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Mr. X

Songwriter and Gospel artist Mark Safford entered the Southern Soul market for Hep Me Records as "Mr. X". Prior to and currently he sings with a Gospel group called "The Joyful Sounds Of Selma", which has released five LPs. In 2009 he scored his first hit as Mr. X with the popular dance song "Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle".

Album Discography

"Sit Down On It" (Hep Me 2008)

1. Sit Down on It
2. I Wanna Spend the Weekend with My Lady
3. Sit Down on It [Remix]
4. You Got Me Yearning for Your Love
5. He Don't Love You Like I Do
6. Shake It Don't Break It
7. Sweety Pie
8. Make It Do What It Do
9. Let's Stay Together
10. Rump Roast
11. Roll It Slow
12. Louisiana Festivities
13. Can You Slip Away for Christmas

"Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle" (Hep Me 2009)

1. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle,jiggle Jiggle Jiggle
2. Baby Don't Leave Me
3. This Little Place
4. I Was Wrong to You
5. Show Me What You Working With
6. Can We Dance to a Slow Song
7. It Takes More Thin Anotion
8. She Put a Stroke On Me (Vocil)
9. I'am a Fool for You
10. Lonely Night's
11. She Put a Stroke On Me

"The Best Of" (Sound Mindz 2010)

1. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle
2. Make It Do What It Do
3. Baby Don't Leave Me
4. This Little Place
5. I Was Wrong To You
6. I Wanna See Whatcha Working With
7. Dance To a Slow Song
8. It Takes More Than a Notion
9. She Put That Stroke On Me
10. I'd Rather Be a Fool
11. Louisiana Festivities
12. Another Lonely Night
13. Sit Down On It
14. Slip Away For Christmas


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