Lil' Jimmie

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Lil' Jimmie
Ms. Jody
Bobbye Doll Johnson
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L.V. Johnson
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Andrew Jr Boy Jones
Billy Jones
Bobby Jonz
Charlie Jones
Sir Charles Jones
Jeter Jones
Tutu Jones
J Wonn


Lil' Jimmie 


Album Discography

"I Got Your Back" (Butler 2000)

"It Might Be The Last Time" (Butler 2002)

"I'm Not Going Nowhere" (Baby Boy 2006)

1. My Baby Be Dropping It Like It's Hot
2. I'm Not Going Nowhere
3. I'm Ready to Party
4. I Ain't Gon Love Nothing
5. I Think I'm Hooked
6. You Never Had Time
7. Southern Soul Slide
8. Stepping Out on Faith
9. Just Lean Back While I Lean on It
10. I'm Ready to Party

"She Was Twerking" (Music Access 2015)

1 She Was Twerking
2 I'm The One
3 Whatever It Takes
4 Let's Take It To The Bedroom
5 You Can't Set Down
6 Do Da Dam Thang
7 We're Gonna Make It
8 Bail Me Out
9 Bail Me Out [Remix]
10 I Got Your Back
11 Closin The Door
12 Steppin Out On Faith
13 Jukin
14 I Ain't Going Nowhere


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