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One of the most prolific and successful Southern Soul artists today. In addition to his yearly albums Jones' label Jones Boyz has released albums on Jeter, Jones Boyz, Lady Q, Itz Karma, Crystal Thomas, West Dawn, RNB Pooh, Tasha Mac, RT Taylor, Volton Wright and more. Jones has been chosen as Southern Soul Artist Of The Year by Blues Critic twice thus far.

Album Discography

"R.E.A.L (Raw Encouraging Amazing Love)" (Billionaire 2013)

1 Real (Intro)
2 Back in Time
3 Superman
4 Don't Leave
5 Groving W/ King James.
6 Get Nasty
7 Push
8 Why
9 What We Gone Do
10 Quality Time
11 You're the One
12 Swag Speaks for Itself
13 Push (Live)
14 Thank You for Keeping It R.E.A.L. (Outtro)

"Sweet Jones Live@ Leroy's Chicken Shack" (Billionaire 2013)

1 Somebody Wanna Party
2 Da Boot Scoot
3 Cowboy Up
4 Body's Beat Up
5 U Got My Lovin
6 Like the Billy Goat Said
7 Get It in & Turn It Loose
8 Thicker Than Gravy
9 B.A.K.G.
10 Zydeco Ride
11 B.A.K.G. Remix
12 Crazy Love
13 It's Morning

"Da GQ Country Boy" (Jonez Boyz Ent. 2015)

1. Intro da Big Dawg
2 Party Live
3 Cold Pepsi
4 Lovin Me On Borrowed Time (feat. L J Echols)
5 Looking 4 Lovin (feat. Crystal)
6 Interlude U's a Duck
7 Roommate
8 Cold Bed Blues (feat. J-Wonn)
9 The Cowboy Slide
10 Interlude Phone Bill
11 Boot Up
12 Zydeco With Me (feat. Lil Jabb)
13 Bonus da Boot Scoot Remix (feat. New Cupid)

"Trailride Certified" (Jonez Boys 2016)  

1 She's Ratchet w/ POKEY
2 Dat Country Boy Lovin'
3 Haters Gone Hate
4 Something About the Rain
5 Trailride Certified
6 Watch My Boots
7 Them Country Girls
8 Single Footin'
9 Ghetto Woman
10 Thank U
11 My Country Girl
12 Cat Killa
13 Come out the Bushes
14 Take One for the Team

"Dhis Him" (RMG 2018)

1. Big Dawgís back intro
2. Black Horse
3. Whatís Happening Naw
4. Duck Tales
5. Get My Groove On
6. Juke Joint ft. P2K
7. Interlude freestyle blues
8. Somebody get this Fool Remix ft. Vick Allen
9. I Needís a Drank
10. I ainít gone cheat No Mo
11. Dance with you ft. Big Ro Williams
12. Watch my Boots pt 2 ft. Deacon Dukes, Big Lee, Pokeybear, Miss Portia
13. She gone with Jody ft. Omar Cunningham
14. My phone bill
15. Still in love ft: Ron Johnson
16. You deserve Better
17. She loves my boots ft: Ron Johnson
18. Get outta these street
19. I drank too much ft. CíLamont

"Mufassa" (Music Access 2020)

1 Mufassa Intro
2 Mind Playing Tricks On Me
3 We Come To Party
4 Can I Get Some Lovin
5 I Like Da Way
6 Moonshine
7 Package
8 Clockwise
9 Missing You
10 You Know I Miss You
11 His Old Lady
12 Old Back Road
13 Back It Up

The Jones Boyz "2 Kings" (Music Access 2020)

1. 2 Kings
2. Candy
3. Zydeco With Me
4. Trail Ride Version 2.0
5. Party
6. I Donít Understand
7. Like Voodoo
8. Can I Get Some
9. Moonshine
10. Can't Do It No More

"Trailride Certified 2" (Music Access 2021)

1 Holding These Gators Down [feat. Ric Flair]
2 Plain Ole Country Boy
3 Dirt Road Loving
4 Back That Thang Up
5 Black Horse (Remix)
6 My House [feat. Volton Wright]
7 Breaktime: Country Gurl
8 Get My Shine On
9 Boots Knockin [feat. Urban Mystic]
10 Rain (Remix) [feat. Volton Wright & RnB Pooh & David Jones]
11 Put It In My Face [feat. Terry Rogers]
12 I Shoulda Done Better
13 Hold It In The Road
14 Trailride Party [feat. Just-K]
15 On My Way Home
16 Lady In These Streets [feat. Mizzbehave & KyaraBoo]
17 Trailride Blues
18 Somebody Won't Make It
19 What U See [feat. Deshay]
20 Old School Lovin [feat. Monroe Brown]
21 TC2 (Outro) [feat. Julius Walton]

"Da Legend Of Sweet Jeter Jones" (Jones Boyz 2022)

1. Kang Intro
2. No Worries
3. Bit By A Cougar
4. Good For The Gander
5. Saddle Up
6. Saddle Up Remix
7. Flashlight
8. Trailride Certified Remix
9. Ain't No Stopping Us
10. I Ride
11. Good Inside
12. Simple Kinda Lady
13. Don't Stop
14. My Ghetto Woman
15. Keep Your Dress On
16. Rachet Trailride


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