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Sonny Mack "Going For Gold" LISTEN


 1. Playing Catch Up
2. It's Saturday Night
3. Let Me Change My Mind
4. You Do That To Me
5. Mack The Blues Man
6. Guitar Licker
7. La La La
8. I Forgot To Say I Love You
9. Going For Gold
10. I Only Get Laid When I Get Paid
11. Her Heart Belongs To Only You
12. Bang That Thang
13. Moon Over Memphis
14. Midnight Man

Ecko 12.99


Sonny Mack "Get On Up" LISTEN

1 Cheatin' Is the Only Way to Go
2 Get on Up!
3 Clean up Man
4 Goody Good Good Stuff
5 Sit Her on the Table
6 I Got to Get Myself Together
7 Another Man's Been on It
8 Dig a Little Deeper
9 It Ain't What's in Your Pocket
10 Body Drain
11 Somebody's Been Fishin' in My Private Fishin' Hole
12 Cheatin' Ain't No Fun


Taj Mahal "Taj's Blues"

1.1. Leaving Trunk
2. Statesboro Blues
3. Everybody's Got to Change Sometime
4. Frankie and Albert
5. Bound to Love Me Some
6. East Bay Woman - (previously unreleased)
7. Dust My Broom
8. Corrina
9. Jellyroll
10. Fishin' Blues
11. Sounder Medley: Needed Time #2/Curiosity Blues/Horse Shoes/Needed Tim
12. Country Blues No. 1



Taj Mahal & Keb Mo "Tajmo" LISTEN

1. Don't Leave Me Here
2. She Knows How to Rock Me
3. All Around the World
4. Om Sweet Om
5. Shake Me in Your Arms
6. That's Who I Am
7. Diving Duck Blues
8. Squeeze Box
9. Ain't Nobody Talkin'
10. Soul
11. Waiting on the World to Change
Concord 13.99

Taj Mahal "World Music"

Great collection of Taj's Reggae-flavored Soul! Recommended.

1. When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul
2. My Ancestors
3. Slave Driver
4. West Indian Revelation
5. Kalimba
6. Desperate Lover
7. Clara "St. Kitts Woman"
8. Cajun Waltz
9. Roll, Turn, Spin
10. Johnny Too Bad
11. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
12. Blackjack Davey
13. Music Keeps Me Together
14. When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul (Reprise)



Carl Marshall "Good Loving Will Make You Cry: Greatest Hits" LISTEN

First full career best of! The ULTIMATE Carl Marshall CD!

1. Ain't No Party Like A Grown Folks Party
2. This Is For Grown Folks
3. Good Loving Will Make You Cry
4. Looking For A Real Woman
5. Look Good For you
6. Frim The Church To The Motel
7. Jus' Blues (with Bobby Rush & Lucky Peterson)
8. You Can't Stop A Woman
9. Let's Step (Laughing & Stepping) with Rue Davis
10. Show Some Sign
11. Good Loving Will Make You Cry Pt. 2 (I Cried)
12. Alberta
13. I Want Some More
14. A Woman Want A Man She's Don't Want No Punk
15. I Lived It All
16. Make A Joyful Noise
17. 21st Century Grown Folks Party (with Mel Waiters, Garland Green, Patrick Green & more)


Carl Marshall "Songs People Love The Most Vol, 2" LISTEN


 1. 21st Century Grown Folks Party [New Version] - (featuring Garland Green/Lady Audrey/Gregg A. Smith/Mel Waiters/Patrick Green)
2. Show Some Sign [New Version]
3. I Didn't Wanna Cry (Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry, Pt. 2) [New Version]
4. Living In Love
5. God Won't Let America Separate
6. Bootleggers Gimmie My Money - (remix)
7. You're Mine
8. Look Good For You [New Version]
9. From The Church To The Motel [New Version]
10. I'll Wait [New Version]
11. All The Big Shots Been Shot
12. Joyful Noise To The Lord!

CDS 11.99


Carl Marshall "Love Brings Me Back To You" LISTEN

Long awaited return of Carl Marshall!!!


1 Cheating Town
2 Sugar
3 I Owe It All to the Blues
4 The Walk
5 I'm Tired of Missing You
6 Laughing and Stepping (feat. Rue Davis)
7 Love Brings Me Back to You
8 Love Touch Up
9 I Wanna Know (What Kind of Love You Got)
10 Ladies Know Your Worth (Remix)
11 Wind It up! (Single Remix)
12 From the Church to the Motel (original)

Music Access 13.99

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Blind Ricky McCants "Let's Get The Party Started" LISTEN


1 What's Up
2 I Caught You With Your Drawers Down
3 I'm Gonna Love My Baby
4 Put A Liplock On That Thang
5 Let's Get The Party Started
6 Old School Girl
7 Bop A Strut
8 It's Cool To Fall In Love
9 I Know The Truth
10 Loving Everything You Do
11 I Want It

Aviara Music 11.99

Stephanie McDee "Taking Care Of Business" LISTEN

 1. Annie Mae's Caf?e
2. I Took Another Woman's Problem
3. Taking Care of Business
4. It's a Party At the Trail Ride
5. I'm Leaving You
6. Nothing Like a House Party
7. Running In and Out (of My Life)
8. You Make Me Cry
9. We Make the Struggle Look Good
10. Ghetto Child
11. Southern Soul Party
12. Do What You Wanna To Me
13. We Make the Struggle Look Good [Remix]
Music Access



Val McKnight "Independent Woman" LISTEN


1 It's Party Time
2 Independent Woman
3 Juke Joint Party
4 Head Bitch in Charge
5 Make Me Shout Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!
6 I'm a Love Starved Woman
7 Watch That Booty Do
8 I'll Be Seeing You Around
9 You Put One over the Fence
10 Move Your Body
11 Who Doo Woman
12 Good Lovin' Daddy




Vivacious Val McKnight "Red Hot Lover" 


1. Red Hot Lover
2. Members Only - (featuring Larry Addison)
3. Juke Joint Party
4. Move Your Body
5. Wet Match - (featuring George Jackson)
6. Flicker in the Flame
7. Jody Got the Job Done
8. Blues is a Serious Thing
9. Who Doo Woman
10. Freak In Me
11. Two is Company
12. When You Were Here With Me

VVM 12.99

Wilson Meadows "Transformation" LISTEN


1. Intro (Prelude)
2. I'm Missing You
3. It Is What It Is
4. Bad News
5. Hold On
6. I Wanna Get Witcha Baby
7. Misty Blue
8. I Can't Understand
9. Don't Take It Away
10. Hold Your Love

Brimstone 13.99

Wilson Meadows "Man Up!"

1. Personal Matter
2. Thank You
3. Man Up
4. Go Get That Love
5. Don't Make Me Waste My Love
6. It Ain't Rainin' On Nobody's House But Mine
7. Wer Can't Fall In Love
8. Bad News
9. Step
10. It Is What It Is (Remix)
Brimstone 12.99

Wilson Meadows "Tighten Up" LISTEN

1. Can You Hang
2. I Wanna See You
3. I'm Gonna Tighten Up
4. I Promise
5. Still My Love
6. She's Gone
7. Sweet It Be
8. Hold On
9. Where Will This Leave Me
10.Don't Take It Away
11.Go On And Cry
12.Let's Do Tat Thang
Brimetone 12.99
Wilson Meadows "Love Bomb" LISTEN  
1. Love Bomb
2. I Wanna See You
3. Step
4. Dedicated to the One I Love
5. I Got the Right One
6. Explain It
7. She's Gone
8. California Girl
9. Everybody Needs Help
10. Body Power
BGR 13.99

Frank Mendenhall "Sweet Love"

1. True Love
2. Don't Care About That
3. Sweet Love
4. Learn To Give Love
5. Sad Side Of The City
6. Never Let You Get Away
7. Can't Give It All Up
8. You That I Love
9. If You Didn't Come To Party
10. Rub-A-Dub Style
11. Trouble In Your Life
12. Cut-Tail And Run

Wurts Act


Michelle Miller "Good Loving Made Me Cry" LISTEN

1. Good Loving Made Me Cry
2. I'm Looking for the Party
3. I Trusted You
4. The Bills Don't Stop
5. I'd Rather Be Alone with Nobody
6. I Got My Love Sleeping Next to Me
7. I'd Rather Not Say I Hurt
8. Get Your Groove On
9. I Can Satisfy
10. I'm Looking for the Party (club mix)


Little Milton "Greatest Hits"  
1. The Blues Is Alright
2. Room 244
3. Annie Mae's Cafe
4. Nothin' to Write Home About
5. My Dog and Me
6. Strugglin' Lady
7. I Was Tryin' Not to Break Down
8. Little Bluebird
9. Walking the Back Streets and Crying
10. Catch You on Your Way Down
11. Possum in My Tree, A
12. Murder on Your Hands
13. Comeback Kind of Love
14. Going, Going, Gone
Malaco 12.99
Little Milton "The Very Best Of"  
11. If That Ain't a Reason (For Your Woman to Leave You)
2. I'm Living Off the Love You Give
3. That's What Love Will Make You Do
4. Before the Honeymoon
5. Walking the Back Streets and Crying
6. Eight Men and Four Woman
7. I'm Gonna Cry a River
8. Let Me Down Easy
9. Rainy Day
10. Little Bluebird
11. What It Is
12. Tin Pan Alley
13. Behind Close Doors
14. Woman Across the River
15. Let Me Back In
16. If You Talk in Your Sleep
17. Packed up and Took My Mind
Stax 10.99

Little Milton

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Renea Mitchell "The Road Of Love" LISTEN  
Jomar 12.99


Dorothy Moore "Blues Heart" LISTEN


 1. Coming Down With the Blues
2. Let the Healing Begin
3. Make Up
4. My Time On Earth
5. When the Hurt Comes Down
6. I Found Someone
7. Nosey Neighbors
8. Institutionalize
9. Merry Go Round
10. Ode to Billie Joe

Farish Street 12.99

Dave Morris "In And Out Of Love" LISTEN

1. I'll Treat You Right
2. Consistency
3. She Likes to Move
4. She's Gone
5. Give Me the Chance
6. Oh Oh La La
7. Love Caravan
8. Rendezvous
9. Lady
10. Simple Things
11. Tears of Joy
12. You Know I Love You
13. I'll Never Love Again
14. I'm Done
Wilbe 12.88
Stan Mosley "2 On 1: Man Up & I'm Comin' Back"

2 albums on 1 CD

1. I Came To Party
2. Man Up
3. Mr DJ
4. Backbone
5. Startin' 2 Stop
6. You & Me
7. Crazy 4 U
8. Bitter With the Sweet
9. Bartstool Woman
10. Something U Got
11. Family Reunion (Change)
12. I'm Comin' Back
13. Shake It Off
14. I Can't Live Without 'Cha
15. So In Love
16. Love Touchup
17. Lockdown
18. I Need You To Fight You For Me
19. So-Called Friends
20. But You Will I Don't Know How You're Gonna Move
CDS 9.88

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Jo Jo Murray "From The Inside" LISTEN

1. Can't Stop Loving You
2. You Need Help Boy
3. Baby That Hurt
4. From the Inside
5. I'm in Love
6. Bring It On Up
7. I Can't Get Over You
8. Stop That Knockin'
9. Sweet Thang
10. Do You Remember


Mystery Man "My Ship Is Coming In"


1. Bump And Grind With Me
2. My Ship Is Coming In
3. Go The Whole Nine Yards
4. Bitchy Mama
5. Lovin' You
6. Let's Dance
7. I'll Never Stop Lovin' You
8. Baby Dance With Me
9. Can't Get Enough
10. Fool For You
11. Hole In The Wall Cafe'
12. Hole In The Wall Cafe' (remix)

Ecko 13.99

Mystery Man "What's Wrong With Our Love?" LISTEN


1. Woman, What's Wrong with Our Love?
2. Hole in the Wall Café
3. I Wanna Make Love to You Tonight
4. Take It to the Limit
5. Jody's Got My Tu Tu
6. If I Had You in My Arms Tonight
7. Baby, Dance with Me
8. I'll Be the Fool for You
9. Better Stop Doggin' Me Around
10. Learn to Respect Your Woman

Ecko 13.99


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