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Lomax Spaulding was born in a small town in Georgia. He began playing the guitar, the piano, and singing at a very young age. Lomax’s first exposure to public performance began in the Church. Lomax joined the very successful group, “Cashflow.” Over the next few years, he toured with Cameo, Levert, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Stephanie Mills, Rodger & Zapp, Atlantic Star, Midnite Star, Luther Vandross, Jermaine Jackson, Alexander O’Neal, Klymaxx, Shelia E,  Keith Sweat, Silk, XSCAPE, R. Kelly, L.L. Cool J and SOLO. In 2004 Lomax returned to Gospel music. The completion of his Gospel project led to a reawakening of his spiritual self and rejuvenated his musical creativity. Lomax’s gospel project (more info needed) led to performing for the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW). He performed for the group on several occasions and was invited to participate as a musical guest for the unveiling of the bust of Sojourner Truth in Washington, DC at the US Capital Visitors’ Center. He was blessed with the honor of meeting and speaking with First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. January 20, 2014 Lomax was invited to perform at the Martin Luther King Day Annual Program in Washington DC, singing a tribute to Nelson Mandella. Looking to broaden his musical horizons, Lomax began his Southern Soul experience as a guitar player on Tony Troutman’s hit, “Your Man Is Home Tonight.” Lomax worked with Mel Waiters. He has collaborated with him on several musical projects, such as the hit single, “Got No Curfew.” Lomax also produced and performed on the music of Charles Wilson “She Can Make It Do Something.” Chandra Calloway and Jimmy-Jai, all performers on Mel Waiters’ record label, Brittney Records. He also produced and performed on the music of Gina Brown “We’re Having A Party” and “G-Slide.” Lomax was nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Record Producer’ for 2012 and "Best Dance Song" for 2014 ("Swing It) by the Blues Critic Awards. Lomax released his first Southern Soul/R&B CD, “Life Lessons” May 2013. Lomax's second album. "Is This What You Want" dropped in 2017.  In between these two albums Coday Records released a 4 song EP on Lomax featuring two versions of "Please Let Me Hold You" in 2015.

Album Discography

"Life's Lessons" (KAL Ent 2012)

1 Baby Its Over
2 I'm in Love
3 Swing It
4 I've Had My Turn
5 Put It All Up In There
6 Satisfy You
7 One More Chance
8 Let Me Work It
9 Second Hand Man
10 If It's Broke

"Is This What You Want'" (KAL Ent. 2017)  

1 Get This Party Started
2 Gonna Miss You
3 Watch It Shake
4 Let the Rain Come Down
5 Why You Wanna Do That
6 Don't Leave My Wife Alone
7 Knock Down Inn
8 Can't Help Myself
9 Is This What You Want
10 Please Let Me Come Back Home
11 Caught Up
12 Kiss It Goodbye


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