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Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett grew up with a love for music in a town known as Pomfret, MD. He started playing music at the age of 10, and has continued entertaining for the last 45 years. During his youth he played various wind instruments such as the trumpet, trombone and tuba. As time progressed, he picked up an interest in the guitar. He later formed and managed a group called the Family Reunion Band, which consisted solely of family members. The Family Reunion band later branched out into two other groups, which left time for him to nurture his talent with more seasoned performers. During that time, he had the opportunity to back up groups and artists such as, Sonny Till and the Orioles, The Manhattans, Roy C, Millie Jackson, Lee Fields, Clarence Carter and others.

Bennett along with Lady Mary had been part of Hardway Connection before doing their own record as a duet in 1999 called "Still Lovin'" on Bennett's own imprint, ja Ben. Since then he's released a steady stream of Southern Soul albums with Lady Mary or solo.

Album Discography

Jim Bennett & Lady Mary with the Unique Creation Band "Still Lovin'" (Ja Ben 1999)

"A Man And A Woman" (Ja Ben 20??)

"Taking It To The Top" (Ja Ben)

"Last Chance For Love" (Ja Ben)

Jim Bennett & Unique Creation Band & Lady Mary "Their Best And Latest In 2002" (Ja Ben 2002)

"Portrait Of A Masterpiece" (Ja Ben 2004)

1. Still Partying
2. That GIrl Is Mine
3. Hot Loving
4. Who Is She To You
5. Bring It On Home To Me
6. Out in Left Field
7. Put Up or Shut Up
8. Can We Steal Away
9. In the Midnight

Jim Bennett & Lady Mary "One More Go 'Round" (Ja Ben 2005)

1. Live in Freak
2. Brother to Brother
3. Git It With Me
4. I Don't Come Cheap
5. Goldy Locks
6. Sheet Music
7. Lean Back
8. It's So Real
9. Tell Me Why
10. I Love You So Much
11. Stand Up in It

"Hitbound" (Ja Ben 2006)

1. Sleep Walkin Jim
2. Horney Side
3. One Night Stand
4. Love Me or Set Me Free
5. Party On the Dance Floor
6. New Love Line
7. T.G.I.F.
8. Strugglin Lady
9. That's Where Its At

*** No matter what the mainstream music press might think modern "Southern Soul" is alive and well. Folks are putting out music and selling enough copies to warrant follow up releases. Bennett's managed to release at least 6 long players over the last several years- most notably his duet projects with Lady Mary- but this new one isn't necessarily a good ambassador for the genre.

One of the frequent complaints ofso-called "Southern Soul" is it's reliance on machines and ghetto lyrics and "Hitbound" does have some of both. It does feature real drums, guitar and even an occasional saxophone solo. As far as the risqué subject matter Marvin Sease would be the prime example but Bennett's managed to Sease-it-up on a few tracks. The Deep slow Soul "Horney Side" has a lovely melody and a yearning vocal but the exhortation "let me touch you girl on your horney side" is just plain silly. It's a shame 'cuz the song would be a winner for sure. The upbeat shuffle bumper "One Night Stand" comes next with boneheaded lyrics like "There's nothing wrong with having an affair" and "I've been freaked a few times and I'd like to freak you next". I'm not necessarily a prude I just expect the dirt could be delivered with wit. "Sleep Walking Jim", one of those "back door tipper" songs, is at least clever but kinda creepy: "I can undress you while you asleep...give you pleasure while you asleep...don't wake me baby". Wouldn't that get you arrested? Later he seems to be saying that only he's asleep. I hope that's what he meant!

On the positive side "T.G.I.F" is a pleasant Roy C-like swayer and he also does likable covers of Tyrone Davis' "Love Line", Sam Cooke's "That's Where It's At" and Frank-O Johnson's "Strugglin' Lady". It remains to be seen if the optimistic title of this disc proves true.

Jim Bennett & Lady Mary "Double Or Nothing" (Ja Ben 2007)

"Willing & Able" (Ja Ben 2008)

1. If He Won't, I Will
2. Linger a Little Longer
3. Sit Down On It
4. Can We Get It On?
5. The Glory of Love
6. Soul to Southern Soul
7. Practice What You Preach
8. Baby Look My Way
9. Rainbow 2007
10. Can We Get It On

Jim Bennett & Lady Mary "Too Hot To Handle" (Ja Ben 2009)

1. Sure Nough
2. You'll Lose A Precious Love
3. Supernatural Thing
4. Who's Lovin' You
5. The Party's On
6. You Don't Have To Be Lonely Tonight
7. Sexy Lover
8. Slide On Over
9. Say The Word
10. No Ching, No Chang
11. Give A Hand To the Man "Obama"

Jim Bennett & Junior Marshall "Collective Praise" (Ja Ben 2010)

1. Jesus 911
2. It is Well
3. Lead Me
4. Give Him the Glory
5. People Get Ready
6. Ain't Looking For Much Crowd
7. God Is Standing By
8. I Finally Found My Home
9. Two Roads/One Choice
10. Thank God For Grace
11. Old Man/New Man

"Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It" (Aviara Music 2010)

1. Slap It Slap It Slap It, Tap It Tap It Tap It [Remix] - (remix)
2. That Girl Is Mine
3. East Coast West Coast Jam
4. I Can't Walk Away
5. All Night After A Party
6. Soul To Southern Soul
7. Goldilocks
8. Sleep Walkin' Jim
9. Can We Get It On
10. Look What Love Has Done
11. Slap It Slap It Slap It, Tap It Tap It Tap It [Original Version]

"Taking It To The Next Level" (Aviara Music 2011)

1 I'm Ready To Party
2 Keep On Backing It Up
3 The Body Roll
4 It's You I Need
5 Take It To The Dance Floor
6 Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It
7 She Wanna Come Back
8 A Carolina Beach
10 Look What Love Has Done
11 All Night After A Party
12 Slip Out Tonight

 "Renewd Spirits in 2010" (Ja Ben2012)

1. Where Sin Does Abound
2. We Need to Pray
3. Jesus 911
4. A Holy Ghost Party
5. Im Gonna Praise the Lord 7 Days a Week
6. The Choices We Make
7. It Was Then That You Carried Me
8. Im Sorry for My Wrong
9. Rock of Ages/Clef for Me

 Various Artists "Tribute To The Legends Revue" (Ja Ben2012)

1. Tribute to the Legends/Sending Back Their Love
2. Talk to Me
3. Baby Tonight
4. The World Today
5. Foolish Hearts
6. Still Partying
7. Going Once,Going Twice
8. I'm Sharing the Man I Want
9. Now That Its Over
10. Whats On Your Mind

"Go Go Style (Carrying The Torch)" (Ja Ben 2012)

1. Go Go Letter to My Baby
2. Slap It, Slap It, Tap It
3. Bedroom Workout (Go Go Version)
4. I Just Can't Leave
5. Bump and Roll
6. Jb's Go Go Groove
7. Come Go With Me
8. I Can't Walk Away
9. Jb's Go Go Groove (Instrumental)

"Still In The Game" (Ja Ben 2013)

1. Mr. Right On Time Dr. Feelgood
2. Please Take Me
3. Take Care of Your Homework
4. Turning Point
5. Take Time to Know Her
6. Southernsoul Highway
7. She Laid a Freak On Me
8. Second Chance
9. The New Body Roll
10. Jb's Zydeco Groove

"Southern Soul Highway: The Essential" (CDS 2014)

1 Mr. Right On Time Dr Feelgood (4:44)
2. Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It (4:44)
3. Jody Got It All (4:33)
4. My Dear (4:27)
5. Southern Soul Highway (4:37)
6. You Can Use Me Up (4:11)
7. If He Won’t, I Will (4:47)
8. If I Can’t Have Your Love (5:09)
9. She Laid A Freak On Me (4:22)
10. Just Keep Backing It Up (4:43)
11. It’s You That I Need (4:20)
12. The Body Roll (4:37)
13. Sleep Walkin’ Jim (4:24)
14. Goldylocks (4:49)

"It's My Time To Get Down" (Ja Ben 2016)

1. It's My Time to Get Down
2. Come to Me
3. Everloving Girl
4. Right Man, Wrong Doctor
5. Stop Lying to Me
6. Let's Get Married
7. Is He Treating You Right
8. How Many More
9. Mr. Right on Time Dr. Feelgood
10. It's My Time To Get Down

"His Latest, His Greatest" (Ja Ben 2017)

1. I'm So Glad The Weekend Is Here
2. Ghetto Man
3. Don't You Wanna Party
4. Please Take Me
5. It's My Time To Get Down
6. Right Man,Wrong Doctor
7. Just Call Me Baby
8. You Can Use Me Up
9. Jody Got It All
10. When The Morning Comes
11. I Kicked The Habit
12. Slap It,Tap It

"I Got This" (Ja Ben 2019)

  "Southern Soul Meets Old School" (Ja Ben 2020)

1 Wanna Party With You
2 That Kinda Woman
3 One Man's Trash
4 I Need A Bootee Call
5 I Wanna Make Love To You
6 Love TKO
7 We're Going Out On The Town
8 Turn Back The Hands Of Time
9 Try Me
10 It's So Good To Be Home



"New Day, New Sound" (Ja Ben 2021)

1 What Happened To Jody
2 Why Baby
3 That Come Back Kind Of Love
4 I'm Still Partying
5 I Need Some Body
6 WE Got To Take Time
7 It's Just So Long
8 Your A Thing Of The Past
9 Who Say
10 It's Just So Long


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