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Southern Soul star Mel Waiters was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, where in 1974 he began his performing career at local teen clubs; after a stint as a radio DJ, he was awarded a government contract to entertain at military bases across the Southwest. With the exception of sax Waiters produced, played and wrote all the material for his first CD release in 1996. The slick "Hit It & Quit It" and "Whatever It Took" gave me his first Southern hits. He followed this up with his second for the Serious Sounds with "Suki Suki Man" that got his biggest song to date with the title track. Waiters was next snatched up by Malaco Records's Waldoxy imprint in 1997 and an even bigger hit was produced by the single "Got My Whiskey" featuring a very polished dance sound he would continue with. Despite increasing popularity up to this point in 1999 he jumped to the top of the Soul/Blues heap with the smash "Hole In The Wall", one of those undeniable hits that guarantee you'll work in the Chitlin Circuit for years to come. The single, which also featured a remix by Bigg Robb, managed to hit Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart at #24 and also gave Mel his first placing on Billboard's Top Blues Albums chart (#5) and the Top R & B/Hip Hop Albums chart at #83. Since that time waiters has scored with a string of similar sounding dance songs about drinking whiskey and partying at the "hole in the wall". His most recent disc, "Throwback Days", dented Billboard Top 100 R & B/Hip Hop Albums chart at #93 proving longevity for the artist. Waiters also ran his own label, Britney Records, for a time which roster included legend Latimore. Mel passed away May 28th 2015 after a long battle with cancer...

Album Discography

"I'm Serious" (Serious Sounds 1995)

1. Whatever It Took
2. Something in Common
3. Hit It and Quit It
4. I'm Serious
5. Caught My Eye
6. What the Rain Does to Me (Interlude)
7. Make'm Like You
8. Pressure
9. Spend More Time
10. Are You into Me
11. Let's Do Each Other
12. What the Rain Does to Me
13. Hit It and Quit It - (live)
14. I'm Serious - (live)

"Suki-Suki Man" (Serious Sounds 1997)

1. Money Where (Your Mouth)
2. Suki-Suki Man
3. Time at Home
4. Man Shoes
5. Only Time He Comes Around
6. Is It True
7. Teddy Bear
8. Mind on Me
9. Bring Some (To Get Some)
10. Wrong House
11. Suki-Suki Man - (Remix)
12. I Never Thought

"Woman In Need" (Waldoxy 1997)

1. Got My Whiskey
2. Woman in Need
3. Pop It Baby
4. (Sex) Or Make Love
5. Slip Away
6. Second Class
7. Treat Ah Dog
8. Something in Common - (live)
9. Who's Gonna Win

"Material Things" (Waldoxy 1999)

1. Swing Out
2. If She Lets You Get It
3. Hole in the Wall
4. Material Things
5. Running Stop Lights
6. She Ain't Drunk
7. Compromise
8. I'm So Glad
9. Trying to Walk Away

"I Want The Best" (Susie Q 2000)

1. Whatever It Took
2. Is It True
3. I'm Serious
4. Asking Too Much
5. Suki-Suki Man - (remix)
6. Hit It & Quit It
7. Only Time He Comes Around, The
8. I Want the Best
9. What the Rain Does
10. Man Shoes
11. Teddy Bear
12. Mind on Me
13. Something in Common
14. I Can Only See You
15. Bring Some to Get Some
16. I Want the Best - (Radio mix)
17. Asking Too Much - (Radio mix)
18. I Can Only See You - (Radio mix)

"Let Me Show You How To Love" (Waldoxy 2001)

1. Ice Chest
2. I Can Light Candles
3. Real Mother for Ya, A
4. What I Had in You
5. Show You How to Love Again
6. Big Mama
7. How Can I Get Next to You
8. He Didn't Take Your Woman
9. Brand New Bed

"A Nite Out" (Waldoxy 2003)

1. Girls Nite Out
2. Whiskey and Blues
3. Two Step
4. Satisfy You (Before I Satisfy Me)
5. Smaller the Club
6. She's Got Me Workin
7. Let's Dance
8. Your Kitchen Was Closed
9. Jealous Kinda Fella
10. No Ring

"Got My Whiskey" (601 Music 2005)

1. Got My Whiskey
2. She Ain't Drunk
3. Big Mama
4. Running Stop Lights
5. I Can Light Candles
6. Pop It Baby
7. Swing Out Song
8. If She Lets You Get It
9. He Didn't Take Your Woman
10. Brand New Bed

"Throw Back Days" (Waldoxy 2006) LISTEN

1. Throw Back Days
2. Get It on Song
3. Friday Night Fish Fry
4. I Like Your Sister
5. Half Pint
6. Blues Radio
7. Ladies Party Night
8. If He Don't Care
9. Bump and Grind
10. How Do You Do It

"I Ain't Gone Do It" (Waldoxy 2010) LISTEN

1. Bar-B-Que
2. Down Home People
3. Make You (Fall In Love)
4. Meet Me Tonight
5. They Come Back
6. Love Trap
7. I Ain't Gone Do It
8. Rather Hurt Myself
9. Miss Someone
10. Hold That Thought
11. Everything's Going Up
12. I Watch That Girl

"Christmas At The Hole In The Wall" (Brittney 2010)

**digital album**

1. Hole In the Wall Christmas
2. Some Bodys Missing
3. Bye Myself
4. What You Gave Me Last Year
5. Christmas Party At Grandma's House
6. Jesus Is the Reason
7. Christmas and New Years
8. Bye Myself -instrumental

"Say What's On Your Mind" (Brittney 2011) LISTEN

1 When You Get Drunk
2 Whiskey And Pain Donít Mix
3 Little Girls Canít Do What Big Girls Do
4 Friends
5 Let Me See You Twist
6 If I Didnít Love You
7 If I Fall In Love
8 Good Women
9 All I Want Is A Beat

"Got No Curfew" (Brittney 2012) LISTEN

1. Got No Curfew
2. Your Use To Be
3. My Check is Spent
4. I Got It Bad
5. It's Not Yours
6. Being a Fool For You
7. Bag of Ice
8. Match Your Shoes
9. Baby Your Attitude
10. Thanks To My Fans

"Poor Side Of Town" (Brittney 2013) LISTEN

1. Pouring Salt
2. Poor Side of Town
3. Find a Man to Dance
4. Don't Get Your Bread
5. Who Got the Whiskey
6. Hottest Thing
7. Real Simple
8. If It Ain't Broke
9. Best Love Making
10.Get Some Jesus

"True Love" (Brittney/Music Access 2015) LISTEN

1 Disrespect
2 True Love
3 Stick to Your Drink
4 Southern Soul Love
5 Not Suppose to Love You
6 Shake a Plenty
7 Chapter
8 Contact
9 Going out Tonight
10 Love to See You Cha Cha Cha
11 Stick to Your Drink (Mel's Mix)


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