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The Love Doctor CDs


The Love Doctor "Lies"*  
1. Short Skirts, Tight Jeans
2. I'm in Love
3. Good, The Bad, And the Ugly, The
4. Don't Give Up on Love
5. Part Time Love
6. You Said It, No I Didn't (Lies)
7. First Class Love
8. Wife, Woman, Lover, Friend
9. Caught Up
10. Big Blue Diamonds
Mardi Gras 10.99


The Love Doctor "At His Best"

In Stock

1. Louisiana Festivities
2. You Got Me Yearning for Your Love
3. Roll It Slow
4. Shake It Don't Break It
5. Make It Do What It Do
6. Rump Roast
7. Sweety Pie
8. Can You Slip Away for Christmas
9. Let's Stay Together
10. Three People
Hep Me 12.99

The Love Doctor "Moaning & Groaning" *

 1. Moaning and Groaning
2. I Can Only Get Freaky With You
3. Let's Go All the Way
4. Baby Don't Stop
5. Private Girl
6. You Won't Miss the Love
7. Hit and Run
8. Open Leg Dance
9. Where Are You Lady
10. I Found a Love
11. Slow Down
12. Strength of a Woman, The
13. They Want My Woman
14. Give a Little Love
15. Open Leg Dance - (Club Mix)
Mardi Gras 12.99

The Love Doctor "Let's Have Some Fun"*

1. Let's Have Some Fun
2. Stroke on Me
3. Two Places
4. Why You Lied
5. Spend the Weekend
6. I'm Through With You
7. He Don't Love You
8. Full Time Lover
9. Let's Have Some Fun - (Club mix)

Hep Me


"Stupid" (Hep Me 2007)

The Love Doctor "Stupid"*

1. Stupid - (Radio Mix)
2. Stupid - (Club Mix)
3. When the N.O.L.A. Saints Go Marching In
4. When the N.O.L.A. Saints Go Marching In
5. Just Another Soul Song
6. My Way, Or, No Way
7. Lies, You Said It, I Didn't
8. There's No One Like Mama
9. You Got to Know How to Love Your Woman
10. I'll Be Good to You
11. Love Me Now
12. What Your Love Means to Me

Hep Me




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