feat. Theodis Ealey)
12 Back to You (feat. Shay Denise)
Soul Mop 12.88


J-Red "Soul Certified"

1 My Good Thang
2 I Will (feat. Black Diamond)
3 Step Out
4 Give It to Me
5 Loving on You
6 Keep on Dancing
7 Forever and Ever
8 Ms. Grown and Sexy Soul
9 Let's Get Away
10 Catch and Throw It Back
11 We'll Be Alright
12 Let's Get Away (Remix)
13.I Will (Remix) [Fea. Bubbie Smooth]
Soul Mop



Sammie Relford "Solo Flite"

1 I Been Thinking About You
2 I Want You
3 If You Like Candy
4 I'm Blessed
5 I'm Not Trying to Chase You
6 I'm so Glad You're Here
7 Let's Dance
8 My Brother
9 Life Is a Blues Thang
10 Gotta Do Right
11 Do It Slow
12 Love Is Not for Sale
1 Stop Graphics




The Revelations Feat. Tre Williams "Bleeding Edge"

1. Stay Free
2. Graceful Bow
3. The Truth Shall Set You Free
4. Let's Straighten It Out
5. How Do I Tell Him
6. Sorry's Not Enough
7. Everybody Knows
8. I Don't Want to Know
9. Because of You
10. Cheatin'/Secret Lovers
11. It's Too Late
12. Remember the Last Time
13. I Won't Let Go
14. Heavy Metal Blues
15. He's a Hustler
Nia 12.99


Calvin Richardson "All Or Nothing"

1 All Or Nothing
2 The Only One
3 Can't Let Go
4 Treat Her Right
5 I Love The Way
6 Breaking Down Inside
7 Make Me Say Nah Nah Nah
8 Break It Down
9 Flowers
10 Make Up Love
11 Holding On/Can't Let Go



Chuck Roberson "Over In The Woods"

1 Disco Lady
2 Over in the Woods
3 You Been Cheatin' on Me
4 Let Your Love Fall Down
5 She Was Your Wife, but I'm Her Man
6 Do It All Over
7 We're Gonna Have a Party
8 It's Not over Till You Say We're Through
9 Tired of Waiting on You
10 When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
11 Back Stabbing Friend
12 Words
Cruise On



Chuck Roberson "The Devil Made Me Do It"

1. It Shouda Been Me
2. They Got a Room
3. Spare Me the Heartache
4. Hometown Blues
5. I'll Take Care of You
6. The Devil Made Me Do It
7. Woman Enough to Leave
8. It's Not Over
9. Chuck Strut
10. After Our Love Affair
Desert Sound 13.99


Chuck Roberson "2 On 1: For Real This Time + Deep South Southern Soul"

2 full albums 21 songs on one cd REMASTERED SOUND!

1. We're Gonna Have a Party
2. I Want You to Rock Me
3. Show Me What You Working With
4. Love Me or Leave Me Alone
5. Sexy Lady
6. Lollipop Man Can, The (Revenge of the Lollipop Man)
7. Come Back Kind of Lovin'
8. Tired of Waiting
9. Temporary Sugar Daddy
10. At the Hideaway
11. Change Is Gonna Com13
12. Stop! (The Ladies & The Babies)
13. Lonely In This House Tonight
14. She's Gonna Love The One Who Loves Her The Best
15. Deep South Southern Soul
16. I Don't Want To Live Alone
17. Jammin' On The Blues
18. The Woman A Man Is Looking For
19. I'm Gonna Make My Move On You
20. Happy With What I Got
21. Words
CDS 9.49
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Roy Roberts "Back In Love"

1 Back In Love
2 Rock and A Hard Place
3 You're My Lady
4 I'll Be Your Plumber Man
5 Should Have Been Over
6 Let It Be Me
7 I've Got The Blues
8 She Didn't Know
9 I'm A Real Blues Man
10 We Still Together
Rockhouse 12.99

Roy Roberts "Strange Love"

1. My Love Bone
2. I Truly Love You
3. Hey Baby
4. Strange Love
5. I'm Never Gonna Stop
6. Wait for Me
7. A Woman Needs Love
8. We Still Together
9. The Next Time
10. I Can't Wait
Ocean Beach 12.99


Lonnie Robinson "Get Back"

1 Get Back
2 Whoís Gonna Love You Now?
3 Let Me Be Your Pacifier
4 Too Bad
5 Wonderful Lover
6 Outside Woman
7 2 Women
8 Címon Letís Party
9 I Miss You Most
10 I Can Be Your Part Time Lover
11 Make Sweet Love
Aviara Music 12.99

Rude "Crazy Love"

1. Ooh Wee
2. Show Me Baby
3. Let Me Love You
4. No Time For Mystery
5. Zydeco Train
6. Swing Out
7. Good Thang Man (Rude Remix)
8. Crazy Love (with Zapp)
9. Wonderful
10.I Wanna Make Love (with Zapp)
11.Happy In Love
13.Let Me Love You (Remix)
14.Singing Ding A Ling(with Frank Lucas)
15.Singing Ding A Ling- Alternate (with Frank Lucas)
Rude 13.99


Rude "Rude Awakening"

with Lacee', Zapp & Lebrado

1. You're The One
2. U Got That Look
3. I Like It Like That
4. Let's Go Zydeco
5. Fed Up (featuring Lacee')
6. Can't Let Go
7. No Time For Mystery
8. Show Me Baby (Rude Remix)
9. Get On The Zydeco Dance Floor (with Terry "Zapp" Troutman & Chris Ardoin)
10.The Way You Make Me Feel
11.Ain't No Stoppin' Me Now (with Lebrado)
Rude 13.99


Corey Rudolph "Said I'm Looking"

 1. Let's Get It Started
2. If I Can Touch You
3. Said I'm Looking
4. All I Want
5. Sometimes You Can Treat 'Em Right
6. Baby It's Over
7. Sexy Lady
8. So Glad
9. You Don't Have To Cry
10. Tastes Like Candy
Aviara 11.99


Corey Rudolph "Southern Soul Music"

 1. Southern Soul Music
2. Wanna Be A Player
3. Sexy Body
4. There She Go
5. Family Reunion
6. Crying
7. Just Take My Hand
8. Go Party Go
9. In The Morning
with Little Kim Sewart
10. Full Time Lover
11. Mama, I Love You
12. That's Why I Praise Him
CDS 12.99


Bobby Rush "Porcupine Meat"

1 I Don't Want Nobody Hanging Around
2 Porcupine Meat [feat. Vasti Jackson]
3 Got Me Accused
4 Snake In The Grass
5 Funk O' De Funk
6 Me, Myself And I [feat. Joe Bonamassa]
7 Catfish Stew
8 It's Your Move
9 Nighttime Gardener [feat. Keb' Mo']
10 I Think Your Dress Is Too Short
11 Standing On Shaky Ground
12 I'm Tired (Tangle Eye Mix)


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Angel Faye Russell "A Taste Of Angel"

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