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Born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, Buchana spent his childhood in Clarksdale. O.B. began singing when he was only 8 in the gospel choir at his Baptist church. By the time he was a teenager the gospel group Mighty Suns Of God selected him to be their lead singer. In the early 1990's O.B. signed with the record label Blue River and he recorded his first hit single "Back Up Lover". His first disc "It's Over" followed to critical acclaim. Next he signed with Suzie Q Records for "I Got Caught". His career has truly taken off after signing with Ecko Records

Album Discography

"It's Over" (Paula 1999)

1. It's Over
2. Back Door "Tipper"
3. Been Lied On
4. Love Hurts
5. Back up Lover
6. Keep on Walking
7. Two Steps Behind
8. Bedroom Eyes
9. Don't Quit Me
10. Don't Quit Me

"I Got Caught" (Blues River 2001)

1. Let's Get Drunk
2. One Step Closer to the Blues
3. Good Love
4. I Can't Choose
5. Ring, Ring, Hello Click
6. May Be My Time
7. I Got Caught
8. Coldest in the Game
9. That's the Way
10. I Can't Choose [Radio Cut]

O.B. Buchana "Shake What You Got!" (Ecko) "Shake What You Got!" (Ecko 2004)

1. Shake What You Got
2. Sue's Cafe
3. After Midnight
4. I'm in Love
5. Both in the Wrong
6. That's My Bad
7. Good Stuff
8. Caught Up
9. Daddy
10. Booty Scoot
11. Booty Scoot - (Remix)

O.B. Buchana "I Can't Stop Drinkin'" (Ecko) "I Can't Stop Drinkin" (Ecko 2005)

1. Stage in the Sky
2. Can't Stop Drinkin'
3. Girl I Need Your Love
4. I'm Gonna Stand up by Your Side
5. I'm Ready to Get Nude
6. I'm Gonna Party Alone
7. Here I Am
8. It Don't Have to Be That Way
9. Lap Dance
10. Stage in the Sky - (Extended Version)

"I'm Gonna Sleep" (Ecko 2006) LISTEN

1. You Can Be a Fool and Don't Know It
2. Like My Woman
3. Knock Three Times
4. I Owe Everybody
5. I'm Gonna Sleep with It in It
6. Cake Daddy
7. I'm Going Away
8. She's Having a Love Affair
9. Just Be a Man About It
10. I Was There for You
11. Clarksdale, Mississippi

"Goin' Back Home" (Ecko 2007) LISTEN

1. I'm About To Lose My Woman To My Wife
2. Everything Sweet Reminds Me Of You
3. Come And Get It While He's Gone
4. Mississippi Swing
5. Booty Mover
6. I'm Goin' Back Home
7. Lollipop Man
8. Hard Working Lady
9. All My Money's Gone
10. I'm Goin' Back Home (Radio Version)
11. Booty Mover (Club Mix)

"Southern Soul Country Boy" (Ecko 2008) LISTEN

1. You're Just Playin' with It
2. I'll Be Your Shugga Daddy
3. Stealing It
4. Just Because He's Good to You
5. Southern Soul Country Boy
6. Sweet Memories
7. She's Got the Best Lovin' That Ever Put on a Pair of Drawers
8. This Party Is a Mutha
9. I'm Gonna Change Things
10. Blues Is My Thing

"Back Up Lover" (Ecko 2009)

1. Back Up Lover
2. You're Just Playin' With It - remix
3. I Can't Choose
4. I'm Goin' Back Home
5. Let's Get Drunk
6. Just Be A Man About It
7. I'll Bump A Big Fat Woman
8. I'm In Love
9. Backdoor Tipper
10. I'm About To Lose My Woman To My Wife

"It's My Time" (Ecko 2009) LISTEN

1. Groove Thang
2. You've Been Good to Me
3. Looks Like It's Over
4. Did You Put Your Foot in It?
5. Look What You Did to Me
6. Slow Lick It
7. We Know It's Wrong
8. Ooh Wee!
9. It's My Time
10. Let's Dance
11. One Way Love

"That Thang Thang" (Ecko 2010)

1. It Cost Me More Than I Gained
2. That Thang Thang
3. A Woman Ain't No Fool
4. I Want Both Of You
5. Let Me Be His Stand In
6. We Don't Get Along Until We Gettin' It On
7. Let's Dance (Remix)
8. Old School Blues
9. I Think He Trusts Me Too Much
10. Crazy Love Thang
11. Act A Fool Lovin'

"Let Me Knock The Dust Off" (Ecko 2012) LISTEN

1. Let Me Knock the Dust Off
2. Put Your Mouth in the South
3. Juke Joint Queen
4. Tap It
5. Hurry
6. Throw Down
7. Bang That Thang
8. Mind Your Own Business
9. Mr. Telephone Man
10. Moon Over Clarksdale

"Starting Over" (Ecko 2013) LISTEN

1. Just Go Dancin'
2. I Can't Get You off of My Mind
3. I'm Rowdy Rowdy
4. Starting All Over
5. Dream Lover
6. I Was Searching
7. Another Blues Man from Clarksdale
8. You Do It Right
9. You Said
10. Hold on to What You Got

"Pop Yo' Bottle" (Ecko 2014)

1 You're Welcome to the Party
2 Pop Yo' Bottle
3 That's My Song
4 Turn It Up
5 Take My Wife Back
6 We Just Can't Leave Each Other Alone
7 O. B. Shuffle
8 Party on the Weekend
9 It Should Have Been Me
10 Private Party
11 What's the Deal

"The Best Of" (Ecko 2015)

You're Just Playin' With It
Back Up Lover
She's Got The Best Lovin That Ever Put On A Pair Of Drawers
I'm Goin' Back Home
Let's Get Drunk
Booty Scoot
Come And Get It While He's Gone
Just Because He's Good To You
Let Me Knock The Dust Off
Just Go Dancin'
Mississippi Boy [Previously Unreleased]
You Might Have To Hurt [Previously Unreleased]
Did You Put YOur Foot In It
I Was Searching

"Mississippi Folks" (Ecko 2016) LISTEN

1 Ghetto Funk
2 Tasty Girl
3 Tip It Up
4 If We Steal Away
5 Mississippi Folks
6 Getting You Ready for Me
7 Swing On
8 Tasty Girl (Remix)
9 Body Drain
10 Rooster Rooster Guinea Guinea
11 You Don't Want a Good Man

"Swing On With O.B." (Ecko 2017) LISTEN

1. There's A Right Way To Do Wrong
2. I Like The Way You Swing
3. You're The One, Baby (with Lomax)
4. I'ts Booty Shakin' Time
5. They Were Gone
6. Swing On (Remix)
7. Why Can't I Be Your Lover
8. Good And Grown Lovin'
9. Until Next Time
10.Freak In The Sheets
11.The Last Dance

"Parking Lot Love Affair" (Ecko 2018)

1. I Wanna Get With You
2. Parking Lot Love Affair
3. Teach Me How To Swing
4. Goody Good Good Stuff
5. Jam On With Me
6. Get On Up
7. Keep On Rollin'
8. Teach Me How To Swing (remix)
9. Las Vegas Mississippi
10.The Mule


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