southern soul blues

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Soul Blues DVD
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Various "Southern Soul Smashes 6" LISTEN

1 Ghetto Cowboy “Let’s Party”
2 Stephanie Pickett “Back Door Lover”
3 William Calhoun “I Want A Mirror At The Foot Of My Bed”
4 Ricky White “Stay Out Of My Business”
5 Nellie Tiger Travis “Slap Your Weave Off (Remix)”
6 Jerry L. “Jealous”
7 El’ Willie “Nobody”
8 The Real Brown Sugar “If You Make The Money I’ll Pay All The Bills”
9 Donnie ay “I Wnna Be Your Man”
10 Carl Marshall “Cheating Town”
11 Stan Mosley “Man Up”
12 Captain Jack Watson “Brand New Man”
13 Bobbye Doll Johnson “Baby Daddy”
CDS 11.99


Various Artists "Blues Mix 22 Down South Soul" LISTEN

contains 12 tracks from artists like O.B. Buchana, Ms. Jody, Jaye Hammer, David Brinston, Donnie Ray, Sheba Potts-Wright & more.




Various Artists "Southern Soul Mixtape Vol. 2" LISTEN

TK Soul presents....

1 Single Woman
by Tk Soul
2 Rules to the Game
by Nikita
3 Do U Really Love Me
by Rhomey
4 Tha Baddest
by Magic One
5 Give Love a Chance
by O Flava Psi
6 Calling All the Riders
by Tk Soul
7 Sexy Ain't Got No Age
by Magic One
8 Must Be Your Jam
by O Flava Psi
9 The Way You Swang (feat. Diotti Kartel)
by Tk Soul
10 When It's Christmas Time (feat. Tha Don, Rhomey, Mr. Juicy & Magic One)
by Tk Soul



Various Artists "Blues Mix 21: Booty Shakin' Soul" LISTEN

1 It's Booty Shakin' Time
by O. B. Buchana
2 Making That Booty Roll
by Jaye Hammer
3 Get on Up! (Remix)
by Sonny Mack
4 Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide
by Ms. Jody
5 Why Can't I Be Your Lover
by O. B. Buchana
6 Bottoms Up
by Quinn Golden
7 I Came to Party
by David Brinston
8 Shake a Tail Feather
by Ms. Jody
9 It Sho Wasn't Her
by Donnie Ray
10 I Ain't Leaving Mississippi
by Jaye Hammer
11 Can You Pop That Trunk
by Quinn Golden
12 Hole in the Wall Café
by Mystery Man



Various Artists "Southern Soul Vol. 1" LISTEN

1 Party (Radio)
by Nepoleon, Background Vocals Stone Paxton & Floyed Fuller
2 Living a Lie
by Katrenia
3 A Lie Dont Care Who Tell It
by Napoleon & Ron G Ronald Suggs
4 Step
by Napolean & Floyed Fuller
5 Shake
by Lady T.
6 Cut It
by Mr Zay & Xavier Ayerts
7 Never Get It All
by Rashad the Blues Kid & Jessup Lashawn Crosby
8 U Got It
by Uncle Wayne
9 Damn
by Napolean & Marcello nine
10 Let Me Get It for the Last Time
by Napolean & Gerry Roberts



Various Artists "Southern Soul Smashes 5" LISTEN

Includes new songs and hits from Ricky White, Patrick Henry, Patrick Green, Jim Bennett, Floyd Taylor & more.

1 Cookie Thang
by Ricky White
2 Leave That Man's Wife Alone
by Carl Marshall
3 Same First Name
by Patrick Henry, Patrick Green
4 Dog House
by Donnie Ray
5 Plumber Man (Extended Version)
by Charles Wilson
6 If You Don't Want Me
by Ricky White
7 Wanna Make Love
by Floyd Taylor
8 Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse
by Barbara Carr
9 Clean It Up
by Nellie Tiger Travis
10 Two Way Love Affair
by Donnie Ray
11 Hell on My Hands
by Carl Sims
12 I'm Ready to Party
by Jim Bennett
13 If You Ain't Got a Good Woman
by Carl Marshall


Various Artists "Southern Soul Hits 1"

1. Your Dog's About to Kill My Cat
2. Let's Get Drunk - O.B. Buchana
3. I'm a Nibble Man - Lee "Shot" Williams
4. Pay Before You Pump - Denise LaSalle
5. Somebody's Cuttin My Cake - David Brinston
6. I Like This Place - Carl Sims
7. I Never Take a Day Off- Ms Jody
8. You're Leaving - Donnie Ray
9. Big Hand Man - Sheba Potts-Wright
10. I Needed a Woman - Carl Sims
11. Snap Crackle and Pop - Denise LaSalle
12. Letter to My Baby - Donnie Ray
13. I Should Have Stayed Scared - Luther Lackey
14. Dance Party - Quinn Golden



Various Artists "Blues Mix 20: Grown Folks Blues" LISTEN

1 I Tip Toed in It
by Mr. Sam, O. B. Buchana
2 Swing On (Remix)
by O. B. Buchana
3 Stand by Man
by Mr. Sam
4 I Did It (Remix)
by Ms. Jody
5 Carolina Swing
by Donnie Ray
6 Love Talk
by James Payne
7 The Real Deal
by Sheba Potts-Wright
8 That Groove
by Rick Lawson
9 Cheatin' Is the Only Way to Go (Radio Version)
by Sonny Mack
10 Come a Little Closer
by Ms. Jody
11 She Used to Be My Girl
by Donnie Ray
12 I'm a Love Starved Woman
by Val McKnight



Ricky White & Friends "Combination 3" LISTEN

with Vick Allen, Donnie Ray, Nathaniel Kimble, Jerry L, Vickie Baker, Ghetto Cowboy, Stevie J., Adrena, TK Soul & more

1 Pop It Baby
by Donnie Ray
2 Baby You're Ready
by Ricky White
3 Body Roll
by Ricky White & Nathaniel Kimble
4 Sunshine Lady
by Vick Allen & Ricky White
5 My Main Squeeze
by ghetto cowboy
6 Hit It Again
by Stevie J.
7 Sit on My Face
by Nathaniel Kimble
8 Let's Chill
by Jerry L.
9 Good Thang
by adrena
10 Real Woman
by Ricky White
11 Do Me
by Henry Rhoades
12 Let Me Love You
by Candi Man
13 Sneaking & Cheating
by Vickie Baker
14 Redbone
by Ricky White & T.K. Soul



Various Artists "Blues Mix 19: Total Southern Soul" LISTEN

1 Don't Back up off It by Ms. Jody
2 Cheatin' Is the Only Way to Go by Sonny Mack
3 Trail Ride by Jaye Hammer
4 Hold It and Roll It (Remix) by Donnie Ray
5 I Got to Get Myself Together by Sonny Mack
6 It's Party Time by Val McKnight
7 No Money Blues by Big Poppa G
8 Double Dealer by Ms. Jody
9 Just Be a Man About It by O. B. Buchana
10 I Wanna Have Some Fun by Rick Lawson
11 I Got a Mule to Ride by Joe Blues Butler
12 Red Onions by Dr. Feelgood Potts



Various Artists "Southern Soul Mixtape Vol. 1" LISTEN

TK Soul presents....

1. If u sexy clap ya hands - Nathaniel Kimble/ TK SOUL
2. Merry go round - TK SOUL
3. Hell naw - THA Don
4. It's the weekend - Magic One
5. That's my boo - luster baker
6. Head bad - Rhomey
7. Lonely man -RHOMEY
8. One on one - Magic one
9. Ready to step tonight - THA Don
10. Lady soul slide -Lady Soul
11. Watch them haters -TK SOUL
12. They call me mr. Juicy -Luster baker
13. Party fever - Vickie Baker
14. My main thang - Luster Baker/TK SOUL



Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 4" LISTEN

1. Southern Soul Showdwn [Throwdown Remix] - Sir Jonathan Burton (remix
2. Let Me See You Back It Up - Charles Wilson (previously unreleased)
3. My Main Squeeze - Ghetto Cowboy (previously unreleased)
4. Ricky White Shuffle - Ricky White
5. I'm a Woman - Nellie Tiger Travis
6. Looking for a Real Woman - Carl Marshall
7. Only Time I Get Lonely [Club Version] - Stephanie Pickett
8. Too Much Booty Shakin' [Fabulous Abracadabulous Remix] - Sir Jonathan Burton (remix)
9. Everybody's Dancin' - Vel Omarr
10. Pull Up From Behind - Bobbye Johnson
11. Shake [Remix] - Ricky White (remix)
12. Everyone Celebrate - Floyd Taylor
13. I Came to Party - Stan Mosley


Various Artists "Blues Mix 2: Old School Blues" LISTEN

Finally Back In Print

1. Mr. Jody You Did Your Job - Sheba Potts-Wright (previously unreleased)
2. Put A Little Water With It - Mr. Sam (previously unreleased)
3. Love Monkey - Donnie Ray
4. previously unreleased) Hole In The Wall Caf? - Mystery Man (remix
5. The - Ms. Jody Spank
6. A Woman Ain't No Fool - O.B. Buchana
7. previously unreleased) Good Looks Can Get Him But It Takes Good Lovin' To keep Him Home - Barbara Carr (remix
8. Something I Want - Ms. Jody/David Brinston
9. Hell Sent Me You - Denise LaSalle
10. A Woman Can Take It And She Can Dish It Out - Barbara Carr
11. You Put The Hoo Doo On The Hoo Doo Man - Chuck Roberson (previously unreleased)
12. Tribute To Marvin - Big John Cummings (previously unreleased)



Various Artists "Blues Mix 18 Southern Soul Party" LISTEN

1 Ghetto Funk
by O. B. Buchana
2 Let's Hear It for the DJ
by Jaye Hammer
3 DJ Don't Slow the Party Down (Live Mix)
by Donnie Ray
4 Just Let Me Ride
by Ms. Jody
5 He Put a Rockin' Chair on Me
by Leandra Lively
6 Somebody's Cuttin' My Cake (Remix)
by David Brinston
7 A Man Who Understands
by Clayton Knight
8 I Didn't Come to Sit Down
by Sheba Potts-Wright
9 Good Good Love
by Mr. Sam
10 I Like This Place (Remix)
by Carl Sims
11 I'm so Tired
by Clayton Knight
12 I'm Leaving You
by Jaye Hammer



Various Artists "Southern Soul & Party Blues, Vol. 7" LISTEN

1 My Ship
by Jerry L
2 Ride Your Body Tonight
by Charles Wilson
3 Shaggin' Down in Carolina
by Barbara Carr
4 Lie to Me
by Stephanie Pickett
5 Before You
by Bobby Stringer
6 Mama Didn't Raise No Punks
by Nellie Tiger Travis
7 Food & Blues at the Sugar Shack
by Carl Marshall & Rue Davis
8 At Least I Tried
by Jimmy 100% Sterling
9 I Like It
by Stan Mosley
10 I Hurt Myself
by Lee Shot Williams
11 The Blues Is Gone
by Chick Willis
12 I Spend My Money on My Woman
by Carl Marshall
13 Too Many People
by Stephanie Pickett


Various Artists "Blues Mix 17: Dirty Soul Blues"

1 Big Daddy Don't You Come
by Ms. Jody
2 I'm a Horny Woman
by Val McKnight
3 Let Me Knock the Dust Off
by O. B. Buchana
4 Big Hand Man
by Sheba Potts-Wright
5 I'm a Booty Freak
by Jaye Hammer
6 If You Can't Cut the Mustard
by Barbara Carr
7 Snap, Crackle and Pop
by Denise LaSalle
8 Let's Get a Quickie
by Dr. Feelgood Potts
9 Head Bitch in Charge
by Val McKnight
10 You've Got to Play with It Before You Lay with It
by Ms. Jody
11 Freak Cowboy
by Rick Lawson
12 Put Your Mouth in the South
by O. B. Buchana



Various Artists "Hot Spot Records, Vol. 4" LISTEN

1 Let's Party Tonight by Sorrento Ussery
2 So in Love by Rudolf Flye
3 Was It Love by Mitchell Miller
4 Shake That Booty by Eric Perkins
5 She Made a Freak out of Me by Willie B
6 Right Kind of Woman by Sorrento Ussery
7 A New Pair of Shoes by Angel Faye Russell
8 I Miss My X by DeCarlos Bonds
9 Enough Is Enough by King Russell
10 Your the Best Thing Happen to Me by Melvin Smoke House Moore
11 I Am a Hell'va Woman by Angel Faye Russell
12 Something to Hold on Too by Pat Brown
13 Loving Ain't Easy by Nitara
Hot Spot


Various Artists "Blues Mix 16: Grown Up Soul"

1 Is She Waiting on You? by Jaye Hammer
2 I Need It by Jaye Hammer
3 Watch That Booty Do by Val McKnight
4 You Might Have to Hurt by O. B. Buchana
5 Happy Tears (Radio Version) by Sheba Potts-Wright
6 The Love You Threw Away by Denise LaSalle
7 What Cha Wanna Do with Me Tonight by John Cummings
8 Something I Want by David Brinston
9 The First Time by Ms. Jody
10 She's Still Got It by Jaye Hammer
11 A Piece on the Side by Ms Jody
12 Meat and Potatoes Man by Earl Gaines



Various Artists "Sexy Southern Soul & Blues Volume 2" LISTEN

 1. Ghetto Cowboy-Humpin'
2. Vickie Baker-Sneaking and Cheating
3. Lee Shot Williams- I'm the Man for the job
4. Chick Willis- Stoop Down Low
5. Nellie Tiger Travis- Do What He Didn't Do
6. The Love Doctor- I Can Still Roll It
7. Travis Haddix- Stiff Stuff
8. Betty Padgett- Pay Before You Lay
9. Luther Lackey- Blind Blind Snake
10. Jody Sticker- Sex Release
11. Chuck Roberson- I Want You to Rock Me
12. TJ Taylor- Jody Be Hittin It
13. Cicero Blake- Dip My Dipper (What You Say?)
14. Jim Bennett- Goldilocks



Various Artists "Sexy Southern Soul & Blues" LISTEN

14 "sex-rated" Southern Soul & Blues songs from Charles Wilson, Stan Mosley, Chick Willis, Travis Haddix, Stephanie Pickett, Barbara Carr, Mister Zay, Lee Shot Williams & more

1 Backbone Stan Mosley
2 Watch It Shake Charles Wilson
3 Jimmy The Real Brown Sugar
4 30 Minutes Lee "Shot" Williams
5 Number 2 Barbara Carr
6 The Lollipop Man Can [Remix] Chuck Roberson
7 Cialis Before I See Alice Travis Haddix
8 Family Man Stephanie Pickett
9 Change It Up [Remix] Walter Waiters
10 Buffet Booty Woman Da' Twinky Man
11 Yo' Cat Is About To Kill My Dog Chick Willis
12 Brother Buck Naked Jody Sticker
13 Back Door Jody Mister Jay
14 Did The Dog Get It All? Dicky Williams
CDS 8.99

Various Artists "Southern Soul & Party Blues, Vol. 6"


1 That Girl Belongs to Me Charles Wilson/Willie Clayton
2 Slap Yo' Weave Off Nellie Tiger Travis
3 Can't Have Your Cake Tonya Youngblood
4 She Hit a Grand Slam Travis Haddix
5 Don't Give up On Me Clarence Dobbins
6 The Blues Is All Good Ricky White
7 Dog Walking Woman Carl Marshall
8 I'm the One That Should've Been Garland Green
9 Country Lovin' Woman Chick Willis
10 Thang Ain't Everythang Luther Lackey
11 I'm in the Right Mood Stephanie Pickett
12 A Million Women Jerry L
13 I Can't Go on Mrs Jones Cicero Blake

CDS 6.88

Various Artists "Blues Mix 15: Down Home Soul" LISTEN

Ecko Records presents the fifteenth album of the successful Blues Mix series that contains current hits as well as brand new releases. 


1. Be There - Floyd Taylor/Big Poppa G
2. The - Sheba Potts-Wright Right Stuff
3. I'd Rather Wait Till He's Hittin' It - Mz. B
4. You Got a Booger Bear Under There - Ollie Nightingale
5. You Got To Be a Freaker - Mz. B
6. Take My Wife Back - O.B. Buchana
7. I Can't Take Your Wife Back - Donnie Ray
8. My Cat Smells a Rat - Ms. Jody
9. Southern Soul Party - Bertha Payne
10. Juke Joint Slide [Club Mix] - Lee "Shot" Williams
11. You Doin' The Same Thing - Art Benton
12. Who Doo Woman - Vivacious Val McKnight

Ecko 9.99

Various Artists "Blues Mix 14: Total Soul Blues"

Ecko Records presents the fourteenth album of the successful Blues Mix series that contains current hits as well as 7 brand new releases. 


1 Any Kind of Party-Jaye Hammer
2 O. B. Shuffle (Remix)-OB Buchana
3 It's so Good-John Cummings
4 It Ain't What's in Your Pocket-Sonny Mack
5 Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide (Remix)-Ms. Jody
6 She's a Real Hot Lady-Donnie Ray
7 I'm a Booty Freak-Jaye Hammer
8 If the Lord Keeps the Thought of You out of My Bed-Barbara Carr
9 Southern Soul Blues Fest-John Cummings
10 Dig a Little Deeper-Sonny Mack
11 Private Party-O. B. Buchana
12 I'm Your Man in the Streets-Rick Lawson

Ecko 8.88

Various Artists "Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration" 2 CD 50 Tracks!


 Disc: 1
1. GEE WHIZ (LOOK AT HIS EYES) - Carla Thomas
2. LAST NIGHT - The Mar-Keys
4. GREEN ONIONS - Booker T. & The MGs
5. WALKING THE DOG - Rufus Thomas
7. CANDY - The Astors
8. RESPECT - Otis Redding
10. I WANT SOMEONE - The Mad Lads
11. HOLD ON I'M COMIN' - Sam & Dave
12. LET ME BE GOOD TO YOU - Carla Thomas
14. KNOCK ON WOOD - Eddie Floyd
15. B-A-B-Y - Carla Thomas
16. TRAMP - Otis & Carla
17. SOUL FINGER - The Bar-Keys
18. BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN - Albert King
19. SOUL MAN - Sam & Dave
20. (SITTIN' ON) THE DOCK OF THE BAY - Otis Redding
21. I GOT A SURE THING - Ollie & The Nightingales
22. SOUL LIMBO - Booker T. & The MGs
24. WHAT A MAN - Linda Lyndell
25. PRIVATE NUMBER - William Bell & Judy Clay
26. WHO'S MAKING LOVE - Johnnie Taylor
27. I FORGOT TO BE YOUR LOVER - William Bell
28. I LIKE WHAT YOU'RE DOING (TO ME) - Carla Thomas
Disc: 2
1. TIME IS TIGHT - Booker T. & The MGs
2. SO I CAN LOVE YOU - The Emotions
3. WALK ON BY - Isaac Hayes
4. DO THE FUNKY CHICKEN - Rufus Thomas
6. MR. BIG STUFF - Jean Knight
9. RESPECT YOURSELF - The Staple Singers
10. THEME FROM SHAFT - Isaac Hayes
11. SON OF SHAFT - The Bar-Kays
13. I'VE BEEN LONELY FOR SO LONG - Frederick Knight
14. HEARSAY - Soul Children
15. IN THE RAIN - The Dramatics
16. I'LL TAKE YOU THERE - The Staple Singers
19. IF YOU'RE READY (COME GO WITH ME) - The Staple Singers
20. CHEAPER TO KEEP HER - Johnnie Taylor
21. I'LL BE THE OTHER WOMAN - Soul Children
22. WOMAN TO WOMAN - Shirley Brown

Stax 16.99

Various Artists "Top Of The Stax, Vol 2 20 Greatest Hits"

 1. Last Night - The Mar-Keys
2. Touch A Hand, Make A Friend - The Staple Singers
3. Hearsay - The Soul Children
4. Respect - Otis Redding
5. Private Number - Judy Clay/William Bell
6. Soul Limbo - Booker T. & The MG's
7. Testify (I Wonna) - Johnnie Taylor
8. I Like What You're Doin' To Me - Carla Thomas
9. Behind Closed Doors - Little Milton
10. The Breakdown - Rufus Thomas
11. Never Can Say Goodbye - Isaac Hayes
12. You Don't Miss Your Water - William Bell
13. Soul Finger - The Bar-Kays
14. If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) - The Staple Singers
15. Dedicated To The One I Love - The Temprees
16. I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) - Johnnie Taylor
17. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get - The Dramatics
18. I've Never Found A Girl - Eddie Floyd
19. Show Me How - The Emotions
20. That's What The Blues Is All About - Albert King



Various Artists "Top Of The Stax 20 Greatest Hits"

 1. Hold On, I'm Comin' - Sam And Dave
2. Knock On Wood - Eddie Floyd
3. Respect Yourself - The Staple Singers
4. B-A-B-Y - Carla Thomas
5. Woman To Woman - Shirley Brown
6. I'll Be The Other Woman - The Soul Children
7. Cheaper To Keep Her - Johnnie Taylor
8. That's What Love Will Make You Do - Little Milton
9. I Forgot To Be YOur Lover - William Bell
10. Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight
11. (Do The) Push And Pull, Part I - Rufus Thomas
12. Green Onions - Booker T & The MGs
13. Starting All Over Again - Mel And Tim
14. In The Rain - The Dramatics
15. So I Can Love You - The Emotions
16. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding
17. I'll Take You There - The Staple Singers
18. Who's Making Love - Johnnie Taylor
19. I've Been Lonely For So Long - Frederick Knight
20. Theme From 'Shaft' - Isaac Hayes 



Various Artists "Hi Records Story"


1. Part 2 - Bill Black Combo Smokie
2. White Silver Sands - Bill Black Combo
3. Tuff - Ace Cannon
4. Long Tall Texan - Murray Kellum
5. 20-75 - Willie Mitchell
6. Haunted House - Gene Simmons
7. Love Is After Me - Charlie Rich
8. My Girl Josephine - Jerry Jaye
9. Soul Serenade - Willie Mitchell
10. Part Time Love - Ann Peebles
11. Tired of Being Alone - Al Green
12. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
13. (I Feel Like) Breaking up Somebody's Home - Ann Peebles
14. Sing One For Me - George Jackson Aretha
15. I'm Still in Love With You - Al Green
16. Trying to Live My Life Without You - Otis Clay
17. You've Got My Mind Messed Up - Quiet Elegance
18. I Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles
19. Back For a Taste of Your Love - Syl Johnson
20. Turning Over the Ground - Phillip Mitchell
21. It Was Jealousy - Otis Clay
22. Take Me to the River - Syl Johnson
23. Look at the Boy - Jean Plum
24. Precious - O.V. Wright Precious

Hi Records


Various Artists "Motown Number 1s"

 1. Intro
2. Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes
3. Love Is Like a Heatwave - Martha Reeves & the Vandellas
4. My Guy - Mary Wells
5. My Girl - The Temptations
6. Where Did Our Love Go - The Supremes
7. Stop! In the Name of Love - The Supremes
8. Shotgun - Junior Walker & the All-Stars
9. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) - The Four Tops
10. Uptight (Everything's Alright) - Stevie Wonder
11. Ain't Too Proud to Beg - The Temptations
12. I'll Be There - The Four Tops Reach Out
13. Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing - Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell
14. I Heard It Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
15. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5
16. War - Edwin Starr
17. The - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles Tears of a Clown
18. What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
19. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
20. Love Machine (Pt. 1) - The Miracles
21. Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston
22. Three Times a Lady - Commodores
23. Endless Love - Diana Ross/Lionel Richie
24. Rhythm of the Night - DeBarge
25. I'll Make Love to You - Boyz II Men
26. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Michael McDonald (bonus track)



Various Artists "Super Soul Club Hits"

 1. I Hear You Knockin'
2. Hit It and Quit It
3. Back up Lover
4. Hole in the Wall
5. Big Head Hundreds
6. I Been Partying All Night
7. Mr. Mailman
8. Sho Wasn't Me
9. Shon't Don't Don't
10. That's Still My Love
11. Hole in the Wall - (Back Door Mix)
12. That's Still My Love - (Mellow Mix)

Mardi Gras



Various Artists "Southern Soul Smashes 4" LISTEN

 includes 5 unreleased tracks including Ricky White "Sexy (Remix)"


1 Sexy (Remix) Ricky White
2 I Like the Way (Remix) Floyd Taylor
3 Still Pretty Gregg A. Smith
4 Old School Girl Blind Ricky McCants
5 After Your Man Is Gone Patrick Henry
6 Get Yo' Dance On Uvee Hayes
7 A Woman's Needs Earl Duke
8 Meat on Them Bones Sir Jonathan Burton
9 She's Got That Ooo Wee Jerry L
10 I Dance Better Charles Wilson
11 Lockdown Stan Mosley
12 Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It Jim Bennett
13 When I'm Gone Luther Lackey

CDS 9.88


Various Artists "CDS Records Southern Soul Smashes 3" LISTEN

   1. I Don't Need No Man Stephanie Pickett
2. I Can Still Roll It The Love Doctor
3. What One Man Won't Do Charles Wilson
4. Everybody Love You, But You Patrick Henry
5. Damn Fool Cicero Blake
6. Jealous Kind of Fella Garland Green
7. Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse Barbara Carr
8. It Don't Take All Night Lee Shot Williams
9. Pull up from Behind Bobbye Doll Johnson
10. Flossy Glossy William Calhoun
11. All of You, All of Me Floyd Taylor
12. Get You Some Business Anthony Watson
13. Look Good for You Carl Marshall
14. The Greatest Song I Ever Sang Vel Omarr
CDS 8.88


Various Artists "CDS Records Southern Soul Smashes 1" LISTEN


  1. Turn It Up Earl Duke
2. 753 Love Lee "Shot" Williams
3. Looking for a Real Woman (Looking for Love) Carl Marshall
4. Still in My Heart (Single Edit) The Controllers
5. You Got That Sex Appeal Charles Wilson
6. M. O. D. Nellie "Tiger" Travis
7. Loop the Loop Will Easley
8. Plumber Man Charles Wilson
9. Mr. DJ Stan Mosley
10. It's Friday Lee "Shot" Williams
11. Shake It Like a Rope Carl Marshall
12. At the End of the Day Lee Fields
13. Savvy Woman Barbara Carr

CDS 8.99


Various Artists "CDS Records Southern Soul Smashes 2" LISTEN

1. Just Because He's Preaching - Luther Lackey (New)
2. Time To Go To Work [Remix] - Gregg A. Smith (New)
3. (Time Out) Cut To the Chase - Floyd Taylor
4. Do What He Didn't Do - Nellie Tiger Travis
5. Get the Hell On - Mister Zay
6. My Love is Guaranteed - Stephanie Pickett
7. I Got To Win - Johnnie Taylor Jr (New)
8. Booty Do Right - Jody Sticker
9. You Fooled Me This Time - Lee "Shot" Williams
10. Your Babies Need a Daddy - T.J. Hooker-Taylor
11. Party Tonight - Charles Wilson
12. Change It Up - Walter Waiters
CDS 8.99


Various Artists "Southern Soul Blues Hot Spot Vol. 2" LISTEN


1. You Can't Watch Your Wife (And Your Woman Too) RB & Company
2. She Made a Freak Out of Me Willie B
3. Dont Be His Fool Pat Brown
4. I Miss My Ex DeCarlos Bonds
5. Let's Get Married Today Eric Perkins
6. I Got My Eyes on My Wife Rudolf Flye
7. My Man Is a Good Man Pat Brown
8. My Queen Willie B
9. Hey Baby RB & Company
10. Larry Licker Willie B
11. What You Do in the Street Lee Shot Williams
12. Baby By an Outside Woman Lee Shot Williams

Hot Spot 11.99

Various Artists "Southern Soul Blues Hot Spot 1"

1. Lee Fields "Keep It Real"
2. Billy Cole "When You Do Wrong"
3. Rudolf Flye "Find Me Someone Else"
4. Keri "Gonna Get Paid"
5. Chines Williams "Searching"
6. Stan Chilly Cooks "Uptown"
7. Lee Shot Williams "Before the Honeymoon"
8. Keri "In the Mood"
9. Melvin Smokehouse Moore "Ain't That the Pitts"
10. Lee Fields "Blues In the Bottle"
11. Lee Shot Williams "Shake Your Booty & Dance"
12. Willie B. "Dr Jealous & Mrs Hater"
Hot Spot 9.99
Various Artists "Line Dance Party Mix CD"  
 1. Booty Scoot Chuck Roberson
2. Ms. Jody's Thang Ms. Jody
3. Juke Joint Slide Lee Shot Williams
4. Making That Booty Roll Jaye Hammer
5. Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide Ms. Jody
6. Hip Slide Donnie Ray
7. Hoochie Dance Barbara Carr
8. Just Let Me Ride Ms. Jody
9. Baby Whip Quinn Golden
10. Juke Joint Jumpin Barbara Carr
11. Booty Bounce Chuck Roberson
12. Juke Joint Slide (Remix) Lee Shot Williams
Ecko 11.99

"Bruce Billups Presents: Southern Soul Mix RE-Loaded" LISTEN

with Lebrado "Fire", Lacee "Lacee's Groove", Theodis Ealey "Francine (club mix)" & 16 more!

1 Interlude
2 Francine (Theodis Ealey)
3 Fire (Lebrado)
4 Groove (Lacee)
5 Dancin' Remix (Lebrado)
6 Hear You Knockin (Rasheeda)
7 Swing Around The Roses (Cupid)
8 Beautiful (Lebrado)
9 Kiss It (Rasheeda)
10 I Never Thought (Ba Tina)
11 He's Never Gonna Change (Tamara)
12 Groove Remix (Lacee)
13 Women (Nicole, Brittney, Adria)
14 Why (Corey)
15 Turn You Out (Adria & Candis)
16 I Love You (Habida)
17 Fire Cloud Mix (Lebrado)
18 Francine Club Mix (Theodis Ealey)
19 Groove House Mix (Lacee)
Make Cents 13.99

Various Artists "Sex Rated Blues, Vol. 2"

   1. Snap, Crackle and Pop (X-Rated) [Explicit] Denise LaSalle
2. Ease on Down in the Bed Lee Shot Williams
3. Your Dog's About to Kill My Cat Ms. Jody
4. Sexaholic Bill Coday
5. I Need a Cowboy to Ride My Pony Sheba Potts-Wright
6. I'll Even Blow Down There Chuck Roberson
7. Pay Before You Pump Denise LaSalle
8. Love Seat Charles Wilson
9. Lick If You Can't Stick Ms. Jody
10. You Better Know Your Hole from Mine Earl Gaines
11. I'm a Nibble Man Lee Shot Williams
12. Lollipop Man (X-Rated) Chuck Roberson
13. Slow Lick It O. B. Buchana
14. The Viagra Song Charles Wilson
Ecko 13.99

Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 2"


1. The Party Don't Start Until I Get There Sir Jonathan Burton
2. The PH Bounce Patrick Henry
3. Bounce Bounce Bounce (with Simeo) (Remix) Earl Duke
4. If You Make the Money I'll Pay the Bills The Real Brown Sugar
5. I Was Trying to Get My Groove On (with G'sta) Carl Marshall
6. Blues Festival TJ Hooker-Taylor
7. I Love Songs Johnnie Taylor Jr.
8. I'm Takin' My Man Back (Club Remix) Stephanie Pickett
9. Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It (Remix) Jim Bennett
10. Foot Stompin' Mister Zay
11. Family Reunion Stan Mosley
12. The Big Charles Swing Big Charles Young

CDS 9.99

Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 1"


1. Sir Jonathan Burton "Too Much Booty Shakin'"
2.The Real Brown Sugar"Jimmy"
3.Larry Shannon Hargrove "I Need A Bailout"
4.William Calhoun "Old Folks Party"
5.Uvee Hayes "Maintenance Man"
6.Lee Shot Williams "I'm The Man For The Job"
7.Will Easley "Back In The Mood"
8.Larry Love Hamilton "Rub It Again (Remix)"
9.Robert Hill "Don't Put Me Down"
10.Chuck Roberson "Show Me What You Working With"
11.Stephanie Pickett "Family Man"
12.Bobby Stringer "Over In The Woods"

CDS 9.99


Various Artists "Club Southern Soul 3" LISTEN

 1. Can't Touch This Sir Jonathan Burton
2. Let's Step Carl Marshall/Rue Davis
3. Let's Do This Again Simeo
4. We're Gonna Swing Out Stephanie Pickett
5. Grown Folks Party (Remix) Charlie Brown
6. Grown Folks Little Phil
7. Work with It Will Easley
8. Mississippi Hideaway Bobbye Doll Johnson
9. I'm 'Bout It 'Bout It Floyd Taylor
10. I Make It Do What It Do Earl Duke
11. The Body Roll Jim Bennett
12. Make It Move Jody Sticker
13. Satisfied Cicero Blake
CDS 9.99


Various Artists "Southern Soul & Party Blues Vol. 5" LISTEN

 1. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You Earl Duke
2. Mr. Bus Driver, Turn the Radio On Walter Luv
3. Blind, Blind Snake (Single Version) Luther Lackey
4. I Can't Clarence Dobbins
5. I'm Tired of Being the Woman on the Side The Real Brown Sugar
6. Up Close & Personal El' Willie
7. Someone Who Cares Walter Luv
8. I'm in Love with a Man I Can't Stand Nellie Tiger Travis
9. Party Party Party Uvee Hayes
10. Still My Love Grows Vel Omarr
11. Roll That Thang Jody Sticker, Sir Charles Jones
12. Don't Let Our Love Slip Away Barbara Carr, Roy Roberts
13. I'm in Love with a Woman other Women Talk About Captain Jack Watson
CDS 6.88


Various Artists "Southern Soul & Party Blues, Vol. 4" LISTEN


1 Frank-O Johnson “Sexy Feeling”
2 Chuck Roberson “I Want You To Rock Me”
3 Barbara Carr & Roy Roberts “How Long”
4 Charlie Brown “Goody Goody”
5 Lonnie Robinson “Outside Woman”
6 Nellie ‘Tiger’ Travis “Why You Lie Like That”
7 Danny Reed “Caught Up”
8 Lee Shot Williams “Got A Good Woman”
9 JT Watkins “Where Did Our Love Go”
10 Carol Lockridge “You’re So Special To Me”
11 Danny Reed “Keep On Loving You”
12 Stan Mosley “I Need You To Fight You For

CDS 6.88


Various Artists "Southern Soul & Party Blues Vol. 3" LISTEN

1. Bobbye "Doll" Johnson-Baby Daddy
2. Carl Sims-Just One Night
3. Clarence Dobbins-Can't Buy You
4. Walter Waiters-Don't Scratch My Back
5. Nellie Travis-Before You Grab This Tiger
6. Sir Charles Jones/Jody Sticker-Sacrifice For Love
7. Frank-O & Lee Fields-Hold On
8. Ernie Johnson-Reaching Out
9. Charles Wilson/Mel Waiters-Something Different
10. Willie West-Get Your Hand Outta My Pocket
11. Joyce Lawson-It Don't Hurt Like It Used To
12. Carl Marshall-I've Got The Blues
CDS 8.99


"Southern Soul & Party Blues Vol. 2" LISTEN

 1. Barbara Carr & Roy Roberts “It’s Only You”
2. Chuck Roberson “A Change is Gonna Come”
3.Stan Mosley "Startin' 2 Stop"
4.Chick Willis “Bootee Call (single)’”
5.TJ Hooker-Taylor “Got To Get My Money Right”
6.Stephanie Pickett “Stay With Me”
7.Lee ‘Shot’ Williams “Wrong Bed!”
8.Da’Twinky Man “Livin’ On A Fixed Income’”
9.Clarence Dobbins "What Else Can A Good Man Do"
10.Kashious “Time”
11.Doktu Rhute Muuzik (Roy Hytower) “Don’t Feel Sorry For Youself”
12.Nellie “Tiger” Travis/Stan Mosley “Who Knows You”
CDS 8.99


"Southern Soul & Party Blues Vol. 1" LISTEN

 1. Bobby Stringer “Somebody Else’s Somebody”
2. Judi Brown Eyez “Sam”
3. Lee Fields “At The End Of The Day”
4. Nellie “Tiger” Travis “Let’s Get It Poppin’”
5. Clarence Dobbins “I’ll Go Crazy”
6. Charles Wilson “Candlelight”
7. Frank-O “Let’s Do Some Love Talkin’”
8. Becky Starr “Angel/Girlfriend”
9. Nellie “Tiger” Travis “I Got It Like That”
10.Dicky Williams “No Other Man’s Hands”
11.Gwen McCrae & Frank-O “Long Way Home”
13.Stan Mosley “Bitter With The Sweet” (long version)
CDS 8.99


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