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More Roy C

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Roy-C "Something Nice"

First Time On CD!

In Stock


1.My Girl
2.Your Song
3.I Can't Stop Loving You
5.Don't Stop Short Of Satisfaction
6.Second Time Around
7.If I Could Love You Forever
8.Virgin Girl
9.Loneliness Has Got A Hold On Me
10.Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes
Bonus Track:
11.Every Woman Has A Right

Playback 14.99

Roy-C "More Sex And Soul"

In Stock


1. From the Outside Looking in (He Used to Be My Friend)
2. Show Me Love, I'll Show You Pain
3. You've Got Everything I Need
4. Great, Great Grandson of a Slave
5. Sure Nuf in Love With You
6. After Loving You
7. You're So Good to Me
8. I Want to Love You, Kiss and Hug You
9. Forever, Forever
10. Don't Let My Love Get Away

Playback 13.99

Roy-C "Sex And Soul"

In Stock


1. Got to Get Enough (Of Your Sweet Love Stuff)
2. I'm Falling in Love Again
3. Those Days Are Gone
4. I Wasn't There (But I Can Feel the Pain)
5. I'm Bustin' My Rocks (Working on the Chain Gang)
6. I'm Gonna Love Somebody Else's Woman
7. Don't Blame the Man
8. I Found a Man in My Bed
9. Open Letter to the President
10. I'll Never Leave You Lonely

Playback 13.99

Roy-C "Rock Me All Night"

In Stock


1. Rock Me All Night 4:43
2. I Wanna Make You Shine Like A Star 4:24
3. Save By The Bell (Infidelity Georgia)8:05
4. I'm So In Love With You 3:54
5. Are You Gonna Stand Up 5:07
6. My Girl 3:28
7. I'm A Jealous Man 3:09
8. I Should Have Shot The Man 3:43

Three Gems 14.99

Roy-C "Call Me"

In Stock


1. I'm Still in Love With You
2. Love Me Til Tomorrow
3. 634-5789
4. Let The Music Play
5. Shag
6. Virgin Girl
7. Second Time Around
8. Every Woman Has a Right

Three Gems 13.99
Roy C "I Want To Be Where You Are"

In Stock

1.I Want To Be Where You Are (All Night Long)
2.A Woman Needs A Whole Lot More
3.Tonight You Don't Have To Be Lonely
4.Song Of Peace
5.You And I
7.Leaving On The Morning Train
8.Somebody Show Me The Way To Happiness
9.I Wish You Bad Luck
Three Gems 14.99

Roy C Slippin & Slidin (Three Gems) Roy C "Slippin' N' Sliding"

In Stock

1.Slippin & Slidin
2.Slow Roll It
3.I Feel Like Making Love
4.She Used To Be My Lover
5.We Going To Make Love All Night Long
6.He Walked Away
7.Everybody Is Cheating
8.Something Is Wrong With Us
9.If I Could Live On Memories
10.Christmas Without A Tree
Three Gems 14.99




Roy C "She's A Lady"

In Stock



1.She's A Lady
2.Love Crazy
3.She's A Heart Breaker
4.Country Is My Name
5.Heart Made Of Stone
6.Somebody's Right
7.Pick Up The Pieces
8.Stand By Your Man
9.Peepin' Through The Window
Three Gems 14.99

Roy C "Let Me Take You To Paradise"

In Stock

1.I'm Not Going To Eat A Thing
2.I Don't Want To Be Lonely Tonight
3.If I Had My Life To Live Over
4.Down To Jamaica
5.I Keep Holding On
6.Let Me Take You To Paradise
7.Heaven Must Have Sent Her
8.I'm Missing You
Three Gems 14.99

Roy C "I'm Working Hard For You Baby"  
1. I'm Working Hard for You Baby
2. Going Back Home to My Mother
3. Out of All the Things I Could Have Been
4. Everybody's Down to Me
5. Living for the Weekend
6. Musical Intro With Rock Me
7. I'm Gonna Sneak Back Home
8. Somebody Has Taken My Love Away
9. You Turned My World Around
10. I'm Hurting
11. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
Three Gems 12.99


Roy C In Too Deep Roy C "In Too Deep"  
1.If I Could Stop Loving You
2.I'm In Too Deep
3.If You Cheat On Him
4.Your Man Hooked On Another Man
5.I Want To Be With You
6.You Are An Angel To Me
7.Want To Be In Your Company
8.Maybe I'm Too Serious
9.If You Don't Want Me (We Can Be Friends)
10.My Woman Won't Be My Woman Long
11.Where Did Our Love Go
12.I Smell A Rat
13.They Call Me A Big Kid
14.I See Angels
15.My Love Is Growing
16.I'm Coming From The Old School
Three Gems 13.99

Roy C "Stella Lost Her Groove Again"  
1. Stella Lost Her Groove Again
2. I Found a Love
3. Down on Me
4. I'm Falling in Love Again
5. I Wasn't There
6. Since I Met You Baby
7. I'll Never Leave You Lonely
8. A Change Is Gonna Come
9. Funky Funk (Pt. 2)
10. Why Did You Fall in Love With Me?
11. I'm So Proud of You
12. I'm So Lonely
13. Merry Black Christmas
14. Blank Mind [Instrumental]
15. Going Down for the Last Time [Instrumental]
16. I Found a Love [Instrumental]
Three Gems 12.99




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