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La'Keisha Burks was a live backup singer for Mel Waiters and Sir Charles Jones and sang background on Marvin Sease's "Playa Haters" album from 2004.  CD (Malaco), one of the highest-profiled releases of 2004.

Her debut album, "Stop, Drop And Roll" was released in 2003 on Mardi Gras Records produced by Sir Charles Jones. The title cut proved to be popular.

In 2004 Waldoxy Records released "Girl Talk".

Album Discography

"Stop, Drop & Roll" (Mardi Gras 2003)

1. Baby Don't Go
2. Stop, Drop & Roll
3. Just Another Love Song
4. Already Gone
5. Morning Rain
6. I'm Calling Jodi
7. Red Handed
8. Same Thing
9. Choosy
10. Stop, Drop & Roll (Remix)

"Girl Talk" (Waldoxy 2004)

1. 1-800 Good Man
2. Girlfriend
3. What You Won't Do
4. She Can't Love You Like Me
5. Nookie Juice
6. Where Did I Go Wrong
7. Caught Up
8. Her Kids
9. Go Back
10. Where Did I Go Wrong (Remix)

*** A couple years back La'Keisha (Burks) scored a hit with the nasty ditty "Stop, Drop & Roll" but nothing else from the mediocre album kept the momentum. She left Mardi Gras and scored a coup by signing with Waldoxy and dropping the surprisingly consistent "Girl Talk". She's got the sexy purr, the sass, the attitude, the look plus she writes and produces all her own material- rare for a would-be diva. The disc opens with an upbeat toe-tapper (with a somewhat rote refrain) "1-800 Good Man"- nicely programmed by Eric Perkins. But track 2 impresses. It's a slow creepin' groove aimed squarely at mainstream radio. Her layered background vocals (herself) are perfectly arranged and she doesn't oversell the hook- it's sly, insinuating. The only drawback is the superfluous Millie Jackson-wannabe monologue (she even name checks the wonderful Millie) that stretches the cut to nearly 9 minutes. An edit would have hit potential, as would the Southern Soul "Caught Up". This one benefits from the percolating rhythm and a memorable chorus. Perhaps even better is "Where Did I Go Wrong". I just love how she ratta-tat-tats the verses over the sexy flow (ruined on the inferior remix that closes the disc) and rolling bassline. Lyrically she gets points for "Her Kids" where she tells the guy that if he can't take care of his own kids he sure can't take care of hers. This disc should put La'Keisha back on the radar and soon I predict no one's calling her a "one-hit wonder".

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