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Lebrado Wilson was born in Northgate, NC. His brother is R & B/Hip Hop artist K-CI

Album Discography

"Try Me" (Ifgam 2006)

1. I'm Missin You Babe
2. Coffee
3. Dancin
4. Try Me
5. First Lady
6. Blacksand
7. Meditation
8. Come Back Home
9. Be My Girl
10. Can't Sleep
11. Do You Wanna Be My Baby
12. I'm Missin You Babe (Remix)

*** Lebrado's debut single "I'm Missin' You Babe" is an infectious dose of slick, funky pop/soul that created demand for a full length from this elastic-voiced tenor and finally we have one. The song was written and produced by Mr. Stand Up In It Theodis Ealey along with Bruce Billups and Gregory P. Jones. Fans of mainstream R & B, Kenny Lattimore and perhaps Sir Charles Jones should be the first to dig the remaining 11 tracks (including a remix of "Missin' You Babe"). While none of the cuts match the single, others with potential include "Coffee" which "milks" a coffee/black woman metaphor for all it's worth. Hey, songs praising the virtues of black women are always welcome. "She said: 'Lebrado, can I cook you tea?' I said, 'Tea is cool but it ain't for me.' She said, 'Lebrado how you like your coffee?' And I said, 'Hot, black and always lovin' on me!'". What would a Southern Soul disc be without a steppin' groove? The smooth "Dancin'" fills that role. "Try Me", "Meditation" and "Can't Sleep" are the melodic late night ballads while "Blacksand" is a pretty good dancer. This album serves it's purpose in showcasing Lebrado's vocals but it's about 1 or 2 good songs shy of the breakthrough he needs and the unimaginative production lacks variety. Still, you can be sure you'll be hearing more from this talented singer.

"Fire" (Makes Cents/Majama Ent. 2009)

1. Fire (feat. K-CI)
2. Let Me Be Your Daddy
3. Lebrado Like It Like That
4. Keep You Near
5. You're So Sexy
6. Sunshine
7. That's Why
8. Angle
9. Beautiful
10. Tip Toe In It
11. Fire (Remix) (feat. K-CI)
12. Fire ( Club Mix) (feat. K-CI)

"Let's Party" (Makes Cents 2018)

1. Dance
2. There It Goes
3. Make up Your Mind
4. Are You Ready
5. I Can't Live Without You
6. I'm a Good Man
7. Let's Party
8. She Can Get Down on It
9. I Like This
10. Tonight


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