Mose Stovall



Mose Stovall

Stovall began working as an artist at Magic City Hitsville Record, which he helped co-found Music Makers Recording Studio. There, he utilized his skills in songwriting and background singing for many of Birmingham's aspiring artists. In August 2003, Mose released his soulful R&B solo CD entitled, "Private Party", with such hits as "Hold You", "The Problem Is You", "Good Lovin", "Dance", and "Can't Stand". But, he loves to sing all the cover tunes from various artirts such as Luther Vandross, Anthony Hamilton and Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly. In December 2005, he was the opening act for The Blues Legend Willie Clayton. His second album was released in 2007.

Album Discography

"Private Party" (Magic City Hitsville 2003)

1. I Can't Stand
2. Hold You
3. What Have U Done
4. Be Alone
5. What's Wrong With You
6. What
7. Wave Your Hand
8. Feels Good
9. Private Party
10. Problem Is You

"Groove U" (Soul 1st 2007)

1. Groove U Baby
2. Blue
3. Been There Done That
4. Don't Stop The Music
5. Good Loving
6. Party
7. Sneakin
8. Turning Point
9. Dance
10. Get Some Lovin Tonite
11. Miss U