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Bill Avery

Bill Avery is an Southern Soul/R&B Singer from Gadsden, Alabama steeped in the Southern Black Gospel Tradition having grown up singing in church. He is not the only one in his family that has made music a career. His second cousin....Beyonce' Knowles, formerly of Destiny 's Child, has hit the Big Time . His first album, "Southern Fried Soul", was released in 2004. "Back To Alabama" surfaced in 2009 and in 2017 Avery teamed with Lee Parker and Brimstone Records for "Hot Body Baby". The title track was a regional hit.

Album Discography

"Southern Fried Soul" (Sound Mindz 2004)

1. Can't Get Enough
2. Old Fashioned Love
3. Time
4. Two Strangers
5. Good Woman
6. Nine Pond Steel
7. Don't Love You No More
8. Gotta Make a Come Back
9. Knock on Wood
10. Stuck on You

"Back To Alabama" (1 Stop Graphics 2009)  

1 Back to Alabama
2 Joy
3 Hot Body
4 Need You
5 Who's Crying Now
6 Big Screen TV
7 Ooh Wee
8 Wind Beneath My Wings
9 Mustang Sally
10 Party in the Club

"Hot Body Baby" (Brimstone 2017)

1. Hot Body Baby
2. When We Make Love
3. Can I Change My Mind
4. Ladies Night
5. Try Me
6. She Don't Love Me
7. Need A Good Woman
8. Two Strangers Living In The Same House
9. Alabama
10.Don't Love You Like i Do
11.Joy To Have A Woman Like You
12.Hot Body Baby (remix rap version)

"Stop The Noise Bring Back The Music" (Music Access 2018)

1 Sweet Thang 4:19
2 Ladies Night 4:02
3 When We Make Love 3:58
4 Hot Body Baby 5:21
5 Can I Change My Mind 3:41
6 Since I Met You Baby 3:41
7 Stay With Me Tonight 3:43
8 Nothing Takes The Place Of You 4:48
9 Monkey Time 3:19
10 Hot Body Baby (Rap Version) 4:50


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