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Little Milton "The Very Best Of"

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11. If That Ain't a Reason (For Your Woman to Leave You)
2. I'm Living Off the Love You Give
3. That's What Love Will Make You Do
4. Before the Honeymoon
5. Walking the Back Streets and Crying
6. Eight Men and Four Woman
7. I'm Gonna Cry a River
8. Let Me Down Easy
9. Rainy Day
10. Little Bluebird
11. What It Is
12. Tin Pan Alley
13. Behind Close Doors
14. Woman Across the River
15. Let Me Back In
16. If You Talk in Your Sleep
17. Packed up and Took My Mind
Little Milton "Greatest Hits" *  
1. The Blues Is Alright
2. Room 244
3. Annie Mae's Cafe
4. Nothin' to Write Home About
5. My Dog and Me
6. Strugglin' Lady
7. I Was Tryin' Not to Break Down
8. Little Bluebird
9. Walking the Back Streets and Crying
10. Catch You on Your Way Down
11. Possum in My Tree, A
12. Murder on Your Hands
13. Comeback Kind of Love
14. Going, Going, Gone
"Guitar Man" (Malaco 2002) Little Milton "Guitar Man" *  
1. Guitar Man
2. Take Time Out to Hear Me Some Blues
3. Still Some Meat Left on This Bone
4. Blues Tune-Up
5. I Could Have Saved Our Love
6. I Wish I Could Be Your Lover
7. You Were on the Right Street
8. Juke Joint Is Calling Me, The
9. Mr. and Mrs. Untrue
10. Just One Moment
11. Whenever You Come Around
12. My Way
"Playing For Keeps" (Malaco 1984) Little Milton "Playing For Keeps" *  
1. You're Gonna Have a Murder on Your Hands
2. Nobody's Sleeping in My Bed
3. Fishing in the Right Stream
4. I'll Catch You on Your Way Down
5. Comeback Kind of Love
6. Blues Is Alright, The
7. Misty Blue
8. Only Thing That Saved Me, The
9. Don't You Know
10. Goodnight My Love
"For Real" (Malaco 1998) Little Milton "For Real" *  
1. Big Boned Woman
2. He Saw Me an Opening
3. I'd Rather Be With You
4. What Our Love Needs
5. It Hurts Me Too
6. Rainy Night in Georgia, A
7. To Love Somebody
8. Blues For Mr. "C"
9. If That's What You Wanna' Do
10. I'd Rather Go Blind
11. Tear This House Down Tonight
Little Milton Cheatin Habit Little Milton "Cheatin Habit"*  
1. Kick My Cheatin' Habits
2. How Does a Cheatin' Woman Feel
3. What Do You Do When You Love Somebody
4. This Time They Told the Truth
5. It's Time for the Blues
6. It's Hard to Stumble
7. I Wouldn't Take Nothing for Your Love
8. Shake, Rattle & Roll
9. I Worry About You
10. The Other Man
Little Milton I'm A Gambler Little Milton "I'm A Gambler" *  
1. Casino Blues
2. I've Got the Blues
3. Poke Salad Annie
4. Like a Rooster on a Hen
5. Pledging My Love
6. Love Is a Gamble
7. That's All Right
8. Baby Please
9. You've Been Gone Too Long
10. Man Needs a Woman, A
11. That's What a Good Woman Can Do
littlemilton feel it Little Milton "Feel It" *  
1. Juke Joint in My House, A
2. Born Yesterday
3. If You Give Me Your Heart
4. I Gotta Get Away from You
5. Shot from the Saddle
6. Baby Let Me Rock You
7. Love of a Woman, The
8. She Know How to Wear a Hat
9. Lovable Girl
10. You're Givin' Me the Blues
11. He's Got You
12. Lady
Little Milton Strugglin Lady Little Milton "Strugglin Lady" *  
1. Strugglin' Lady
2. My Dog and Me
3. Cafe Woman
4. You Were Always on My Mind
5. Let Them Talk
6. If This Ain't the Blues
7. Nickel and a Nail, A
8. She Never Gets the Blues
9. I Keep Falling For You
10. Bending the Rules
"Reality" (Malaco 1991) Little Milton "Reality" *  
1. A Right to Sing the Blues
2. That's the Way I Feel About It
3. I've Got to Remember
4. I Want My Baby Back
5. Walkin' on Thin Ice
6. I'm Jealous of Her Husband
7. Angel
8. I'm Gonna Give It Up
9. You Better Change Your Ways
10. You Left a Goldmine for a Golddigger
"Too Much Pain" (Malaco 1990) Little Milton "Too Much Pain" *  
1. Bad Dream
2. Cradle Is Robbin' Me, The
3. Still in Love with You
4. Runaway
5. Woman I Love, The
6. Your Wife Is Cheating on Us
7. Too Much Pain
8. Gonna' Start a Rumor
9. Count the Days
"Welcome To Little Milton" (Malaco 1999) Little Milton "Welcome To Little Milton" *  
1. When the Blues Come Knockin'- (with Govt Mule)
2. Right to Sing the Blues
3. Mother Earth (Recitation)
4. Mother Earth-(with Susan Tedeschi)
5. Never Trust a Woman- (with Dave Alvin)
6. Love Hurts-(with Lucinda Williams)
7. Gimme' My Broom- (with Keb Mo)
8. Two Loves-(with Peter Wolf)
9. Lump on Your Stump
10. Me and My Woman-(with G. Love)
11. Some Kind of Wonderful-(with Delbert McClinton)
12. I Can't Quit You Baby-(with Govt Mule)
"Back To Back" (Malaco 1988) Little Milton "Back To Back" *  
1. I Was Tryin' Not to Break Down
2. Caught in the Act (Of Gettin' It On)
3. You Can't Trust Your Neighbor
4. Penitentiary Blues
5. (I Had) Too Much Heaven Last Night
6. I Don't Believe in Ghosts
7. It's Hard to Explain
8. End of the Rainbow, The
9. Fast Young Lady
10. Wind Beneath My Wings
Little Milton "Movin' To The Country" *  
1. You Just Can't Take My Blues
2. Movin' to the Country
3. His Old Lady and My Old Lady
4. You're So Cold
5. Just Because You See Me Smilin'
6. Room 244
7. Lovin' on Borrowed Time
8. Possum in My Tree, A
9. At This Moment
10. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
"Annie Mae's Cafe" (Malaco 1986) Little Milton "Annie Mae's Cafe" *  
1. I'm at the End of My Rainbow
2. Real Good Woman, A
3. Breakaway Clean
4. Copyright on Your Love
5. Cheatin' Is a Risky Business
6. Annie Mae's Cafe
7. This Must Be the Blues
8. Too Hurt to Cry
9. You're My Strongest Weakness
10. Why Can't We Be Together



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