Vince Hutchinson


Vince Hutchinson

Album Discography

"I'm Talking About You" (Vince Hutchinson 2001)

1. Come Back Kind of Love
2. Player Haters
3. Should I Stay
4. You Make Me Want to Call In
5. You Don't Miss Your Water
6. I'm Talking About Love
7. Shake Your Money Maker
8. A Heart Has a Mind of Its Own
9. I Want to Thank You
10. My Way

"I'm On My Way" (Backstreet 2003)

1.Shotgun Motel
2.Boogie Woogie Woman
3.Living for the Weekend
4.I'm on My Way
6.The Blues Won't Let Me Be
7.Love Me Leave Me
8.Swing out
9.I Wanna Be Loved
10.Thank You

"Lady" (Vince Hutchinson 2004)

1 Back Yard Party
2 Boss Man
3 Ride That Donkey
4 Lady
5 Mr Jody
6 Wedding Day
7 The Game Is Over
8 Player Haters
9 Back Yard Party (Radio Version)
10 I Know Someone Who Can

"Man 2 Man" (Vince Hutchinson 2006)

1 Stuck On Your Love
2 Leave It Alone
3 Stand Up & Shout About It
4 Love Don't Live Here No More
5 If Any Man Says He'll Never Cry
6 Partying With My Friends
7 Man To Man
8 Our Love
9 Take Me As I Am
10 Love Don't Live Here No More (Inst)
11 After The Storm

"Live" (Vince Hutchinson 2008)

5 song set including "Ain't Nobody Bad Like Me"