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Born in Cincinnati, Ohio Robert "Bigg Robb" Smith started his musical career as a disc jockey dubbed "Sugar Daddy from Cincinnati" for WAIF 88.3 FM at a wee age of 12! Over the next several years he got a chance to meet a long list of R & B stars culminating in a friendship with Roger Troutman. Robb became part of the Zapp & Roger group where he learned his now trademark fuzzy synth Funk style. Eventually he branched out on his own releasing music on his Robb Music imprint. His first disc, a Rap album, "Cheddar Cheddar" is long out-of-print. He also became an in demand producer putting his spin on tracks like Mel Waiter's "Hole In The Wall". He became a recording star in the Southern Soul world on his own with his well received "Grown Folks Muzic" LP in 2002, followed by "The Bigg Woman CD" in 2003. He then assembled a group of young R & B talent an called them Da Problem Solvas.

Starting in 2007 Robb's popularity began to grow exponentially with the release of "8 Tracks & 45s". Since that time he has been one of the biggest selling recording artists in Southern Soul and has been named "Artist Of The Year" in the Blues Critic Awards for Southern Soul two times since 2004.

Album Discography

"Cheddar Cheddar" (Robb Music 2000)

1. Intro
2. We Like to Party
3. Cheddar Cheddar
4. When We Gonna Stop
5. Groove on
6. Can I Get My Flow on
7. It's 2 Late
8. L. A. Love
9. Warm Tonight
10. Skit
11. Mo Funk
12. Get Yo Party on
13. Flow on part II
14. O F S
15. I Still Love You
16. Hey Baby Hey

  "Grown Folks Muzic" (Robb Music 2002)

1. Intro
2. Bigg Robb Show, The
3. Bigg Robb
4. Twerk It
5. Tune Up
6. Southern Ladies
7. Cutie Pie
8. Bigg Woman Song, The
9. Chocolate Starz Pt 2
10. Meet da Problem Solvas
11. Honey Love
12. Ms Kat
13. Country Girls
14. Grown Folks Music
15. Meet Mama Bigg
16. Body Song, The
17. Quality Time
18. I Miss You
19. Message From Bigg Robb, A
20. Bigg Robb Show, The (Long Version)

"The Bigg Woman CD" (Robb Music 2003)

1. Keepin It Real
2. Bigg Woman Song, The (Remix)
3. Bigg Woman Song, The
4. Southern Ladies(2 Step Remix)
5. Tune Up
6. Over 25 Sound Commercial Break
7. Quality Time
8. Can I Get My Flow On?
9. I Want a Bigg Woman For Christmas
10. Louisiana Remix
11. Mississippi Remix
12. Youngstown Remix
13. Toledo Remix

Da Problem Solvas "Every Woman Deserves 2 B Satisfied" (Robb Music 2004)

1. Bigg Robb Presents
2. The Weekend
3. Woman in Denial (Skit)
4. Man Next Door
5. The Macaroni and Cheese Song
6. Let Me See You Shake It(Hot Sauce On Chicken)
7. 8 Tracks N 45's Commercial
8. Keep On Steppin (Steppers Song)
9. Baby Im Sorry
10. The Same Thing(Running Out of Lies Medley)
11. B.C. Skit
12. Grown Folks Muzic#2
13. Bigg Robb Talks to the Fellas
14. Honey Love(Remix)
15. Niecy Thomas Skit
16. Every Woman Deserves 2 B Satisfied
17. Bigg E

Bigg Robb & Da Problem Solvas "Merry Christmas From The Bigg Man" (Robb Music 2004)

1. Jesus Is the Reason For the Season
2. This Christmas
3. Can I Jingle Your Bell This Christmas?
4. In a Holiday Mood
5. Im Coming For Christmas
6. I Want a Bigg Woman For Christmas
7. 8 Tracks N 45's Commercial
8. What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas
9. Message From Bigg Robb, A
10. Baby Your Bath Waters Ready
11. Let Me C U Shake It
12. Bigg Robb Show, The (Long Version)
13. Chocolate Starz Pt 2

Bigg Robb & The We Care Allstars "Southern Soul Cares" (Over 25 Sound 2005)

1. Intro
2. It's Gonna Be Allright
3. Bigg Robb Freeze
4. Tune Up
5. Down South Party
6. Grown Folks Muzic#2
7. Why You Tryin to Holla @ Me?
8. 8 Tracks N 45's Comm
9. Weekend
10. Body Song
11. Southern Ladies Remix
12. It Aint Nuthin But a Party
13. It's Gonna Be Allright

*** You need only slap on a Bigg Robb CD when you need a party started. The Zapp n' Roger alumni has carried on that signature synth/funk sound and this special release gathers some of the best jams released on his Over 25 Sounds label. The impetus behind this comp is Hurricane Katrina hence the title "Southern Soul Cares": a "portion of the proceeds will go to help the victims" of that tragedy. The first single (and new track) "It's Gonna Be Alright" is an instantly familiar midtempo charmer featuring the elastic chops (think Sir Charles Jones) of Bigg Woo (of Da Problem Solvas), Special & more on an extended sing-along chorus. Bigg Robb is a master producer and the sound is clean, tight and smoov as usual. The Southern Soul club smash "The Bigg Robb Freeze" is next fulfillin' yo' line dancin' needs. A real DJ's best friend indeed. Later you'll be 2 steppin' to the "Southern Ladies Remix" featuring Gregory "Uncle Love" Jackson. Bigg Woo returns on "Tune Up" and with Da Problem Solvas on the hits "Grown Folks Music #2" & "The Weekend". Special is front and center on hip-hop flavored "Down South Party" & creepin' "Why You Tryin' To Holla @ Me?". Much like Theodis Ealey's "Let Me Put The Head In It" project, "Southern Soul Cares" is a convincing commercial for these artists and the label in total. Fun stuff here and the earnest premise sweetens the deal.

Bigg Robb "8 Tracks & 45s" (Over 25 Sound 2007)

1. Intro
2. Im Ready 2 Party!
3. Keep on Swinging
4. Record Shoppin'
5. Tha Good Ole Dayz
6. Itz Still Ruff (Featuring Sugarfoot from the Ohio Players)
7. Groove On - (Remix -Featuring Bsoul, SURE2B&Charlie Wilson)
8. Slow Dance 2
9. Medley: Bigg Man Love/Good Love - (Remix)
10. I Thought She Was at Home with the Kids
11. Uncle Penny's Groove
12. Message from Blowfly, A
13. Flip It!
14. Joy Box
15. Playtime for the Grown Folkz
16. Mama's Song (Featuring Shirley Murdock)
17. Medley: Ride Ya Pony/White Horse
18. Bigg Woman Song Remix*

Bigg Robb Presents "The Best Of Da Problem Solvas" (Over 25 Sound 2007)

1. The Same Thing (Running Out of Lies Medley)
2. Tune Up
3. The Weekend
4. The Macaroni and Cheese Song
5. Man Next Door
6. Grown Folks Music
7. Keep On Steppin
8. Baby Im Sorry
9. Quality Time
10. Let Me C U Shake It
11. It's Gonna Be Allright
12. Can I Jingle Your Bell This Christmas?

Bigg Robb Presents "Blues, Soul & Old School" (Over 25 Sound 2007)

1. Intro - Bigg Robb
2. Older Woman Younger Man
3. Keep On Swingin ( Remix ) - Bigg Robb
4. Good Lovin Will Make You Cry ( Remix ) - Bigg Robb, Carl Marshal, Sure 2 B & Special
5. Mercy - Dre T Turner
6. Old School Lovin
7. Grown And Sexy
8. Down South Shuffle - R-3 & Onyx Amiira
9. Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend
10. Curious (We Love Midnight Star Remix)
11. Pot Liquor N Cornbread
12. Put Your Hands On Me
13. Message #21 - Bigg Robb
14. Party Like The Rich Folks Do
15. Im Ready To Party ( Long Version ) - Bigg Robb
16. Grown and Sexy ( Remix ) - Da Problem Solvas & Sir Charles Jones

****1/2 It seems that everything Bigg Robb touches turns to gold. Midas touch? I'm dating myself here. He's also one of the hardest working Southern Soul producers. This is the third release this year. First, "8 Tracks & 45s", then "Best Of Da Problem Solvas" have already hit the street. "Old School" gives a home to Pat Cooley's "Younger Man, Older Woman". It's in there. (like Ragu). Robb's new version of Carl Marshall "Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry". It's in there. "Grown And Sexy", the one with Sir Charles? Yep in there. But that's not all! If you order now you also get the Zappified slow jam "Old School Lovin" by Sure 2 B. Wait! That's not all. We'll also throw in new tracks by Napoleon ("Party Like The Rich Folks"), Special ("Put Your Hands On Me"), Da Problem Solvas ("Pot Liquor N' Cornbread") remixes Bigg Robb on Bigg Robb ("Keep On Swingin", "I'm Ready To Party") and...sound like a commercial. Sorry Bigg Robb does that to me. Buy this CD. Period. No bad tracks.

"Jerri Curl Muzik" (Over 25 Sound 2009) 

1. Intro
2. Party 2 Nite [Bad Mamma Jamma]
3. If I Get Drunk
4. Everybody Makes Mistakes
5. Money
6. Can I Get to Know You Girl
7. Popz and R-3
8. Sexy Lady
9. I Wouldn't Beg
10. Float on Interlude
11. Float On
12. Chocolate Puddin
13. Jerri Curl Muzic
14. Family Reunion Song
15. Recipe, The (Careless with Our Love)
16. Any Man Can Make a Baby
17. It Ain't a Party Til You Play the Blues
18. Who Is Bigg Robb?
19. Grown N' Sexy - (Bass Mix)

**** This CD could easily be recommended merely on the "Bigg" sound it offers. I can't help thinking that if all albums releases in the much maligned "Southern Soul" genre were as sonically full as this one the music would have it's own spot in Billboard. This CD could also be recommended for it's ability to blend Old School R & B with modern Southern Soul and make it feel Now (same can be said of Stan Mosley's new "I'm Comin' Back" effort). That's true of all of Robb's productions as he is unabashed in his Old School sound, as evidenced by the album titles and past throwdowns ("8 Tracks & 45s" for example). Let's not forget his connection to Zapp & Roger afterall.

"Jerri Curl Muzik" is credited as a "Bigg Robb" album, but there isn't much difference between a so-called Various Artists CD like his previous disc "Blues Soul & Old School" and this new one. Both feature fabulous guest stars. This time out he recruits Omar Cunningham, Archie Love and Larry Cunningham of the Floaters on the great Floaters' hit "Float On". A dazzling, if too faithful, cover highlighted but Love's surprising falsetto- something Archie needs to do more of.  The marvelous Carl Marshall sings lead on "I Wouldn't Beg". As most of us know Robb had expertly remixed Marshall's hit "Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry" on "Blues Soul & Old School" (and Robb returns the favor by singing on a track on the new Marshall album "Look Good For You" as well). The Bar-Kays are found on the Fun-Kay title jam. There's also Shirley Murdock, Sir Charles Jones, Kurtis Blow and others on board.

The star of course is the persona of Bigg Robb, producer, main songwriter and ringleader of a collection of "Grown Folks" music or, excuse me, "Jerri Curl Muzik".  There's almost too many potential hits here. The official first single was "The Recipe", which borrows that loping baseline from Johnnie Taylor's "Careless With Our Love".  The aforementioned "Float On" is starting to ascend on radio. There's also a couple notable message songs found on this collection. The bump "If I Get Drunk" is dedicated to "everybody who likes to get your drink on..." but flips the script right away by revealing itself to be a heartening call against drunk driving. Sample lyric: "Going down to the club to have a real goodtime/And party all night long...but if I start looking like I'm tore up y'all/Somebody take my keys and don't let me drive." Robb brings the party music but he cares too! With too much playa hatin', jealousy, hustlin' and what-have-you in the circuit Robb is all about bringing us all together as a "southern soul family". Meanwhile on "Any Man Can Make A Baby" Robb delivers a great slow jam reaching out to fathers to rise above the "baby mama drama" and handle your business. Add this to the relentless ear and booty candy on this CD and you got his masterpiece. On the spoken intro he exhorts listeners to not "let sad times or bad times get you down" and he proceeds to his darndest to lift your mood.

"Grown Folks Gospel: Songs Of Encouragement" (Over 25 Sound 2010)

1. Welcome from BiggRobb
2. Waiting on Joy Feat Curtis Foster of the 5 Blind Boys/Rev Walter Bledsoe
3. God wont let you down Feat Pastor Ronnie "Diamond" Hoard
4. Mama's Song
5. So Addicted/Outstanding-Medley Feat Nicole Jackson
6. That will be good enough for me Feat Shirley Murdock/Pastor Ronnie Hoard
7. God's gonna make it right Feat Nicole Jackson
8. God loves them too Feat G.lattimore
9. One step from heaven Feat B.SOUL/Sure2B/R-3
10. Do your best(and god will do the rest) Feat Cherry Washington
11. Let your light shine Feat Deannah Dukes
12. Steppin 4 Jesus Feat Henry Benefield
13. Everybody makes Mistakes
14. God wont let you down -REMIX Feat SURE2B
15. Keepin it real with Rev Bledsoe
16. Time for a Change Feat Curtis Foster of The Five Blind Boys/Rev Walter Bledsoe
17. Family Reunion (Church picnic Remix) Feat Shirley Murdock

"Soul Prescription" (Over 25 Sound 2010)

1. B.I.G.G.R.O.B.B.
2. Backtracking
3. Remix Our Love
4. Country Twang
5. The Crying Zone
6. Let It Go
7. Young Folks Love The Blues
8. Juke For Me
9. You Are My Sunshine
10. So Delicious
11. Sonta J interlude
12. Ugly Faces
13. Moscato Love
14. Fish In Some Grease
15. Can I Get To Know U Girl (Remix)
16. If I Get Drunk Tonight (Remix)
17. The Crying Zone (Love mix)
18. Bigg Robb's Love Theme

"Bigg Robb Presents Juke Joint Music" (Over 25 Sound 2012)

1. Juke Joint Intro
2. Byob (feat. Mel Waiters)
3. Sugar Shack (Line Dance Remix) (feat. Mz Jackson)
4. The Same Thing (Running Out of Lies Medley) (feat. Da Problem Solvas)
5. Hit It from the Back (feat. L.j. Echols)
6. Young Folks Love the Blues
7. Lookin for a Country Girl
8. Booty Whipped (Remix) (feat. Napoleon Demps)
9. Down South Party (feat. Special)
10. Commercial
11. Family Reunion (feat. Shirley Murdock)
12. The Crying Zone 808 Mixx
13. Candy Lover (Candy Licker Remix) (feat. R-3)
14. Your Lovin Is So Good (feat. Mz Vicki Waller)
15. Pop a Pill (feat. Ghetto Cowboy)
16. I Wouldnt Beg (feat. Carl Marshall)
17. Chocolate Puddin (feat. Omar Cunningham)
18. Sugaa Shack
19. God's Gonna Make It Right (feat. Nicole Jackson)

"Think Bigg" (Over 25 Sound 2013)

1. Intro
2. Partytime
3. Get a Room
4. Fill It Up
5. Im so Glad
6. Let's Straighten It Out
7. Thirsty / I Cant Wait (Medley)
8. Slow Motion
9. Not Ashamed
10. Dont Let the Gray Hair Fool Ya
11. Booty Pop
12. Bigg Robb Loves You Commercial
13. Looking for a Country Girl
14. Swing It for Me (Swingout 2step Mix)
15. Slow Motion Remix
16. Work That Sexy (Zydeco Mix)
17. I Got Ya
18. Carla's Song (Bigg Robb's Love Theme 2)

**** The Bigg man delivers again. It's a grown folks party with every Bigg Robb joint. Great bumpers ala "Fill It Up" and "Get A Room". One midetempo toe-tapper has become a bone of contention. Bishop Bullwinkle used the backing track of "Looking For A Country Girl" for his colossal smash "Hell Naw To The Naw Naw". As of writing there's no outcome to pending litigation. One of the best cuts is the Funky, grinding, frantic "Booty Pop". On the slow tip Robb does a great re-tooling of Latimore's "Let's Straighten It Out" (sorta like he did with Carl Marshall's "Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry"). The only minor gripe I have is that the vocoder vocals tend to become just too much sometimes.

"Showtime" (Over 25 Sound 2015)  

1. Welcome
2. Sugar Shack (Extra Long Remix)
3. Good Good
4. Blues and BBQ (feat. Denise Lasalle)
5. Hotter Than Fish Grease
6. Getting It In
7. Showtime
8. Singing the Blues
9. Turn It Up / More Bounce to the Ounce (Medley)
10. We Can Do It (The Big Man's Anthem)
11. Please Don't Judge Me
12. Biggrobbdotcom
13. Good Love (Remix) [feat. Mz Jackson]
14. Good Good (2 Step Remix)
15. Fill It Up (Line Dance Remix)
16. Keri's Song (Bigg Robb's Love Theme III)

**** Best selling CD in our CD Store's history is another instant grown folks party soundtrack. First song out of the gate was his hit duet with Denise LaSalle for "Blues & BBQ". The follow up, the bouncin' "Gettin' It In", was even stronger with an irresistible hook. It is undoubtedly influenced by Clarence Carter's "Strokin'" musically. He even talks the verses like Carter. "Please Don't Judge Me" is a poignant, uplifting story song. I'd say it's a Gospel song. After a gig a woman asks Robb to pray with her as her life is in turmoil and she unwittingly started dating a married man. Then a homeless man tells Robb his hard luck story. Robb says to stay strong and tell 'em "Please don't judge me/If you're not walking in my shoes/Please don't judge me/God ain't finished with me yet". It's truly an inspired concept for a song. Not one you'd see coming a mile away. Elsewhere: The title cut is a slow, sexy bedroom jammy and the album is also filled out with several hot remixes including "Sugaa Shack (Extra Long Remix)".

"Got My Whiskey Party" (Over 25 Sound 2016)  

1 Got My Whiskey
2 Blues and BBQ (feat. Denise Lasalle)
3 Party 'N' Step
4 Green Crown (feat. R-3)
5 My Best Friend Died
6 Shothouse / Clean up Woman (feat. Toia Jones)
7 Don't Let the Gray Hair Fool Ya (Memphis Mix) [feat. Da Problem Solvas]
8 Singing the Blues
9 I Love You (Baby Please Don't Go)
10 Call the Bigg Robb Hotline
11 Good Good (Long Version)
12 Byob (Feat. Mel Waiters)
13 You Can Get It (feat. Toia Jones)
14 Backtracking
15 Work That Sexy Zydeco (Long Version)
16 Pop Dat Monkey (Extra Bass Mix)
17 Please Don't Judge Me

*** This album effectively collected various single releases and remixes over the past twelve months released as downloads. Nevertheless, "Got My Whiskey Party" doesn't sound like a collection of un-matching parts but works as a cohesive album. "Party N' Step" was one of the new tracks cut for the album and ignited some dance floors in the South. It does repeat some tracks from other albums so I can't say this is as essential as his other albums.

"Born 2 Do This" (Over 25 Sound 2017)

1 Born (Intro)
2 I Need a Drink
3 Pop It in the Middle
4 If Loving You Is Wrong (I Dont Want to Be Right)
5 Thick 'n' Juicy
6 Leaning
7 Born 2 Do This
8 Stay in Your Place
9 Good Thang
10 Bear Meat (Blues)
11 Haters (They Don't Want to See You Win)
12 Swing Out
13 My Best Friend Died
14 Mess Wit Me / Moments in Love (Medley)
15 Mr Groove (Line Dance Funk Remix)
16 All Night Long
17 10-4 (Zydeco)
18 Twitch
19 I Love You (Baby Please Don't Go)

"Good Music" (Over 25 Sound 2019)

1 Bigg Robb Loves U
2 Salt 'n Pepper
3 Cuttin' Up (feat. O.B. Buchana)
4 Sexy (feat. Lebrado)
5 Slide in It
6 Let Me Put My Name on It
7 That's My Job
8 Love You Down (Bigg Robb's Remix)
9 Good Music (1970's Mix)
10 Looking Good Tonight
11 Medley: I Did My Time / Hung up on My Baby
12 Don't Be Ashamed (Swingout Mix)
13 Mama and Daddy (feat. Vick Allen)
14 Don't Let the Rain (feat. Shirley Murdock)
15 Song for Roger Troutman

"Smooth Grown & Sexy" (Over 25 Sound 2020)

1 Grown and Sexy Jazz
2 Grateful-Thankful-Blessed (feat. Kurt "KC" Clayton)
3 Looking for a Country Girl (Smooth Mix) [feat. North 2unes Woodall]
4 Thats My Job
5 Take It Off (feat. Wendell B)
6 Chianti-Wine-Cheese
7 Song for Roger (Smooth Mix)
8 Relax
9 Riding n Thinkin (feat. Darnell "Showcase" Taylor)
1 Sailing (feat. Kurt "KC" Clayton)
11 Step for Me (Ballroom Groove)
12 Bid Whist n Spades
13 Carla's Song (Long Version)
14 Take It Off (Bigg Robb's Bedroom Mix) [feat. Randy Villars]

"Fantastic" (Over 25 Sound 2021)

1 Fantastic
2 Evidence
3 He Cant Do It
4 Good One
5 Ready Ready
6 Country as Hell (feat. Ryan Roth)
7 Toot It Up
8 Grown Man Shhhh
9 I Appreciate You
10 Bang Bang Bang
11 Catfish and Bbq (feat. Theodis Ealey)
12 Solid
13 Lets Party 808 Mix
14 Beautiful (Reggae) [feat. Oui-Wey Collins]
15 Cuttin' Up (Roller Skating Remix) [feat. O.B. Buchana]
16 America (Remix)
17 Country as Hell (Radio Edit) [feat. Ryan Roth]

"Vintage" (Over 25 Sound 2023)

1. Happy Hour
2. Let's Party
3. Backyard (Funky Remix)
4. Sipping And Thinking
5. Black Woman Magic
6. Vintage
7. Keep Shining
8. Belly On Ya/Big Poppa
9. The Liquor House
10.Get Lucky
11.Smiling And Crying
12.Thanks To You
13.Get My Groove On Ft. Charlie Wilson
14.Too Old For The B.S.
15.Bring Back The Love
16.25 Again New Jack Swing
17.Brand New Me
18.Backyard (Southern Soul Mix)
19.Belly On Ya


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