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Donnie Ray

Donnie Ray was born in Texarkana, Texas on July 4, 1959 and began performing with his father's band, the Aldredge Brothers Band, when fifteen. He not only mastered lead and bass guitars, the keyboard, and drums, Donnie Ray branched out and began writing lyrics for recording studios. Inspired by the Motown Sound artists and such musical legends as Bobby "Blue" Bland, Tyrone Davis, and B. B. King, Donnie Ray has worked with such artists as Millie Jackson, Marvin Sease, and numerous others.

Donnie Ray's first CD, "Let's Go Dancing" on the Susie Q label, spawned a Chittlin' Circuit hit called  "Letter To My Baby". After a less successful followup, "Are You Ready For Me", Ray signed with Ecko Records and has been releasing a steady stream of cds since.

Album Discography

"Let's Go Dancing" (Susie Q 2000)

1. Let's Go Dancing
2. Get It While It's Hot
3. A Letter to My Baby
4. Hip Slide
5. Nobody
6. Cry of a Broken Heart
7. I Found It in You
8. Straight up in Your Love
9. Groove Juice
10. Get It While It's Hot
11. A Letter to My Baby
12. Cry of a Broken Heart

"Are You Ready For Me" (Susie Q 2003)

1. Never Meant to Be Alone
2. Come Back
3. One Slip
4. From Now On
5. I'm in the Mood
6. Let's Keep Love Together
7. I've Been Cheating
8. You Put a Spell on Me

"I'll Be Good To You" (Ecko 2005)

1. I'll Be Good to You
2. Bang That Thang
3. I Belong to You
4. I Never Dreamed
5. It's Just a Party Thing
6. Forever This Love
7. I'd Rather Have You Than Memories
8. Bottoms Up Again!
9. Too Close for Comfort
10. Back to the Basics

"Don't Stop My Party" (Ecko 2006)

 1. Is It Your Place Or Mine
2. Seven Long Years
3. Something Bout The Music
4. Don't Stop My Party
5. Sweeter To me
6. Back Up And Try It Again
7. Master Of Love
8. Can I Talk To You
9. Sexy Lover
10. Come On Let's Dance
11. Sexified

"Smooth Operator" (Ecko 2007) LISTEN

1. Smooth Operator
2. Sensual To Me
3. Hip Slide (Part 2)
4. I Can't Wait
5. If I Could Do It All Over
6. Letter To My Baby (Part 2)
7. Booty Hunt
8. So Close
9. Too Many Irons In The Fire
10. Play It Off
11. She's Already Taken
12. So Anxious

"You've Got Me" (Ecko 2008) LISTEN

1. Two Heads Are Better Than One
2. You're My Angel
3. It Was Just My Luck
4. You're Leaving
5. You've Got Me
6. Without You
7. If I Had It My Way
8. I'm Getting Too Close
9. Can You Hoochie Dance?
10. She's Got My Vote
11. Give Me That Lovin'

"Caught By The Cat" (Ecko 2009) LISTEN

1. You Keep Snatchin' It Back
2. This Time the Dog Got Caught by the Cat
3. Just Give Me My Blues
4. I'm Your Sucker
5. Just My Woman and Me
6. I'm Gonna Try Again
7. She Used to Be My Girl
8. Are You in or Are You Out?
9. Don't Let Your Pride Overpower Your Love
10. Whatever You Want I Got It

"It's BYOB" (Ecko 2009) LISTEN

1. It's Byob
2. You've Got It
3. Two Places At the Same Time
4. This Time the Dog Got Caught By the Cat (remix)
5. Your Love Has Got a Hold On Me
6. It's Love Power
7. I Never Had Nobody To Love Me Like You Do
8. Just One Night
9. Two Can Play That Game
10. I'm Unleveled
11. Come On Let's Dance

"Who's Rockin' You?" (Ecko 2011) LISTEN

1. A Good Woman
2. I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home
3. Who's Rockin' You?
4. Too Many Mechanics
5. Straighten Up
6. Three Stars For A Lady
7. Truly Love You Baby
8. Love Monkey
9. I Almost Did It
10. Lovers Paradise

"I'm Goin' Back" (Ecko 2012) LISTEN

1.I'm Looking For A Woman
2.Southern Soul Blues Slide
3.She's A Real Hot Lady
4.I'm Goin' Back
5.A Secret Is So Hard To Keep
6.Bring Back My Blues
7.I Remember Those Good Old Days
8.Let's Swing Out
9.Are You Ready For Me
10.She Was At The Hideaway
11.If We Can't Get It Right
12.Haven't I Been Good To You
13.Southern Soul Blues Slide (live mix)

"The Best Of" (Ecko 2013)

Who's Rockin' You?
Letter To My Baby (Part 2)
Something About The Music
I'm Gonna Try Again (Southern Soul Shag Mix)
Hip Slide (Part 2)
You're Leaving
Don't Stop My Party
I'm Goin' Back
This Time The Dog Got Caught By The Cat
It's Just A Party Thing
Sensual To Me
I'll Be Good To You
I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home (remix)

"Drowning In My Own Tears" (Ecko 2014) LISTEN

1. Real Good Lover
2. Let's Get This Party Started
3. It's a Groove Party
4. I'm Drowning in My Own Tears
5. Play Something Pretty on My Radio
6. Same Woman
7. What About Me
8. If You're Woman Enough
9. Shakin' It Up
10. You Keep Taking Your Love Away

"She's My Honey Bee" (Ecko 2015) LISTEN

1 Can We Start Our Love All Over?
2 I Got to Have It
3 Hold It and Roll It
4 She's My Honey Bee
5 I'm Still Waiting on You
6 Stone Cold Party
7 I Knew It Was You
8 Mr. DJ Don't Slow the Party Down
9 I Never Had Nobody Love Me Like You
10I'm Gonna Try Again
11Shake It Baby
12Carolina Swing
13I Can't Take Your Wife Back

"Two Way Love Affair" (CDS 2016) LISTEN

1 Dog House
2 Two Way Love Affair
3 Pop It Baby (Pop That Thang)
4 It's Friday
5 It's Time for Love
6 Take Care of Your Business
7 Outside Love Affair
8 I Wanna Be Your Man
9 Who's Loving You?
10 Don't Want to Be Lonely


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