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Mr. Sam "Make Time (For Her)" LISTEN

1 Baby I Changed My Mind
2 Go to Work
3 She Don't Want Me No More
4 Zydeco Sum Mo
5 Baby I'm Scared of You
6 I Tip Toed in It
7 Make Time
8 Broke as Hell
9 Stand by Man
10 Zydeco Sum Mo (Remix)
11 Go to Work (Rap Version)
Ecko 12.99

Mr. Sam "Just Like Dat" LISTEN

 1. Just Like Dat
2. Cheatin'
3. How Do You Keep
4. Bring It Back
5. All I Need
6. Put a Little Water With It
7. Down At Cee Cee's
8. (Mama n' Dems) Hole in the Wall
9. Certified Lady
10. Good Good Love (with Archie Love & OB Buchana)
Ecko 12.99

Mr. Sam "Love Attack"

1. Nuthin But a Party
2. Love Attack
3. Just Be Mine Tonight
4. Somebody
5. Put Yo Foot In It
6. Long Goodbye
7. What Kind of Love
8. Wobble
9. Heaven
10. Done My Time
11. Long Goodbye
Mr. Sam 13.99
David Sea "Love Makes The World Go Around" LISTEN  
1. One Love
2. Love Makes the World Go Round
3. Stay in My Arms
4. Sure Feels Good Being with You
5. Just Because
6. Love Ain't Love
7. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
8. Turn out the Stars
9. Please Remember Me
10. Hook Up from the Heart
11. Waiting for You
Park Place 12.99
Marvin Sease "Who's Got The Power" LISTEN  
1. Power of Coochie
2. I'm Coming Home
3. Quiet As It's Kept
4. She's My Woman
5. I Love You
6. I Do Baby
7. My Dog Won't Bark
8. Gone On
9. Denying Our Love
10. I Can't Let You Go
11. I'll Take Care of You
12. Blues Town
Malaco 12.99
"I Got Beat Out" (Jive 2002) Marvin Sease "I Got Beat Out"  

1. I Got Beat Out
2. I'm Hooked on You
3. I Can't Afford to Be Caught
4. Do You Qualify
5. So Glad You're Mine
6. You Should Be Grateful
7. Who You Been Giving It To?
8. I'm Going Out
9. More Will Be Said Than Done



The Best Of Marvin Sease" (Polygram 1997) Marvin Sease "The Best Of"  
1. Candy Licker
2. Ghetto Man
3. Do It Tonight - (non-LP single)
4. Show Me What You Got
5. I Ate You for My Breakfast
6. Same Old Woman
7. Motel Lover
8. I Stand Accused
9. Dreaming
10. Stuck in the Middle
11. Tell Me Why
12. Lately
13. Double Crosser
14. Let's Get Married Today
Polygram 11.99
Live With The Candy Licker" (Malaco 2005) Marvin Sease "Live With The Candy Licker" CD (also available as DVD)  
1. Hittin and Runnin
2. Marvin's Testimony
3. Live My Life Again
4. I'm Mr. Jody
5. I Can't Believe
6. Sit Down on It
7. Stuck in the Middle
8. Double Crosser
9. Dreaming
10. I Ate the Whole Thing
11. Don't Forget to Tell on You
12. Hoochie Momma
13. Please Take Me
14. Candy Licker
Malaco 12.99

Marvin Sease Looking For More Marvin Sease CDs & DVDs?  


The Second Resurrection "s/t"

First CD release of 70s funk band



Stanson 11.99
Carl Sims "Are You Serious?" LISTEN  
1 Are You Serious
2 Go On
3 Six Pack of Common Sense
4 Just Because
5 If I Could I Would
6 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (feat. Debra Benson)
7 Trapped "live"
8 17 Days of Loving "live"
9 All These Things
10 Just One Night
11 I Want to Thank You for Loving Me
Soul Singer 14.99


Carl Sims "Hell On My Hands" LISTEN

 1. Hell On My Hands
2. Still The One
3. Trail Ride
4. Thinkin' About You
5. New Address
6. I Choose You
7. Go On
8. Sugar Daddy
9. You Don't Have To Be A Star
10. Just One Night
CDS 12.99

Carl Sims "The Best Of"

1 It's Just a Party
2 Player Haters
3 I Needed a Woman
4 If You Can't Help Me (Remix)
5 It Ain't a Juke Joint Without the Blues
6 You've Been Lyin'
7 I Like This Place
8 Let's Do It Together
9 Step to the Left
10 I Wanna Do Wrong With You
11 I've Been Cheatin'
12 It's Just a Party (Remix)
13 If You Can't Help Me
14 I Like This Place (Remix)
Ecko 12.99

Carl Sims  

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Mr. Sipp "It's My Guitar" LISTEN




Mr Sipp "Mississippi Blues Child"

 1. TMBC
2. Jump The Broom
3. In The Fire
4. Hole In My Heart
5. Say The Word
6. Sipp Slide
7. Nobody's Business
8. Jackpot
9. What Is Love
10. VIP
11. Tonight
12. Hold It In The Road
13. Be Careful
14. Too Much Water



Mr. Sipp "Knock A Hole In It" LISTEN

1 Knock a Hole in It
2 Bad Feeling
3 Stalking Me
4 Sea of Love
5 Gotta Let Her Go
6 Going Down
7 Baby Your Mine
8 Juke Joint
9 Strings Attached
10 Turn Up
11 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
12 Love Yourself
13 Little Wing
Malaco 10.88

Gregg A. Smith "Wanted: One Soul Man" LISTEN


1. Can You Still Drop It?(4:49)
2. Still Pretty(4:56)
3. Over My Head(3:52)
4. Time to Go to Work [Remix](4:07)
5. Ms. Katie(4:15)
6. Leave Well Enough Alone(3:46)
7. If I Have to Buy Your Friendship...(3:20)
8. I Don't Like Some Things that You Like(4:12)
9. Take Care of You for Me(3:43)
10. Precious Lord(3:47)

CDS 12.99

Gregg A Smith "Forever Young" LISTEN

1 1. Forever Young (with eterson & Carl Marshall)
2. Everywhere I Go They Want My Woman
3. Johnny, Don't Give YBobby Rush, Lucky Pour Woman To Frank
4. Let's Keep It Private
5. He Put The Right Woman Out He Put The Wrong Woman In
6. I Haven't Been A Loving Man All Of My Life
7. When It's Just The Two Of Us
8. We Need A Friend
9. Time To Go To Work
10.When People Talk
11.Forever Young Inst.
12.We Ain't Got Long To Stay Here
CDS 12.99

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TK Soul "Ghetto Superstar" LISTEN  

1. Tk Soul Intro
2. Blues to Southern Soul
3. Street Light
4. The Soul Glide
5. The Greatest Emotion 2
6. A Good Man
7. Take Care of Home
8. Thank You
9. Superwoman Superman
10. Ghetto Superstar (Keep On Steppin)
11. Dont Make Me Beg
12. We Gonna Party Tonight
13. Tk Soul Radio Show

Soulful 17.99

T.K. Soul "Hits Reloaded"

all the best from T.K.!

1. Cheap Ass Man
2. Somebody Loves You
3. A Good Man
4. I Wonna Hold My Baby
5. If U Sexy Clap Ya Hands
6. Caught Up
7. Merry Go Round
8. If U Don't Want Me
9. Single Woman
10.Looking For A Lady
11.Cheating And Lying
13.Zydeco Bounce
14.It Ain't Cheating 'Til You Get Caugh
15.Party Like Back In The Day
16.Try Me


T.K. Soul "Love Games" (Soulful) Looking For TK SOUL CDs?  

TK Soul


Soul Unlimited feat. Ellis Blake "Good Lovin'" LISTEN

1. Good Lovin
2. I'd Rather Have You Than Memories
3. Diamond in the Rough
4. Try Me
5. I Love the Way You Look
6. I Found Joy
7. Cowboys
8. I'm for Real
9. Let's Do It Over and Try Again
10. I'm Tired of Waiting On Your Love
Brimstone 13.99

Special "Tired Of Being Quiet"

Written & Produced by Bigg Robb


  1. Bigg Robb Presents Ms Special
2. They Dont Want Nothin(But Some Umm-Umm)
3. I Dont Mind Being There For My Man
4. Sick N Tired
5. Message From Special
6. Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend (Woman to Woman)
7. Down South Party
8. Why U Tryin 2 Holla @ Me?
9. It Must Be Love
10. Goin to the Club
11. Message From Bigg Robb
12. Baby im Sorry-da Problem Solvas

Over 25 Sound 14.99

The Staple Singers "The Very Best Of"  
1. Long Walk to D.C.
2. The Ghetto
3. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
4. When Will We Be Paid
5. Brand New Day (Theme from the Landlord)
6. Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom)
7. Love Is Plentiful
8. Who Took the Merry out of Christmas
9. You've Got to Earn It
10. Respect Yourself
11. I'll Take You There
12. This World
13. Oh La de Da
14. Be What You Are
15. If You're Ready (Come Go with Me)
16. Make a Friend Touch a Hand
17. City in the Sky
18. My Main Man/There Is a God: My Main Man / There Is A God
19. Back Road into Town
20. I Got to Be Myself
Stax 11.99


Bob Steele "Life With Women" LISTEN

Rare CD Back In Stock

Limited Stock!

1 Girl's Got It Goin' On
2 Yo Dress Is Too Short
3 It Must Be Jelly
4 She Lives Across the River
5 Still On My Feet
6 Old School
7 It's Drivin' Me Crazy
8 Tell the Truth
9 You Keep Turning Me On
10 You Gonna Be Alright
11 But You
Sound Mindz 12.99


Jimmy 100% Sterling "I Lived It All" LISTEN


  1.Heavy Love
2.I'm The One That Should've Been
3.Never Gonna Give You Up
4.I Lived It All
5.At Least I Tried (New Version)
6.I'm In Love With A Woman
7.Statue Of A Fool
8.You Could Lose It All
9.Thank Yous
10.I Lived It All (Extended)
Bonus Tracks:
11.I Believe In Love
12.Got To Give It Up
13.At Least I Tried (Original Version)

CDS 12.99


Jody Sticker "2 On 1: Mr. Booty Do Right + Make It Move" LISTEN

2 Out Of Print Albums On 1 CD 22 Songs!

   1. Booty Do Right
2. I Can't Show My Hand
3. Roll That Thang (with Sir Charles Jones)
4. Kitty Missing, Kitty Loose
5. Sugar Daddy, Love Daddy
6. Sex Release
7. I'm Movin' in (with Mel Waiters)
8. Mama's Love
9. Party Starter
10. Sacrifice for Love (with Sir Charles Jones)
11. Where I Come From
12. Make It Move
13 You Make My House A Home
14 Cheating Game
15 The Little Things
16 I Know How To Treat My Lady
17 Step On My Own Heart
18 Give That Money Up
19 Brother Buck Naked
20 Place Taker
21 Blues Southern Soul Haunted House
22 Scoop It (bonus track)
CDS 9.88

Jody Sticker ""I've Got The Motor For The Boat"  LISTEN

1. Make That Tooty Talk
2. Do You Think About Me
3. In The Room With Fissy Mae
4. Them People Be Lying On Me
5. You Going To Candy Lickin' School
6. Make That Tooty Talk (Club Mix)
7. I'm Ready To Love Someone
8. Fly Away Marvin
9. I've Got The Motor For The Boat
10.Do You Think About Me (Remix)
Silent M 12.99

Looking For More Jody Sticker CDs?   JODY STICKER

Mose Stovall "Groove U" LISTEN  
1. Groove U Baby
2. Blue
3. Been There Done That
4. Don't Stop The Music
5. Good Loving
6. Party
7. Sneakin
8. Turning Point
9. Dance
10. Get Some Lovin Tonite
11. Miss U
Soul 1st 12.99

Bobby Stringer "I'm Not To Blame" LISTEN  

1. Over Through the Woods
2. Somebody Else's Somebody
3. Blues Is In the House
4. Before You
5. I'm Not To Blame
6. I've Been Trying To Get Next To You
7. Funky Goodtime
8. Call Me
9. Prove My Love
10. Brand New Me

Aviara 9.99

Chuck Strong "Faithful To A Married Woman" LISTEN  
1. Big Women Make the Best Lovers
2. She Had to Do Bad
3. Faithful to a Married Woman
4. I Got a Good Woman Now
5. I Didn't Know What I Had
6. You Are Just What I Needed
7. Sugar Daddy
8. Outside Woman
9. 3 into 2 Won't Go
10. No Problem
11. Rainbow
12. Grown and Sexy
Waldoxy 12.99

Chuck Strong "She's Not The Cheating Kind" (Miss Butch 1995) Looking For More Chuck Strong CDs?   CHUCK STRONG


Sweet Angel "Can't Walk Away" LISTEN

1. Take a Look
2. Hold Back the Booga Bear
3. I Need a Real Love
4. Steps to Love (Remix)
5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
6. Juking at the Hole in the Wall (Remix)
7. I Got Your Back
8. Still Crazy for You (Remix) [Radio Version]
9. Canít Walk Away [Radio Version]
10. I Wanna Ride It
11. How Low Can You Go?
12. Thrill Is Real
13. This Is My Prayer (If Itís for Me)
14. Still Crazy for You (Remix)
15. Canít Walk Away
SA 13.99

Sweet Angel "Bold Bitch" LISTEN

1. Butt Up!
2. The Tongue Don't Need No Viagra
3. I'm Gonna Give You Good Love
4. Don't Let the Clean Up Woman Pick Up Your Man
5. I'm Movin' Up
6. Good Girls Do Bad Things
7. Let Me Be Your Angel
8. Blow That Thang Sweet Angel
9. Outside Tail
10. Bold Bitch
Ecko 13.99

Sweet Angel "A Girl Like Me" LISTEN

 1. A Girl Like Me
2. I'd Rather Be By Myself
3. Mrs. Number Two
4. I've Got to Get Paid
5. What I Want What I Need
6. Last Night Was Your Last Night
7. Don't Be Lonely, Be Loved
8. I Like The Money, But I Don't Like The Job
9. I'm Working On My Job
10. The Comfort Of My Man
11. Roll
12. Do You Feel Alright
13. Butt Up Remix
Ecko 13.99
Looking For Sweet Angel CDs?   SWEET ANGEL


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