Simeo Overall



J. Red-The Nephew


Album Discography

"What's Up" (Soul Mop/Culture 2005 )

1. What's Up
2. No Games
3. Red Hot
4. In Your Dreams
5. Girl It's On
6. Hey Hey
7. Everything

"Full Grown" (Soul Mop 2011)

1 Make U Mine (feat. Bobby Cosack)
2 Do It Like That (feat. Monolo "Da Middle Man")
3 Super Lover
4 My Bed
5 In Your Dreams
6 Fresh Air (feat. Monolo "Da Middle Man")
7 Deep (feat. Mississippi AKA Golden Child)
8 Notice Me
9 Let's Get It On (Tonight)
10 All Over U
11 Love Is Bigger

"Step N' Out" (Soul Mop 2014)

1 My Good Thang
2 Give It to Me
3 Keep On Dancing (feat. Theodis Ealey)
4 Let's Get Away
5 Forever and Ever
6 Step Out
7 I Will If He Won't
8 We'll Be Alright

"Soul Certified" (Soul Mop 2016)  

1 My Good Thang
2 I Will (feat. Black Diamond)
3 Step Out
4 Give It to Me
5 Loving on You
6 Keep on Dancing
7 Forever and Ever
8 Ms. Grown and Sexy Soul
9 Let's Get Away
10 Catch and Throw It Back
11 We'll Be Alright
12 Let's Get Away (Remix)
13.I Will (Remix) [Fea. Bubbie Smooth]

"J. Red The Nephew & Friends" (Soul Mop 2018)

1 Turn It Out (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
2 Call Out My Name (feat. Sharnette Hyter)
3 Shake Something (feat. Columbus Toy & Miss Lady Blues) [Remix]
4 I Love You (feat. NaCole)
5 I Will (feat. Bubbie Smooth)
6 Rock with You (feat. Shay Denise)
7 Drop That (feat. David Aaron & Joe Nice)
8 If You Need Some (feat. Miss Mini)
9 What Your Mama Gave You (feat. Willie Hill)
10 My Good Thang (feat. Bubbie Smooth) [Remix]
11 Keep On Dancing (feat. Theodis Ealey)
12 Back to You (feat. Shay Denise)