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Mr. Zay

Singer/Songwriter Xavier Ayers Sr, aka "Mr Zay", "Mister zay" or just "Zay" (not to be coinfused with several others using the same stage name!) scored a "Southern Soul hit in 2002 with Luther lackey's "She Only Wants To See Me On Friday". After a long six year gap he signed to CDS Records and released "Zay's Way" as simply "Zay", which included the popular track "Get The Hell On". His latest album "Meal Ticket" was released in 2011 under the moniker Mister Zay. (Note. These are the ONLY full length albums by this "Mr. Zay", Xavier Ayers Sr)

Album Discography

"Old School Lover" (Mardi Gras 2002)

1. Old School Lover
2. Yo Girlfriend Wants To Be Yo Man
3. Leave Before You Cheat
4. Pop That Trunk
5. Mega Jones
6. Hoochie Daddy
7. How Would You Like It Tonight
8. Suddenly
9. Come On, Let's Get It On
10. Is Anybody Lonely

"Zay's Way" (CDS 2008)

1. Get The Hell On
2. Up In This Club
3. Tender Love
4. Hard Times
5. Grown Folks
6. Bring It On
7. Trippin'
8. 2 Sides Of Love
9. Overtime
10. Thang Played With
11. Crazy About Your Love
12. Liar, Cheater
13. Back Door Jody

"Meal Ticket" (CDS 2011)

1. If You Only Let Me Kick It Witchu (long, laidback version)
2. A Woman's Love Is Real Serious
3. I Wanna Dance
4. Meal Ticket
5. Pretty
6. A High Tech Woman Needs Love Too
7. Foot Stompin'
8. Overtime (R&B Remix)
9. I Thought I Would Fall In Love...
10.Why Do You Think You Deserve A Perfect Person?
11.Baby Wear That Dress
12. If You Only Let Me Kick It Witchu (single version)

"Greatest Hits" (CDS/MA 2015)

1. Up In This Club
2. Get The Hell On
3. If You Only Let Me Kick It Witchu (Radio Version)
4. Grown Folks
5. Overtime (R&B Remix)
6. Foot Stompin'
7. Hard Times
8. Bring It On
9. A Woman's Love Is Real Serious
10.Meal Ticket
11.2 Sides Of Love
12.If You Only Let me Kick It Witchu (Long Laidback Version)