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Born in Akron, Ohio but raised in Birmingham, Alabama Jones' has become one of the more famous faces on the "Southern Soul" scene. More of a bedroom crooner with a sexy image, slick contemporary R & B songs and smooth voice, Jones scored a Top 30 R & B album his second time out with "Love Machine". He followed this with the less stellar "Southern Soul"  before releasing "Thank You For Holding On" in 2005 on his own label Senator Jones' Hep Me Records put out a "Sir Charles & Friends" collection featuring three Jones tracks. In 2007 he again signed with Mardi Gras for a "Best Of", a DVD and two more full-length albums.  The most recent ("Tribute To The Legends") had Jones doing stylized versions of Soul classics like J. Blackfoot's "Taxi"

Album Discography

"Sir Charles Jones" (Hep' Me 2000)

1. Just Like Fire
2. Natural Woman, A (You Make Me Feel Like)
3. Better Call Jody
4. Hang On
5. Stop Fooling Around
6. Take Care of Momma
7. If He Don't Love You
8. I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much
9. Candy Girl
10. Blues Spell

"Love Machine" (Mardi Gras 2001)

1. Love Machine
2. Is There Anybody Lonely?
3. Friday
4. Just Can't Let Go
5. Let Me See You Move It
6. Tell Me How You Want It
7. Let's Get It On
8. For Better or Worse
9. Stop Fooling Around
10. Just Like Fire

"Southern Soul" (PMG 2002)

1. I'll Never Make a Promise
2. Gonna Love You Baby
3. When You Love Someone
4. Keep on Moving
5. I'm Gonna Miss You
6. Nothing Will Ever Take My Love Away
7. Sex Me
8. Dance 4 Me
9. Ain't Nothin But a Party
10. I Can't Believe I Fell in Love

"A Southern Soul Party" (Hep' Me 2004)

1. Same Thing It Took to Get Her (Sir Charles Jones)
2. The Letter (Guilty) (Sir Charles Jones)
3. You Got to Roll It Slow (The Love Doctor)
4. Somebody Lied on Me (Robert Hill)
5. Put That Thang in Motion (Sorrento Ussery)
6. Trials and Tribulations (Sir Charles Jones)
7. Come and Whip That Thang (The Love Doctor)
8. It's a Cruel World (Wilton Lombard)
9. Sophisticated Freak (Terry Wright)
10. Let Me Take You Out (Sorrento Ussery)
11. I Will Always Love You (Wilton Lombard)
12. Your Love (Terry Wright)
13. Sex Machine (Robert Hill)
14. B.Y.O.P. (Robert Hill)
15. There's No One Like Mama (The Love Doctor)
16. Take Care of Me (Joyful)

"Thank You For Holding On" (Jumpin' 2006) LISTEN

1. Lords Prayer
2. Never Miss a Good Thing
3. Baby Love
4. Come to Me Baby
5. Dreamers (Interlude)
6. Running
7. What a Good Feeling
8. Don't Say No Tonight
9. Come Back Home
10. Interlude
11. Daddy's Little Girl
12. Thank You for Holding On
13. Drop That Thang
15. [Untitled Track]

"For Your Love: The Best Of" (Mardi Gras 2007) LISTEN

1. For Your Love
2. Never Let You Go
3. One More Time
4. Is There Anybody Lonely
5. Take Care of Momma
6. Just Can't Let Go
7. For Better or Worse
8. I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much
9. Just Another Love Song
10. Just Like Fire
11. Natural Woman
12. Blues Spell
13. Better Call Jody
14. Friday

"My Story" (Mardi Gras 2008) LISTEN

1. Happy Anniversary
2. Pop That Coochie
3. You're My Latest, My Greatest
4. I Came To Party
5. My Story
6. I Wanna Make Love
7. You Mean the World To Me
8. I Tried - (featuring La'Keisha)
9. My Taboo
10. You Are the Sunshine

"A Tribute To The Legends" (Mardi Gras 2009) LISTEN

1. Never Can Say Goodbye
2. Darling Baby
3. Lady My Whole World is You
4. Mom's Apple Pie
5. Rainy Night In Georgia
6. Do You Feel It
7. Taxi
8. Ain't No Sunshine
9. Bring It On Home To Me
10. You're My Latest, My Greatest
11. Me and Mrs Jones

"Portrait Of A Balladeer" (Endzone Ent 2014) LISTEN

1 Glow
2 Tear Our Love Down
3 Independent Ladies
4 Sweet Sweet
5 Nasty
6 So Beautiful
7 Do You Feel (feat. Willie Clayton)
8 Honor
9 I Can't Breathe
10 Sunshine
11 Expire


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