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Willie B.

Willie Beechum aka "Willie B" is a Southern Soul singer from Selma, Alabama best known for his regional hit "Larry Licker". He released two albums for the late Robert Henderson Jr's Hot Spot Records.

Album Discography

"Dr. Jealous & Ms. Hater" (Hot Spot 2003)

1  What You Do in the Street
2 Larry Licker
3 Treat You Right
4 Dance to a Slow Song
5 Stroke on Me
6 Dr. Jealous and Ms. Hater
7 Baby by an Outside Woman
8 Back off the Wall
9 Treat You Right
10 Back off the Wall

"Hard Times'" (Hot Spot 2010)  

1. Intro
2. Shake, Rattle & Roll
3. Stay Out of Me & My Baby's Business
4. Same Thang
5. Sweet Lick
6. Next Man in Line
7. Damned If I Do
8. Queen
9. Hard Times
10. Treat Her Right
11. Larry Licker