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More Carl Marshall

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Carl Marshall "Good Loving Will Make You Cry: Greatest Hits"

In Stock

First full career best of! The ULTIMATE Carl Marshall CD!

1. Ain't No Party Like A Grown Folks Party
2. This Is For Grown Folks
3. Good Loving Will Make You Cry
4. Looking For A Real Woman
5. Look Good For you
6. Frim The Church To The Motel
7. Jus' Blues (with Bobby Rush & Lucky Peterson)
8. You Can't Stop A Woman
9. Let's Step (Laughing & Stepping) with Rue Davis
10. Show Some Sign
11. Good Loving Will Make You Cry Pt. 2 (I Cried)
12. Alberta
13. I Want Some More
14. A Woman Want A Man She's Don't Want No Punk
15. I Lived It All
16. Make A Joyful Noise
17. 21st Century Grown Folks Party (with Mel Waiters, Garland Green, Patrick Green & more)



Carl Marshall "The Blues Album"


1. Just Blues
2. Food & Blues at the Sugar Shack
3. Dog Walkin' Woman
4. Going Back to the Blues
5. Funky N'Awlins
6. Alberta
7. I Spend My Money on My Woman
8. I Won't Let You Take Nothing from Me
9. I'm Letting My Problems Go
10. Funky N'Awlins Too
11. Everybody's Got a Blues Song to Sing
12. I Got the Blues Trying to Find Love
13. Star Spangled Banner



Carl Marshall "Love Who You Wanna Love"

In Stock


1- Good Lovin' Testimony (with Rue Davis)
2- Love Who You Wanna Love
3- You Never Know Who You're Gonna Love
4- Let's Dance Let's Shag (with David Brinston)
5- Linda
6- I Was Trying To Get My Groove On
7- Don't Let Love Turn Into Hate Part 2
8- Sex Costs ($$$ Version)
9- You Got A Love
10- Alberta
11- Full Time Lover
12- I Lived It All


Carl Marshall "Grown Folks Love To Dance!"

1. Let's Step
2. Pump It Up
3. Walk Dance (Remix)
4. I Want What I Need & Want
5. Grown Folks Stomp
6. Line Dance For The Bikers
7. Put Your Hands On It
8. Last Minute
9. I'm In A Fix
10. Let's Dance (Remix)
11. Wind It Up [Long Version]

Carl Marshall "Look Good For You"

 In Stock

1. Intro
2. Accept It The Way It Is
3. Ladies, Know Your Worth
4. Look Good For You
5. Sex Costs Love Is Free
6. What About Now
7. I'm Willing To Try Again
8. A Woman Wants Time
9. After Your Man Is Gone
10. Don't Let Love Turn To Hate
11. Bikers Line Dance
12. ShakeIt Like A Rose
13. I Cried
14. Pull Your Pants Up
15. Leave That Man's Wife Alone
16. I'm Lookin' For A Real Woman

Carl Marshall "Bootleggers Gimmie My Money"

Collection of new, rare and out of print tracks from throughout Marshall's career. Including "I Don't Want To Leave You Baby" with Rue Davis

1. Bootleggers Gimmie MY Money
2. I Don't Want To leave You Baby (with Rue Davis)
3. I'm Tired Of Missing You
4. Love brings Me Back To You
5. The Walk Dance
6. Redial
7. Cheating Town
8. I Owe It All To The Blues
9. I Wanna Know
10.You're Like Sugar
11.Look God For You (Mel Waiters Mix)
12.If You Ain't Got A Good Woman
13.September 11th
14.God Won't Let America Separate


Carl Marshall "Songs People Love The Most, Volume 1 RELOADED"



1 Good Loving Will Make You Cry
2 This Is For Grown Folks
3 Ainít No Party (Like A Grown Folks Party)
4 Reap What You Sow
5 Just Jingle My Bell (Most Loved Vers)
6 You Canít Stop A Woman
7 A Woman Want A Man (She Donít Want No Punk)
8 I Want Some More
9 Pray With Me Baby
10 Grown Folks Party With Me
11.After Your Man Is Gone
12.Leave That Man's Wife Alone



Carl Marshall "Songs People Love The Most, Volume 2: RELOADED"



1. Good Lovin' Testimony with Rue Davis
2. The Weekend with Ricky White
3. Pull Your Panys Up
4. Let's Dance Let's Shag with David Brinston
5. Ladies Know Your Worth (single version)
6. I'm Going Back To The Blues
7. The Happy Song
8. Look Good For You (Mel Waiters Mix)
9. From The Church To The Motel (new version)
10.I'll Wait (new version)
11.Dog Walkin' Woman
12.21st Century Grown Folks Party with Garland Green, Mel Waiters & others


Carl Marshall "Christmas Southern Soul Style"

with special guest Rue Davis

In Stock


1. Christmas Southern Soul Style
2. I Fell In Love On the Holidays
3. I'll Be Home For Christmas
4. I'm So Glad It's Christmas Time
5. Be With Me For Christmas
6. Here Comes Christmas
7. All I Want is You For My Christmas Present
8. Season For Love
9. Silent Night
10. Battle Hymn of the Republic
11. Birth of Jesus




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