Artie Blues Boy White

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More Artie 'Bluesboy' White

* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery


Artie 'Bluesboy' White Lee Shot Williams Cicero Blake "Chicago Deep"

In Stock

1. Warm Room
2. Leaning Tree
3. I Need Someone
4. Chain of Fools
5. Turned Out
6. Funny, How Time Slips Away
7. Jimmie
8. What Please You, Please Me
9. Checkin' Out - Lee Shot Williams
10. Baby Baby - Lee Shot Williams
11. Dip My Dipper - Cicero Blake
12. Be Good to Me - Cicero Blake 
Jasrac 15.99

Artie Blues Boy White Package Deal Southern Soul Blues Artie 'Bluesboy' White "Package Deal"

In Stock

1 - Chinese Shuffle
2 - Third Party
3 - Package Deal
4 - Breakfast on The table
5 - Bag Lady
6 - How Long Can This Go On
7 - Can't Watch A Pussycat
8 - When Leave Don't Take Noting
9 - Truck Load of Loving
10 - I Make A Mistake
Chilltown 15.99

artie white different shades Artie 'Bluesboy' White "Different Shades Of Blue" 1. I'm Gonna Marry My Mother-In-Law
2. Hot Wired My Heart
3. There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do
4. When You Took Your Love from Me
5. Willie Mae Don't Play
6. I've Been Shackin'
7. Did Alright by Myself
8. Ain't Nothing You Can Do
9. I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled and Crazy
10. All in the Open Now
Waldoxy 12.99

* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

artie white home tonight Artie 'Bluesboy' White "Home Tonight" 1. Your Man Is Home Tonight
2. Somebody's Fool
3. Man of the House
4. If You Don't Love Me
5. Black Cat Scratchin'
6. High Steppin' Mama
7. More You Lie to Me, The
8. Second Chance
9. Feet Must Be Tired
10. One Step from the Blues
Waldoxy 12.99

* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

artie white can we get together Artie 'Bluesboy' White "Can We Get Together" 1. Can We Get Together
2. How Long
3. When You Leave Don't Take Nothin
4. I Can't Afford to Be Broke
5. Lonely Lady
6. Back at the Hotel
7. Made to Order
8. My Dessert
9. No More
10. One More Time
Waldoxy 12.99

* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery



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