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Ms. Monique


Ms. Monique is a star. A powerhouse voice. Sensual looks. The right attitude. You heard it here at Blues Critic. This sista's gonna be part of your life if she isn't already. She's got that old school feel but she's bringing it brand new on her debut CD "Soul Sessions Chapter 1", which sounds like a "Greatest Hits" record it's so full of potential radio and club singles. Not too shabby for a debut record. Oh, she also wrote all the jams and even co-produced. She "takes true life situations and turns them into songs that weigh heavily on emotions and feelings". Ms. Monique was born and raised in Boyton Beach, South Florida. Like so many of the greats she was influenced by gospel music growing up, singing in the youth choir at church then later joining Singer/Pastor Shirley Caesarís church choir. Soul, Funk, Jazz and Blues and even Rock and Roll came into play as she begun to do music for a full time living. She has performed for the Governorís Of Kentucky, Politicians, Lawyers and Doctors across the globe. Opening shows for acts such as the Ojayís, Jeffrey Osborne and B.B. King. Folks who've had the pleasure of seeing her "Grown n' Sexy Soul" show say she's dynamite dipped in sugar.

The Interview

BC = Blues Critic

MM = Ms. Monique

BC: When did you know you were going to be a singer?

MM: At the age of 8.

BC: Any other musical people in your family?

MM: I have an uncle that sings but never really pursued it as a profession.

BC: When did you first perform in front of an audience?

MM: 8 years old

BC: Were you nervous?

MM: Not at all.


BC: You've got some serious pipes! You sing like you've been around for years.Where you been? Any other recordings circulating out there?

MM: Well, I have been professionally singing since I was in High School, then worked the corporate and club performance markets for the last 10 years. I done a House Music project back in 2002 with a Record Label based out of England.

BC: Did you have formal training to sing like that or did you cut your teeth singin' to records? Aretha? Gladys? Shirley?

MM: Oh of course I sang to records with yes all those people including a lot of Rufus & Chaka Khan. Even Barbara Streisand.

BC: You've described your style as "Grown & Sexy Music". How would you explain that?

MM: It's music for the listener that celebrates their feminine or masculine side when it comes to the opposite sex. Adult conversations within the songs.


BC: Your debut record "Soul Sessions Chapter 1" has received rave reviews. I understand you wrote all the songs yourself?

MM: Yes, I have written and Co-Produced each of them.

BC: Some songwriters use a guitar, some a piano, some record a vocal melody first. How does your songwriting process go?

MM: Normally I hear a melody in my head and then start to formulate my lyrics from there. However sometimes the lyrics come first.

BC: The record's blowing up on "Southern Soul" charts. "Mr. Do Right" is already Top 10 on Blues Critic's charts as well as other playlists, such as the "Boogie Report". There's so many potential singles on this record. Did you know which song would jump out first?

MM: Yes, we knew it would be the introductory song Love Therapy.

BC: "Love Therapy" is one sultry jam. I know I was feeling better after hearing it. What kind of treatment do you recommend?

MM: Always mental therapeutic treatments which sometimes are the simple things in life just plain ole TLC (TENDER LOVIN CARE).

BC: What advice you have for the girls?

MM: I would advice all girls to always respect themselves, and love themselves. Ensure that they are being celebrated as the Queens they are. Don't settle for less, when they know they can get the best.

BC: And the fellas?

MM: Well Brothers, keep uplifting the sisters, keep treating them with respect and dignity. And most of all stay strong for us women, we need the strong brothers.

BC: The sound of the record is pristine and clean. Who produced?

MM: It was produced By Frank Mckinney out of Atlanta, Georgia.

BC: What's been playing in your ride lately?

MM: Oh I'm loving the Alicia Keys joints. I can vibe to it. Also Usher I love him.

BC: What are you doing to promote the new record? Any shows upcoming?

MM: We are on a strong campaign for the upcoming year, including several magazine articles, hair books and of course live shows. We will be aiming at booking more live venues in 2006.

BC: What's it like for a woman trying to make it in the music business? Do you feel it would be more difficult if you weren't so fine like you are?

MM: Well thank you for the nice compliment, but yes there are some barriers when you are women especially a seemingly new comer to the business. And until people realize that you are for real for real and that there's more to you than just physical then it gets better and then they respect you as a professional business woman as well.

BC: What is the Ms. Monique philosophy?

MM: "Keep The Lovin Alive". Spread love as much as you can anytime you can.



(C) 2018. All written material found on this website is the property of Blues Critic and may only be used with permission and full accreditation (either "Blues Critic" or "Dylann DeAnna of Blues Critic") and link to this website.