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Carl Sims began performing when he was sixteen years old singer for the Original Bar-Kays back in the mid-60s. The Bar-Kays took Arthur Conley's place as opening act for the Otis Redding Revue. A plane crash in Milwaukee, Wi. in 1967 killed Otis and several of the Bar-Kays. Carl along with James Alexander the Bass Player for the group luckily took a commercial flight out of Cleveland, OH to join the group in Milwaukee, because there was no room on Otis's private plane. Carl remembers, having to identify the bodies of the Band members. After returning to Memphis along with the surviving members Ben Cauley (Trumpet player) and James Alexander what was left of the Bar-Kays went there separate ways.

Carl began his solo career with a couple of Hits "Trapped" and "17 Days of Loving", on Paula-Jewel Records. From there he went to Malaco Records for two albums, one for Entune and now he is with Ecko Records. 

Album Discography

carl sims house of love "House Of Love" (Paula 1995)

1. Shot to the Curb
2. House of Love
3. I'm Trapped
4. I'm a Blues Man
5. Change Is Gonna Come, A
6. Clever Girl
7. You Keep Me Dreaming
8. Seventeen Days of Loving
9. All These Things
10. End of the Rainbow
11. Shot to the Curb - (alternate version)
12. I'm Trapped - (alternate version)
13. Clever Girl - (alternate version)
14. Seventeen Days of Loving

Carl Sims Let Me Be "Let Me Be The One" (Waldoxy 1998)

1. Standing in the Background
2. I Never Had It
3. Two Lumps of Sugar
4. Let Me Be the One
5. Taxi
6. I Can't Stay Away
7. Don't Leave
8. Shade Tree Mechanic
9. Walk By
10. Instant Lover

carl sims m m man "M & M Man" (Waldoxy 2001)

1. I'm Gonna Tell My Wife (And My Woman Too)
2. M&M Man
3. I Ain't Hanging Around
4. Doubled
5. Trapped
6. Seventeen Days of Loving
7. Tie Me Up
8. Bucket of Blood
9. I'm Sending You Back to Him
10. Mr. Nobody Is Somebody Now

Carl Sims Brick House "Brick House" (Entune 2003)

1. Brick House
2. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
3. I Never Had a Lover Like You
4. Where Can I Run To
5. Our Love Song
6. Don't Make Me Cry
7. Burning Candles on Both Ends
8. Beggin Baby
9. Everything's Out in the Open
10. House of Love

Carl Sims I't's Just A Party "It's Just A Party" (Ecko 2004)

1. It's Just a Party
2. I Wanna Do Wrong With You
3. It Ain't a Juke Joint Without the Blues
4. I've Been Sheatin'
5. Memories
6. Player Haters
7. It's a Love Thing
8. Coochie Key
9. I Would Be Missing You
10. It's Just a Party [Remix]

carl sims i'm ready "I'm Ready" (Ecko 2006) LISTEN

1. I Needed a Woman
2. It's Hard Not to Look
3. Let's Do It Together
4. Step to the Left
5. I'm a Hustler
6. When You Got a Woman on Your Hands
7. Mojo Hand
8. I'm Ready for You
9. You Need to Change Your Ways
10. Memories, The
11. Step to the Left - (Remix)

"Can't Stop Me" (Ecko 2007) LISTEN

1. If You Can't Help Me
2. I'll Go Crazy
3. I Like This Place
4. If I Could I Would
5. Daylight
6. You've Been Lyin'
7. I Help My Woman
8. Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone
9. Tell Me Where You Been All My Life
10. I Like This Place - (Remix)

"Hell On My Hands" (CDS 2011) LISTEN

1. Hell On My Hands
2. Still The One
3. Trail Ride
4. Thinkin' About You
5. New Address
6. I Choose You
7. Go On
8. Sugar Daddy
9. You Don't Have To Be A Star
10. Just One Night

"Soul Singer" (Soul Singer 2014) LISTEN

1 Are You Serious
2 Go On
3 Six Pack of Common Sense
4 Just Because
5 If I Could I Would
6 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (feat. Debra Benson)
7 Trapped "live"
8 17 Days of Loving "live"
9 All These Things
10 Just One Night
11 I Want to Thank You for Loving Me

"The Best Of" (Ecko 2014)

1 It's Just a Party
2 Player Haters
3 I Needed a Woman
4 If You Can't Help Me (Remix)
5 It Ain't a Juke Joint Without the Blues
6 You've Been Lyin'
7 I Like This Place
8 Let's Do It Together
9 Step to the Left
10 I Wanna Do Wrong With You
11 I've Been Cheatin'
12 It's Just a Party (Remix)
13 If You Can't Help Me
14 I Like This Place (Remix)


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