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David Brinston BUY CDS

Brinston first appeared on the radar when his Jomar Records release "Hit And Run" became a regional hit. Producer Marshall Jones released an album of the same name in 1996. Brinston had been extensively touring the chitlin circuit and pleasing crowds since 1992. Brinston recorded two albums for the small R & B label before enjoying another hit with "Somebody's Cuttin' My Cake" In 2001 the best disc of his career was released on Susie Q called "Fly Right", a great vehicle for his Al Green-like chops. Malaco Records signed him after he opened for Marvin Sease and he released his first for the label in 2005.

Brinston dropped an independent CD in 2006 ("Mississippi Boy") , before signing with Ecko Records and returning to form.

Album Discography

"Love Maker" (Labro 199?)

1 Dirty Lover
2 Take It Easy
3 Last One
4 Don't Say Good-Bye
5 Personal Lover
6 I Got What You need
7 You're Mine
8 Can I Change My Mind
9 Love Maker
10 Love Maker (Instrumental)

david brinston hit and run "Hit And Run" (Jomar 1996)

1. Hit and Run
2. Old Feeling
3. Trouble Maker
4. Home Recka
5. Last One
6. Love Maker
7. Take It Easy
8. Dirty Lover
9. Personal Lover
10. Don't Say Goodbye
11. Got What You Need

"Slow Down (From The Run Around)" (Jomar 1997)

1 Slow Down From The Run Around
2 Hit and Run
3 Old Feeling
4 Trouble Maker
5 Home Recka
6 Last One
7 Love Maker
8 Take It Easy
9 Dirty Lover
10 Personal Lover
11 Don't Say Goodbye
12 Got What You Need

david brinston the real deal "The Real Deal" (R & B 1997)

1.Hit & Run
2.Just Can't Take It
3.My Wife
4.I'am Tangled Up
5.Shake Your Pants
6.Party Time
7.Friday Night Ladies Night
8.I'am With You Baby
9.Double Clutch
10.Just For Me

david brinston too hot "Too Hot" (R & B 1998)

1.I'm Packing Up In The Moring
2.Cha Cha
3.Shake That Booty
4.I Love Being Tied Down
5.Looks It's Over
6.I'm Sorry
7.Too Hot
8.Work With Me Baby
9.She Robbed Me
10.I've Joined The "Players Club"

david brinston somebody's cuttin my cake "Somebody's Cuttin' My Cake" (METT 1999/Ecko 2007) LISTEN

1.Somebody's Cuttin' My Cake
2.Two Way Love Affair
5.I'll Be There
6.Face It
7.Pay The Cost
8.Lay On You

david brinston fly right "Fly Right" (Susie Q 2001)

1. Straighten Up (And Fly Right)
2. I Paid the Price
3. Same Old Feeling (Every Time)
4. Kick It
5. After All I Do
6. Don't Change the Blues
7. You're So Freak, Girl
8. I Caught Ya
9. Party ('till the Lights Go Out)
10. Love Me Girl
11. Straighten Up (And Fly Right) [Radio Cut]
12. I Paid the Price [Radio Cut]
13. You're So Freak, Girl [Radio Cut]
14. Party ('till the Lights Go Out) [Radio Cut]

David Brinston "Rockin" (Waldoxy) "Rockin'" (Waldoxy 2005) 

1. Junk in the Trunk
2. You Can't Trust Anybody
3. Hard Working Lady
4. Woman Enough for Me
5. Sweet Lolipop
6. Rockin'
7. I Need a Girl Like You
8. Should Have Been Me
9. Memories
10. I Can't Win
11. I Don't Wanna Loose Your Love
12. Fantasy

david brinston mississippi boy "Mississippi Boy" (R & B 2006) LISTEN BUY CD

"Here I Go Again" (Ecko 2007)  LISTEN

1. Here I Go Again
2. Let Me Hit It One More Time
3. Back It Up and Put It Here
4. After Party
5. Give Me All You Love
6. Love's Always Gonna Be Around
7. Ain't It Funny
8. Too Many Women
9. Come Back and Do It Right
10. Work That Thang
11. You Took That Dog in Me

"Party Time" (Ecko 2008) LISTEN BUY CD

1. I Just Love Women
2. Sometimes You Win Some
3. Crazy 'Bout You Baby
4. Hard Working Woman
5. It's Party Time!
6. You Are My Friend
7. Heaven Sent
8. Working It Out
9. I Wanna Have Some Fun
10. I'm a High Nature Man

"Dirty Woman" (Ecko 2009) LISTEN BUY CD

1. Something I Want
2. I Finally Got a Good Woman
3. You Caught Me with My Drawers Off
4. Give It to Me
5. I Came to the Party
6. Dirty Woman - (featuring J. Blackfoot)
7. When I Put the Icing on the Cake
8. Back Up Man
9. I'm Still Waiting
10. I'm Faithful to My Baby
11. Don't Tease Me with It
12. Something I Want - (Remix featuring Ms. Jody)

"Beat It Up" (Ecko 2010) LISTEN BUY CD

1. Beat It Up
2. Let's Get Together
3. Booty Humpin' Grind
4. Back On The Backstreets
5. Take Me Back
6. Bounce That Booty
7. High Dollar Woman
8. Honest I Do
9. Bus Stop
10. I'm A Reformed Cheater

"It's Gonna Be A Showdown" (Delta Down 2013) BUY CD

1. Hold On Me
2. Beverly Hills
3. Spend the Night
4. I Feel Like Drinking
5. The Recipe
6. Sweet Lips and Pretty Eyes
7. Show Down
8. Letting Me By
9. Fool
10. Southern Soul Lady

"Two Way Love Affair And Other Hits" (Ecko 2014)

1 Two Way Love Affair
2 You've Got Something I Want (Remix)
3 Dirty Woman
4 Booty Humpin' Grind
5 Pay the Cost
6 Here I Go Again
7 You Caught Me with My Drawers Off
8 I'll Be There
9 Beat It Up
10 I Came to Party
11 Back It up and Put It Here
12 After Party

"Back On Track" (Delta Down 2014)

1 Diamond in the Middle
2 One Way
3 Your Love (Is Unpredictable)
4 Tragic Love
5 911
6 What You Gonna Do (In the Morning)
7 It's Cold Out Here
8 Lonely Guy

"Backseat Rider" (Delta Down 2015)

1 Back Seat Rider
2 Just Like Your Mama
3 Running On Empty
4 I'm Going to Wait On You
5 Low Down, Dirty
6 Damn Near Hate Each Other
7 I Was Wrong
8 I Want to Thank You Baby

"Sidepiece Motel" (Ecko 2017)

1 Dance with Me
2 I Drinks My Whiskey
3 My Outside Woman
4 I Got You
5 Southern Soul Party
6 Sidepiece Motel
7 I Ain't Goin' Nowhere Tonight
8 She's a Freak
9 Give Me All Your Love
10 You Got to Make a Change


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