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James Payne CDs

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James Payne "Eckos From The Past" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Dance Party
2. Party Time
3. Love Talk
4. If You Like Fishing You Better know Your Hole From Mine
5. I'm A Nibble Man
6. I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
7. If It Feels Good
8. Two Good Women
9. My Outside Woman
10.I Never Take A Day Off
11.Ease On Down
Snake Free


James Payne "Crazy About You"

In Stock


1. Crazy Bout You
2. Man in the Street
3. Play Me Some Blues
4. Mercy
5. Have You Seen Her
6. He Won't Let You Down
7. Heart Can Love Two
8. I Wanna Be Your Man
9. Lucky Guy
10. For Real
11. Junk in the Trunk

Mr. T 12.97

James Payne "For Real"*  

1 Slide Up In Here
2 Wiggle Wiggle
3 Back Doing The Same Old Thing
4 Dancing And Swinging (Radio)
5 Dancing And Swinging (Club)
6 Mr. DJ (Club)
7 Mr. DJ (Radio)
8 Skinny Legs and All
9 For Real See All 2
10 I'm In Love With The Other Woman
11 Fat Woman See All 3 Live In Concert Remix
12 What;s Going On (Radio)
13 What;s Going On Extended Version

Mr. Tee


* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery



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