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Al Lindsey

Smooth yet smoky-voiced Al Lindsey has been making plenty noise as of late in Southern Soul circles with a satisfyin' new disc and a dynamic live show. Recently he was named as winner of Blues Critic's 2005 "Best New Male Artist" award, as voted by Blues Critic readers/visitors. Lindsey was born in Virginia; raised in Michigan but his Soul extends from the Motor City (Detroit) to the Deep South. His career began while enlisted in the military where he opened for comedian Jimmy Walker, better know as "J.J." of Good Times. Following his tour of duty he headed back to Detroit and befriended Obie Benson and the Four Tops. He formed a group with Roquel Payton, son of the late Lawrence Payton. (Roquel has now replaced the late Obie Benson). In 1989 Al recorded a 12 inch with guitarist David Myles, titled "Always on My Mind". The record didn't hit so Al continued to perform and thrill hometown audiences. He's performed with Latimore, Willie Clayton, the late Little Milton, Rue Davis, J. Blackfoot and Maurice Davis to name a few. He didn't get a chance to record again until 1996 when he released two more songs ("Our Day Will Come" & "Come Share My Love") that got some local airplay but, like many soul greats, he's had to continue honing his craft and paying his dues on the road until he caught a break. In 2004, he went back into the studio and released his first CD entitled “Just Chillin”. His remake of the heartfelt ballad “So In Love”, by the great Willie Hutch is a favorite of his fans and is requested frequently. He recently joined ranks with Producer Simeo Overall, formerly of Cameo for the hit CD “Caught”.


Album Discography


"Just Chillin" (Pulsating Music 2004)


"Caught" (Pulsating Music 2006) LISTEN


1. Take Me Back
2. Candlelight (A Salute To Marvin)
3. Hollow Point
4. Caught
5. Sorry
6. We're Gonna Party Tonite
7. Sunshine
8. The Grind
9. Ain't Nuthin Wrong
10. Candlelight (A Salute to Marvin) Extended Version


"So In Love" (Pulsating Music 2008) LISTEN


1. Missin' You
2. So in Love
3. Pop It, Shake It, Work It
4. Call Me
5. Let's Take a Chance
6. Is Anybody Dancin
7. Can't Keep Runnin' Away
8. Charletta's Groove
9. A Song for Mother
10. Steal Away (The Remake)
11. Slide the Cd In
12. Pop It (The Remix)
13. Miss U At X-mas


"Can You Handle This?" (Pulsating Music 2011) LISTEN


1. Can You Handle This
2. Leaving Me
3. Diamonds And Pearls
4. Let It Go
5. Keep On Gettin It On
6. She's Always Right
7. Tick Tock
8. Nothing Greater Than Love
9. Rainin Down On Me
10. A Simple Little Love Song
11. Keep On Gettin It On (Outro)


"Love You More" (Pulsating Music 2016) LISTEN


1. Come As You Are
2. I Give Up
3. Misty Blue
4. If This Is Too Fast
5. Shake You Down
6. Make It With You
7. I See Jesus
8. Love U More
9. Luckiest Man
10.That's How Heartaches Are Made


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