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Ricky White CDs

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Ricky White "Grown & Sexy"

1 Bounce (Radio Version)
2 She Got It Like That
3 Chillin' with My Baby
4 Grown & Sexy
5 Cookie Thang
6 Body Callin'
7 Booty Clap
8 Baby You're Ready
9 Sexy (Remix)
10 Stay Out of My Business
11 Shake (Remix)
12 I'll Still Love You
13 Bounce (Full Club Version)
CDS 11.99

Ricky White & Friends "Combination 3"

with Vick Allen, Donnie Ray, Nathaniel Kimble, Jerry L, Vickie Baker, Ghetto Cowboy, Stevie J., Adrena, TK Soul & more

In Stock

1 Pop It Baby
by Donnie Ray
2 Baby You're Ready
by Ricky White
3 Body Roll
by Ricky White & Nathaniel Kimble
4 Sunshine Lady
by Vick Allen & Ricky White
5 My Main Squeeze
by ghetto cowboy
6 Hit It Again
by Stevie J.
7 Sit on My Face
by Nathaniel Kimble
8 Let's Chill
by Jerry L.
9 Good Thang
by adrena
10 Real Woman
by Ricky White
11 Do Me
by Henry Rhoades
12 Let Me Love You
by Candi Man
13 Sneaking & Cheating
by Vickie Baker
14 Redbone
by Ricky White & T.K. Soul



Ricky White "Love Zone"

In Stock

1. Taste Your Love
2. Angel
3. Strong Woman
4. Making Love
5. We Cried Together (feat. Jerry L)
6. Redbone (feat. Tk Soul)
7. I'll Always Love You Forever
8. SuperWoman
9. Freaky Lover
10. Ride Your Body



Ricky White "At His Best, Vol 1"

In Stock

 1.Booty Clap
2.Shake (Remix)
3.I'll Still Love You
4.The Weekend (with Carl Marshall)
5.Do The Ladies Run This Mutha?
6.Casino Blues
7.Pop It, Then Drop It
9.Stacked In The Back
10.Ride My Pony
11.Da Butt
12.Ricky White Shuffle
13.Just Ain't Christmas Without My Baby (with TK Soul)
CDS/Music Access


Ricky White "Reloaded"

In Stock

1. Stacked In The Back
2. One More Chance
3. Sexy Lady
4. Pop It, then Drop It
5. It's My Life
6. Please Don't Leave
7. Take Care Of You
8. Thank You Momma
9. Da Butt
10. Wanna Make Love
Brimstone 12.99

Ricky White "Majic"

In Stock

  1 Sexy (4:54)
2 Ride Your Body (4:13)
3 Ricky White (Shuffle) (4:43)
4 If You Don't Want Me (4:52)
5 Casino Blues (4:50)
6 Bagg It Up (4:30)
7 Freaky Lover (4:54)
8 Blues Is All Good (4:36)
9 Shake (4:50)
10 Jook Joint (4:31)
CDS 13.99

"Ricky White Presents Combination 2"

12 with 11 new and found only on this cd! Including TK Soul, Betty Padgett, The Love Doctor, Stephanie Pickett, Nathaniel Kimble and more

In Stock

1 Bad Mama Jamma - Nathaniel Kimble (4:06)
2 Looking For a Lady - T.K. Soul (4:22)
3 Can't Have Your Cake - Tonya Youngblood (4:52)
4 Room 229 - William Calhoun (5:02)
5 What One Man Won't Do - Stephanie Pickett (4:45)
6 Pop That Coochie - The Love Doctor (4:55)
7 Ladies Got To Get That Money - Gwen White (4:56)
8 I'll Take Care of You - Henry Rhodes (4:45)
9 Can You Handle It? - Betty Padett (4:55)
10 Live My Life Again - Ricky White (5:24)
11 She's Got Papers On Me - Jerry L (4:41)
12 Knockin' the Boots - Larry Milton (4:07)
CDS 11.99


Ricky White "Combination"

with guests TK Soul, Betty Padgett, Bobbye Doll Johnson, Gwen White & more

 1. Shake (Remix) Ricky White
2. Do the Ladies Run This Mutha? Ricky White
3. My Woman's Fed Up Ricky White & Bobbye Doll Johnson
4. Pay Before You Lay Betty Padgett
5. I Need a Man Bobbye Doll Johnson
6. Southern Soul Party Funky Larry Jones & Ricky White
7. The Other Woman Gwen White
8. Don't Run Your Good Man Away Kimberly Adams
9. She Lied on Me Jerry L
10. Shake (Extended Club Version) Ricky White
11. When a Woman's Had Enough Ricky White
12. Repo Woman Gwen White
13. I Still Love You (Remastered) Ricky White
14. Just Ain't Christmas Without My Baby Ricky White & TK Soul
CDS 11.99



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