Johnnie Taylor Jr.


Johnnie Taylor Jr.


Album Discography

 "Doing My Own Thing" (Miss Butch 2001)

1. A Woman Knows How to Please Herself
2. Don't Hit Her, Quit Her
3. Never Take Your Love for Granted
4. Hold on Tight
5. Ugh Ugh Trouble
6. One More Chance
7. I Been Watching You
8. It's Getting Harder
9. The Best Part of a Woman
10. Respect Me and My Family
11. I'm an Afternoon Lover

"Second Time Around" (Aviara Music 2012)

1. I Got to Win
2. Love
3. For a Lifetime
4. I Didn't Ask for This
5. Sleepless Nights
6. I Love Songs
7. I Don't Wanna Work No More
8. Family
9. I Got to Win (Extended)
10. I Love Songs (Extended)

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