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P2K Dadiddy "Welcome 2 Da Boom Boom Room"

with Vick Allen Sir Charles Jones, Cupid, Nathaniel Kimble, Jeter Jones & more

 1. Boom Boom Room
2. Soul Brothers
with Sir Charles Jones
3. Trucker Hustle
4. Caught Up
with Vick Allen
5. Child Supoort
with Jeter Jones
6. Juke Joint
with Jeter Jones
7. Zydeco Love
with Cupid
8. Dime from Behind
with LJ Echols
9. Body Rock
with Nathaniel Kimble
10. Thats What I Like
11. Drinking & Thinking
with Avail Hollywood
12. Grown Folk Music
13. Good Thang
14. Email
with Crystal Thomas
15. My Time Now
SMG 12.97


Reggie P "Rude Boy Of Southern Soul"

1. Enough Is Enough
2. Me On Top Of You
3. Win Or Lose
4. P's & Q's
5. Whip That Thang
6. Tell Me The Truth
7. Preacher Man
8. Tko (Remix)
9. Let Me See You Do It
10. Dream Weaver (Remix)
Rude Boy 13.99

Reggie P "Why Me?"

1. Why Me?
2. Come On Girl
3. Soul Steppin'
4. Hold On
5. Drop That Thing
6. Not Gonna Cry
7. Droppin' Salt
8. Ready to Accept
9. Eyes Are Rainin'
10. Soul Steppin' Remix
Allison 13.99

Reggie P "Your Love Is A Bad Habit"

1. Witness
2. I've Got That Feeling
3. Your Love Is A Bad Habit
4. Nobody Wants You
5. Unforgettable Dreams
6. Motel 2
7. No More Tears
8. Your Love Is A Bad Habit (Remix)
9. Let's Start All Over Again
Reggie P 13.99


Reggie P "Can't Turn A Street Woman Into A Housewife"  

Limited Stock. Get It While You Can


1. Can't Turn A Street Woman Into A Housewife
2. Droppin' Salt
3. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
4. Just A Simple Lady
5. Blues Celebration
6. One Touch Of Your Love
7. Try Mine
8. Tonight
9. It's Broom Jumpin' Time
10. Let Me

KOW 14.99

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Betty Padgett "I Didn't Take Your Man (You Gave Him To Me)"

 1. Nobody but You
2. I'm Available
3. Sorry (We Couldn't Make It Work)
4. He Do Things Your Money Can't Do
5. I'm Losing a Good Man
6. Do It in the Name of Love
7. I Didn't Take Your Man
8. Feelin Real Good
9. I'm a Brand New Me
10. Your Time to Cry
11. At the Downbeat



Betty Padgett "The Real Deal"

1. I Made It
2. Got to Make a Change
3. Old Man Young Man
4. Shook It Off
5. I Love You
6. I'm for Real
7. Paying Bills and Poppin' Pills
8. Let Your Mine Go Back
9. Perfect Man
10. Come on Over
Meia 14.99

Betty Padgett "Never Coming Home"

1. Sneaking Around
2. Come On Over
3. Best Friend My Lover
4. Never Coming Home
5. Rock Your Boat
6. Hey Boy
7. I Found A Love
8. Bounce
9. Perfect Man
10. Check Yourself
Meia 13.99
Betty Padgett 30 Second Man Looking For More Betty Padgett CDs?   BETTY PADGETT


Ron Parks "Sampler Vol. 1"

RP 9.99
Looking For Jackie Payne CDs?   JACKIE PAYNE


James Payne "Eckos From The Past"

1. Dance Party
2. Party Time
3. Love Talk
4. If You Like Fishing You Better know Your Hole From Mine
5. I'm A Nibble Man
6. I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
7. If It Feels Good
8. Two Good Women
9. My Outside Woman
10.I Never Take A Day Off
11.Ease On Down
Snake Free


Looking For James Payne CDs?   JAMES PAYNE

Teddy Pendergrass "The Very Best Of"

1 傍eddy Pendergrass Only You 5:04
2 蓬arold Melvin And The Blue Notes Bad Luck 6:29
3 傍eddy Pendergrass I Don't Love You Anymore 3:59
4 傍eddy Pendergrass Do Me 4:39
5 傍eddy Pendergrass The Whole Town's Laughing At Me 4:27
6 蓬arold Melvin And The Blue Notes If You Don't Know Me By Now 3:27
7 傍eddy Pendergrass Close The Door 5:26
8 傍eddy Pendergrass Turn The Lights Off 5:55
9 傍eddy Pendergrass Come Go With Me 5:48
10 傍eddy Pendergrass I Can't Live Without Your Love 3:00
11 傍eddy Pendergrass Can't We Try 5:04
12 傍eddy Pendergrass You're My Latest, My Great Inspiration 5:21
13 傍eddy Pendergrass Love T.K.O. 4:59
14 傍eddy Pendergrass When Somebody Loves You Back 4:57
Legacy 7.99


Stephanie Pickett "2 On 1: Finally Made It + A Woman's Love"

2 Out Of Print Albums On 1 CD 20 Songs!

   1. Still Want You Baby
2. Family Man
3. Let's Get It Together
4. Love Me Right
5. Money Talk
6. Time Heals All Wounds
7. I'm in the Right Mood
8. Can't Get You off My Mind
9. Run'n
10. Stay with Me
11 I知 Takin My Man Back
12 We池e Gonna Swing Out
13 My Love Is Guaranteed
14 Lie To Me
15 Too Many People
16 Only Time I Get Lonely
17 Save Our Love
18 Cart Before The Horse
19 I Always Get The Best Man
20 When Will You Leave Her?
CDS 9.88


Stephanie Pickett "Greatest Hits"

1. I Don't Need No Man
2. The Only Time I Get Lonely
3. My Love Is Guaranteed
4. Family Man
5. Run'n
6. I'm Takin' My Man Back
7. What One Man Won't Do
8. Too Many People
9. Still Want You Baby
10.Stay With Me
11.Lie To Me
12.Time Heals All Wounds
13.Let's Get It Together



Pokey "Josephine Son Pokey" 

1 Excuse Me
2 Swing Out
3 They Call Me Pokey
4 Don't Rock the Boat
5 I'm A Trail Rider
6 Do Tha Hokey Pokey (feat. Stephanie McDee)
7 Judy (feat. Dellanor)
8 The Gingerbread Man (feat. Tyree Neal)
9 Then You'll Know Love
10 Older Woman (feat. Dellanor & Akilah)
11 I Can't Spoil You
12 Float On (feat. Bruce Dillon)
13 Mr. Hit It and Quit It (feat. Mylana)
14 They Call Me Pokey (Remix) [feat. Tucka & Tyree Neal]
RMG 13.99


Pokey (Bear) "Mr It Ain't Fair"

1. Get in There
2. I Got a Root Coming On
3. Let Me Be Your Pokeybear
4. My New Lady
5. Good Foot
6. Shake That Money Maker (feat. Mystikal)
7. One Night Stand (feat. Coldrank)
8. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
9. I'm in Love (feat. Geno)
10. We Belong Together (feat. Lacee)
11. Do the Pokeybear (feat. Trump, Danny Boy, Blu Black, Level & Sam I Am)
12. If It Ain't the Blues (feat. Cupid)



Pokey Bear "Bear Season"

1 Intro
2 Ladies Room (feat. Beat Flippa)
3 I Can't Be Faithful (feat. Bishop Bullwinkle)
4 Naked (feat. The Louisiana Blues Brothas)
5 In the Mood (feat. Cupid)
6 We Belong Together (feat. Lacee)
7 Shake That Money Maker (feat. Mystikal)
8 Lick Dat Nukie (feat. O.B. Buchana)
9 Don't Call Me [Explicit]
10 It Ain't Go Work (feat. Miss Portia)
11 House Ain't a Home (feat. Deacon Dukes)
12 Never Knew Love (feat. Crystal Thomas)
13 Swing Out (feat. Big Cynthia)
14 All I Want Is You (feat. Crystal Thomas)
15 Beat It Up (feat. Isaac J)
16 Floatin' Without a Paddle (feat. Mz Pat)
17 Outro [Explicit]
RMG 14.99
Poonanny "That Baby Ain't Black Enough"  
1. Hole in Your Drawers
2. Hair on Her Legs (That Long)
3. That Baby Ain't Black Enough
4. My Baby's Gone
5. Drowning Man
6. Big Head Money
7. Don't Pour Me Another Cup
8. Diet Soda Blues
9. Don't Make Love to Him
Waldoxy 9.88
Looking For Poonanny CDs?   POONANNY


Miss Portia "All In My Feeling"

   1 Use What I Got
2 It's Gon Cost You
3 It Ain't Go Work (feat. Pokeybear)
4 Your All That I Need (feat. Ra'shad the Blues Kid)
5 You Chose the Wrong Chick
6 All in My Feelings (feat. The Deaconaires)
7 Ain't No Coming Home
8 My Sidepiece Reply, Pt. 2 (feat. Lacee)
9 Get Your Money Girl (feat. Jackie Neal & Tyree Neal)
10 It's Gon Cost You (Remix) [feat. Lady Soul]
RMG 9.99


Dr. Feelgood Potts "s/t"


 1. Here's Your Drawers
2. Awesome
3. Aphrodisiac
4. Too Much Teasin'
5. Let's Slip Out Tonight
6. Let's Get a Quickie
7. I Love the Way You Slow Roll That Thing on Me
8. One Way Street
9. You Can't Keep Your Pants Up
10. Hoochie Contest
11. Dance Your Rump Off

Ecko 13.99


Dr. Feelgood Potts "Make It Talk" (Ecko)

Dr. Feelgood Potts "Make It Talk"


 1. Make It Talk
2. Mixed Up In Your Love
3. Hard Working Lady
4. Just What The Doctor Ordered
5. All Blues Saturday
6. All These Changes
7. Blusin And Crusin
8. Red Onions
9. I Love The Way You Slow Roll That Thing On Me
10. Aphrodisiac

Ecko 13.99


Sheba Potts-Wright "Let Your Mind Go Back"

 1. Lay Hands On Me
2. Put Your Hands Up
3. Boy Toy
4. I've Done All I Can Do
5. Let Your Mind Go Back
6. Mr. Jody You Did Your Job
7. Do Me Like You Did Last Night
8. You Bring Out The Best In Me
9. My Kind Of Man
10. Spare Me
11. The Real Deal
12. Let Your Mind Go Back (crunk-mix)
Ecko 12.99


Sheba Potts-Wright "I Came To Get Down"

1 I Didn't Come to Sit Down
2 Happy Tears
3 We Got the Right Stuff
4 Big Boy Stuff
5 Stay with Your Wife
6 Where's the Party At
7 I've Done All I Can Do (Remix)
8 A Weak Man Can Make a Woman Strong
9 Old School Lovin'
10 I Want Yo' Man
11 I Didn't Come to Sit Down (Remix)
Ecko 12.99

Sheba Potts-Wright "The Best Of"

1. Slow Roll It
2. I Need A Cowboy To Ride My Pony
3. I Can Bagg It Up
4. Lipstick On His Pants
5. Private Fishing Hole
6. Big Hand Man
7. Cruise Control
8. Love Fest
9. I Can Hear Your Macaroni
10. Leave Me Alone
11. You've Been Sleeping On The Job
12. I Caught You
13. She May Be The One You Want
14. You Were Wrong
Ecko 12.99
Looking For Sheba Potts-Wright CDs?   SHEBA POTTS-WRIGHT

Bobby Powell with Rue Davis "Juke Joint Blues"

1 Special (with Rue Davis)
2 I'm Going to Where the Party At (with Rue Davis)
3 Saving My Love for You (with Rue Davis)
4 Dance for Me Sexy Lady (with Rue Davis)
5 I Want to Love You Down (with Rue Davis)
6 Two Kinds of Lovers (with Stan G)
7 Let's Do This Thang (with Rue Davis & Carl Marshall)
8 I Wanna Know What Kind of Love You Got (with Stan G)
9 Pop Corn Love (with Stan G)
10 They Want My Women
11 Talking About the Same Old Thang
12 Special (Remix) (with Rue Davis)
1 Stop Graphics



Priscilla Price "You Better Watch Yourself"



1 You Better Watch Yourself
2 Give Me A Chance
4 This Thing Has Got to End
5 I Really Want To Love You
6 Lonely For You Tonight
7 You Let The Fire Go Out
8 The Other Side of Town
9 We're Gonna Work It On Out
10 I Worship The Ground You Walk On

Rock House 12.99


Priscilla Price "I'm Not For Sale"



1 I'm Not For Sale
2 Crazy To Care
3 Out of My Heart
4 Twisting The Knife
5 Empty Zone
6 Breaking Up With You (Don't Make it With Me)
7 She Set You Free
8 Love Keeps On Workin'
9 Make Me or Break Me
10 Mighty Big Shoes to Fill
11 The Tail is Waggin' the Dog
12 Hold Me

Rock House 12.99

Lou Pride "Keep On Believing" (Severn) Looking For Lou Pride CDs?   LOU PRIDE


Lady Q "Class N' Session"

Featuring Jeter Jones

1 Lumber Jack
2 Checking Out
3 Dancing in da Streets (Bday Song)
4 Enough Is Enough
5 Treat Me Like Ya Momma
6 Issue It
7 U Make Me Feel Good
8 Can't Come Back to You (feat. Jeter Jones)
9 Two Steps
10 What's Love Got to Do with It
Jones Boyz




Queen Emily "Queen Emily"



 1. Just Got Started Loving You
2. Use Me
3. Hold You To Your Promise
4. Angel In Your Arms
5. Throw Away Me
6. Don't You Know
7. Going Crazy
8. Your Used To Be
9. I Betcha Didn't Know That
10. Still Crazy
11. Keep Gettin' Up
12. There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
Malaco 12.99


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