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Lynn White

Lynn White was born on the 6th of August, 1953 in Mobile, Alabama. Began singing professionally in the late 1970's, with various 45s collected on the album 'Am I Too Much Woman for You' in 1981. In 1982, she recorded the single 'I Don't Ever Want to See Your Face Again' for the Sho Me label. The single was picked up by Willie Mitchell (best known for his work with Al Green), who reissued it on his Waylo Records and signed White to the label, resulting in a string of albums in the 80s.

The following decade Lynn formed her own label, Chelsea, where she released 'The New Me' in 1990.'Home Girl' followed in 1991, and two years later Lynn returned with 'Cheatin'. Two more 90s LPs appeared before White seemingly disappeared from the Soul music scene.

Album Discography

"Am I Too Much Woman For You?" (Darby 1981)

"Blues In My Bedroom" (Waylo 1982)

1. Breaking Up Somebody's Home
2. Anyway The Wind Blow
3. Down On Me
4. Part Time Love
5. I'm Givin It All I Got
6. Blues In My Bedroom
7. You Gone Make Me Cry
8. If You Cant Come Home For Christmas

"Slow And Easy" (Waylo 1983)

1 Slow & Easy
2 Caught You (With Your Love Down)
3 Baby For You
4 Get Your Lie Straight
5 All Because Of Your Love
6 Gonna Be Some Changes Made
7 Down The Line
8 I Can't Give You What You Want

"Love & Happiness" (Waylo 1985)

1. See You Later Bye
2. Love Me Like You Do
3. Eight Men and Four Women
4. I'm Gonna Find Me a Lover Tonight
5. Your Woman is Home Tonight
6. Love and Happiness
7. If You Think You're Lonely Now
8. Fool Don't Live Here No More
9. Steal Away
10. Don't Quit

"That's How Strong My Love Is" (Panarecord 1987)

1. Take Your Time
2. Love Medley
a. God Blesses Our Love
b. When A Man Loves A Woman
c. That's How Strong My Love Is
3. Baby For You
4. Don't Let Succes
5. Sorry
6. I Made A Mistake
7. Gonna Be Some Changes Made

"Sorry" (Waylo 1988)

1. Take Your Time
2. Meley: God Bleesed Our Love/ When a Man Loves a Woman/ That's How Strong My Love Is
3. Don't Let Success
4. Sorry
5. I Made a Mistake

"Yes I'm Ready" (Waylo 1989)

1 He'll Leave You For Her
2 I'm Ready
3 Lay Me Some Money Down
4 Pain & Joy
5 Motor Mouth Mary
6 We're Still Together
7 I'll Be That Same Fool Again
8 Your Woman Is Home Tonight
9 Hooked On Your Love

"The New Me" (Chelsea 1990)

1 My Sex Machine
2 I've Never Known a Man
3 Something Else Is Going Down
4 Get Yourself Together
5 I Believe in You (You Believe in Me)
6 Too Much Woman for You
7 If I Could Open up My Heart
8 Draw the Line
9 Running to Me
10 May the Best Man Win

"Home Girl" (Chelsea/SOH 1991)

1. Home Girl
2. Power of Love
3. Show Me (How to Love You)
4. Let the Funk Flow
5. Lonely Woman on the Loose
6. Your Time to Cry
7. So Good to Be Bad
8. A Losing Battle
9. In the Wrong

"Cheatin'" (Chelsea/SOH 1993)

1. Cheatin' in the Next Room
2. My Heart Is Over You
3. Good Man, A
4. May the Best Man Win (Live 1993) - (live)
5. 10 Feet Deep
6. Back in the Streets Again
7. Everybody Is Somebody's Baby
8. Broken Hearted Woman
9. Stranger in the Streets
10. I Don't Know Why

"Take Your Time" (MMS 1995)

1. Love & happiness
2. Don't let success turn our love around
3. I made a mistake
4. Sorry
5. Take your time
6. 8 men & 4 women
7. MEDLEY: God blessed our love, When a man loves a woman, That's how strong my love is
8. Yes I'm ready
9. He'll leave you for her
10. Love me like you do
11. Your woman is home tonight
12. Slow & easy
13. Yes I'm ready

"At Her Best" (Blues Works 1996)

1. Slow & Easy / Take Me To The Mountain Top (featuring Willie Clayton)
2. You Left Your Homework Undone
3. Home Girl
4. Lonely Woman on the Loose
5. Back in the Streets Again
6. My Sex Machine
7. Cheatin in the Next Room
8. Losing Battle, A
9. In the Wrong
10. May the Best Man Win - (featuring J. Blackfoot)
11. I Didn't Make My Move to Soon
12. Your Time to Cry
13. Blues in My Bedroom

"Touching Me" (BLT 1998)

1.I Want You Back(3:51)
2.After I Cry Tonight(4:42)
3.Breaking up Somebody's Home(3:11)
4.Rock Me Slowly(3:53)
5.Touching Me(3:15)
6.Any Way the Wind Blows(3:12)
7.Don't Saddle My Horse(4:00)
8.Drive by Lovin(4:12)
9.Hey Aretha(4:07)
10.I'm Not Giving up on You(4:26)
11.I Don't Want You Hoeing(5:02)

bobby rush lynn white.jpg Bobby Rush Lynn White "Southern Soul" (Cannonball 1998)

1. I Need a Bed Partner
2. Makin' a Decision (Can Be Hard)
3. Lovin' Man on Your Hand
4. Done Got Good to Me
5. I've Been Watchin' You
6. Funky Way to Treat Your Woman
7. Get Your Lie Straight
8. Down the Line
9. Any Way the Wind Blows
10. Take Your Time
11. I Don't Ever Want to See Your Face Again
12. Down on Me

"More Of The Best" (Blues Works 2001)

1. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed)
2. Good Man, A
3. If I Could Open My Heart
4. Draw the Line
5. I Don't Know Why
6. Everybody Is Somebody's Baby
7. May the Best Man Win - (live)
8. So Good to Be Bad
9. Power of Love
10. Let the Funk Flow
11. Something Else Is Going Down
12. Show Me (How to Love You)

"Greatest Hits" (Blues Works 2006)

1. Slow & Easy / Take Me To the Mountain Top
2. You Left Your Homework Undone
3. So Good to Be Bad
4. Home Girl
5. Lonely Woman on the Loose
6. Power of Love
7. Back in the Streets Again
8. My Sex Machine
9. Cheatin' in the Next Room
10. Losing Battle, A
11. Draw the Line
12. In the Wrong
13. May the Best Man Win - (Live)
14. Your Time to Cry
15. Blues in My Bedroom
16. Show Me (How to Love You)


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