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Luther Lackey "The Contender"

In Stock


1. Blind, Blind Snake
2. We Got To Work It Out
3. I Think She's Cheating
4. Thang (Ain't Everything)"
5. Just Because He's Preaching
6. Cleaning House
7. I Don't Wanna Go Back Home
8. I Got Scared Again
9. Reap What You Sow
10. When I'm Gone
11. Just Because He's Preaching (Extended)
12. Blind, Blind Snake (Long Version)

CDS 12.99

Luther Lackey "Married Lyin' Cheatin' Man" *

1. Rebound Love Affair
2. Married Lyin' Cheatin' Man
3. If We Ain't Gonna Break Up
4. I Ain't Scared No More
5. Talkin' On The Telephone
6. Hopper Grass
7. If She's Cheatin' On Me I Don't Wanna Know
8. Caught Between Two
9. Could She Be The One For Me
10. The Blues Is Alright Because Of You
11. Hold My Mule
12. Big Bosomed Woman
13. Get Out Of My Bed
14. Could She Be The Woman Of My Dreams
15. I Don't Care Who's Gettin' It
Ecko 13.99


Luther Lackey "I Should've Stayed Scared" *

1. Yo Dog (Ate My Cat)
2. Number Two
3. I Don't Care Who's Gettin' It
4. I Should Have Stayed Scared
5. Blues Is Alright, The
6. New Orleans Blues, The
7. Leave Home Kind of Love
8. Like That
9. She's Tired of Me
10. Let It Go
Ecko 13.99

Luther Lackey "The Preacher's Wife" *

1. It Ain't Easy Being The Preacher's Wife
2. Fake It Til You Make It
3. If She's Cheatin' On Me I Don't Wanna Know
4. She's Good To Me
5. I Got Caught Butt Naked
6. What It Takes To Get Her Is What It Takes To Keep Her
7. Your Change Will Come
8. Meat Man
9. Man Up To It
10. Kind Of Love That Lasts, The
11. Mister Can I Shine Your Shoes
12. I Got Caught Butt Naked (Part 2)
Ecko 13.99

Luther Lackey "Jody's Got My Problems" *

1. Intro-Mama Southern Soul
2. Jody's Got My Problems
3. Can't Read Your Mind
4. I Can't Get Back into the House
5. Get out of My Bed
6. I Thought the Baby Was Mine
7. Mama at the Drive Through (Skit)
8. Dip and Roll
9. Dirty Heffa
10. Mama Where Are You? (Skit)
11. Let Me Get in It
12. Talking on the Telephone
13. Get out of My Bed [Dance Mix]
14. Mama Southern Soul (Outro)
15. Please Mr. Bootleg





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