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Born in Gadsden, Alabama Omar Cunningham has quickly positioned himself as one of the stars of the Modern Southern Soul/R & B world. His first experience singing professionally came as he backed a local R & B outfit dubbed Daybreak. After touring for some time he logged some studio hours by collaborating (according Omar's official bio) on records by Cameo ("In The Face Of Funk") and rapper Duice ("Dazzey Dukes") . Following this he, as part of the Small Town Boys, began opening shows for Cameo. He even played trumpet as part of the group's horn section! Soon he was flying solo and opening for late 90s R & B/Pop groups like Silk but it wasn't until 2003 that a record under his own name dropped. "Hell At The House" included the single "Check To Check", which became an irresistible smash in the South instantly raising his stature from obscurity to artist to watch. The following year he returned with an equally appealing hit, "I Get By" for Willie Clayton's End Zone Entertainment label. He returned with the label in 2006 with "Worth The Wait", then departed for Soul1st Records for what became his best disc thus far ("Time Served"), featuring the instant classic "My Life".

Album Discography

"Hell At The House" (On Top 2003) LISTEN

1. Hell at the house
2. Baby Don't Leave Me
3. Chech to Check
4. Wastin' My Time
5. 231
6. Older Love
7. Interlude
8. Used and Abused
9. Interlude
10. Half
11. Interlude
12. Hell at the House (Down Home Mix)
13. Interlude
14. What Makes a Man

Omar Cunningham "Omar Cunningham" (EndZone Ent.) "Omar Cunningham" (Endzone 2004) LISTEN

1. Interlude
2. I Get By
3. Sweet, Sweet
4. She’s Makin’ Eyes
5. Interlude
6. Sorry Man
7. My Baby
8. Interlude
9. Momma
10. Why You Wanna
11. Interlude
12. Shysters and Wannabes
13. Over and Over
14. Thank You Jesus

"Worth The Wait" (EndZone 2006) LISTEN

1. Party Have a Good Time
2. Something's Gotta Give
3. Made My Move
4. The Only One
5. I'm Sorry
6. Give Me a Chance
7. I'm in Love with a Married Woman
8. Better Days
9. Shysters and Wannabes
10. Over Yonder
11. Have Faith

"Time Served" (Soul1st 2008) LISTEN

1. Intro
2. Thats My Jam
3. My Life
4. By My Side
5. This Old Music
6. Skit
7. Ain't Nothing Changed
8. The Saga Continues
9. The Right Woman
10. The Same Soap
11. Check to Check 2008
12. If You Want Me
13. Could You Be
14. The Beauty Shop
15. Where Would I Be

"Growing Pains" (Soul1st 2011) LISTEN

1. Let Me See You Shake Your Jelly
2. Find A Good Woman
3. Here I Am
4. If We Can't Get Along
5. I'm Your Maintenance Man
6. That's a Lie
7. What You Want With My Moma
8. Do Right
9. Mr. Lowdown
10. Gotta Keep (Do You Know Him?)

Omar Cunningham "All My Best The Soul Hits" (Soul 1st)


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